Cashman: No on Bonds

New Yankee Stadium losing out on the food wars
Yankee Fan Fest Trivia Contest, Part II

It seems like 60 percent of our commenters will be pissed at this, while another 40 percent will jump for joy. According to a quote in Newsday, Barry Bonds is not a consideration for the Bombers: “I guess I can say that they have engaged us in the past and I’ve told them that I have too many people, maybe not too many people with the same ability, but too many people at the same spot that you have a lot of dollars committed to.”

New Yankee Stadium losing out on the food wars
Yankee Fan Fest Trivia Contest, Part II
  • Rich

    In terms of dollars committed, if Matsui needs surgery, that would sort of negate that point, especially when you factor in that Bonds has said that he would play for the minimum.

    • A.D.

      Allegdy said that, I don’t really believe his agents that he’d play for the min, they’re definitly looking to get paid

  • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets

    Exactly what I was going to say…It aint the dollars…!


    • whozat

      “Exactly what I was going to say…It aint the dollars…!”

      It’s not the BONDS dollars. If Matsui, Giambi and Damon (and now Posada) are all active, that’s a LOT of dollars that need DH time. If Matsui’s going to be out for a long time…that changes things.

      But “in the past”, when Bonds’ people engaged Cash…what he said was definitely true. It’s not that they can’t pay Bonds, it’s that–when all the Yankee hitters were active–there was just no place on the team for another DH.

  • Will

    Possible translation: “We don’t want to deal with the media s**tstorm that would inevitably follow us signing B. Lamar”?

  • TurnTwo

    i think its just the easy way out for Cashman sit there and blame this on money.

    lets take teh cue from the Mets… they sat there, and waited for Alou to rehab, and then he came back and got injured again… so they sat there and let him rehab and didnt make a move because he was coming back… and then he came back and got hurt.

    now he’s got a torn hammy and might retire, and the mets are stuck with Marlon Anderson, Damion Easley and Endy Chavez to play LF, when they could just bit the bullet and brought in a LF who was going to produce.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    That’s a copout.

    Bonds is a lefty DH/LF. Giambi and Posada shouldn’t count towards the list of “people at the same spot that you have a lot of dollars committed to”, because they rarely play the DH spot – Giambi is our first baseman and Posada is our catcher (and when he’s not, he’s now Giambi’s replacement at first.) Bonds fits into this personnel grouping:

    Damon – old and injury prone
    Matsui – old and injury prone
    Melky – can’t hit
    Gardner – can’t hit (yet)
    Shelly Duncan – laughable

    If the whole team was healthy, Bonds would be taking AB’s away from Gardner, Duncan, and Betemit. When the team’s not healthy, he’s starting in the place of the absent Damon (frequent) and Matsui (more frequent.) Take Damon and Matsui out of that equation and you’re talking about two positions (DH and LF) that we’ve committed about one million dollars to, tops.

    • Simon B.

      If Posada was our dedicated catcher, Molina and his 54 OPS+ wouldn’t have started the last six games.

      There is very little gain from signing Bonds, and really, must we always think on the numbers side of this. I, as a fan, prefer the players to not be total douchebags.

      • TurnTwo

        i, as a fan, prefer to win games.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        And if we actually had a healthy DH, which we don’t since Matsui and Damon are both out, best believe Jorge and his limp noodle arm would be behind the plate and Molina would be on the bench the last six games.

        Going forward, Posada will catch more and play first more, Damon will play left more when he returns. Matsui is the most troubling. His knees are so bad that he can’t take the field (just like Bonds). He is our DH, but he’s too banged up to play. Bonds and Matsui are practically mirror images of one another. It’s like in fantasy football when you pick Fred Taylor – you know he’s going to be lights out when he’s in there, but he’s not going to be available every week, so you draft Maurice Jones Drew so you can slide him in when Taylor’s out and not miss a beat.

        Think of them like George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld: Individually, Matsui and Bonds aren’t healthy enough to handle a woman by themselves, but the two of them, working together at full capacity, could do the job of one normal man.


  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    From Jayson Stark in yesterday’s Rumblings and Grumblings:

    “The Yankees, on the other hand, don’t seem interested in Bedard. And it’s dubious Toronto would even talk to them about Burnett. While they’ve checked out Aaron Harang, he might be untradeable now that his forearm has a date with an MRI machine. Can Melky Cabrera net them a decent arm? Clubs that have spoken with the Yankees say he’s the player they’re most willing to dangle. One thing the Yankees can’t do, even if they fall apart, is sell. Virtually every veteran player on the roster has a no-trade clause.”

  • pat

    bonds would be a great baseball decision however there are so many more factors to take into account such as messing with the team chemistry and as someone already said the immense swirling “media crapstorm” that would envelope the team whereer they went. You simply cannot bring in that kind of distraction for a projected upgrade at Dh. Without the juice and with such a long layoff how productive can he be??

  • steel

    so with this 200 mil team unable to score runs the gm is going to work away the media firestorm what does he think is going to happen when this 200 mil team fails to make the post season the media is going to say better luck next year. this is stupid all this team need to win now is another bat and its right there and cashman refuse to sign him, but watch go get richie instead.

  • kunaldo

    cashman just admitted to choosing QUANTITY over QUALITY…..wonderful

    i really miss the days when winning was the most important thing to the yanks, not being afraid of what the media will say…

    • whozat

      “i really miss the days when winning was the most important thing to the yanks, not being afraid of what the media will say…”

      So…let’s say that Matsui and Damon are fine in two weeks. What do you do? Cut Bonds? Cut one of them? I just don’t think this is a move you can make until you have a better read on the health of Matsui.

      • TurnTwo

        its not necessarily a bad thing to have Matsui, Bonds, Giambi, or Posada on the bench late in games.

        and with their age and health, chances are you’ll get the most out of all of them by continuing a rotation every game, or every couple games.

        • kunaldo

          exactly…with our anemic bench, we can never have enough good bats…and even if we had to cut bonds…its the kind of money that the steinbrenners wipe their behinds with…

          i dont know how much more i can take of melky gardner and molina playing at the same time …..granted, gardner can be a catalyst, but i mean, cmon

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Matsui, Damon, Posada, and Giambi haven’t exactly been Ripkenesque Ironmen recently. And Melky and Gardner can ride the pine on occasion as well.

          I just don’t see how finding AB’s for Bonds is going to be some monumental problem.

          • christopher

            cabt fund a bat frm one of the top 5 httt4ers in baseball”

            ths s a
            PR move plana and sple. noones said boo when they got fieder and Hayes n 86 when they areoleady had tino and boggs at frst and thrd.
            grow a par cashman- besides the ARod love trangle will take away most of the attenton

        • whozat

          Haven’t people been complaining about the inflexibility of the Yankee bench for AGES? And you guys want to put another lefty DH on the team?

          Look, if Matsui’s knee blows back up after his hitting off a tee, ok. Replace him with Bonds. But…if it still looks like he’s going to be ok, then I just don’t see how it makes sense add Bonds to this roster.

          • kunaldo

            doesnt matter if it’s a lefty bat dude…bonds OPSed .991 against lefties just last year….that would be amazing against righties!!

            • whozat


              Still, what’s the roster if Matsui and Damon come back?



              ONE position player

              Unless that last guy is Chone Figgins, that’s a mindbogglingly inflexible team.

              Like I said, if someone is going to be out a couple months, that changes the calculation. But…unless he’s pretty certain that’ll be the case, I don’t see how Cash could rationally call Bonds right now.

              • kunaldo

                i have a bad feeling about matsui coming back….and posada not being able to catch is reallyyyy handcuffing us…

                i do see what you mean though, i just don’t think everyone is going to come back like we hope…

                • whozat

                  Ok. But if I’m Cash, I tell the medical people that I need some realistic projections in the next several days. Then I decide to call Barry or not.

                • kunaldo

                  i’ll agree with that i guess….not with him admitting he’d rather have quantity over quality…

              • RustyJohn

                If they get Bonds, I would also like to see them get Ibanez from the Mariners and play both in the outfield- I think it would be really terrific if we could have an all left-handed line-up, plus Rodriguez & jeter, that has limited range in the field.

                My proposed line-up:

                Jeter- DH
                Abreu- RF
                Bonds- CF
                ARod- 3rd
                Giambi- 1st
                Ibanez- LF
                Posada (Noodle-arm)- C
                Betemit- SS

                Okay, a couple of switch-hitters in there- but they’d mostly bat leftie.

    • TurnTwo

      to be fair, i think he said that just as a cover for what Cashman really wanted to say but couldnt.

  • steel

    “cashman just admitted to choosing QUANTITY over QUALITY…..wonderful

    i really miss the days when winning was the most important thing to the yanks, not being afraid of what the media will say…”

    Great point!!

  • Count Zero

    OK, let me switch over to my MB horse then. :-)

    Of course, it would depend heavily on the price, but I actually think MB would be the perfect answer.

    He could play in any OF position — although he’s not an ideal CF, he’s serviceable and you could always play Damon in CF and MB in LF. He’s a switch-hitter and he mashes LHP (and hits RHP pretty good too). The Rangers need cheap pitching and I would bet MB would be more than delighted to come to NY. What’s more, we have a pretty good record of keeping players like him out of trouble (cf. Sir Sidney).

    I’m officially a MB proponent now. ;-) Would I rather pick up a starter arm? Yes. But I just don’t see any viable/realistic options out there.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Milton Bradley? Is he even on the market? I mean the Rangers aren’t that far out, I didn’t know they were in sell mode. I’d be ALL in favor of that, but I didn’t know it was an option.

      • Count Zero

        Rumor is that he’s available.

        Rangers are 8 GB in the L column for ALWest – 6.5 out of the wildcard with 5 teams in front of them. Certainly not out of it, but they aren’t looking that good either. They would have to beat out Boston, NY, Minn, Detroit and Oakland to grab the WC — what do you think the chances of that are? Especially with crappy pitching? :-)

      • Count Zero

        I should point out though that his knee is a question mark — which is why he would likely be available. While he CAN play any OF position, the has only started 19 games in the OF this season due to the Rangers trying to protect him from further injury.

  • kunaldo

    if we can get him for cheap, great….but in all probability, he’s going to cost some prospects…and as usual, everyone will try to milk the yanks

    bonds. is. free.

    OPS+ of 170 last year(!!)….even if he “declines” to 140-150, that’s better than 90% of our team!!!

    • Count Zero

      I don’t disagree (as I have said many times before) — but it looks like that ship has already sailed.

      I would be willing to give up IPK+ for MB. You can’t get something for nothing…

      • Brad K

        You would give IPK for Milton Bradly but you didn’t want to package IPK for Santana or for Sabathia? That makes no sense. I also agree this team was a lot more fun when we weren’t locked into Cashman’s vision of the future.

        • whozat

          Since when were deals for Santana or Sabathia centered around Kennedy? That’s blatant revisionist history.

          • Brad K

            No it’s not. IPK came up in almost every proposal involving the Twins and we said no. Now you want to trade him for MB. That makes no sense at all. MB is not likely to stay in NY so we are talking rental for a team that may or may not even have a shot at the post season.

            • Travis G.

              no, IPK was never the CENTERPIECE. that honor went to Wang and Hughes.

        • Count Zero

          Who said I wouldn’t give up IPK for Santana? I wouldn’t give up Hughes + Melky + Ajax for Santana…not even close to the same thing. Especially because I don’t have to give MB 7x$20MM to close the deal.

          I confess I plain don’t like CC that much. I know the numbers are against me on that, but there’s something with him that bothers me. I felt the same way about RJ.

          My biggest CC objection was that everyone was talking “sign and trade” with him and I said all along that he wasn’t going to agree to any extension during the season. Look how much that rental cost the Brewers. Do you think IPK alone could have closed that deal? Really? If so, you probably think you could get a 2008 CLK 550 for $30,000 too. It would have taken IPK + Tabata + Montero + PTBNL to get Cleveland to send him to the Yankees instead.

          • Brad K

            I never said IPK alone. I said part of a package. It seems crazy to me not to consider any of those deals and turn around and give up any of those pieces (IPK, PH, Melky) for MB. We still don’t know for sure if Wang will be back this year and if so what he will be like. With so much up in the air with our pitching MB is nothing more then a distraction.

            I know what your saying about CC. I live in Cleveland and have seen him in person a few times. Could he turn into another Colon, it’s possible but that the risk you take. I don’t know if the Yanks could have gotten signed or not. It’s obvious the Indians weren’t going to let us find out first.

  • Joey H

    im sorry, call me a fuckin idiot, but what is he saying? like seriously, i dont get it. a lefty power bat with the short porch for a few months. so what was he saying?

  • Rob_in_CT

    I’m in the 60% that’s unhappy about this. I know the team has lots of old, left-handed hitters who either cannot play the field or play defense poorly. However, the offense is a mess and Bonds can really, really hit. Matsui is hurt and it’s unknown if he’s going to come back (and stay back). Damon is hurt. He’ll be back, but in the meantime? The bench, which I was pleased about going into the year, has turned into a disaster.

    So, while I generally like the Cashman, on this we disagree.

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