No, really. Who’s going to pitch the 8th?

Could the Yanks move on Lohse?
Britton gets the call to replace Farns

While the Yankees improved their team yesterday by shipping out Kyle Farnsworth and landing themselves Ivan Rodriguez in return, the end of the Farnsworth Era provides us with yet another chance to ask our favorite question: Who will pitch the 8th inning?

Farnsworth, hurler in 30 8th innings this year, had emerged recently as the Yanks’ set-up man, to a point. He was yanked in Boston when he nearly coughed up a tight game, and he’s always just one misstep away from completely imploding. But he had his role on the Yankees, and now the team has to fill a bullpen hole.

While the team has yet to announce a corresponding roster move, you have to believe that Chad Moeller will be DFA’d and Brian Bruney will activated from the DL. With that move, the Yanks will have a plethora of candidates to set up for Mariano. Damaso Marte, long the setup man in Pittsburgh, seems likely to inherit the role, but Edwar Ramirez, Jose Veras and Bruney should all be considered candidates. None of these players are less reliable than Farnsworth was, and three of them — Marte, Ramirez, Bruney — should be better than Krazy Kyle.

When Brian Cashman pulled the trigger on this deal, he pulled something of a coup. The Yanks instantly improved behind the plate. But he also fully committed himself to his new approach toward building the bullpen. He’s now content to throw young arms out there in an effort to see what sticks. We’ve long endorsed this approach. Why pay $5 million for a Kyle Farnsworth when Edwar Ramirez can be had for the league minimum? Now we’ll get to see how well this works, and how good Joe Girardi is at handling it. Who will emerge to pitch the 8th is a question entirely up for grabs.

Could the Yanks move on Lohse?
Britton gets the call to replace Farns
  • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets

    Does there have to be ONE 8th inning guy? Why not go situational, with Veras, Edwar, & Marte? I don’t think I’d want to throw Bruney into that role off of such a long layoff.
    I’m still dancing in my office. Later Farnsy! I’ll be in Tier 1 tonight to root on the Yanks & Pudge !!!


  • b/c

    Im lovin’ the bullpen strategy this yr.

    I’d love it more if Bruney comes back firing like he was early in the year.

    We do need someone proven in the pen, although Marte seems to fill that role somewhat.

  • Chris

    I think Joba would make a great setup man. Obviously that is much more important than having him start.

    • Old Ranger

      Sarcasm doesn’t become you Chris.
      That was a very stupid argument when made by some of the media, and some on this blog. 27/08?

  • Old Ranger

    Farnzy had to earn the 8th inning job, make someone else earn it. Marte is the one with experience but, he has a roll…get the tough lefty out. Veras has + stuff but, can he handle the 8th? 27/08?

  • Ivan

    Well Edwar is pitching extremely well and I wouldn’t mind seeing him. Veras scare me a little bit because he tends to get wild. Marte can handle some of the 8th inning role. Key guy could be Mark Melancon.

  • jsbrendog

    britton….side note….just out of curiosity if i rememebr correctly, when he came over he was casey britt- on but now its chris brittan (pronunciations, not actual spellings)


  • Ed

    I know the Yankees have to put Bruney back on the 40 man soon, but, does he instantly come back to the majors, or does he spend a little extra time in the minors first? His rehab stats haven’t been very good.

  • zs190

    I think it’s probably a committee with Marte against lefties and Veras against righties, Edwar will be the 7th inning guy most likely.

    Interesting to see that the Yanks have been linked to both Scott Eyre(Cub) and Will Ohman(Braves) in rumors today, though it might be just kicking the tires on them because the Sox are after them.

  • Jamal G.

    The Yankees have called up Chris Britton, not Brian Bruney as previously expected, to replace Kyle Farnsworth’s spot in the bullpen.

    • jsbrendog

      finally gets a chance to show what he is made of other than donuts and muffins

    • cult of basebaal

      SWEET! The Make A Wish Kid rides again!

  • Bo

    It’s not bullpen strategy. it is the fact that they have good pitchers in the bullpen. You can have the best strategy in the world but if your talent stinks you are done for.

    Torre had great pen strategy from 96-2003. And he didn’t when he had 1 reliable reliever.

    • Old Ranger

      But Joe T went with experience rather then quality. The guys 96-03 had experience and quality. Joe G. has had some experienced and some, not so much. The main difference is; Joe G. used what he had, without burning them up in needless fashion. Good for Joe G. and his pitching coach. 27/08?

  • EJ

    Even without Farnsworth, this bullpen has an EXTREME amount of depth. We’ve got Marte, Veras, Ramirez and Robertson in the bullpen, not to mention the big relief prospects we have in AA and AAA(Cox, Melancon, Patterson, Whelan to name a few). There’s no need to worry about losing Farnsworth.

  • E-ROC

    The Yanks should pass on Scott Eyre.

    • Old Ranger

      I concur!
      Will Ohman now, that might be a guy we could use…my problem has always been with NL pitchers, they always look better then they really are.

      • Thurman

        I really like Ohman, but I don’t think it makes sense when looking at recent moves to give up anything for a guy like him. Don’t see it happening.

  • Anthony M

    I think Jose Veras should get it. He has uses the same two pitches that Joba and Farnsworth threw (slider and fastball) and he throws his fastball with major velocity just like Joba and Farnsworth. I’ve seen him throw between 95 and 99 on several occasions and his slider is filthy if he can locate it.

    That last sentence could be used to describe Farnsworth as well, so I think Veras should be given the first shot.

    After watching Marte in that Orioles game I only want him facing lefties. His ERA seems to jump in past seasons when he is used for entire innings rather than situations.

    I see Edwar Ramirez being a solid 7th innning guy and if Veras struggles, let’s give him a shot.

    • Thurman

      Agreed. Veras is a big dude, he throws hard, and he has shown he can get batters out this season. Sounds like an eighth inning guy to me.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Two words — Big. Unit.

    Go make it happen, CashMoney.