After keeping Boston in check, Washburn subject of Olney’s rumors


Last night, Jarrod Washburn faced the Boston Red Sox. He didn’t beat them, but he kept them in check for 5.2 innings. Today, Washburn finds himself the subject of some Buster Olney-inspired trade rumors. The Seattle lefty, owed $13.6 million before the end of 2009, could be a good fit for the Yankees, and according to the ESPN scribe, a possible trade would involve Kei Igawa, a secondary prospect and large sums of money heading from New York to the northwest. While, according to the Seattle Times, the Yanks — and anyone with any baseball sense — would prefer A.J. Burnett, Washburn wouldn’t be a bad choice. He’s a lefty with success in Yankee Stadium and a 2.65 ERA over his last 51 innings. This is, of course, just a rumor, but it’s an intriguing one nonetheless.

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  1. Ben K. says:

    I’d just like to point out that, in his ESPN chat, Olney had this to say:

    I think it’s a factor they will look at — he’s a lefty flyball pitcher who changes speeds well and has a nice post-season history. To me, he’s a perfect fit for them, the way that George Sherrill makes complete sense for the Brewers or the Angels.

    This guy needs some new catch phrases.

  2. Adam says:

    4.75 era in the stadium in front of that defense? pass.

    • steve (different one) says:

      what do you mean by this? Seattle’s defense is bad. worse than the Yankees.

    • whozat says:

      What, you trust Raser and Ponson more?

      you make it sound like a 4.75 ERA is bad for a back-end guy. It’s not like all-stars are the only players worth acquiring. The Mariners’ LF D is terrible as well, so putting Damon and Melky behind him patrolling death valley could actually help.

    • Setty says:

      His ERA for the past 2 months has been right around, or possibly even below 3

  3. JRVJ says:

    Dude, I don’t even get a hat tip for writing about this in the previous thread?

    • Ben K. says:

      Well, I got an e-mail about this around 40 minutes before you wrote it up if we’re going to nit-pick! A few in fact. It’s going around.

      Thanks for the tip though ;)

  4. steve (different one) says:

    here’s my take:

    for Kennedy or other prospects? pass

    for Igawa? sure.

  5. yankeemonkey says:

    I’m confused as to why the Yankees would pay Seattle and take on the guy with the bigger contract? Am I missing something?

  6. Matt-LI says:

    There is really no arguing this. We are trading Igawa for a pitcher, an actual baseball player. I would’ve gotten rid of Igawa for a tank of gas.

  7. JohnC says:

    I would try to get AJ Burnett first, before making this deal. Washbun would be the fallback option.

    • TurnTwo says:

      the yankees arent going to trade what the Rays would demand, and I doubt the Jays would trade Burnett within the division.

      the whole point of a Washburn acquisition is that you arent giving up anything of value to take a chance on him, and taking advantage of your financial advantages to take on a salary dump where other teams would shy away from.

      • TurnTwo says:

        sorry, typo… what the Jays** would demand

      • radnom says:

        exactly, especially since he is most likely opting out at the end of the season. if you don’t give up the big chips to rent sabathia, you don’t do it for burnett

  8. I imagine they’d want a 1B or 3B in addition to Igawa (their organization is pretty thin there…

    Miranda? Malec? Eric Duncan? Vech? Pruitt? Rufino? A PTBNL named Shelly?

    • A.D. says:

      anyone but my boy Malec

    • Jamal G. says:

      At Eric Duncan’s age (23) he is way too valuable and still has enough of a prospect status where he should not be included in a deal for a back-end starter as a throw-in player.

      • A.D. says:

        more like Cody Ehlers in that throw in situation

      • TurnTwo says:

        i think he’s got another full year in AAA to prove himself. but he’s almost at ‘what you see is what you get’ status.

        but i think he’s also got to be put on the 40 man roster after the season, too. he was left exposed last winter, and noone took him… i wonder if he’d be ignored again.

        when does he become a minor league FA?

  9. Jamal G. says:

    Jarrod Washburn has a FIP of 4.42 this season and his BABIP is a career-high .325 (only time in his entire career he has had a BABIP of .300 or higher). Even more evidence than what his BABIP shows of his bad luck is the fact that his K/9 is 5.37, the highest it has been since the 2001-2002 seasons where his K/9′s were 5.87 and 6.07, respectively. His BB/9 is 2.62, under his career average of 2.75, showing that again, he has been quite unlucky this year because he is missing bats and limiting the free passes.

    Jarrod Washburn is a damn good number five starter this season.

    • Setty says:

      Yup, couldn’t agree more. Adding another lefty to the rotation never hurt anybody either, unless that certain somebody was the Yankees when they added the Kei Man

  10. TurnTwo says:

    i dont love Washburn, but he certainly can be a serviceable 4/5 guy at the back of the rotation.

    if all it costs is Igawa and cash, its a no brainer for me.

    and it leaves you the prospects to still import Jason Bay :-)

    • Joey H says:

      why are we so obsessed with jason bay lol! i dont knwo but i kinda think hes over rated. then again it just might be the GM with his high demands that is turning me off. and can bay really handle an divisional and or a pennant race?

      • TurnTwo says:

        Bay is a solid player, and yeah, i think he could handle a pennant race just fine. I’ll take Holliday, too. i think you can get Bay for less, though. i had read the pirates wanted 2 ‘A-Type’ prospects and another secondary prospect for Bay… i bet you could work them down to one ‘Type A’ and a solid haul of secondary arms.

        its just the ridiculous prices by these GMs thats absurd.

        i read that ODowd wants Bucholtz for Fuentes somwhere today… at least that gives you an idea that the Rockies view Kennedy and Bucholtz in the same light as far as prospect status, no?

        • Joey H says:

          lol yeah i think that was on MLBTR. which is you ask me minimizes our chance at him but then again there is talk that the bosox will rely on masterson in relief and hope okajima can get his changeup back. so that boosts up our chances. but hell if they want kennedy i say take him.

          • nick blasioli says:

            i agree with you on that one…trade kennedy now….

            • Geno says:

              Yes. In fact, let’s trade all our assets when they are at their lowest possible value. That plan is sure to be a success.

            • Glen L says:

              when his trade value is at an all-time low? … selling low and buying high are usually what end up getting GMs fired (for good reason)

              • TurnTwo says:

                but using IPK in a deal for Jason Bay or Matt Holliday is not selling low.

                and if the Rockies still view IPK in the same light as Clay Bucholtz, then his value hasnt necessarily slipped as far as we, the fans, would perceive.

                • Geno says:

                  How is that not selling low? We’d have to give up more with IPK in the deal now as opposed to before he had troubles in the bigs. That’s the definition of selling low.

  11. A.D. says:

    Basically if Igawa and a 2nd rate prospect will get you Washburn, you should do it, yeah its 9M next year, but Igawa is pretty much worthless to the Yanks, forget about the salary, he blocks prospects, which could hurt the system more than 4M a year ever will. So giving him up for a guy who has some type of value (and can pitch on the ML level) is worth it. If nothing else Washburn is a nice insurance policy for next year, lefty & innings eater, else he can always be dealt again.

    Obviously AJ Burnett is preferred, but Burnett will take actual prospects

  12. ceciguante says:

    washburn for no significant prospects — essentially just cash? and dump igawa? JW’s not cheap, but it’s only for one more year. this feels like a fit, b/c it gives depth/insurance to make up for the probable loss of mussina next year, and buys some time to ease hughes back in next year. pettitte’s not an automatic re-sign, either. if wang or hughes makes a return this season, we thank sir sidney and buy his plane ticket back to aruba.

    he’s a lefty with solid career numbers, 33yo, playoff tested. burnett would be nice, but here we get durability, lower cost, and don’t part with major prospects (at least that’s how olney writes it). i see no downside here.

  13. Joey H says:

    Hey, on the trade topic, what GM’s or teams does cash have a good relatioship with? so we can narrow down trade possibilities.

  14. dkidd says:

    igawa/some second tier prospect/$$$ for an innings eater who doesn’t make me cringe every fifth day? pull the trigger!!!!!!

  15. dkidd says:

    also, what do we think it would take to get mcclouth from the pirates? he could play center for the next 10 years

  16. Joltin' Joe says:

    CASEY BLAKE PLEASE!!! Washburn is a nice pickup if we do it, though. Did I mention Mr. Blake?

  17. dkidd says:

    or 2 years and then switch to left when ajax is ready

  18. Travis G. says:

    i cant believe anyone would take Igawa for anything. lets just end the great-Iggy experiment and open up a spot for someone more deserving. at worst, Washburn’s a solid LH reliever.

  19. dkidd says:

    i know mcclouth is a dream, but if the yanks have a surplus of pitching in the system and are thin in terms of position players, doesn’t it make sense to at least consider taking care of center (and left if ajax is for real) for a bunch of years?

    • Joseph P. says:

      No. You can’t just make a GM trade a player. Why would Neal Stephenson ever trade him, if the other team wasn’t greatly overpaying?

      McLouth isn’t even a consideration at this point.

  20. christopher says:

    despite everything that has happenned – they are legitamate post-season contendes and can do some real damage with a bat and a pitcher.

    burnett should be cheap as the jays want him gone and are more concerned with his contrat than the yanks would be and the yanks could very well keep hm from free agency should they choose by extending his contract. besides, 12 million for a pitcher is not much in todays market.

    as for offense – i know it may cost something, but holliday has that paul oneill quality and a holliday/fuentes deal sounds a lot like tino/nelson

    we buit of the farm system in the early 90s, but at a time made our ove toward a chamionship team. with the looming free agent class and this team showing us something, maybe its time to make some moves – ot only for this year but next year as well

    1 month ago i was for selling whatever they can, but this team has a chance now and should take it.

    • Joey H says:

      ok and about burnett, how about his attitude problems and his injury history, two things the yankees cant afford now, the clubhouse is loose and calm and having fun at this point, and injuries, well we know the yankees have seen enough of them

      • christopher says:

        i am a believer that attitude is very overratted, especially from a pitcher. it may be a team game, but so much is played individually.

        you dont want burnett come with a better reason than attitude

        • Ben K. says:

          Ponson had an “attitude problem” but seems to be dealing ok.

        • Joey H says:

          No i dont want burnett to come because if he gets hurt we owe him 20 mill+, just a chance i dont think cash wants to take. too bad its not his last year. i wouldnt mind bringing him in but its too much of a rish for a guy who quite honestly is inconsistent

  21. christopher says:

    my major point is to impove this team while keeping the future in mind. do i want to give up kids for a 39 year old — no, but give me a quality outfielder fr the next 6 years and i will sign up. plus, burnett doesnt have to be a stop-gap and if he is the team gets 2 pics for him. i look at his situation in toronto and think the jays are desperate to get rid of him and a lot of other teams cant afford to take the gamble should he stink and not opt-out – the yankees on the other hand can do that

  22. christopher says:

    if they make the playoffs, do you want ponson or a usty wang pitching game 4

    • A.D. says:

      presumably Wang would have come back and made a few starts in Sept. But I’d take a rusty wang, as long as he’s healthy over Ponson.

      Essentially Ponson at his best, is a rusty wang, walks & wildness with the ability to get a grounder to get out of it

      • Joey H says:

        yeah whats killing us all are these “presumablies” and “maybes” its jsut hard to make moves not knowing what you are going to have down teh road. thats why cash needs to go into safe or sorry mode

    • usty says:

      Hey…leave my wang out of this. HAHA

  23. christopher says:

    and i dont consider it mortgaging the future with a guy like holiday who could be a yankee for 8 more years – not just 2 months

    • Travis G. says:

      but he’s 28. 8 more years means he’s declining almost the entire contract. and his home/road splits still linger…

      • christopher says:

        declining from agaes 29 – 34 ..maybe 35 and 6, but i see a guy entering his prime

        home/road splits have more to them than light air – how about playing 81 games in that park and seeing the ball better there? does that not factor in at all. this guy isnt dante bichette and coors isnt wat it was 5 years ago.

        there are a ton of players with much better splits at home than the road who dont call coors home

        • Glen L says:

          He does still have a .400 OBP away from Coors and that short right porch would help him a ton

          But he’s a LF, even if we get him to a reasonable number of years, he can’t play RF and we’ll have a gaping hole there next season

  24. steve (different one) says:

    i think we can probably forget about Holliday.

    according to Heyman, the Rockies asked the Mets for Beltran(?!) and F-Mart and asked the Angels for Kendrick, Adenhart, and Santana/Saunders.

    it doesn’t sound like anything short of Jackson and Hughes even gets them on the phone.

  25. The reason it should be Washburn and NOT Burnett is that Washburn fits in much better with both the short term and long term plans. Both are big improvements over Rasner and will allow us to compete this year, but Burnett will require actual prospects, whereas Washburn would only cost us some used Rick Mirer Seahawks jerseys.

    With Pettitte, Wang, Joba, Hughes, IPK, and probably a Sabathia still in our future rotation plans, we don’t really need to give up anything of value for a starting pitcher (even one of Burnett’s caliber), we’d only be interested in starting pitchers who cost nothing. Hence, Washburn.

    • Joey H says:

      tommie what do you think we can get for washburn after we use him this year?

    • christopher says:

      do you want washburn pitching in the post-season. burnett is a guy who can dominate

      • The question isn’t who you want pitching in the postseason. I want Webb, Beckett, CC and The Big Wang pitching in the posteason.

        The question is, should you give up two good minor league prospects in order to give game 4 of a postseason series to A.J. Burnett, or should you give up a used piece of bubblegum and 83 cents in Yugoslavian coinage in order to give that game for to Jarrod Washburn? A guy who has pitched 36 postseason innings, which is 36 more than Burnett, btw.

        Because remember, we’re talking about Game 4. As long as they stay healthy, Pettitte, Joba, and Moose are taking games 1-3. So why gamble the future (and a buttload of future salary) on a Burnett when you have have Washburn, who’s still a pretty damn decent starter, for nothing?

  26. christopher says:

    bash burnett for his attitude and then dont give any credit to a guy who would do a face plant into home for his team to win

  27. christopher says:

    i am just saying that they can prepare for what we all think wil be a huge turnaround and renaisance? next year right now and help this team in the process

    next years team needs a big time starter (sabathia), maybe another 3-4 starter type (burnett) and 2 top notch OF/1B

  28. christopher says:

    get 2 premium bats and we can live with gardner or even a rushed ajax in center. after seing what i have seen i cannot trust hughes in the rotation – YET.

    pettite has a year left after this year – so going into next year with burnett as a number 5 with sabathia at the top give the yanks the best rotation in baseball.

    holliday and another bat in the lineup makes for a very good lineup.

    the moves i propose get us on the way toward rebuilding

    • Joey H says:

      stuff like this would only fly in a baseball video game with unlimited salary chris. im sorry but you cant have CC burnette an over paid pettite, and holliday along with the allready enormous payroll of the yankees. im sure they will settle for one almost premium but productable bat at this point and a decent innings eating SP and right now thats washburn.

      • christopher says:

        80 million is coming off the payroll plus god knows how much additional revenue – this isnt fanstasy unless the yankees are content on lowering payroll

        • Joey H says:

          does mark texiera ring a bell? believe me i know how much is coming off. but the yankees are supposed to make this monster push at mark texiera. so adding all these guys doesnt work out for their plans for the immediate future (2009)

    • pat says:

      adding holliday and another “premium” bat in todays market would completely gut our farm system do you understand that?
      you cant make these trades and expect to still have elite prospects.

      • christopher says:

        i was speaking in terms of the off-season — eer hear of free agents. holliday is a start in 2008 for what will be n 2009

  29. christopher says:

    off topic – but what does everyone think of giving a flyer to baldelli next off-season with a low base high incentive contract

  30. vinny-b says:

    I like Washburn. Maybe, cuz everytime he plays NYY, he shuts us down. I believe, he could help us.

    LoL, at whoever said, they would help pack his playstation games.

    If Toronto will not take: kennedy and sanchez, for Burnett. Then a washburn deal, is ideal.

  31. E-ROC says:

    What about Rich Hill in the Cubs farm system?

    • whozat says:

      The guy who can’t throw strikes any more? Why? We have interesting arms that should be able to pitch next year. If there’s a trade, it should help now AND later. Or, help now and cost us little to nothing in terms of talent. Hill wouldn’t be useful right now, and might not be useful later either.

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