Hughes’ return delayed

Xavier Nady VII
Stadium bond deal facing Congressional scrutiny

Phil Hughes‘ return to game action after missing three months with a fractured rib is going to have to wait one more day because today’s Gulf Coast League game was postponed due to rain. I’m guessing they’ll just push him back to tomorrow, and push Carl Pavano’s scheduled rehab appearance back to Wednesday, assuming he doesn’t give himself a concussion brushing his teeth first.

I apologize if I gave you a heart attack with the title.

Update (2:00): Nevermind, looks like he’s going to make the 35 minute trip with the High-A Tampa Yanks and pitch tonight in Lakeland instead. The rain is supposed to let up a little later tonight.

Update (2:25): Scratch that. Both Hughes & Pavano will pitch tomorrow for Low-A Charleston.

Xavier Nady VII
Stadium bond deal facing Congressional scrutiny
  • steve (different one)

    really, really mean…

  • Chris A

    totally got me..

  • AlexCT

    apology not accepted. need a new headline

  • Jamal G.

    LoL, you didn’t get enough kicks on April Fool’s Day?

    • Jamal G.

      Oh wait, this wasn’t even Ben who wrote this. But hey, fool me once…

      • Mike A.

        Oh don’t worry, I have a hand in all the April Fool’s gags.

  • yankeemonkey


  • jsbrendog

    concussions brushing his teeth….best one yet

    • Matt M.

      i liked the cereal one from a few days ago

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Pavano is under strict instructions from Dr. James Andrews to use nothing but Sensodyne.

      • Pete

        Sensodyne? You’re nuts! “Tom’s” all the way for a concussion-free brushing.

  • austinNYfan

    That was scary. How nice would it be to see Hughes and Kennedy shore the back end of the rotation, successfully, as the Yanks make a push for the playoffs? Keep Phil Hughes away from American Idle, Carl Pavano, God forbid Pavano gets struck by lightning or stricken with flesh eating bacteria. Pavano has some bad juju. I will throw up on myself if I see American Idle on the mound in the Bronx.

    • jsbrendog

      no way, they should make it a priority to put him out there, because he is pitching for a contract. no one will sign carl pavano the injured pitcher of hamptonian lack of starts…but lots of people will sign pavano with 10 straight wins to end the season and propel his team into the playoffs….he owes it to us.

  • Curramba

    I thought they moved him to pitch in Tampa?

    • Mike A.

      He (and Pavano) are both starting their rehabs with the GCL team, which is based in Tampa, same complex as Legends Field. They play on those backfields they always talk about in Spring Training.

      • Ivan

        How many starts before Hughes can finally comeback? 6 or 7 starts? Plus, if he is healthy ad ready would they just leave him there in the minors?

        • Mike A.

          Probably 5 or 6 to physically get ready, which is basically the rest of the minor league season. Might as well just leave him down there for the duration, then bring him up when rosters expand.

          • Ivan

            Would it surprise ya that Hughes pitches in a Playoff game if the yankees make it?

  • Chris

    Why not just pitch both Panano and Hughes tomorrow? They’re only scheduled to throw 2 innings each…

  • Yankees=warriors

    Should I hold back on buying a Hughes jersey since he’s changing his number again?

    • Yank Crank 20

      Yes. if you have to buy one, get the 65 cuz he wants that when he gets back. But, when will that be? He can very well finish this year and start next year at AAA…where he may belong for more development.

  • CLT_JR

    I read the headline and had a pit in my stomach. That was SOOOOO wrong!!!

  • TurnTwo

    in case you want to look into it, ESPN 1050 actually reported that he’ll pitch for Class-A Tampa when i was on my lunchbreak about an hour ago.

    • Ivan

      You mean Phil Hughes?

      • TurnTwo


    • Mike A.

      They probably changed it once the GCL game was postponed. I guess the rain will be leaving the area later today. Just to make sure I’m not going crazy, Phil said yesterday he’d be making the rehab appearance with the GCL team:

      • A.D.

        Rain in Florida never stays long

  • http://Anotherlefty Peedlum

    the headline freaked me out too, though I was surprisingly resigned to another hughes injury since he’s been a little prone to that so far in his career. . . . .

    just for shits and giggles (an expression whose origin continues to elude me), lets say that pavano comes back, starts a few games for the yanks and goes, say, 4-1 with a 4.05 and a 1.26 WHIP with a 2.5-1 K:BB ratio–or whatever version of decent but not great numbers that show some promise. Any chance he could sign with the Yankees again? I had this debate with a friend who said absolutely not, but if he were willing to come back on a deal for a year at, say, $4-6M, I think its within the realm of possibility. Not saying I want it to happen (I’d rather he just go sign with some NL team dumb enough to take him) but starting pitching is hard to find these days and if he shows anything I could see it happening.

    • Mike A.

      The only way he’d be able to come back was with a base salary at the minimum, and loads of incentives to bring the value up to say, $5-6M.

    • A.D.

      I’d guess someone will pay him more than the Yankees want to offer going into this offseason, or at least more guarenteed cash

  • Motown Yankee Fan

    So mean

  • Geno

    Phil Rizutto would always say a guy like Pavano must have cut himself on a bar of soap. I miss the Scooter…

  • pat

    mike please dont kill me bur theres nowhere else to say this-
    i just read on mlbtr that the braves are actively trying to trade for bay. This would presumably mean they are gonna try and make a run for it this season and are gonna hold onto Tex right.

    do you think its safe to assume if they trade for bay that there is a great chance texiera becomes a fa and we sign him? They havnt really made any overtures to extenting him…

    • Mike A.

      Tex is a Boras guy, so he’s guaranteed to test the market. I’m sure the Yanks will do their due diligence, but I think Cashman wants to avoid any long term huge money deals (and rightfully so). If Cash leaves, all bets are off.

      • pat

        i really really really hope he stays. From what we’ve seen hank and hal have his back after every decision he makes. Plus being a born and bred new yorker i cannot imagine he would want to go anywhere else.

    • A.D.

      Theres a great chance Tex becomes a free agent no matter what happens to him this year, Boras doesn’t sign extensions. From reading Atlanta braves blogs and articles the general feeling is they cannot afford to pay Tex what he’ll be asking next year

  • ansky

    Riverdogs just sent me a media release about Hughes and Pavano starting tomorrow here in Charleston.

    • Mike A.

      Yeah, I got it to. I updated the post. Again.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Are you gonna add Carl to the “Tommy John Watch”?

        • Mike A.

          No. We’re trying to improve the site, not turn it into a joke. ;)

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    When Carl makes his appearance, I fully expect the thread title to read as follows:

    Pavano Found Dead…

    …Men Don’t Wear Plaid, starring Steve Martin, at Tampa area Blockbuster video store.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Please Phil…stay away from Carl.

  • Travis G.

    not a good omen that Hughes and Pavano are pitching in the same game. crossing fingers…

  • Henry Chinaski

    Pavano should take up drinking, then at least he’d have an excuse.

    It works for me

  • A.D.

    Hey they went from GCL to Tamapa without pitching…thats jumping 2 levels in the organization, something Baisley has been trying to do for a couple years

  • A.D.

    Too bad they pushed it to tomorrow, if Hughes & Horne made their return the same day it would be an exciting day in hurt pitching prospect land

  • Joey H

    hopefully that fuck pavano wont come back, maybe we can use him for a little but if hes just gnna come and go then forget it. id like to see hughes contribute if possible.

    • TheLastClown

      I’d like to see any Yankee contribute, you know, including Pavano. He’ll have extra incentive to prove that he’s not the oxygen-wasting lump of useless that he’s shown us the last few years.

      And remember he WAS a good pitcher, once upon a time.

      I’d like to see Mr. Pavano come up & pitch his heart out….remember when his agent said he would be a potential #1-2?? As laughable as that might sound now, I’d love to see him get there, just for a few months, and then we can just let him go, at least getting something valuable out of an albatross of a deal/contract.

      I’m glad Phil’s going back to 65, I’ve got a good feeling about him when he returns.

      • TheLastClown

        Well I guess it’d only be one month, but still…..6-0?

  • TheLastClown

    Hmm…this was probably discussed earlier, but does anyone know what the Rangers are asking for Jarrod Salty? Pitching I assume, the dearth of which is evident in Texas….

    Wonder if there’s any shot by Cash to get him?

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