New Yankee Stadium losing out on the food wars


Earlier this week, news broke that Citi Field is going to be something of a foodie’s paradise. According to Eater, Danny Meyer of Blue Smoke fame and the Mets are teaming up to bring Mets fans good food. Their new stadium will house a Blue Smoke, a Shake Shack, a Taquería and a Belgian frites stand. Yankee Stadium will get a steakhouse and a Hard Rock Cafe. As a self-professed foodie, I begrudgingly award the Mets the victory on this one. So far.

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  • A.D.

    Yanks have to fire back with Shake Shack of their own and perhaps a Burritoville?

  • pat

    unless you get it to go, you must eat while watching the mets. i proposition i would surely decline

  • manimal

    wow I just got tickets for todays game too so lookfor me near the left fieldfoul pole

  • manimal

    wow I just got tickets for todays game too so lookfor me near the left fieldfoul pole

  • ChrisS

    They need to set up a Dinosaur BBQ at Yankee Stadium.

    • pat

      dinosaur is effing amazing

  • TurnTwo

    i have to say i agree… i am a little underwhelmed by the selection of food options at the new Yankees stadium… at least with the new eateries at CitiField, they’ll be available to the majority of stadium go-ers and be realtively inexpensive… and they are just different.

    i dont have a problem with a Hard Rock Cafe and a Steakhouse, but they arent exactly things regular fans just going to a game are going to enjoy and take a part of.

    theres nothing so far at the new stadium that says like signature selection, or screams ‘NY’ or ‘the Bronx.’ i dont know what that might particularly be, but so far i’m disappointed.

  • ChrisS

    I used to live outside Kenmore Square in Boston. And, frankly, the best part of walking over to Fenway to catch a game was going past the seemingly thousands of pounds of sausage, peppers, and onions sizzling away outside the stadium.

    Ballpark food doesn’t have to be complicated to be great.

    When I think of NYC, I think of pizza and a close second is a monster pastrami on rye. What else do people think of?

    • TurnTwo

      but when you dont have places outside and around the stadium that offer things like that, it kind of is about what they have inside the stadium.

      now, if the mets took a strip of parking lot, or were able to take over some of those junk yards across the street and build a couple bars, itd be ideal.

      same with the yankees.

      they should tear down teh stadium, but keep the infield. then build some restaurants or bars or sitting areas for fans and vendors around that. thatd be awesome.

      • ChrisS

        That would be a helluva idea. Make it a Yankee-themed Pier-39 or Quincy Market.

      • Greg

        “but when you dont have places outside and around the stadium that offer things like that, it kind of is about what they have inside the stadium.”

        Yankee Stadium has exactly that, except for the suburbanites afraid to venture afar on their walk from the car to the Stadium. The Bronx isn’t what it was during the 80’s, you know.

  • Stryker

    the mets are offering good food because the team is lacking

  • RCK

    I say we find out if Tom Colicchio is a Yankees fan. Maybe we could at least get a ‘Wichcraft.

    Actually, even more than better food, my dream is for the Yankees to tap a local brewery (like Brooklyn Brewery or some other NY state micro brew) to be the official beer for the new stadium. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      mmmm Brooklyn Brewery. If they don’t want to stay in state. Rogue Ales = nirvana.

      • RCK

        Rogue is my favorite as well! Shakespeare Stout, mmmmmm. And if we were going to go that far afield maybe some Unibroues would be in order as well.

        I also like Harpoon, but that would be unacceptable since they’re from Boston.

    • ChrisS

      At the Syracuse AAA stadium they have Saranac on draft for not much more than Bud Light; $6/ 24oz beer, IIRC. Which compared to, say Busch Stadium (which has to sell Bud) is a heckuva deal. As a side note, Saranac actually contract-brews Brooklyn’s beers for distribution.

  • Peter Rabbit

    The Food Network has shown me other stadiums’ food selection and I’m always jealous of what they have!

  • Greg

    Ben –

    Get out into the neighborhood around the Stadium in the Bronx. Very good food at affordable prices in authentic surroundings. Citifield doesn’t have that. Besides, I’m skeptical of Meyer’s ability to scale up. What’s the wait at the ShakeShack these days? Now multiple demand by 100.

  • Art Vandelay

    I really think the stadium could use some reputable pizza. That Famiglia crap they serve is barely edible. And getting Brooklyn Brewery would be teh awesome. I just don’t think they could possibly keep up with the volume. Maybe in like one of the restaurants it could work, though.

    If nothing else, I think that getting some more variety and some ethnic food – burritos, falafel, etc – would be a massive improvement. I keep reading about newer parks that have all these awesome food options, and there’s really no excuse for the Yanks not to keep up.