Britton gets the call to replace Farns


It pains me to post this, since we’re going to a disliked source. But they’ve got the info, so they might as well get the credit. Joel Sherman reports that the Yanks will recall Chris Britton to fill the vacant spot on the 25-man roster. It wasn’t more than a week ago that Britton’s name was absent from the 40-man roster listing on Yankees.com. Looks like that was a glitch — though they still had 40 guys on the roster at the time. Not sure how that worked. In any case, Fats should be in the Bronx this evening.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    Sherman also notes that this maybe a temporary stay for Britton (what else is new?) as “the Yanks plan on having Brian Bruney up, perhaps in less than a week…”.

    • Alan

      I was going to say, what’s the deal with Bruney? He’s been pitching consistently lately and I have to imagine he’s about done with his rehab.

  • Realist

    His head could block out the sun!

    He has shown the ability to be an asset in the pen, from time to time……he hopefully can do it more consistently this time around?

  • Chris

    If he actually gets a chance to pitch, then there’s nothing wrong with this move. If he’s just going to sit in the bullpen, then why bother?

    • TurnTwo

      if theres one thing we’ve learned from Girardi is that if you’re in that BP, he’ll rotate those arms around and get to Britton eventually.

      from what i remember, before he was hurt earlier on, he came out of the peb a couple times and was able to give a couple of effective innings an outing, right?

      • cult of basebaal

        he is last man in the rotation, but he’s also shown he can go a couple of innings at a time … he’s actually not a bad guy to have on the staff to serve as sort of a medium-man (2-3 inning stints), especially when you’ve got the possibilities of short outings with rasner and ponson.

        • Old Ranger

          He also has had good results against leftys, I think it is because he will come inside, at the hands…not low and in. I agree, he is a good guy to have around, why he is little used…I have no clue. 27/08?

    • Realist

      Excellent point and one reason I feel he hasn’t been more consistent as a Yankee. He was very good with Baltimore before NY got him…Torre let him rot and used him sparingly….big suprise, huh?

  • John NY

    Britton basically is a space filler…a real big one! Yankees bullpen is going to perservere. And, we have options in the minors that are better. The best pickup the yankees are going to have in August is Hughes. And if things go well, we’ll have Wang for the Sept. run. And if things go really well, Pavano can….Nah..never mind!

  • frits

    quick question – i know why i don’t like sherman, but don’t you guys like sherman?

    • John NY

      His columns lack substance. I’ve never heard him break a yankee story. I could be wrong

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      I don’t like him because he felt Joba Chamberlain should stay in the bullpen even after writing an article where he cited baseball scouts as saying Joba maintains his stuff well into his starts and he has four Major League quality pitches. He also is sort of a dick when he tried to be a smart ass during the post-game press conference after Joe Girardi aired out the team after that Red Sox loss in the Bronx.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    Watching ESPN News’ coverage of the trade deadline gave me a scintillating thought, Alex Rodriguez cleaning up for Adam Dunn. I mean God Damn, can you imagine that?! All the Fastballs Dunn would see at the new Yankee Stadium hitting in front of A-Rod.

    *Drools endlessly*

    • Ivan

      And all the k’s and lack of clutch hitting. To me a guy like Dunn would sour on alot of fans (especially me). Sure he walks, OBP guy but he’s just not a great period. RISP avg is terrible for a middle of a lineup guy for his career. Plus, he would age pretty bad and other than power offers little else.

      Just never been a Adam Dunn fan.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

        BAw/RISP is such a luck based stat, I don’t pay much, if any, attention to it. His OPS w/RISP is .892, I’ll take that. Don’t you think there is something to the thought that Dunn was never well protected in the lineup? Obviously he’s not a great contact hitter but he posts a .413-OBP in such scenarios. Again, I’ll take that from a hitter that is hitting in front of Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez.

        • Ivan

          Hey Im a #’s guy too but Dunn to me is worst than what his #’s indicate. Plus, he’s really a DH bat who you gonna pay big bucks who’s not gonna age well at all. Hey I don’t mind the K’s but Dunn K #’s are extreme. There’s some thing about Dunn that rubs me the wrong we, Plus, he does hit a very friendly hitters park.

          To me he will be the type of guy in NY people would give a hard to, and I don’t like that fit.

        • Old Ranger

          I must confess, I never looked at it that way before. One thing though, we would have our #3 and #4 hitters, NOT hitting well with RISP…sometimes. It would be a situation that might work out, it would take a GM with big bells to put that together. Good thing I don’t have to make the deal. Good thought, nice thinking outside the box. 27/08?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

          BTW, those numbers are for his career. In 2008 he has posted an sOPS+ of 154 w/RISP (.977-OPS). Also, Dunn’s Leverage Index this year is 0.99, that is not a very high number (ranks 66th out of 81-qualifiers, qualifiers being N.L. hitters with 350-Plate Appearance’s or more) but I would not use that stat alone to convince me that Adam Dunn is not a player you would want hitting in front of A-Rod (with that short porch in RF).

          Again, I still feel that some of his struggles has to do with the lineup he has been hitting in during his Major League career. Put a speedy runner on-base so the pitchers can’t throw all breaking balls or have him hit in front of A-Rod, I’ll think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

          • Ivan

            I just don’t see it with Dunn. Nevertheless I would say this, it may crazy/wierd but wouldn’t Dunn be a good Benefit as a #2 hitter? Persoanlly he’s a great 4 hitter and and he I wouldn’t like him as a 3 guy but as a 2 hitter with the BB and walks OBP and of course power he wouldn’t be that bad of a idea.

            • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

              I love that idea, but who would hit first? Johnny Damon or Derek Jeter? The way things are looking I would love Damon ahead of Dunn because Damon is stealing more bases and his OBP skills are still top notch. You think the Yankees want to deal with the headache of moving Derek Jeter down the batting order? Will Jeter be a “good soldier” and just accept his new role?


              You could rotate Dunn and Nady from the OF/1B while rotating Damon and Matsui from OF/DH. I like it.

              *Again, this is an off-season proposal, not right now.*

              • Geno

                I’m with you Jamal, with one caveat. I’d try to move Matsui and a few prospects to the Mariners for Clement. Then I’d play Dunn at DH, Posada at first (didn’t he come up a shortstop?), and Clement as our starting catcher.

                Of course, it would be nice to deal for a solid prospect to play centerfield as well. I wonder if Arizona would consider a deal for Chris Young? Melky would be a decent 4th outfielder to carry.

    • E-ROC

      CashMoney just might scoop him up if the price is right; he hasn’t really garnered much attention. Type A free agent? Many of the teams contending are going to stand pat like the Rays and Angels.

    • TurnTwo

      where the hell would he fit? i’m not against importing Dunn on the cheap at the deadline here, but to me he doesnt fit on the team.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

        I meant in the off-season as a free agent signing.

  • Ivan

    Also Im not really the griffey trade from Chi Sox position. Griffey’ bat has really slowed down, and his power #’s has gone down considerably. The only thing you like about Griffey are the walk’s and solid OBP but his bat is alright at best. Plus, now you have a log jam at DH and Griffey can’t field anymore. Griffey could certainly help them but against good pitching he’s really not gonna produce much.

  • Greg

    So you are saying you would rather have Adam Dunn hit third than Bobby Abreu?

    No thanks. Long run Abreu is going to be a much more productive hitter in the 3-spot. I will take his eye over Dunn’s free swinging any day. And you can’t bat Dunn 5th because teams will pitch around A-rod.

    No thanks Adam Dunn. Go get another starting pitcher or bring up IPK Sunday.

    • Ivan

      Hey I don’t like dunn but he’s not a free swinger trust me. You can write down 100+ BB every year.

      Nevertheless Abreu over Dunn anyday. I never get it how people hate on Abreu. They bring up the afraid of wall stuff but fail the mention he hustles, plays everyday and is a pretty clutch hitter.

  • Frank

    At the risk of sounding stupid, I’d rather see Britton and carousel of other relievers pitch against the Angels than Ponson… maybe we can get Britton to go 4 then start the parade. dumb idea?

  • Greg

    If you want a carousel you might as well just start Dan Giese.

    • Frank


  • Relaunch

    Joe, where are my props for the “Fats” reference?

  • Joey H

    see joe i actually thougth depending on how big the braves wanted to sell, farsnworth can certianly help their pen. thats when the thought of trading farnsycame to mind. the nthats when the bullpen heated up. i feel confident with either marte or veras in there as the setup man. then bruney who from what i have observed has had a little bit of control issues, when ready, can be our setup,man. besides thats how i saw it in the begining of the year. bruney-joba-mo. then farnsy got hot.