The three-catcher situation

Lester shuts down punchless Yanks
Game 87: Just freaking win

The Yankees have now been carrying three catchers on their 25-man roster for nearly a month, and during that stretch, third catcher extraordinaire Chad Moeller is a whopping 1 for 4 with 5 plate appearances. Clearly, then, to our uniformed eyes, the Yanks are wasting a valuable roster spot. But perhaps not. According to a notebook piece in Newsday, the Yanks seem to be hedging their bets with Posada’s injured shoulder. The Rangers stole four times in four tries on Tuesday, and Brian Cashman‘s quote is rather telling.

“We’re staying with three catchers for a reason, because we’re still evaluating how he’s coming through this. I’ve seen some good throws and I’ve seen some times when he’s not throwing well. He’s not feeling any pain, he’s doing his work. Every day is a test and we see how he comes through those tests,” the Yanks’ GM said.

Lester shuts down punchless Yanks
Game 87: Just freaking win
  • Ed

    Do not speak of the 3 catcher situation.

    I was at Monday night’s game and something prompted me to think about it. I started talking about it and Molina promptly got nailed in the balls with the next pitch.

    So I learned my lesson. I do not speak of the 3 catcher situation anymore.

  • Jamal G.

    This is the reason why it is dangerous to criticize personnel decisions, you never know the full story or sometimes even half of it. With Wilson Betemit sporting a .691-OPS vs. LHP would it be such a huge (see Michael Kay, H-U-G-E) drop off in the offense with Jose Molina and his defensive wizardry behind the plate and Jorge Posada at First Base vs. LHP occasionally?

    • mikef

      wasnt Rasner doing well with Moeller behind the plate in both SWB and his first appearances? I cannot think Molina vs Moeller is all that much different, so maybe it makes a sense to give the skinny guy another shot? I think its more important to have Rasner pitch well rather than the vast offensive potential of Molina

  • B

    Posada’s shoulder is obviously not up to par yet. Girardi needs to think about maybe putting him more time at DH. We lost the game the other day because of Posada’s arm, if Molina was behind the plate, Kinsler would have been thrown out at third!

  • Bill

    Keeping 3 catchers is almost an obvious move anyway. Its not like we have anyone in AAA that would be much better on the bench than Moeller currently is. If we were to cut Moeller who takes his spot? Christian or Gonzalez? I’d rather just stick with Moeller.