Hideki hurting


Last weekend, a visibly hurting Hideki Matsui limped down the stairs of the Yankee dugout after grounding into a double play against the Reds. Today, we hear that Matsui may land on the DL. The Yankees have to make a bunch of roster moves on Friday prior to Sidney Ponson’s activation, and one of them could include a shelving of Matsui, retroactive to Monday. Expect Shelley Duncan — a bat — to take the place of the DH. Brett Gardner, your day will come.

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  • steve (different one)

    let’s see, Shelley Duncan or possibly the greatest hitter in the history of baseball….hmmm, that is a tough one.

    i’m not 100% serious, just wanted to start a good argument.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Yeah well…It’s too bad Bonds can’t pitch. But as we’ve said before around here, from a baseball perspective, it would be the best move. From an off-field perspective, eh….

      • steve (different one)

        it’s turned into no-brainer from a baseball perspective given Matsui’s injury and the fact that Bongs said he would play FOR FREE (donating the prorated minimum to charity).

        but yes, it would redefine the word “circus”.

        • Sidney El Panson

          for free, for charity, and it’s not like he’s blocking anyone from coming up and playing.

          *takes deep breath*

          i’d do it.

          • usty

            I’d do it too. Worst thing that happens is he gets cut.

            Yeah. Looks good to me.

            • Chip

              Do we really think he won’t need some time to get comfortable again? This guy hasn’t played all season

              • Chip

                I’d like to point out that other than that concern, I’m all for it. That guy would dominate with the short porch

                • Andy in Sunny Daytona Beach

                  I have always been a Bonds fan, and I would love to see him on the Yankees this year, but I think its obvious that he has been blackballed by MLB.
                  Does he deserve it? In my opinion, no way. If the full story about PED’s ever came out, I believe that they were being used by the majority of players.

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                  Put me down as a yes.

                • Chris

                  But we don’t know what the injury to Matsui is? If it’s a 2 week stint on the DL, then you don’t need anyone to replace him.

                  I can’t see the Yanks signing him since they went to the trouble of getting rid of some of the bad apples in the clubhouse (Sheffield and Johnson) over the last couple years.

        • austinNYfan

          @#$! Barry Bonds the most despicable athlete of our generation. This would be a vey unclassy move by a very classy organization. Stay classy NY.

      • Casper

        I’m a little surprised at myself for proposing this… But does anyone else find themselves yawning just a little bit at the prospect of the “circus” that would follow Bonds to the Stadium? These aren’t the Milwaukee Brewers we’re talking about here, it’s the f’ng Yankees. From a fan’s perspective – the Stadium is already overcrowded and a pain in the ass to travel to and from, it’s not like it can get any worse just because the Yanks sign Bonds (there are only so many seats in the Stadium). From the players’ perspective – I think Giambi, Pettitte, A-Rod et al are pretty used to media attention. I think the people who would really have to deal with the “circus” would be the guys in the press box (and call me cold but I really couldn’t care less if they have to deal with it) and I guess fans who just can’t stop themselves from reading the Post/DN or watching Around the Horn.

        • TurnTwo

          i completely agree. could it really be THAT bad and THAT much more crazy if Bonds played in pinstripes for a half a season?

          goal is to win games.

          barry bonds will help this team win games, and maybe help bring a small bit of consistency to an otherwise very inconsistent offense.

          at this point, cant hurt.

          Cashman seems to favor moves that will improve the ballclub that will just cost money as opposed to prospects and money… this is the ultimate example.

        • Ben C

          And yankee fans who live or go to school in Boston (like me) who would have to live with getting shit on every day for hiring the biggest cheater since the black sox scandal. I would hate to have Bonds, not only because of the shit I would get for it, but because I hate him and I hate what he and his generation has done to the sport.

          • Ben C

            Not to mention the fact that ISNT HE INDICTED? ISNT HE GOING TO JAIL SOON?

            • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

              No. He’s been indicted. That means he’s been accused of a crime. But now he gets a trial, and there’s still that whole “innocent before proven guilty” thing.

              I don’t think the Yankees are going to make a player personnel move based upon how their fans who happen to go to school in Boston may feel.

              • TurnTwo

                and we know his actual trial isnt sched until 2009, so all of his legal BS for this season has passed.

              • Ben C

                Sorry, I didn’t articulate my point well. My point was that the Yankees signing someone who has been shunned by the rest of major league baseball and is indicted, and everyone knows is guilty (please PLEASE tell me you don’t think he didn’t take steroids), WOULD cause a tremendous circus and would feed into the already lively yankee hatred that a lot of people have outside of the New York area. I can’t believe you all think it would not cause any distraction in the clubhouse.

                Innocent before proven guilty, HA, this isn’t the Duke lacrosse case(where they obviously were innocent and the whole country thought they were guilty because of what some slut stripper said), the only way this dirtbag is going home innocent is through some legal technicality.

                • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

                  With all due respect, Ben, are you aware of what Bonds has been indicted for? He’s not in trouble for taking steroids. He’s in trouble for potentially lying about it to a Grand Jury while under oath and for obstruction of justice. No one’s doubting that he took steroids, but no one is doubting that Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte used PEDs. Somehow, we’ve all managed to deal.

                • TurnTwo

                  and lets not think the yankees are all of a sudden high and mighty.

                  lets not forget who’s taking the mound tonight at Shea for the pinstripes.

                  if Cashman can import Ponson, he’s got no moral bearing to not bring in Bonds.

                • Ben C

                  I know that. He said, in a Grand Jury, he did not take steroids. He did take steroids. So he is guilty, which is why your “innocent until proven guilty” argument has no merit here. That was my point.

                • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

                  Until a jury comes back with a guilty verdict, he is, in the eyes of the law, innocent. That’s the way it is in this country.

                  You may think he’s guilty, but that’s your opinion. There’s no legal basis for it.

                • Ben C

                  Ponson is completely different from Bonds. The only moral qualm, that I am aware of, is he likes to drink before starts and doesn’t really care. I don’t think it’s the best idea to bring him in, but as long as it’s just this one start so that we don’t have to disturb the development of our young arms beyond what we already have, I’m ok with it. If he becomes a bottom of the rotation replacement, I’m not ok with it.

                • Ben C

                  No one’s doubting that he took steroids

                  That was why I said the only reason this douchebag would not be going to jail is because of a legal technicality, which is entirely possible. And, even though the trial doesn’t start until 2009, do you really think no new evidence will come out and it will not be brought up on ESPN and in the newspapers until then? The reason the story is buried is because nothing new is happening with Bonds. If he gets signed by a team, especially the Yankees, his situation blows up. First person to answer questions about how he feels about Bonds hitting in front of him in the lineup: Jason Giambi. Distraction?

                • TurnTwo

                  if anything, Ponson, legally, is actually much worse than Bonds.

                  he was charged with assaulting a judge in Aruba in 2004 and spent time in jail, and then was charged with DUI twice in 2005.

                  Bonds, while indicted, has still yet to actually be found guilty of anything.

                  and all Bonds is potentially guilty of is lying to a grand jury… Ponson physically assaulted another man, and then drove drunk, not once but twice.

                  i think thats worse than lying to save your own ass.

                • Ben C

                  I wasn’t aware of that about Ponson but that does not change my argument. What Barry Bonds did to the game of baseball is more relevant in this situation than Ponson being an idiot. Not to mention the fact that Bonds’ situation is more high-profile and much more likely to cause a distraction in the clubhouse, even if his legal situation is, technically, less serious then Ponson’s. Athletes, regrettably, get DUI’s and assault charges and the like all the time. While these situations cause minor distrubances, they are nothing of the magnitude that Bonds would cause. Similarly, Ponson is not currently pending trial for any of his crimes. If Mike Vick had gotten busted for dogfighting in August, should a team have signed him for a few months to play while he was awaiting trial? (different i know, but still, the analogy applies)

                • TurnTwo

                  if you’re going to bash Bonds for what he did to the game, then you better not be rooting for Giambi and his stache to drive in runs over the weekend, or hope that Pettitte gets the ‘W’ tomorrow, either.

                • Ben C

                  Pettitte and Giambi are different. I have my qualms about rooting balls to the walls for them, but they came out and said, I did it, I got caught up in it, it wasn’t illegal when I did it but I did it. I’m sorry, and I’m giong to take steps to rebuild my image. Bonds is flat out denying it, even UNDER OATH. In my mind, he has no credibility, and he is a scum of the earth. Same with Clemens, Palmeiro and McGuire(spelling?). I have so much more respect for people who admit when they are wrong and admit when they do something then people who try to deny it so openly.

                • TurnTwo

                  so what you’re saying is that you dont like liars?

                • Ben C

                  I think that is a major reason of why I hate Bonds and a major reason why the majority of this country despises what the steroid era has done to baseball. If everyone came clean with it, we knew who did what, and we could wash our hands and be done with it, it’s not as big a deal. Obviously people are not going to do that, which is a testament to what Pettitte and Giambi did.

                • Casper

                  Actually… Just as a point of accuracy… Giambi never really admitted anything. And, even when he did admit “something,” it was only because he was under oath (and he only admitted his vague wrongdoing to the public because his grand jury testimony was leaked). Pettitte, also, only admitted anything when he was under oath. He denied using PEDs for years prior to that (and even his admission was not completely forthcoming, as additional details came out later). Both of them lied for years and only came clean, to whatever extent they ever did come clean, because they were basically forced to.

                  I’m not bashing these guys, I really don’t care much about this whole issue. I just think it’s a little unfair to say “well I root for these guys because they’re so forthcoming and honest, and I don’t root for those guys because they’re not.”

                • Ben C

                  Obviously no one is going to come out and say, I did this, unless they get called out for it. I meant to say that I respect Pettitte and Giambi for not lying when they did get called out, unlike Bonds and the like. A quote from Giambi:

                  Giambi apologized again for using steroids on May 16, 2007, and urged others in the sport to do the same.[6] “I was wrong for using that stuff,” he told USA Today. “What we should have done a long time ago was stand up — players, ownership, everybody — and said, ‘We made a mistake.’”

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                  btw, “legal technicality” is one of the worst phrases in the English language. The rule of law is nothing but technicalities. Everybody who is acquitted, has their case dismissed, or doesn’t have charges filed against them “got off” on a technicality. Everybody who was found guilty was guilty on a technicality – technically, they committed the crime. The phrase “he got off on a technicality” implies some sort of pejorative slander against the inability of the justice system to punish somebody, but legally he shouldn’t have been punished, because the system is intentionally stacked against the prosecution so that the government can’t go throw anybody they want in jail on bullshit, weak, circumstantial, poorly investigated cases with little-to-no evidence. There’s a difference between an act and a criminal act – in order to make a act criminal, the authorities must prove to society that you’ve done the act, and they have to prove it using evidence that is so complete and compelling that it can’t possibly be argued with.

                  Bonds isn’t getting off from anything on any “technicalities”. “Technically” speaking, he isn’t guilty of any crimes because there isn’t sufficient evidence beyond any reasonable doubt that he’s done anything criminal. There’s evidence, sure, and the court of public opinion is free to do whatever they like with that evidence, but as far as the LAW is concerned, you must have evidence beyond any reasonable doubt in order to be able to strip someone of their liberty or livelihood.

                • Ben C

                  Ugh, come on. I’m not saying he’s definetely going to go to jail, but he’s definetely guilty. The reason I said innocent until proven guilty doesn’t matter in this case is because there is no doubt that he took steroids, but it is possible that the evidence of him taking steroids would not hold up in court beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s not like the question is up in the air of whether he took steroids and lied about it or not. The question is, can you prove it. I’m glad he’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but that doesn’t mean we should use that as a base for saying he’s innocent and we should sign him. I don’t give a fuck if he gets convicted or not, but if the Yankees signed him, he is convicted in the court of public opinion, and he would be a distraction. Wait until the media brings back Pettitte and Giambi’s stories, and see if they keep performing at the same level. Wait until questions start to loom against Alex Rodriguez, and see if he doesn’t get distracted. It’s not worth it, get a speedy high OBP guy and throw him in the nine hole. Contrary to what Billy Beane says, there are other ways of scoring runs then the 3-run home run.

              • Sidney El Panson

                that “innocent before being proven guilty” thing is sort of a big deal…

                ….unless you’re in Gitmo, but I digress.

          • Casper

            And you respond with “our 5-hole hitter is the all-time home run king” and go on your merry way. (I went to school up in Boston… Grow a thicker skin, it builds character.) And dude… The Yanks already have Giambi and Pettitte, it’s not like the team doesn’t have any PED guys already. Every team does, who gives a sh*t.

            • Ben C

              I would never reply with that statement. In my eyes, Hank Aaron is the all-time home run king. Also, you have no idea how bad this past year has been in Boston as a Yankees/Knicks fan. Grant it, the Superbowl was AMAZING, but so many of these Boston fans are the biggest douches ever. They think their city is God’s gift to sports and they are all God’s gift to sports fans. They have all been “suffering” for so long that they “deserve” what has been going on the past cuople of years. They “loved” (read, started paying attentino this season) the Celtics for so long and now their many years of patience is finally being “paid off”. Not to mention the fact that the Red Sox have the greatest ball park, the greatest fans, and the biggest fan base(false.) You probably went there when Boston sucked at sports and you cuold just laugh at them and say 1918. I live there now, where I cannot really talk shit about baseball without being painfully reminded of 2004 (I was at game 7, sitting next to WHO ELSE? TWO RED SOX FANS!)

              • Casper

                I hear you… But at some point you just need to realize that people all over the country hate NY and hate the Yankees, and that’s not going to change. And yeah, Boston sucks. That’s also not going to change. But the last thing the Yankees should do is make personnel decisions based on whether or not NYers living in other cities will have to deal with Sox fans, or Cubs fans, or Dodgers fans, or whoever.

                If, hypothetically, the Yankees sign Bonds and he hits well and they win the World Series… Are you really not going to be psyched? I mean, it’s totally subjective and you can feel any way you want about it. I just think, if a Bonds/Yanks team won a WS, most Yankees fans wouldn’t agree with you being upset about it.

                • Ben C

                  Obviously I would be psyched, but a part of me would know that the win was tainted. I could not look at Red Sox fan in the eyes with a straight face and say we deserved the WS if Bonds played a major role in getting it. Obviously the team shuold not base decisions on what I have to deal with, but shuoldn’t they base decisions on the team’s image? If Barry Bonds was the difference between winning and losing a WS, I can’t say that I would definetely sign him. I’m sorry, I can’t. I like what we have in the minors, I like the enthusiasm that Joba/Robby/Melk have brought to this team. I love the new image the Yankees are building, and I would hate to see it tarnished by the signing of a guy like Barry Bonds.

                • Chip

                  I can say we 100% deserve it if we won it with or without Bonds on the team. The Red Sox won it with Manny “I play hard when I want to” Ramirez which I think is a crime in baseball so who cares? We had Mr. Drugs Strawberry on a championship team and nobody complained then

                • Ben C

                  I will respectfully disagree and say what Bonds has done to the game and the image he has would be 100 times worse for the Yankees then Manny for the Sox (he just doesn’t try in the field, the guy really does hit the cage like a maniac) or Strawberry for the Yanks. Is Strawberry any different from Josh Hamilton? Would you complain about Hamilton?

                • Chip

                  Nope, but I wouldn’t complain about Bonds either :)

                • Casper

                  Ben C. – How about this: Would you rather (a) the Yankees sign Bonds and win the World Series, or (b) the Yankees do not do not sign Bonds but do not win the World Series?

                  Either answer is fair, to each his own. The guys at FJM had this argument a few weeks ago and KT argued strenuously against Boston signing Bonds; you wouldn’t be alone in that opinion.

                • Andy in Sunny Daytona Beach

                  Why would a World Series with Bonds be tainted? Do you think he is still taking PED’s? I’m sure if he were back, he would probably be tested every other day.
                  The man had a pretty good year last year, and I’m sure he was the most tested player in the game.

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                  A Yankee WS win with Bonds would be tainted, yes. However, every single WS win for every team for the past 20 years is tainted. You don’t think anybody on those Cardinals, Indians, Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, Red Sox, White Sox, etc. etc. etc. teams juiced, at all?

                  What, all of the anecdotal evidence that you can point to Barry Bonds over doesn’t apply to Luis Gonzales, or David Ortiz, or Paul Konerko, or Jim Thome, or Carney Lansford or Candy Maldonado? How many pitchers in the last 20 years have used steroids to get a few more MPH’s on their fastballs? Maybe we were robbed of a title in ’03 because the Marlins staff was full of juicers…

                  All the investigations have come to the same conclusion – steroid use was so widespread and pervasive that the entire era was tarnished, and you can’t pick and choose what individual performances or team results are legit and which are tainted because every team had juicers on it…

  • Rich

    If Matsui’s injury is going to be long-term, there’s a potential DH with a ton of career HRs who is reportedly willing to play for the minimum salary that remains unsigned. Just sayin’.

    • Rich

      Missed the above post.

  • Sidney El Panson

    I understand he’s on the 40-man, but Shelley’s done nothing to show he’s anything but a great guy to have around. If anything, there’s still enough wool to pull over a small market team’s eyes and get a mid-level arm for him.

    Shelley’s no Shane Spencer….or Kevin Maas….

    This is where the choice becomes to DFA someone else and put Gardner into the mix. While I don’t think he’s the second coming (or better than Melky), I think he probably can make enough contact and run the bases enough to help manufacture runs on a short-term basis.

  • whozat

    I just don’t understand why the team would replace a productive DH bat with someone who they’ve watched be useless on both sides of the ball. One lefty DH goes down, bring up another…Miranda. Keep Christian and bring up the big slugger; he’s already on the 40-man anyhow. He’s hot right now, he could help the team…and, even if he’s not in the long-term plans, showing him against MLB pitching could jack up his value running up to the deadline.

    • whozat

      “someone who they’ve watched be useless on both sides of the ball.”

      And by this I meant Shelley.

    • TurnTwo

      agreed. we’ve already gone the Shelley route this year, and it didnt prove to be very productive, for whatever reason or excuse you want to give.

      if there are other options, and there are, why not try them first instead of going with an unproductive retread?

  • Chip

    Why is nobody giving Matt Carson any love? The guy is hitting .324/ .375/ .495 in AAA and can play all three outfield spots so how would he not be at least as good as Shelley. BTW, did I mention he’s right handed?

    • TurnTwo

      i asked about him the other day in the DotF, but didnt get an answer.

      wasnt sure what his deal was, or if he could legitimately help the mlb team.

      but you cant deny his success at Scranton so far this year.

      • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Sorry, I didn’t see the question the other day. All Carson does is hit, and he’s a legit Gold Glove caliber corner OFer (good in CF too) with a cannon arm, it puts Melky’s to shame. He’s got some holes in his swing, and his approach sucks (.311 career OBP), which holds him back. He might have a Shane Spencer month in him, but eventually he’ll get figured out. Classic AAAA player.

        • TurnTwo

          to me, he sounds like your quintessential role/bench player.

          prob doesnt have success as an everyday MLB’er, but if used properly, can add defense, and punch of the bench?

          • whozat

            “to me, he sounds like your quintessential role/bench player.”

            How is he any different than Shelley, except for the D? He’s a minor league slugger with holes in his swing. If I’m looking for a bench bat, I’d rather see someone with better contact rates. I mean, you’re coming in cold…if you’re an all-or-nothing kinda guy, you’ll probably get a lot of nothing.

            • Chip

              I agree, Shelley has 21K in 91AB so far this year in AAA while Carson has 20K in 111AB. Pretty comparable rates but Carson can run and play excellent D which is incredibly important off the bench

            • TurnTwo

              without knowing him, sounds like he is Shelley, plus the D. i just know what i saw in Shelley, and am open to giving someone else a try.

              i’m not going to say i know anything about the guy, cause i dont.

              but a bench should have a number of components… little speed. little power, little defense.

              if you’ve got justan christian as a 4th OF, more of a contact guy, there is room on the roster for a 5th OF who can drive the ball if need be.

              • whozat

                Sure. But we’re replacing our primary DH here.

                • TurnTwo

                  i wasnt really saying we should call him up as a result of Matsui’s injury… i was just talking more in general about his value to the team.

        • Chip

          I’m perfectly content with a Shane Spencer month. Plus late-inning defensive replacement for Damon? I can just see him nailing somebody at the plate by 10 feet and everybody in the stadium going, “Where did that come from?”.

      • whozat

        This year is the first time he’s had success in the minors, really. He looks like your classing big-swinging slugger. K’s a lot, slugs a lot. Maybe he could come up and shelley it until they figure him out. I dunno…Miranda just seems like a better hitter.

  • steve (different one)

    Miranda would be interesting.

  • Steve S

    Why is Cashman allowing Sidney Ponson to cause this kind of chaos. He is not a long term solution by any stretch of the imagination. Kennedy is probably two weeks away, Id rather see Kennedy struggle than allow for Ponson to come up take up a roster spot and maybe pitch one solid game (5-6 inn 3 runs). If he was willing to take a flier on Ponson, then why not make the small investment in Colon in spring training? Who is essentially the same thing, except he was actually successful at one point?

    Not to mention the fact that if it weren’t for Ponson right now, I don’t think there is a doubt that Gardner gets the call up because of the freed up roster spot. This doesn’t make any sense. Damon just had a foot injury and could probably use the time at DH and you might be exploring trade possibilities in the next couple of weeks where you can either showcase Gardner or at least come to the decision on whether he can realistically replace Melky this year.

    I know were all about stroking Cashman but this is a disaster. And I hear the rumor (and I realize its a rumor) that he isn’t interested in Bedard because of his temperament. He just brought in Ponson (granted at a limited cost). If he can work a good deal out for Bedard, why not take a shot?

    • Ben C

      I’m not sure, but I believe (and hope) that Ponson was signed for just this situation tomorrow, where you give him a spot start in a doubleheader so that you can give the extra day of rest to your rotation. I don’t see Ponson replacing Giese or Rasner (who are only going to be around until August anyway) and I don’t see Girardi going with a 6 man rotation.

      • Steve S

        Which makes even less sense becuase they need a roster spot for Ponson, if Ponson is only here for one start then Cashman has really wasted some opportunities here. These are exactly the types of situations where you give your young players a shot and see if they can surprise you.

        • steve (different one)

          dude, there is so much wrong with this post i don’t know where to begin.

          Why is Cashman allowing Sidney Ponson to cause this kind of chaos.

          what chaos? there hasn’t been any.

          Kennedy is probably two weeks away, Id rather see Kennedy struggle than allow for Ponson to come up take up a roster spot and maybe pitch one solid game (5-6 inn 3 runs).

          if Kennedy is 2 weeks away, you answered your own question. your second sentence makes no sense.

          If he was willing to take a flier on Ponson, then why not make the small investment in Colon in spring training?

          umm, Wang wasn’t injured back then. neither was Kennedy, Hughes, Horne, and Karstens. also, Colon is on the DL.

          Not to mention the fact that if it weren’t for Ponson right now, I don’t think there is a doubt that Gardner gets the call up because of the freed up roster spot.

          yes, there is a doubt. the Yankees could simply move Hughes to the 60 Day DL if they wanted to call up Gardner. he has been on the DL for 58 days.

          so your entire “roster spot” argument is completely invalid.

          there is NO ISSUE with the roster and Ponson. none.

          • Steve S



            1) Perhaps if you could read beyond one line you would comprehend that Ponson is preventing them from calling up either of Bredtt gardner or another young pitcher to make a spot start.

            2) Ponson is causing confusion because you need a roster spot to facilitate his one outing.

            3) You need someone to fill in for one or maybe two starts pre-Kennedy. Why not give that shot to someone at AAA on the 40 man (karstens) or even guys who arent (McCutthen, Horne) or even beyond that someone in AA (Aceves) (which has happened before0?
            I know they havent fully developed but we were told all offseason of how much depth this organization has pitching wise and granted they arent all Joba, they should be able to come up and make a spot start. Instead of making a move for Sidney Ponson.

            4) Is there no requirement for a GM to have some foresight? Guess what Horne is healthy now, and he may not be ready for the bigs, his health isnt preventing him. And there was a time when marquez was referenced in the same breath as Horne. Brian Cashman is accountable for every injury that occurs, it may not be fair here at RAB, but guess what dealing with injuries is high on the priority list for a GM. And a GM who has the foresight to deal with it earlier is the the one who deserves to keep his job. Not the one who signs Ponson.

            5) Regardless of Hughes spot, they are still going to DFA a player just to bring Ponson up (probably Moeller). So yes I stand corrected they can use the Hughes spot, but it still doesnt explain why they wouldnt use this opportunity to give Gardner two weeks in the show and see how he does.

            6) Thats good, your saying I make no sense, but your the one saying there is no issue with Sidney Ponson part II on the Yankees. talk about clueless

  • Bob Saget

    Barry Bonds. Get it done Cash. It would be incredible watching him hit bombs into the upper deck in Yankee Stadium off of Josh Beckett.

    • TurnTwo

      loved you on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Tom Bergeron couldnt hold your jock on his best day.

      • Casper

        Let’s not forget his amazing cameo in Half-Baked.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

          Or HBO’s Entourage.

          • Andy in Sunny Daytona Beach

            Or the father’s voice on “How I Met Your Mother”. hahahaha………only me……..the show with Doogie Howser all grown……..nevermind.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Or his performance in “The Aristocrats”… Bob Saget might be the most twisted, sick, demented man in America.

  • Chip

    For those of you who think this Bonds is the worst idea ever, do you remember when we had Strawberry? Torre used to run him out there as a pinch-hitter in the 6th or 7th and it seemed if you didn’t have a lefty warm in the pen, he’d take the starter deep. Why can’t Bonds be that when Matsui comes back?

    Seriously, sign the guy to a minor league contract, make him prove he still has it and then let him be a bat off the bench. Who would you rather have pinch-hitting in these interleague games, Molina or Bonds?

    • Chip

      And just to let you know, in 1998 Strawberry had 24 homeruns in just 295AB which is about 45 home runs over 550 ABs and an OPS+ of 185. You really think Bonds couldn’t help this team?

      • steve (different one)

        i don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t think Bonds would help the team.

        it’s all the “other” stuff that is being debated.

        • mike

          The Yankees apparently love “stuff” – Steve Howe, Doc , Straw, Canseco, Chacon, Glenallen Hill etc – I personally do not like Bonds, but I still remember him taking Lilly to Westchester during interleague a few years ago.

          Will there be a bigger fiasco? Then limit press access and press passes – the only reason 50 Japanese media get into the game is the Yanks WANT them there!

          No press is bad press – look at Clemens last year with the manufactured drama!

          Bring him Bonds for two weeks ( i would have liked to see him in St Paul/ LI Ducks for sh*ts and giggles like Straw) and if he mashes all will be forgotten – if he sucks he goes down as a footnote with the other guys who have worn pinstripes and been cut!

          • Sidney El Panson

            I think the comparisons to Steve Howe, Doc Gooden, and Darryl Strawberry are quite the stretch. Two of those were NY icons who George Steinbrenner took a personal interest in helping rehabilitate their careers. I was too young and naive still when Howe was around, but there was certainly a personal investment there as well for Big Goerge.

            Canseco was a botched waiver claim. Chacon shoved Ed Wade a few years AFTER we had him. Hill was outed as a PED user AFTER we had him. otherwise, he was a rental player, much like Matt Lawton was.

            Bonds is neither of those caes. He is what he is and, at the moment, he’s a 40-something year-old guy with no knees wo’ll draw walks and hit the ball into the East River every so often. That’s the kind of guy that’ll do fine as a fill-in if your regular LF goes down for an extended period and your alternative is a guy named Justin Christian.

            then again, if Damon’s healthy, this is all a moot point, because we certainly don’t need another DH.

        • Sidney El Panson

          he’d help the team ONLY if Matsui AND Damon were down for an extended period. Otherwise, he’s another aging (and, in his case, beyond aging), fragile, DH type.

          • mike

            Howe was a needed-replacement for Steve Farr, who couldn’t break a pane of glass, and recall he pitched well against NY teams , not for them.

            Chacon was a trouble-maker from when he was in the minors, and Straw and Doc were not accepted by Yankee fans until they actually played well – at the time it was a joke when they were signed, as both were thought to be washed up losers.

            Bonds will still put up a +950 OPS on one leg, and I would take him and Christian as a platoon and DL Matsui for the century if we could.

            Bat Bonds between Giambi and Posada and watch the fireworks!

  • Count Zero

    At this point, I would have to throw myself behind acquiring Barry. I was sitting on the fence earlier, but the injury to Matsui plus the fact that Barry now has no court dates until 2009…

    Make it so. :-)

  • CLT_JR

    Getting Bonds is like spitting in the face of Aaron and the Bab. Plus, he’s obnixous and an awful teammate. I don’t want him.

    For some reason, I thought there was a rif between him and Arod too. Can anyone confirm?

  • E-ROC

    Sign Barry Bonds. .480 OBP last year. Fits right into the lineup. Gagne is making $10 million to lose games. Bonds can win games making the league minimum.

    International Signing Period: Does know who the Yanks should sign?

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  • Joltin’ Joe

    We just added Ponson again, let’s add Bonds.