Much like the Yanks’ offense today, RAB is back online

Melancon makes his AAA debut
Could the Yanks move on Lohse?

Sorry for the extended downtime and on-and-off problems these evening. We’ve upgraded RAB to a dedicated server and had some growing pains. But we should be at full strength now. The game recap is a little light, but feel free to comment away.

Lost in the brouhaha over the Pudge-for-Farnsworth deal was a stellar Yankee win. Prior to a very tough series against the Angels, the Yanks delivered a Bronx Beatdown of the Orioles. A-Rod hit a meaningless home run late in the game; Bobby Abreu picked up a pair of jacks; Xavier Nady knocked in a few runs; and Joba threw another very strong start. The Yanks walked away 13-3 winners, and they now sit just one game behind the Boston Red Sox — all on the win side — for the AL Wild Card.

Meanwhile, with that win, Joba is now 3-1 as a starter with a 2.23 ERA. He’s thrown 60.2 innings and has allowed 52 hits and 23 walks — most of those early on in his starting career — while striking out 69. He’s issued a grand total of two walks over his last four starts. While Joba will take his lumps, this transition to the starting rotation has been seamless.

And, oh yeah, Manny may be on the way out of Boston. Thursday’s bound to be interesting, and we’ll have plenty of coverage leading up to the trade deadline at 4 p.m. followed by the start of a key series against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. So stay tuned.

Melancon makes his AAA debut
Could the Yanks move on Lohse?
  • Joltin’ Joe

    Now that Farns is gone we can move Joba back to the ‘pen.

    On an unrelated note, I will be named GM of the New York Yankees tomorrow morning.

    • TheLastClown

      Nope, I’ve got to say thats a very related note. You should probably just go ahead and accept the Managerial position as well :)


  • TheLastClown

    I’m feeling good about this upcoming Angels series, well, the Andy & Moose games anyway. I’d love to see IPK start for Sir Sid on Friday, and maybe its time to be done with Rasberry as well.

    I wonder, since we now have Pudge, and will DFA Moeller, is that a sign that Rasner won’t have much more time left? His splits with & without Moeller are pretty stark, and I’m not sure 72 hours will be enough for Pudge to really get a feel for him.

    Will we see the Mexican Gangsta? It isn’t a time to be experimenting, true, but the Angels offense has improved quite a bit w/ Tex, and at least no one’s ever seen Aceves, right?

    Or is it too much of a stretch to see both IPK & Aceves while we wait for Hughes and Pavano, and finally CMW??.

    Either way, if Pudge contributes some hits w/ RISP, & throws out his 36% or whatever it is, I’m a happy happy man.

    • RustyJohn

      I would like to see John Fitzgerald Kennedy start for Sidney.

  • dat dude

    well thelastclown, considering that IPK pitched on tuesday seeing him on the mound with the big club on fri. is unlikely, but he def falls in line on sunday…hmmm could D-RAZZ be on his way out? interesting, I sure hope so!

  • Neil

    Why do the Marlins want Manny when they can have Jason Bay? Bay’s cheaper, is signed atleast through next-season, ad is still in his prime while Manny is likely due for a down-fall one of these years.

    • SDYankee

      I keep reading about the draft choices the Marlins will get back for Manny if/when he becomes a FA but how does that work with a club option? Manny is not an outright free agent, he has a club option, which if the Marlins, or whomever he plays for, exercises it, Manny then cannot become a free agent. If the team doesn’t exercise the option…can they then offer arbitration??

      Guess the same scenarion applies to Giambi??? (although he won’t be a typeA FA).

  • Joe

    a) manny will be an attendance draw (maybe they actually care)

    b) they think he can make the different and take em to the playoffs this year?

    c) they really just want the draft picks and think highly of this years class

  • Jamal G.

    Ken Griffey Jr. to the ChiSox:,-ChiSox-agree-on-Griffey-trade,-await-approval?CMP=OTC-K9B140813162&ATT=49

    Paul Konerko and Nick Swisher sucks this year, but Ken Griffey Jr. in CF? Yeesh.

    • TurnTwo

      and the dominoes start to fall…

    • TurnTwo

      and dont the White Sox need pitching? i had read Kenny Williams Orlando Cabrera was available for the right pitcher, bc Alexi Remirez could shift to SS, which was his actual natural position.

      • RustyJohn

        The Sox must be trying to build the all DH team. By the way, why hasn’t any member of the Sox gone and just beat the shit out of Ozzie Guillen?

        • Jamal G.

          Because he led them to a World Series victory?

  • Old Ranger

    Offensively, I much prefer Pudge at catcher, defensively…not so much. He has a history of calling his game, not the pitchers. Calls fast ball with runners on 1st, etc., most good hitters know this. The new line-up with him in the mix is much better.
    This is, without a doubt, a very good pick-up for Cash and the team. Next year they can offer him arbertration (one year) as Jorges’ back-up…he will not except, so the Yanks get 2 1st round picks. Good move all around for the Cashman/Yanks. I hate —I told you so—but many have been ripping Cash all year, many have stuck by him all year…the latter, are the real knowledgeable fans. Even Cash said; “You give up quality to get quality, and hope you did the right move”. 27/08?

    • zzzzz

      thats the first thing i thought of too (pudge calling his own game), but the guy is a winner. how did he win with the marlins and go to the world series with detroit while “calling his own game”? i have some faith.

  • Bo

    “A-Rod hit a meaningless home run late in the game”

    Come on. There is no such thing as a meaningless run or homer. Shouldn’t we applaud the guys who grind away every at bat of every game? You sound like one of those bitter beat writers now.

    • Jamal G.

      Sarcasm for the win!

      • Bo

        Who knows lately. I thought the Austin Jackson uninspiring line was sarcasm too.

        • Joseph P.

          Our attitude towards A-Rod is well known. This is clearly sarcasm.

  • TurnTwo

    you know, with the Twins looking for a 2nd baseman with Casilla on the shelf, wouldnt it be something if Cashman turned Cano into Liriano?

    ha! i know, wont happen.

  • nick blasioli

    you are right, we really need a sp…i dont think you can rely on pavano or hughes to come up and start getting wins…sure would like the washburn trade…he would be an asset to the team….its going to be fun today,,watching all the trades and such…thank god for river ave. blues to keep up with whats going on in the baseball world…

  • TurnTwo

    wow, its awfully quiet in here this morning, considering the deadline is just hours away.

    • Bo

      A right hand power hitter, lefty 8th inning guy and a 300 hitting catcher aren’t enough??

      • TurnTwo

        i’m not saying for the Yankees, just for discussion on the website here in general.

    • Ben K.

      Hosting issues. Our DNS entries are still replicating across the Internet.

  • Realist

    I love the Pudge deal! He gives the Yanks a solid offensive presence at the catcher spot and his defense is still better than alot of catchers in the game. Between him and Molina the catcher spot is as good defensively as it has been in quite sometime. Plus, Farnsy is all it took…not bad at all :-)

    The ARod sarcasm is pointed at guys like myself, Mustang and a few others…its all good ;-) ….though, it does ring true more often than not :-)

    • Joseph P.

      Well, I mean, every baseball player in the history of the game has failed more often than not. Just to keep a level of perspective.

      • Realist

        True, as a good hitter only has to go 3 out of 10…tis the irony of baeball. I love ARod as a Yankee and hopes he breaks the alltime HR record but I also wish he hit better when it counted. His risp average is telltale of that