Yanks sign seventh rounder


Via Ken Davidoff, the Yanks have signed their seventh round pick, California prep catcher Kyle Higashioka, to a deal worth approximately $400,000. Rated the 77th best prospect in the state by Baseball America, they describe him as a superb defensive catcher with interesting power potential. The deal is roughly $250,000 overslot, and buys him out of a commitment to Cal. Austin RomineJesus Montero & Higashioka are an eviably trio of lower level catching prospects. (h/t to Patrick)

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  1. A.D. says:

    Nice to see this kid signed, I believe he was suppose to be one of the top HS catchers in the draft. Toss him in with the other kids and Cervelli, hopefully at least one of them will make it to the bigs as a good major league catcher

  2. BurnBernieBurn says:

    Where do you think Romine and Montero go next season?

  3. Curramba says:

    You forgot Chase Weems another catcher that looks like an interesting prospect.

  4. WillyPooks says:

    Big interesting trade rumor from George King this morning. I would look into this if I can get a better younger top line pitcher.

    Dodgers have an interest in Robinson Cano and might be willing to deal Derek Lowe and outfielder Matt Kemp, but the Yankees aren’t inclined to part with the red-hot second baseman unless there is a front-of-the-rotation-type starter coming to The Bronx. Lowe, who has the stomach for big games and has AL East experience with the Red Sox, doesn’t fit that bill.

    If Lowe isn’t a frontline starter, he has to be considered a strong #2. Anyway, I’m not sure exactly what to make of this rumor. The idea of the Dodgers trading Lowe and Kemp for Cano – is that speculation or inside information?

    Yankees execs meet today to discuss their deadline plan. Brian Cashman is sticking to his guns about holding on to his best young players.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona Beach says:

      Strong #2? Man, pitching ain’t what it used to be.

    • A.D. says:

      I don’t consider D-Lowe a frontline starter, he has an ERA near 4 this year, despite pitching in a pitcher park in the NL. Toss in the fact that he’s a Boras client going into FA….why would the Yankees want this, its Cano for Kemp and a Rental….thanks but no thanks

    • Ben K. says:

      It’s a stupid, made-up rumor. That’s what George King gets paid to do.

      Also, it’s been discussed ad nauseum in the Dodgers thread two posts below this one.

      Also, that’s completely off-topic. Please review the commenting guidelines.

    • George King should go back to Russia.

    • christopher says:

      tough to give up Cano even though at times he make you want to choke him – you cn see the potential for greatness in that swing –Say no to lowe though

  5. BillyBall says:

    Besides Kemp there gonna have to throw in a Billingsly or Clayton Kershaw for the Yankees to make that deal. Lowe is not gonna get it done for me. Kershaw is a lefty with ace like stuff. Billingsly has always been ranked behind Hughes as far as upcoming prospects. Interesting. We would need a top line defensive minded 2nd baseman with speed and a decent bat to replace Cano. And where can we get one of those guys? Maybe the best thing to do is just leave the team alone and maybe look into the Washburn for Igawa deal.

    Cano is one of the best young offensive 2nd baseman in the game. The only knock on him was his defense which has improved this year. His ability to steal bases is average. Overall he is top 5 second baseman. Utley, Phillips, Pedrioa, Kinsler, Cano in no particular order. Right now Cano is hot and he would be right along side of Utley.

    • Mike A. says:

      Billingsley > Hughes.

    • A.D. says:

      Cano is going nowhere fast, especially in the 2nd half, it would have to be a MAJOR deal, he’s a top 2B, who is tied for 3rd in ZR, so his D is just fine

    • Casper says:

      The last time anyone knocked Cano’s defense was really in 2005/early 2006. I don’t know what “his ability to steal bases is average” means… Cano has stolen 11 bases in his 513 game career and is decidedly not a threat on the basepaths. Mike A. took care of your Billingsley/Hughes statement in his comment above.

      That stuff aside… If you were a GM who believed things like “we would need a top line defensive minded 2nd baseman with speed and a decent bat to replace Cano,” you’d never made a trade. And that’s all well and good, nobody HAS to make any trades. I’m just saying… If you want to partake in the trade market, you have to take risks. It’s pretty rare that you trade a player away and replace his production in that same deal. You don’t say “I’ll give you my 2B for your 2B who is just as good plus I’ll let you help me out at another position while we’re at it.”

      • Casper says:

        Actually… Cano’s been caught stealing 13 times (against 11 stolen bases) in his career. I don’t know that I’d call him an “average” base stealer.

        • Casper says:

          Oh… And none of the above is meant as an endorsement of a Cano for Lowe/Kemp deal. That idea is retarded.

    • christopher says:

      would you do kershaw and kemp for cano – possibly hurting our playoff chances this year to get a big time pitcher for the future?

      its tough to find a 2B with as much upside as cano

  6. pat says:

    we need to sign blake monar real bad kid is going to be fiiiiilthy.
    along with cole bleitch etc etc

  7. BurnBernieBurn says:

    We need to stop talking about stupid trade rumors and enjoy teh spirit of this post which is that thankfully the guys upstairs are stacking our system with catchers so that we can have another catcher in three years as opposed to wasting money on one or forcing a bad trade.

  8. christopher says:

    certainly do have a decent shot at producing a decent catcher – seems like the only good prospects they ever sign are either pitchers or catchers.

  9. Generally speaking, most organizations draft lots of pitchers and catchers because so many of them flame out (by either not staying healthy, not being able to stay behind the plate, not being able to get major league hitters out or not being able to hit major league pitching) that you’ve got to saturation bomb your way to success.

    If you only have 2 good catching prospects in your organization (or 5 good pitching prospects), you’re screwed. You’ve gotta have lots (especially for these two positions) because the failure rate is so high.

  10. TheLastClown says:

    Can we maybe have a Yu Darvish discussion thread? I have seen video on this guy & he’s got really nasty nasty stuff.

    Also, all that Dice-K was too expensive & overrated stuff…..do people really think so? His numbers this year are pretty sick, except for BB & OBA…but he still has less than a hit/inning, and how is that possible w/ a .326 OBA? Explain?

  11. Ricochet says:

    Chase Weems listed among the catchers mentioned. As for Jesus Montero it would be great to have a catcher hit the way that he can but he’s not a catcher and the Yankees are fooling themselves if they think he is. He’s made great improvement behind the plate but it’s still far from being average and his arm is embarrassingly bad to the point that it makes Johnny Damon’s arm looks like Roberto Clemente’s arm.

    As for the talk of Cano to the Dodgers, NO!!!!!!!

    Sure Lowe would help this season in place of Rasner but after that I don’t think there is much interest so in the end it’s a Cano for Kemp and so good OF’s are much easier to get then 2nd baseman the quality of Cano plus if the Yankees get Kemp what do you do with Abreu for the rest of the season?

    I think Cano is special and I don’t want to see him traded and the deal that’s been mentioned is not even worth considering. Now if it was a deal that included Russell Martin and Matt Kemp then maybe it would peak my interest since they would be a short term option as well as long term.

    • whozat says:

      “As for Jesus Montero it would be great to have a catcher hit the way that he can but he’s not a catcher and the Yankees are fooling themselves if they think he is.”

      He’s in low A ball. What is the drawback to continuing to give him time back there just in case he sticks? It’s still the case that MAYBE he could be moved in the right deal, and in that case you certainly want to give the other team every opportunity to convince themselves that he’s maybe going to stick behind the plate.

    • TheLastClown says:

      in that case…your interest would be “piqued”

      sorry but I’m into spelling :)

  12. Hitman says:

    Interesting. The yankees now have 5 minor catchers. I only expect Cervilli and Romine to make it. Hopefully Weems, Kyle and Montero can play other positions.

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