United Countries of Baseball map, updated

Detroit's abandoned stadium riles up passions
Monday Musings: This week's pitching rotation

Remember that nifty United Countries of Baseball map that debuted at last year’s All Star Game? Someone with more free time that I have decided to update the map to reflect the views of people on the Internet who criticized the original version of the nifty map. You can see the updated version right here or by clicking on the image above.

Detroit's abandoned stadium riles up passions
Monday Musings: This week's pitching rotation
  • Brian

    …and yet they still have Jersey as being Mets territory. We may not all like spending time in our neighbor to the South, but at least the Yanks have its support.

  • http://www.musicaldaddy.blogspot.com Chuck M.

    I think that Jersey has been Yankees territory for the last thirty years, anyway. The Newark Star Ledger generally has twice the Yankees coverage that the Mets have. Maybe in South Jersey they like the Phillies, but they’re all a little weird and red-necky down there.

    Why isn’t there a chunk of Yankees territory in Florida? Most of Central Florida is transplanted New Yorkers and New Jerseyians.

  • dan

    I thought this was awesome when I saw it last year, and not much changed. ChiSox territory got a little smaller, Reds expanded eastward, Braves took over some Pirate land, and the Cards took a chunk out of the Astros. Oddly, or maybe not, all of the big changes were in the midwest.

  • Mike P

    The Nationals took off pretty quickly. Can they have so many new fans?

    Also, they should do a globe and paint it navy blue.

  • swo

    I have lived in Jersey all my life, and while the Phillies territory is pretty accurate, there is no way North Jersey is Mets territory. I have no idea where they got that idea from. There are so many more Yanks fans than Mets fans there. That is pretty much an indisputable fact.

  • Cam

    I think the main problem with the Mets and North Jersey is that the Mets do have a sizable following, but other than most of Long Island, it’s mostly scattered in pockets. So in order to demonstrate the correct size for the amount of Mets fans, they had to give them North Jersey. Otherwise it would’ve just been little cirles of orange within Yankee territory. The thing that surprises me the most is the difference between the Orioles and Nationals. You can’t honestly tell me that a team that has only existed in a certain region for 3 (?) years has a larger chunk of the map than one of the most storied franchises in the history of baseball.

    • Alan

      When I was in DC a couple of weeks ago, it seemed people were pretty enthusiastic about their “new” home team. Saw plenty of Nationals paraphernalia and fans, at least in the DC metro area. They’re also pulling more fans into their seats than the Orioles are, at least at the moment.

      • Cam

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. My fiance is an Orioles fan but it’s just been very tough for them over the past 10 years. It’s almost upsetting in a way to go to a Yanks/Orioles game and have the stands filled with 75% Yanks fans. If you’re a baseball fan, you want to see the O’s put a good team on the field because their fans are like Yanks fans in a lot of ways; intelligent and passionate about their team. That being said, I knew a kid in college who was from the Baltimore/DC area, was a huge O’s fan, and as soon as the Nationals came into existence, it seems as if he misplaced the O’s hat for a Nationals. I guess they picked the right time to move to DC and steal some fans.

        • Jersey

          I live in Northern Virginia and work and go to school in downtown DC. The Nats have absolutely supplanted the O’s fanbase around here for the most part. In the Maryland suburbs it’s spotty, but in DC and Northern Va, you never EVER see O’s material anymore. There’s a surprising level of Nationals’ pride – DC is definitely a place where baseball can thrive these days (though they will never knock off the Redskins for local supremacy).

          DC tends to have a pretty mobile population, given that political jobs draw educated people from all over. So there are big segments of the population that are very visible fans of the Yankees, Mets, Sux, Cubbies, and Cards, and probably a few others. In that sense, it’s pretty interesting that the Nats have done so well given the somewhat diluted fanbase – especially when you consider the fact that they’ve regularly fielded an utterly crappy team.

  • sabernar

    The differences between the two maps aren’t that much, and they are pretty subtle. It’s amazing that someone decided to waste their time on something so trivial. Who really cares? It’s just a goofy map made for marketing purposes.

  • Geno

    So the largest sports franchise in the world only gets upstate NY?

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    This map is the most retarded piece of corporate groupthink PC crap I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been a training manager at a Fortune 100 company, so I’ve seen tons of corporate groupthink PC crap, trust me)…

    The Marlins, Rays, and Rangers “countries” should be tiny little dots on the map that represent the 30-city-block radii of their stadiums, because nobody gives a shit about those horrible franchises (whether they win or lose). Florida should be divided evenly between the Red Sox, Yankees, and Braves. All of Texas, except for a Rhode-Island-sized area around Houston for the Astros, should be Unincorporated Territory – unless it’s a cow or plays football, Texans don’t care.

    In fact, any baseball map that doesn’t have 60% of the map divided between the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers is just wrong. The real map should have five huge regions of Blue, Red, Red, Blue, and Blue stretched across the map from Maine to Miami, the Missouri River to the Atlantic Ocean, with only a few little enclaves here and there for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Baltimore, the Mets (just Brooklyn, Queens, and LI) and the rest. Then, dead space until you hit the West coast, which is all Dodger Blue with smaller sections for Giants Orange and Mariners Blue.

    • RustyJohn

      Totally agree- all or north Florida including the Panhandle should be Braves territory- the Rays should have downtown Tampa at most. The Marlins unincorporated Dae and Broward County- the rest of the state south of Orlando is Phillies, Yankees, Sox, Mets in no particular order (but mostly Yankees).

      Padres terrritory should be just San Diego and LA Dodgers should extend south to southern Mexico. Mariner territory should go further west and north to Alaska. Rockies territory is bigger too. Cubs get a much bigger chunk west too.

  • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

    I grew up on LI so I resent that people automatically say LI is Mets territory…bollocks…there is a great percentage of Yanks fans interspersed throughout queens, bk and li there really is no accurate way to give a solid block of space in north jersey, 5 boros and southwest ct to either team but i think its safe to say that the yankees dominate…

    and as i know reside in the DC metro area I can attest that most dc-va residents are like the baltimore who?…the orioles suck but the big thing i think is moreso the disdain for the city of baltimore than the franchise itself no matter how ‘storied’ it is…every wear i go i see ‘dc’ or ‘w’ hats…

  • Simon

    i completely agree in the sense that most of the country is divided among five major franchises, but I’d also say that there are large areas of land to the south and northern midwest that are occupied by people who aren’t routing for any particular team as a whole. most of these areas are occupied by people who, for various reasons, route for teams from around the nation, not necesarily for the team who holds residence in the stadium closest in driving distance from their house. it’s for that reason that it’s a bit ridiculous to attempt to attempt to simplify the nation’s baseball orientation unless you were to make the entire thing tiny little specks of color for each team or simplify it enough that five teams occupy 3/4 of the area. It’s ridiculous that the yankees occupy about 1/3 of the land that the twins do, or even 1/4 of the land the rangers do on this map.

  • Daniel

    Sorry but Tampa, the surrounding area, and most of Orlando IS Rays territory. Im from Brooklyn originally and was a Yankee fan, but when Tampa got the Rays Ive been a fan ever since. The only reason people feel that Tampa and most of Florida is obsessed with the Yanks, Phils, and BoSox is because obviously when the Northern teams come down, their fans who got relocated want to go see them. If those people lived up North they wouldnt go to every Yankee/Philly/Sox game…just like not every Rays fan goes to every game. Give us some credit