Ponson, Giese set for historic double header

But what about the 8th inning?!?!
9th rounder O'Brien agrees to deal

Friday may be a historic day for baseball in New York City, but the two pitchers the Yanks are tabbing to start are anything but. Prior to last night’s victory over the Pirates, Yanks manager Joe Girardi announced that Sidney Ponson will start Friday night’s game in Shea Stadium while Dan Giese will start the afternoon affair in the Bronx. Ponson will face Pedro, and Giese will face Mike Pelfrey. I’m holding my breath.

But what about the 8th inning?!?!
9th rounder O'Brien agrees to deal
  • Chip

    I think we could realistically split those two games which honestly isn’t too bad

  • Ben C

    The mets are so bad right now, if we don’t take 3 out of 4, regardless of the pitching matchups, I will not be happy.

    • nmc

      Agreed. I think we should just intentionally walk David Wright every time he gets up and that will be that.

    • whozat

      I figure they should focus on winning _tonight_ first. The Pirates score runs, and are throwing another solid lefty today. Gotta get into that pen early and have Moose keep it close.

    • steve (different one)

      looking at the pitching matchups, i would be thrilled with a split.

      the Mets are struggling, but it’s not like they don’t have talented players that can hit shitty pitching.

      if Rasner pitches like he did on Tuesday, they will lose.

  • Rich

    The O better rake.

    Here’s hoping that Alan Horne gets in a groove and is promoted very soon.

  • TurnTwo

    i said this before, but i really dont think the pitching matchups are really that bad.

    johan is going to be johan, and he’ll pitch well.

    and mike pelfrey has pitched surprisingly well his last couple starts.

    but pedro is a shell of his former self, and can hardly get thru a lineup twice nowadays. and oliver perez can very easily blow up in any given inning he takes the rubber… so while he’s pitched well against the yankees in the past, the law of averages tells me he’s due to walk the ballpark this weekend.

  • jsbrendog

    ugggggggggggggh seriously??? i’m going to the shea game and i have to watch ponson?? i hope the yankees win 15-14 and ponson gives up 14 runs in the first without getting an out.

    • TurnTwo

      yeah, i got tickets for the Santana/Pettitte showdown. def looking forward to it.

      and even better, i bought them from the mets website 2 days ago at face value when they released tickets they were holding from unsold ticket packages. nice!

  • jsbrendog

    ok. my friend has changed my point of view. i texted him complaining and he replies

    “i like sidney ponson. he likes booze and ice cream and so do i”

    when you put it like that how can i disagree

    • TurnTwo

      rock solid argument.

      • yanks99

        i love guys like him and wells. didn’t everyone say he didn’t really have character issues last time he was in new york? apparantley milton bradley said sidney ponson has character issues….you know it’s gotta be bad if he says it.

        • jsbrendog

          wow….really? it seems milton bradley doesnt like booze and ice cream…and if he does its wine coolers and pistachio….

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Who the hell doesn’t like booze and ice cream?

  • mike

    I have a feeling the Yanks are going to pummel the Mets – ordanarily I look for a split each time we play them, but their pen is horrible and the Yanks offense is pretty hot.

    Perez is the only guy who can really hold them down for 7+ innings if he is on a roll ( neither Pedro or Johann ever go that far, especially when facing the Yanks) and the Mets have little pop in their lineup – so most of their rallies will need multiple hits strung together, yet the bottom half of their lineup is pathetic.

    So, I can almost give up the Perez game (although he might implode), but I have confidence in each other matchup that the Yanks will score late and often.

  • Billy Smith

    With eight innings in a month, Fat Sid has no chance of eating many innings. He’ll save his eating for the postgame spread. The bullpen better be prepared. They need a fresh arm. about that long reliever …?

  • jsbrendog

    ponson owes mussina a nice watch or something for getting ice cream back in the postgame spread

  • RustyJohn

    Yanks need to trade for R.A. Dickey for the double-header so the Mets can be baffled by his mesmerizing 80 MPH knuckler.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Sidney Ponson and Dan Giese are starting the doubleheader tomorrow.

    In a related story, the AMC movie theater is playing “Heaven’s Gate” and “Battlefield Earth” in a double feature on Friday.