Mike Ashmore sits down with Mark Newman

So what's 'wrong' with the Yankees?
Talks' with second rounder Bittle stall

Mike Ashmore of the great Thunder Thoughts site (seriously, how awesome is it to have great beat writers with blogs at the AAA and AA level?) sat down for a chat with Mark Newman, the Yanks’ VP of Baseball Operations recently. They talked everything from Mark Melancon to Marcos Vechionacci to high school hitters to double secret conference rooms in Tampa. Check it out.

So what's 'wrong' with the Yankees?
Talks' with second rounder Bittle stall
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  • Kay Sturns

    it is very awesome. who wants to take charleston and fSL+GCL tampa?

  • Chip

    He makes a really good point, where the Yankees have been drafting the last few years there hasn’t been any sure-fire bats left so they just take pitching which is actually less of a risk than taking say a 300 lb first basemen out of high-school with 80 power. I suppose they figure you can always buy good hitting but that hasn’t been the case the last few years

    • steve (different one)


      why do you think the Rays are so good right now?

      having the #1 pick in the draft for a decade will get you some great position player talent.

      obviously, you have to execute on those picks, unlike selecting a college reliever over Matt Wieters, but still.

      position players are less risky so they go at the top of the draft. the yankees really have to use the international FA market for top position player talent or hope someone like AJack falls for other reasons.

      • whozat

        Jackson didn’t really “fall” so much as he was a really raw high school baseball player and thus risky. Those are the kinds of position players the Yankees have access to. They need to draft raw athletes, aggressively push to sign them, and then try to develop them into ballplayers. It takes a couple years, unfortunately. Guys like this that they drafted in 05 are what, 21 now?

        • Reggie C.

          I agree. A-Jax was a toolsy, raw HS player. I can’t remember but his profile probably read alot like CJ Henry.

          • steve (different one)

            he still fell to the 8th round because he had a committment to play basketball at Georgia Tech.

            i wasn’t suggesting he wouldn’t have been there for the Yankees in the second or third round, but he did fall for “other reasons”.

            • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

              I could be wrong, but I believe that in the 2005 Prospect Handbook, Austin Jackson was rated the 2nd best high school draft prospect in the country. Justin Upton was first.

              Maybe one of you slackers at home with the book can confirm that for me. ;)