Talks’ with second rounder Bittle stall

Mike Ashmore sits down with Mark Newman
Might Matsui miss more?

Via The Clarion Ledger comes word that contract negotiations between the Yankees and second round pick Scott Bittle have reached an impasse after a physical showed “wear and tear” on his throwing shoulder. No surprise here, Bittle and his agent say he’s fine. The 75th overall pick threw 70.2 innings as Ole Miss’s closer this season, which is right in line with the typical workload of a top college reliever. If the Yanks don’t come to terms with Bittle, they’ll receive a compensation pick after the second round next year as per MLB’s latest draft rule change. Obviously you’d rather have the player now instead of the pick later.

Just for a historical note, the Padres discovered that Tim Stauffer had a fatigued shoulder after signing him to a $2.6M deal as the 4th overall pick of the 2003 draft. Stauffer’s bonus was adjusted down to $750,000, and he’s gone on to have an unspectacular career thus far. He’s currently coming back from Tommy John surgery.

Mike Ashmore sits down with Mark Newman
Might Matsui miss more?
  • Jamal G.

    I heard about this from NoMaas’ draft blog a couple days ago, hopefully something can be worked out. If I am not mistaken, don’t some feel he can be a Major League option as early as next season?

    Speaking of draft news, Saber Scouting has their draft review podcast up (…finally, LoL). They talk about Gerrit Cole’s ceiling compared to Rick Porcello and the awesomeness that is Phil Hughes, Jeremy Bleich, Pat Venditte and other draft stuff. Enjoy!

  • Tripp

    Isn’t it in the player’s best interest to sign for whatever he can get now? I mean the risk is to great if he returns to college and blows out his shoulder with no place to rehab it. At least the Yankees can offer their facility in Tampa for rehab.

    Also, he isn’t the type of high risk, high reward player the Yankees have been drafting lately right?

    • Sean McNally

      Depends on the player – Stauffer was originally drafted out of HS, in like the 25th round, went to school and came out as the No. 4 pick…

      … but then again, Matt Harrington just called me and said my deli order was ready for pick up.

      • Jamal G.

        Wow, just wow.

      • TurnTwo


      • J.R.

        Damn, making a multi million decission once hurts. Twice has to be the most painful of the two.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        “In 2004, he would be drafted by the New York Yankees in the 36th Round (1,089 overall), who didn’t even bother to offer him a contract.”

        That makes me smile and feel sad all at the same time…

      • Mike A.

        Did you order the octopus? I hear Harrington is fond of octopus, especially throwing it.

        • Sean McNally

          Is Harrington a Detroit boy? Or am I missing something?

          • Mike A.

            I’m an idiot, I confused Harrington with Matt Anderson, the ex-Tigers closer who wrecked his shoulder throwing octopus at a Red Wings game.

            Harrington, now that’s a totally separate disaster. Sign those contracts kids…

    • TurnTwo

      i think the difference lies with rehabbing an elbow with surgery as opposed to rehabbing a shoulder.

      doctors have the elbow down to an exact science… shoulders are much more messy and unpredictable.

  • A.D.

    Annoying, wanted to see what that cutter could do to wood bats

  • Chip

    That sucks, just goes to show you what an unknown the draft is

  • Reggie C.

    If Bittle’s shoulder “wear and tear” is confirmed by another set of doctors, and the Yanks go on to sign him for a slot minimum or dont sign him at all … that would be a waste of a high draft pick. Lets hope its a situation where all Bittle needs is conditioning and rest.

  • Rich

    Pete Abe reported that the Yankees have offered him $250,000 up front and the remainder structured as a bonus if he remains healthy and effective. He ought to take it, imo.

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