To coin a phrase


Yankee fans are very possessive of Derek Jeter. He is, after all, the team captain, and he is the proud owner of four World Series rings. On the other hand, though, are fans of other teams who can’t stand Jeter and all the accolades Yankee lovers toss his way. Over the weekend, Joe Posnanski coined a new word that sums up why non-Yankee fans don’t like Jeter. The word is Jeterate. Check out Posnanski’s piece; and don’t take it too seriously. The Bobby Abreu acronym is a good one too.

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  • Adam

    the poz, as always, is so right. you could throw up listening to sterling and waldman gush over his clearly inferior attributes.

    • Old Ranger

      Not inferior, just has defencive liabilities. I, as well as many many more, saw the play. If he had not started for home, there may have been a double play. As it was, we ended up with a man on 2nd and 3rd with ONLY ONE OUT. I’ve seen the same play many times before, with a quick witted player. These are the little things that help win ball games. Jeter may not be among the top defencive SS in AL, but I would say he is one of the most creative and smartest. Play with what you have, not what you wish you had. 27/08?

  • Steve S

    Again, why comedy is a skill and people who write about sports shouldnt be attempting that kind of heavy lifting. Wow that dragged.

  • Chris

    Whatever, Jeter is still the man.

  • steve (different one)

    i don’t really care if Sterling and Waldman want to gush about Jeter. that’s fine. it was a really smart play.

    i do care that Jeter is kindof having a crappy season at the plate.

    with the team’s vulnerability to LH pitching, they can’t really afford to have one of their star RH bats be so mediocre.