The A-Rod/Hansen incident, explained

Wakefield the cure for what doesn't really ail ya
Sunday Rumblings: A rumor out of Kansas City or just speculation? Plus, a Washburn update

When Craig Hansen hit Alex Rodriguez with a fastball yesterday, Fenway Park classlessly erupted in howls. It was retribution for Joba Chamberlain‘s not hitting Youkilis, and my dad, watching at a bar in the Berkshires, said that a Red Sox fan near him hoped that A-Rod was hurt. Gotta love Red Sox fans. Anyway, Jack Curry checked in on this escalating situation, and I have a sinking feeling this whole ridiculous thing isn’t over yet.

Wakefield the cure for what doesn't really ail ya
Sunday Rumblings: A rumor out of Kansas City or just speculation? Plus, a Washburn update
  • kelvin

    “Chamberlain’s not hitting A-Rod”

    typo guys? or am I missing a hidden message or something?

  • Scott

    Did anyone make the joke around you, that after the camera showed Joba in the dugout, tossing that ball in his hand, that he was gonna throw the ball taking out Youkilis, that single A Cubs guy really made for some great joke possibilities and i thank him for that…

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Bench clearing brawl tonight. Count on it.

  • joe

    anybody else notice that both pitches were thrown at exactly the same area, but because arod stood straight up and youkilis ducks, one is perceived as headhunting and the other is your run of the mill drilling? Oh, and youkilis whines like a little beotch while arod says its part of the game. Nice.

    • Steve

      Good point.

      Lets be honest, Youkilis is such a douchebag.

    • mustang

      “youkilis whines like a little beotch while arod says its part of the game. Nice.”

      I don’t expect anything more from Youkilis or anything less from A-Rod tells you a lot right there.

    • Casper

      Youkilis has had 4 balls thrown near his head (all by one pitcher). We’d all be screaming bloody murder if a Sox pitcher was doing that to a Yankee.

      • Old Ranger

        One word…Padro.
        Did I spell it right? 27/08?

        • Casper

          I must have forgotten that year when Pedro threw at one Yankee’s head 4 times. My bad. A little perspective here, people.

          I’m not saying anyone has to kill the Yankees for this or that the Yankees have to apologize or anything, but come on. The guy is throwing at Youkilis, the Red Sox are pissed. Understandably. Really not much more to it than that.

          • mustang

            And the Yankees were so happy when Martinez hit Alfonso Soriano and Jeter sending both to the hospital and Martinez throwing a fastball behind the head of right fielder Karim Garcia.
            Maybe Boston should “Cowboy Up” and live with a little of what they have been dishing out for so many years.

      • mustang

        How many times did Pedro Martinez play headhunt with the Yankees? He even threatens Posada on national T.V. with doing it.
        Didn’t I see once a Red Sox pitcher instructing Dice-K on how to pitch A-Rod up in and the next at bat A-rod got hit.

        So be it.

        • mustang

          “Didn’t I see once a Red Sox pitcher instructing..”
          That pitcher was Julian Tavarez I just remember in Dice-K first year.

        • Casper

          Everyone is calling the Sox and their fans hypocrites because they defended Pedro and now hate Joba, but you can turn that right around on Yankees fans. If we got all pissed about Pedro I think we might want to at least understand why the Sox and Sox fans are pissed about Joba, and just leave it at that. They have every reason to be pissed-off with Joba. Whatever, the whole thing is annoying, just go win baseball games.

          • raymagnetic

            Joba has NEVER hit Youkilis. Do you not see the BIG difference?

            • steve (different one)

              i think Casper has a point.

              but i also think joe has a point. after Friday night, Beckett and everyone else was squawking how if you are pitching inside, it should be low.

              but Hansen DID not do that, no matter what bill of goods Abraham and the rest of New England is trying to sell you.

              this picture says it all:


              • TheLastClown

                Good picture

            • Casper

              I think the difference between “throwing at” a guy and “hitting” a guy is semantics.

              • Steve

                The intent is certainly the same. Reckless disregard for the other player.

                • Travis G.

                  correct me if i’m wrong, but the law says there IS a difference between (let’s say) murder and attempted murder. in one, the actual crime is committed.

            • Steve

              I just posted that I think Youkilis is a douche, but that is the worst argument yet. Throwing a ball at someones head and missing doesn’t make it any better. You are still risking hitting him and doing serious damage if you do, ESPECIALLY with a hard thrower like Joba.

              Do you think if you pulled out a gun in Times Square, started shooting it and didn’t hit anyone, that it would be OK? Try telling that one to the judge.

              • raymagnetic

                Do you not think that if Joba wanted to hit Youkilis he would miss? He’s missing him on purpose. Again he has NEVER hit Youkilis. It isn’t tit for tat at all if Joba has NEVER hit him.

              • GoYankees

                Casper is not right. Youkilis should be pissed and should back off the plate. But the bosox fans are just whiny beotches. Their coaches and players started this mess, now they should just shut up and take whatever they can get. I hope the rest of the league gives them some of what they deserve.

          • mustang

            Ok fine Joba is our Pedro and I would think Joba is going to be a starter for the Yanks a lot longer then Pedro was for the Red Sox.
            So if I were a Red Sox batter (especially Youkilis) I wouldn’t dig in too much when Joba is pitching.


            • Casper

              On this, my friend, we agree. Sucks for Boston.

              • mustang

                Casper, I really understand your point of view and your right in many ways. Still year after year I have seen Yankees players get hit and the Yankees basically just take it. Now it’s happening to them and their bitching. I mean you should have heard the Red Sox radio team on XM radio it was like Joba had just shot someone.
                And it’s not just the Yankees Boston does the same thing with the Rays they just get upset when someone plays their same dirty game.

              • mustang

                You would think knowing that they play each other 18 times during the season that they would both cut this shit out before someone gets serious hurt.

                • Whitey14

                  I couldn’t have said it better Mustang. Just play ball and leave the drama to the actors.

  • Steve

    It should be over. Tit for tat and its a Sunday night game where everyone will be looking to go to bed as early as possible, including the players.

    I’m not sure how much I should draw from 2 games, but if the Yanks sweep tonight every sportswriter in Boston will be saying the Manny situation is becoming a huge distraction, and maybe it pushes them over the edge this time to finally trading/releasing him.

  • mustang

    One of the things that I hated about Torres’s era was the abuse the Yankees batters took from Red Sox pitching. How many times did Jeter and others get hit and the Yankees played the gentleman’s role and did nothing? Clemens seems to be the only one who tried to even the score a bit.
    I’m glad that Joba is letting it be known that the era of the Yankees being pushed around is over.
    I DON’T WANT ANYONE GETTING HURT, but if there is a brawl so be it.
    This thing has been going on for a long time I’m just happy to see the Yankees even the score a bit.

  • Frank

    Chamberlain obviously can’t stand Youkilis… I can’t stand him either, but I wouldn’t throw baseballs at his head, with such frequency. Its so blatantly obvious. He shouldn’t be doing that, he’s putting his own teammates at risk.

    • mustang

      Agree no one should throw at anyone head.

    • r.w.g.

      The hell with Youkilis and the hell with Boston.

      They pulled this shit too many times over the last 5-6 years. We had a better team than them last year and we have a better team this year. We should intimidate them and impose our will as much as possible.

      No love, no respect. They can hit the deck.

      • Casper

        So, the Joba-Youk situation aside, hypothetically, you have no problem with head-hunting because you think baseball teams should intimidate other teams as much as possible? That’s asinine.

        • Old Ranger

          Come on, get real here…
          No one (in their right mind) will throw at a players head. As I posted yesterday…there is a skill required to pitch inside. One not use to making a player hit the deck, will many times throw in…way to far! Also, being that a pitch can slip (trying to over throw) when pitching to a player that is a good hitter (and loves the ball inside). One can’t just pitch to the outside of the plate, specially with Youk who dives (as jeter) into the pitch. This is all supposition, because we don’t know Jobas’ thinking…not excusing head hunting, at all.
          Again (as someone posted), Sal “The Barber” Maggly and Gibson come inside…they are competitors, Joba is a head hunter. Nice! Oh, I added Sal myself. 27/08?

          • Casper

            So Youkilis is the only player on the Red Sox to whom Joba has to pitch inside and pitches only “slip” when Joba pitches to Youkilis?

            The reputations of Sal Maglie and Bob Gibson are irrelevant. I’m not killing Joba here, he can throw inside all he wants. I just think you have to see the world through some pretty seriously pinstripe-colored glasses to argue that Joba isn’t intentionally coming way up and in on Youkilis and to not understand why Boston players/fans are pissed about it.

            Agree to disagree, I guess.

        • Steve S

          First of all he has never been hit in the head. And last year the balls were behind him and well above his head. Plus Youkilis leans in to every pitch and then ducks so Im skeptical about this head hunting. Its called coming inside on a guy who hangs all over the plate and loves to bark. Youkilis has no bite and just likes to look scary. Hell never do anything.

          • Casper

            You can’t really say “well he’s never ACTUALLY hit him” and then follow that up with “well there WAS that one time he threw consecutive pitches behind his head.” Can you even call a pitch “inside” when it goes behind the batter? lol.

            I’ve thrown enough fuel on this fire for one morning, I’m out. Take it easy and tear me apart, I’ll come back later to read it. And here’s to the Yankees burying Boston again tonight.

            • Steve S

              No my point is that you cant have it both ways. You say he is clearly throwing at Youk because he has pretty good control but then imply that since he is throwing at his head he is crossing some line. I think its clear that Youk hangs over the plate which is why he can lay off some pitches and easily get to other ones. Joba is just doing his job when he comes high and tight to get him off the plate. the fact that he hasnt been hit in the head is a product of his control

        • r.w.g.

          No, not baseball teams in general. The NYY should intimidate BOS as much as possible because we need to turn these last 4 years and 2 championships into a bullshit blip on the radar.

          They think they are slick with sending Jeets and Sori to the hospital. I don’t care if Pedro doesn’t player there anymore.

          Papelbon and Beckett pull this shit too. Well now we got our guy who can scare the living shit out of your hitters — and oh by the way, he’s got the filthiest stuff in baseball. He’ll terrify you and make you look like little leaguers at the same time (9 K, 1 BB, 7 IP).

          The hell with Boston.

  • Adam

    i agree that it is classless to root for an injury to happen to any player, but every time a red sock gets hit by a pitch or ortiz swings the bat i root for a long and painful injury. i know it makes me a bad person, but i can’t help it, i despise everyone related to that organization.

    • Geno

      I don’t think it makes you a bad person, just one lacking in perspective.

  • Jake H

    I hate Youkilis. Guy just looks like a tool.

    • Casper

      You’d love him if he wore pinstripes. Like Geno said above, a little perspective helps.

      • steve (different one)


        just look at the outrage over O’Neill’s number this year.

        i see a LOT of similarities between O’Neill and Youkilis. the constant pissing and moaning after every called strike. the temper tantrums. etc.

        i love O’Neill, but he was “fiery” while Youkilis is “whiny”.

        you may have a point.

        i still hate Youkilis though.

    • Mike A.

      He’s Paul O’Neill in a Red Sox uniform.

      • steve (different one)

        wow, “great” minds think alike…

      • Steve

        Stop stealing my ideas, BIOTCH!!!


      • joe

        I can’t believe you just compared paul oneil to whiny azz youkilis. The difference is, paul beat himself up after every strike-out, every at-bat. I don’t seem to recall him whining about getting drilled. by the way…has youkilis even been hit yet? can’t remember….all i can remember is the whining.

  • joe

    maybe Youkilis should just wear a helmut with a face mask like women do in softball, then he would have nothing to worry about.

    • dan

      Someone from the yankees should send him one of those…. kinda of like the baseball version of the dead canary

      • steve (different one)

        “maybe Youkilis should just wear a helmut with a face mask like women do in softball, then he would have nothing to worry about.”

        you mean that thing on his face isn’t a face mask?

  • Steve S

    I love it. I cant stand the Red Sox, specifically Youkilis, Pedroia and Papelbon (a little Beckett because he thinks he is the ultimate arbitor of what is appropriate in baseball). I like the fact that these two teams dont like each other and that it gets that level out of them. Plus its about time we had a pitcher who scares them off the plate a little.

    • Old Ranger

      Amen to that! 27/08?

    • mustang

      Totally agree.
      Back to the old days when the Yankees and Red Sox players hated each other from the AAA level on up.

  • Brian

    If anything happens today it will probably be out of frustration over a possible sweep, to get the BRS going and out of their rut. So while I think tit-for-tat has been duly served, it’s possible that something new will happen given that a) it’s Game 3 and retaliation would have to wait, and b) the two teams are not playing on a level playing field at the time being, and sometimes you gotta get motivation wherever you can. and the yankees have done that before, too.

    and we can whine all day about what a whiner Youk is, but come on…who is preparing right now to play mlb and who is scratching their collective heads about the propriety of it all? i think the final analysis would show that most of us would be averse to joba throwing repeatedly hard in our direction, AND that youk still has a better life. when we fuss about injury risks and pretend that we didn’t erupt in howls over Youk’s situation, then we’re fooling ourselves.

  • BJ

    The thing I actually find most interesting about this is why Youkilis. I admit that it’s like Joba’s reading my mind and probably the mind of a lot of other Yankees fans because Youkilis annoys the hell out of me. But why not Ortiz or Ramirez or, etc. ? The fact that he’s thrown at him on four different occasions now tells you that, protests be damned, it’s a conscious decision.

    • Jersey

      I was pondering this myself. If memory serves, the first time Joba “threw at” him, it seemed like an accident. But Youk and that fuckwad Beckett started barking. So maybe having these two scumbags yelling at him ticked him off to where it’s become a personal thing.

      • raymagnetic

        The first two times he “threw at him” weren’t even close to him. Youkilis would have had to have been as tall as Manute Bol to get hit with either one of those pitches.

  • raymagnetic

    I really wish that someone could explain to me how it’s tit for tat when Youkilis has NEVER been hit.

    Again, Joba has pinpoint control. If he wanted to hit Youkilis, Youkilis would have already been hit.

    • Brian

      firstly, joba doesn’t have pinpoint control. i’m not trying to say he’s hoping to hit youk, i’m just saying he doesn’t have pinpoint control.

      second, if a-rod managed to get out of the way yesterday (and he could have), would that make what happened any different? in other words, joba is trying to get inside their heads more than hurt Youk. Boston is answering back, and it doesn’t really matter whether they hit A-Rod or not. that’s the tit for tat. To pretend that Youk could not possibly have gotten hit by any of Joba’s pitches means you’re a biased fan. usually i am, too, but when it comes to this part of baseball i tend to think enough is enough. and i get exhausted with the spurious reasoning of fanny fans.

  • Casper

    I feel like I should add one more thing here. I love that Joba pitches inside. Absolutely love it. I wish all our pitchers owned the inside of the plate. I just think it’s understandable that Boston players/fans might be a little pissed off with Joba for coming up and in on Youkilis 4 times in a year (2 of those approximately 95 MPH pitches flying behind Youkilis’ head). That’s all. I don’t want Joba to stop pitching inside. I think if the roles were reversed, we’d be beyond pissed off. And yeah, I know it’s an unpopular opinion here, but I think we’re all just a tad hard on Youkilis because he’s an annoying adversary, and I wish we didn’t feel the need to insult him personally. He’s an annoying F on the field, but I wish we could leave the personal attacks, off the field, out of it.

    That being said… F Boston, let’s step on their throats tonight.

  • Whitey14

    Here are my typically biased, but honest, thoughts on the topics presented above:

    From Ben: “Fenway Park classlessly erupted in howls” Certainly hope Ben uses the same language about Yankee Stadium when it erupts in howls if and when a Sox star player gets beaned there.

    From Mustang: “He even threatens Posada on national T.V. with doing it” That one’s not fair. He pointed to his head to say “I’ll remember what you’re saying and I will hit you for it later. He wasn’t saying I’m going to bean you in the head” Posada acknowledged at the time what Pedro was saying to him and he could actually hear him. I think many people wanted that to be what Pedro was saying because it made it even easier to hate him, but I think the stats bear out that he’s hit one player in the head thus far in his career and that was when he was with Montreal.

    From Mustang: I DON’T WANT ANYONE GETTING HURT, but if there is a brawl so be it”. I couldn’t agree more with you on this one. However, if the Yankees are still trying to send a message for things that happened years ago and by other players that doesn’t make much sense to me. For whatever reason Chamberlain doesn’t like Youkilis, it is what it is. Keep the pitches below the belt and I’m good with tit for tat. Let the players police it on the field. Hansen had shitty control yesterday and I’m guessing if he tried to throw at Arod, he would have missed him. Maybe he did try and just got lucky. I don’t know.

    From r.w.g.: “We had a better team than them last year and we have a better team this year”. You did not have a better team last year or you’d be World Champions right now. That’s just sour grapes talking. With regard to this year you may still be proven right but there are 50 some odd games to go and anything can still happen. Odds are certainly in NY’s corner for 08, but the history books say that the Red Sox were World Champions in 2007 and nobody is changing that ;-)

    From Mike A with an assist from Steve (a different one): “He’s Paul O’Neill in a Red Sox uniform”. I went this route months ago and got crapped on, but I appreciate you guys seeing it for what it is. I wouldn’t be being honest in my comments though if I didn’t give O’Neill an edge because at least his teammates liked him. I hated him passionately, but for most of the same reasons you guys hate Youkilis. He was good and he played for the other team and he was constantly bitching and whining.

    From raymagnetic: “Joba has pinpoint control” I know he’s good, but 34 walks in 78.3 innings this season just doesn’t support your argument. He may someday evolve to having pinpoint control, but he’s certainly not there yet.

    I can’t wait for tonight’s game. I’m hopeful it goes off without incident and the Sox bats wake up, but a win would be acceptable no matter how it happens.
    I won’t be in to comment tonight (stop cheering and finish reading ;-) but I hope you all have a blast and the game is entertaining for what happens on the field, not the side notes.

    Have fun!

    • mustang

      You know what irritates me most about you is that most of your arguments are logical and grounded making it hard to argue back. I’m not accustomed to that from a Red Sox fan I’m sure there is some Yankees blood in ancestry.
      Lets hope for a good game where no one gets hurt and the YANKEES WIN !!!!

      • giselle

        “I’m sure there is some Yankees blood in ancestry.”

        HAHAHA. man i laughed hard when i read that. awesome.

        • Whitey14

          It’s untrue I say, untrue! Pure fabrication!

          I actually learned to love the Red Sox at the knee of my Grandfather. My bedroom was upstairs above his living room (We shared a duplex when I was growing up) and he always had the Sox games on WSBK TV-38 blasted loud enough that even he could hear them and so even after bed time, I could still listen to them as well. He absolutely loved baseball and I inherited that love from him.
          I put a 2004 World Champions Pennant at his grave site after they won and that thing stayed there until Memorial Day when they replaced it with an American Flag to commemorate his Military service.

          • mustang

            That’s a beautiful story I have a GREAT respect for any raised soldier of our military. I like to say, “Raised solider” because I don’t think fallen solider is a good term I think they rise up to a better place.

            There you go making it hard to hate you again.

          • Old Ranger

            Why Whitey’s name and number, I’ve always wondered up that?
            May I add the same as Mustang for your grandfather? Being the last of 9 is sometimes…oh well, another day maybe.
            Your arguments are very well written and to the point, but they are from the wrong teams perspective…don’t you think?
            You did hit on a few of the things that fans twist…such as Pedros’ pointing to his head (good shot). Every time that has been brought up I’ve wanted to correct it, but never got to it on time.
            Paul was never a weeeeener. Also, I agree with Jersey on the Youk thing. After the reaction of the Rox, it became personal…the other thing is, why would he throw at him in a 1-0 game? 27/08?

            • Whitey14

              “Why Whitey’s name and number”

              Actually, my last name is White and since I wear #14 in honor of Jim Rice, who was my favorite player and perhaps the strongest man whose hand I had the pleasure to ever shake.

              Honestly, I love baseball. I hate the Yankees as a team/organization, but I have immense respect for their place in history. I have as many, if not more, fantastic books about the Yankees as I do the Red Sox. I just finished re-reading Balls by Graig Nettles and Damned Yankees by Bill Madden and Moss Klein and I own Biographies on DiMaggio, Mantle, and Gehrig because they were truly great players and help me get in touch with an era that was a bit before my time. I’ve always found baseball history to be infatuating and if you’re going to study it you’ve got to get used to the Yankees ;-)

              Once a guy leaves the Yanks, or retires, I leave his sins in the past ;-) (Except for O’Neill, Wells, Dent and Boone, I just don’t like those guys!)

    • r.w.g.

      If Joe Torre would have gotten off his lazy ass and demanded the umpires halt the game until the bugs were gone, we would have dispatched the Indians and then shown you jokers the door next. We destroyed you down the stretch, nobody on your team could get us out consistently (remember when A-Rod PASTED Papelbon? I’m not sure that homer has landed a year later) and you couldn’t touch Joba (still can’t).

      It’s not sour grapes, it’s the truth. The game should have been halted and it was an absolute joke that it wasn’t. An absolute JOKE.

      • Whitey14

        Coulda, shoulda, woulda! You lost three games to the Indians…were there bugs there for all of them? Didn’t think so…also, your ace had already been lit up once in that series…there were no gaurantees what would have happened next. It is sour grapes so get over it.

        The Umpires had to apologize to Boston after blowing crucial calls in games 1 + 2 of the 1999 ALCS and then Pedro and the Sox went out an put an asskicking for the ages on Roger (the firecracker) Clemens in game 3. Guess we should have been up 3-0 going for a sweep huh. Coulda, should, woulda! We had to get over it, so do you, and nows as good a time as any.

  • Realist

    Let’s get real here!

    Joba hasn’t hit Youk ONE TIME…………..Youk has overreacted to inside pitches which he is entitled to do.

    That said, why would Joba hit him in a 1 run game with no one out? It makes no sense.

    ARod, on the other hand, was hit while the Yankees had a pretty good lead and were capable of more..which occurred. It’s part of the game and Arod acknowledged it.

    So paint it anyway you want…Youk wasn’t hit, ARod was and don’t be suprised to see payback for an intended hit.

    • Whitey14

      “why would Joba hit him in a 1 run game with no one out? It makes no sense”

      That’s pretty much what Jerry Remy said on NESN during the game as well and you know that if the Red Sox announcers saw a chance to get on a Yankee pitcher they would have.

      I really don’t mind Chamberlain, or any other Yankee, pitching inside. I just hope they keep it below the waste. I don’t condone any pitcher thowing up and in with the intention of hitting a batter, but I understand that pitches do sometimes get away and that’s just part of the game.

      One thing to remember though the perception was that Pedro was a headhunter and he never hit a yankee in the head (thankfully), Joba hasn’t either, but he’s earning the same reputation as Pedro, whether it’s deserved or not. It shouldn’t keep him from pitching inside, because it didn’t stop Pedro. It’s really just something for fans to discuss.

      I’ve been impressed with how Chamberlain never reacts to the Umpire’s warnings. He just lets Youkilis make an ass of himself and then throws the next pitch. He carries himself very well (the jerk ;-) )

      • Realist

        Hey Whitey!

        I agree with no head hunting….a baseball is a deadly weapon when thrown 100 MPH or even 20 MPH less. Pitching inside is essential for success…Youk does crowd the plate, Jeter as well and gets hit alot. It’s part of the game and if you take that away from pitchers you aren’t giving them a fair chance…and yes below the waist if at all possible :-)

  • Travis G.

    you NEVER see Jeter yell at the pitcher after getting hit by a pitch. i remember when manny yelled at clemens merely bc a pitch was up and in (nowhere close to hitting him). maybe the sawx just aren’t used to being pitched inside.

    • Whitey14

      Very true. Manny overreacted that day because he was expecting to get hit. Clemens knew if he hit him he’d be ejected so he did the next best thing and threw it up and in, but didn’t hit him.

      • Old Ranger

        Now that is what I’ve been trying to get across to some. There is a skill to coming high and in. Joba has not had the experience (yet) to command that pitch. High and tight is the bast pitch in baseball, against guys that dig in and dive over the plate…you can (maybe) never realize the feeling a batter has…afterwords. Your eyes are wide, your knees are unsteady (for a moment) and your heart is racing…it to, passes and you hit the hell out of the next pitch. 27/08?

      • Old Ranger

        High and in is…at the letters…not the head. One can go for the letters and miss higher…therefore, head hunter. Your name should tell you that, Whitey, Sal, Drysdale, Gebson and lest we forget Turley.
        Turley had glasses as thick as coke bottles. When he would start his warm-up he would (sometimes) take his glasses off, wipe them and take a step to the plate, as if he couldn’t see it very well. Then he would fire the next pitch all the way back to the back stop over Yogis’ head. He would hit 95+ if they timed it, as they do today. Different day, different time, different players.

        • Old Ranger

          27/08? Forgot.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think the thing is that Joba is pitching in on Youk, getting in his head and messing with thim. And it’s working and he’s never hit him. Repeat after me: HE HAS NEVER HIT HIM.

    Arod and Jeter do not scream when hit by a pitch. Youk screams when it’s up and in.

    And Pedro sent TWO Yankees to the hospital. And threw Don ZImmer on the ground.

    To my knowledge, Joba has done none of those things.

    • Whitey14

      I know it was bad to see an old man thrown to the ground, but Zimmer brought that on himself. Did you expect Pedro turn and run away from an old man running (hobbling I guess is the better term) straight at at him? Zimmer made a tearful apology that week because he knew the coaches role there is to diffuse things, not throw gas on the fire and he had acted in extremely poor judgement. If you charge the mound/pitcher, it means you’re looking to fight and you have to be willing to accept the consequences whether you are 23 or 73, it matters not.

      You are correct that Joba has not hit Youkilis and at this point is just effectively messing with his head.

      Pedro did hit two Yankees in the hand/wrist area and and sent them off for x-rays which I believe were both negative. He threw up around Karim Garcia’s head, which I don’t condone, but according to several of today’s posters that was okay because he didn’t hit him.
      Pedro knew how to pitch inside, but when he wanted to hit somebody he didn’t mess around, he hit them. The Yankees didn’t retaliate much back then, but it shouldn’t be blamed on Joe Torre. The pitchers know they need to go out and protect their own hitters. They didn’t often do it so shame on them.

      • Old Ranger

        I for one, will buy that.27/08?

      • LiveFromNewYork

        Yeah, Pedro should have resisted the urge to mug an old man. Absolutely. Yes, walk away idiot.

        I heard the post-game interviews last night and Arod said the pitch was not intentional when it clearly was.

        Arod is a man and Youk is a cry baby. Arod actually got HBP and said no, not intentional, let’s move on. Arod is not the poster child of class but he outclassed Youk on that one.

        • LiveFromNewYork

          And we thanked the RS for the HBP by driving it in. So thanks.

  • Dave P.

    There is nothing like Yankees/Red Sox is there? My wife tells me that watching Yankees/Red Sox brings out the worst in me. I like to argue that it brings out the best in me. If you can’t get passionate about your team then seriously, why are you even watching.
    With that said I just caught up with all the posts on this thread and the whole time I was smiling, with the occasional chuckle (okay I laughed out loud at steve (a different one)’s comment : You mean the thing on his face isn’t a face mask).There is nothing more enjoyable in baseball than a good Yankees/Red Sox arguement. And now for my extreme biased opinions.

    Youk is a douche bag.
    And Joba was more than likely throwing in to intimidate.
    And I couldn’t be happier.
    But not because Youk is in fact a douche, but because it’s about damn time a Yankee pitcher grows a friggin pair.

    For years we had to sit back and watch Jeter and Soriano get drilled by Pedro (and yes Jeter dives in on pitches, but you know Pedro was pitching in on purpose). We had to sit and watch Ortiz and Ramirez play home run derby because the Yankee pitchers were too scared to back them off the plate. Yes it’s called intimidation and it is certainly needed in sports. I played safety in football in high school and do you that the first solid hit I put on a wideout coming over the middle didn’t stick in his head the next time he went over the middle?

    You certainly saw intimidation in Game 3 of 2003 when Clemens struck out Manny on the next pitch, (MannybeingMannystillhadhersheysquirtsinhisshorts), just like the Yankees were intimidated after Pedro plunked Garcia. There bats were silent the rest of that game and for 7 inning in Game 7.

    Red Sox fans needs to get over it and (some) Yankee fans need to stop denying that Joba wasn’t trying to go up and in. It was a purpose bitch and it served a purpose by making Youk his bitch two pitches later.

    • Whitey14

      Very well put Dave, enjoy the game!