Ruth’s daughter wants to see 3 retired

The Karstens/Ponson debate
Carrying three catchers: Day 21

Should the Babe’s number be retired throughout baseball? That’s the cause Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, has been pushing for a while. This weekend, Rick Maese sat down and grilled Tosetti on the issue. In short, she feels that the Babe’s feel-good popularity saved baseball after the 1919 Black Sox scandal, and for that, his number should be retired throughout the game. While MLB is not on board with the issue, Tosetti continues to maintain an active website dedicated to the cause, and she plans to push her ideas hard during 2008, the 60th anniversary of Ruth’s death.

The Karstens/Ponson debate
Carrying three catchers: Day 21
  • steve (different one)

    i think the Yankees should issue #3 to LaTroy Hawkins

    • Jeremy


      We should also retire McGwire’s and Sosa’s numbers. Think of all the fans those easygoing sluggers brought back to the game after the strike!

      And what about Bonds? Not only is he the greatest hitter of all time, but he taught America so many valuable lessons about our legal system.

      Maybe then we can get to Clemente.

      • NC Saint

        Damn. I was so excited to make that McGwire/Sosa suggestion when I saw this post. Well played.

  • Ben K.

    Since I know how to use the Internet and could easily create an online petition, I’m thinking of starting a movement to have number 23 retired throughout baseball because Don Mattingly was my favorite player when I was eight years old.

  • Jamal G.

    Yeah this is crap, other than Roberto Clemente’s #21 I don’t think any number should even be considered anymore for universal retirement around baseball.

    • Adam

      i don’t understand why clemente’s number should be retired. sure he was a great player and a great man, and yeah, he died while doing charitable work, but is that the reason? because he died?

  • Adam

    why in the hell would the milwaukee brewers or seattle mariners want to retire ruth’s number?

    if anyone’s number should be retired across the sport it is tanyon sturtze for his 3 months of glory.

    • Gary

      Maybe because if Babe hadn’t come along and saved and popularized the game of baseball in 1921 with his prodigious feats of power and with his larger than life personality just after some baseball players took bribes to throw World Series games in 1919, there’d be no Milwaukee Brewers now, you blockhead?

  • Lou

    Yes, this is pretty bad. She’s been at this for a while though, and doesn’t have 2000 signatures yet so I won’t worry about it too much.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Babe Ruth was a great player who helped make baseball a popular sport. If not for his efforts, Kyle Farnsworth wouldn’t be able to make $17 million dollars over three years.

    Jackie Robinson was a great player who changed the history of this country, and shattered racial myths and hatreds that divided the nation. If not for his efforts, we may have still had poll taxes, literacy tests, separate drinking fountains, minstrel shows, and Barack Obama would never have been a viable candidate for the presidency.

    Thanks to Babe Ruth, Americans enjoy heading out to the ballpark to catch a game.

    Thanks to Jackie Robinson, Americans no longer enjoy beating and lynching black teenage boys who look at their white daughters from across the street.

    See the difference?

    • Ivan

      Without #42, there wouldn’t be a #21.

    • Adam

      obvious hyperbole aside, that was very well put.

      • NC Saint

        A little too much obvious hyperbole for me to put aside. Jackie Robinson was apparently the Chuck Norris of the civil rights movement.

        • Adam

          jackie robinson doesn’t get cancer, cancer gets jackie robinson.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Jackie Robinson has the greatest poker face ever. He won the 1971 World Series of Poker despite holding only a Joker, a Get Out Of Jail Free Monopoly card, a 2 of clubs, a7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game UNO.

  • THU

    I’mk not in favor of retiring Clemente or Ruths numbers. I think Gehrig’s should but thats since he was my favorite player. If I was unbasied, I wouldn’t want to see anyone elses number retired throughout baseball.

  • Jeremy

    I’m sure Sox fans would just love it if this happened. Sorry, Ruth screwed you again.

    Here’s another crazy aspect to this “cause.” Ruth is the most famous baseball player ever and possibly the most famous athlete of the 20th century. Does he really need more recognition?