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Building a winner: Yankees 1990-1994
2008 Pre-Draft Top 30 Prospects List

Just wanted to quickly pass along that Keith Law and BA’s Jim Callis will be chatting over at ESPN at 1 and 2pm today, respectively. It’s safe to assume the draft will be the main focus. You follow the chats free while they’re live, but once they end they hide behind the Insider wall. John Manuel has some of the latest buzz. Just about 24 hours away…

Update: Looks like they pushed KLaw’s chat back to 2. Apparently Steve Phillips is having a groundbreaking chat.

Building a winner: Yankees 1990-1994
2008 Pre-Draft Top 30 Prospects List
  • Joey

    It’s showing both Keith and Jim’s chats are at 2 pm. Steve Phillip’s is at one. Everybody stop rushing to go over there now!

  • Jon W.

    I just went over there to have some fun, and saw ‘ol Stevie claiming that the Indians should think about trading Sabathia to the Tigers because they need pitching. Though he doubts they’d trade him within the division. Really? You think they’d hesitate trading him to their biggest rivals? What would give you that idea? I always like listening to Phillips because it makes me appreciate Brian Cashman.

  • Yankee1010

    Great work, ESPN. Way to put 2 guys talking about the draft at 2 PM, just so that we can be regaled by the infinite wisdom of Steve Phillips. What pictures does Phillips have of the ESPN honchos?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    SportsNation Steve Phillips: (1:40 PM ET ) I lived through similar circumstances with Bobby Valentine. Ozzie, like Bobby, lacks that filter between his brain and his mouth that the rest of us seem to have.

    Tell us how you really feel, Steve.

    If I were in charge of ESPN, I’d be embarrassed by their baseball chat offerings.

    • Bo

      Phillips does have first hand knowledge of a manager undermining a GM.

    • LC

      So this means Steve Phillips actually thinks through the things that he says? Yikes.

  • CB

    Kevin Goldstein has his mock draft out today – he’s got the yankees picking Ike Davis. All of the other higher ceiling guys were off his board by pick 28,.

    He had the tigers taking Gerrit Cole. I hope we don’t get dombrowksied again this year.

    Given how their team in built to win now and how little pitching they have I wonder if the tigers might just take the best college arm available?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I would be disappointed if they took Davis in the first round. I’d rather have Gillaspie or Havens. Taking Havens also has the added bonus of pissing off the Red Sox.

      • CB

        Agreed on Davis. I hope they wouldn’t take him. Picking the Red Sox future catcher is something to consider.

        The way Goldstein’s draft went off there weren’t many great options for the yanks. Hopefully tomorrow is very different.

      • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

        Eww. I’d shiver at taking Gillaspie. And I don’t think they take Havens a SS–OF maybe?

        I like Ike Davis and his power potential, though.

  • Bo

    There will be unsignable guys that fall tomorrow. It’s a fact of baseball draft life.

  • Reggie C

    Ike Davis wouldn’t be a bad choice. He’s a power college bat who won’t need to much time in the minors. Davis is athletic enough to handle a corner outfield spot and since Abreu won’t be with the Yanks forever, Davis would add badly needed depth to the thin line of Yankee OF prospects.

    Davis’s arrival would also knock Tabata down a notch. Tabata needs additional competition for motivation. I get the feeling that this kid thinks he’s a shoe-in for a future OF spot.