Jeering, with respect


Growing up a Yankee fan and then attending college a stone’s throw from Philadelphia, I’ve seen my fair share of nasty fan behavior. But one thing I learned from my parents early on — and this puts my firmly in the minority among Yankee fans — is never to do the “Boston sucks” chant. Sure, Boston, for the first 21 years of my life, was an abject failure of a baseball team and objectively they did suck for a very long time. But cheering that way just isn’t respectful.

Today, Kevin Cullen, a Red Sox fan and columnist for the Boston Globe, succinctly sums up the case against “Yankees sucks” chants. As he writes, “My experience has been that most people who shout “Yankees suck” are either drunk, obnoxious, or stupid and very often a combination of all three.” In a way, he’s speaking for us in the Bronx too.

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  • Ben C

    if red sox fans are going to try to come into my section of the tier reserve and start lets go red sox chants i will hammer them with boston sucks chants until the cows come home

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Why stoop to their level?

      • Casper

        Actually that’s not even stooping to their level unless they’re chanting “Yankees suck.” That’s creating the lower level, not stooping to it.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

          Yeah, I had just thought of that. Drowning them out with a “Let’s Go Yan-kees” chant is actually rather acceptable.

  • Rob_in_CT

    Not only is it disrespectful (that’s the point, isn’t it?), it’s just plain unoriginal. Boring, even.

    If “You suck!” is the best you’ve got…

    I liked the “Who’s-your-Daddy?”/”Who’s-your-Papi?” back & forth. That had some actual flavor.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    I can sort of understand the chants while the Sox are in town. It bugs me, but I can’t fault it too much. See my comment above.

    However, what really gets me is when people chant “Boston sucks” when we’re not even playing the Sox. I’ve lost all patience with these people. I don’t care if a dude is coming up the stairs with a Boston hat on. It’s fucking stupid.

    • whozat

      Their logic is that the Sox fans do it at Patriots games and stuff. It’s idiotic stoop-to-their-level logic, but it’s not totally nonsensical.

      • jsbrendog

        what i hate the most is being in nyc and going to a concert at msg, or a much crappier venue (highline, bowery, roseland, etc) and hearing yankees suck chants….and not by mets fans….but red sox apparel wearing people…..in this regard, they shouldnt get a chant back, but a fire poker to the eye.

        • BurnBernieBurn

          I actually chanted Who’s Your Daddy at a sox game against the Twins in Boston, and had a lit cigarette thrown at my Bernie Williams jersey. The hole it made right above the NY makes the jersey my favorite article of clothing.

          • Rob_in_CT

            Let me get this straight. You went to a Twins-Sox game, wearing a Williams jersey, and started a Yankee-oriented anti-Red Sox chant?


            • Sherman

              Yeah, I live in boston and wear my Williams jersey to all games, and some fan started taunting me, so my friends and I, stupidly evidently, started chanting back……leading to teh cigarette burn.
              Not my finest moment, but a good story nonetheless

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I agree. The problem with this isn’t that it’s unoriginal (it is) or disrespectful (it isn’t), it’s that mimicry of one of the lowest common denominator of fans (Boston fans) is SOOOOO beneath us. It’s giving legitimacy to their single-minded idiocy.

      Boston fans chant “Yankees Suck” at Patriots games. They do it at Celtics games. They do it at New England Revolution games. They’d probably do it at Boston Pops Concerts if it wouldn’t get them kicked out. Boston fans who live in Tampa chant “Yankees Suck” when they’re watching a Rays-Sox game at the Trop. My cousin who grew up here in the Bronx went to play D-III football at Merrimack outside of Boston, and when he put on a Yankee hat, the students shouted “Yankees Suck” at their own school’s star runningback as he walked the quad. THEY’RE FUCKING OBSESSED WITH US, and it’s neanderthalian. And they’re obsessed with us because they’re basically the little brother we’ve been giving noogies to for years and years. Why we dignify their pathetic, lowbrow, knuckle-dragging obsession by returning it in kind is senseless.

      You ever heard the saying that wise men shouldn’t argue with a fool, because from a distance people can’t tell who is who?

      • TheLastClown

        It’s not an argument. It’s a chant.

        And if the wise man argues with the fool, the wise man, up close, will tell you that he is the fool.

        Must we bring philosophical entreaties & high-brow intelligentsia attitudes to a place where you pay $7 for Coors light?

        Can we chant: “Getting raped on concessions sucks!” ??

        • BurnBernieBurn

          I learned a long time ago not to expect better from Sox fans, at Celtics games against the Nets, I would always hear people chant “WIFE BEATER!” when Jason Kidd’s wife AND kid were in the stands. The Globe once ran a picture of her crying at a game and they did it again the next time.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

        I prefer it put this way:

        “Never argue with an idiot. If you do, he’ll make you stoop to his level, and then beat you with experience.”

      • Casper

        tommiesmithjohncarlos: Everything you said was true 10 years ago, but nowadays there’s little difference between Yankees fans and Sox fans in this regard. 10 years ago, Yankees fans were not obsessed with Sox fans, but Sox fans were obsessed with the Yankees and it was pathetic. Now, Yankees fans are almost as obsessed with the Sox as Sox fans are with the Yankees. I totally agree with your impression of fans who act that way (it’s pathetic), I just find it embarrassing and unfortunate that now Yankees fans are almost as bad as Sox fans in that regard.

        • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Casper, you may be right.

          All the more reason to shame the Yankee fans into stopping this nonsense now, while we still have a modicum of moral ground to stand on.

  • BurnBernieBurn

    On the topic of chants, maybe the best experience I ever had as a Yankee’s fan living in Boston, was when teh Yankees came to town one game and Daryl Strawberry was in the lineup. As he saunters up to teh plate, the fans start bombarding him with the chant “Just say no!” Over and over again. Just as this chant reaches its climax, Straw puts a hanging curveball off pesky’s pole. I have never seen anyone walk that slowly around the bases.

    This is closely followed by once when Mondesi was in right field, and a 13 year old punk yelled “Mondesi, suck my balls!” to which Raul turned and promptly flipped off the kid. My friend and I were on our asses laughing.

    • TheLastClown

      Sweet. We should plant people in Fenway to start chanting Cyn-the-ia! Cyn-the-ia!

      So A-Rod can bang the ball all over the place :)

      • BurnBernieBurn

        “Like-a-Vir-gin!” might do teh job better

        • TheLastClown

          Ka-Bal-Lah! Ka-Bal-Lah!

  • Manimal

    I hear it all the time, It doesn’t phase me anymore.

  • jsbrendog

    i miss the good old fashioned peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedrooooooooooooo. peeeeeeeeeeeeeedrooooooooooooooooo. peeeeeeeeeeedrooooooooooooo

    you suck!!

    bring back old school

  • TheLastClown

    Im sorry, and I might get crucified for this, but isn’t the whole concept of thousands of people going to see people they don’t know play a kid’s game for buckets & buckets of money kind of silly in itself? I love baseball & all that, but part of it is wanting Boston to lose.

    It doesn’t matter if they’re an abysmal team, in fact, I’m much less compelled to yell Boston sucks when Boston is actually sucking, its redundant. You know, it’s like when the smart kid in class ruins the grading curve you say “You Suck Dude”

    Yes, it’s immature, but it’s fun.

    Plus, its a good way for me to vent my frustrations. I went to an Angels game last year vs. our Yanks, and we got shelled, and I was in a whole section of NY fans, so I started a Boston sucks chant. Just for the laughs I got from Yankee fans & the dumbfounded look on the Angels fans’ faces, it was worth it.

    Just my 2cents.

  • Relaunch

    Yes I think its dumb and no I don’t do it. But if someone pays the crazy amount tickets cost these days, it’s their right and they can do whatever they want.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      The “Nor-man Co-hen” chants are much better.

      • Relaunch

        He is smart now, he just comes by and in a normal voice acknowledges us. Then he goes back to selling lemon ice.

  • TheLastClown

    And yes, “Who’s your Daddy” was much much better.

    But we have to have someone with the class “or lack of” of Pedro to let a faux pas slip like that.

    Im too impatient :)

  • http://www.TheBronxStop.com Mark M.

    Dude. The Red Sox do suck. I don’t care if you are a senior in nuclear engineering at MIT. If you are a Yankee fan, the Red Sox suck. Period.

  • http://www.TheBronxStop.com Mark M.

    But, I do agree that there are much more creative ways to cheer against another team.

    • TheLastClown

      What are they? Besides incidental phrases that accidentally pop out of opposing players mouths that can be turned on them?

      People who pay to go to games are not going to be creative writers. They’ll miss the game trying to please people who think their chants are “immature”

      I would like to start a “Slop-py! Slop-py! Slop-py!” chant when Manny comes up, or maybe “Manny being Mangy” or something like that, but how are you going to get a whole section of fans, or a whole stadium, for that matter, to start chanting it in about 30 seconds, for 15 seconds?

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

        CUT THAT MEAT!
        CUT THAT MEAT!
        CUT THAT MEAT!

  • Adam

    i think my favorite part about this whole situation is the specific nomenclature used. red sox fans disparage our team with “yankees suck”, but we one up them by disparaging their entire city with “boston sucks”. why stop there i ask? why not “massachusetts sucks”? or “new england sucks”? or “the northeast sucks”? wait, forget that last one.

  • A.D.

    Nice article, except he blatantly lies, he has definitely sung the chorus line of Sweet Caroline

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I crack up every time I see the Sox fans belting out Sweet Caroline like it’s their own personal anthem or something. Hundreds of sports teams around the globe play that all the time, you’re not special…

      And Neil Diamond was born and raised in Brooklyn. He’s a lifelong Yankee fan.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        Traitor. Considering he was born in 1941, he should be a Dodgers fan.

        • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Considering that the team left when he was 16 like a deadbeat dad saying it was going out to get a pack of smokes, it’s not all that surprising. There’s probably tons of Brooklynites Diamond’s age who switched to the pinstripes

          • ceciguante

            my dad’s in that category…bklyn kid who switched to the yanks years later when the dodgers were dead to him. realized the mets were a fraud, and raised his kids as yanks fans.

        • Casper

          Dude, don’t pick a fight with the Jewish Elvis. Neil’s the shit.

          Re Dodgers fans switching to the pinstripes… I’m a product of it. My dad was a Dodgers fan, but when they left he became a Yankees fan. The Yanks had a pretty attractive team back then (we all know guys that age have that Mickey-fetish), and even when NL baseball came back they plopped it down in Queens (so the Brooklyn kids didn’t get their team back, really). As former Dodgers fans they could root for a new team in a bland stadium in Queens, or root for Mickey in Yankee Stadium with all that history.

  • dkidd

    morgan ensberg did a guest post on phil hughes’ blog where he said players don’t even hear the word “suck” anymore when it’s shouted at them. they just assume the shouter is too dumb to think of anything better

  • LiveFromNewYork

    When the Patriots won their first Super Bowl Tom Brady (a supposed Yankee fan) led a Yankees suck chant. How the hell do the Yankees figure in basketball, football, hockey…lord knows what else. I can see it at Sux games but why ever other sports event in Boston?

  • http://Anotherlefty Peedlum

    here’s the fundamental problem with the “yankees suck” chant and why its not worth it to chant “boston sucks”: if you’re a yankees fan, you focus on your team, you root for your team, you want them to win, to beat everyone. the same is true for boston fans. but when you start chanting that the other team sucks, you’re no longer focusing on your own team. you’re admitting that the other team has done something well enough that you feel the need to put them down. its like when jeter explains his reaction to people booing him in visiting stadiums- must have done something pretty good to earn all those boos. i say the best way to prove that boston sucks (which we all know) is to kick the crap out of them while rooting for our own team. no need to acknowledge that we’re ever worried about boston. its a 26-6 game, folks. no need to give boston any credit by taking your focus off the best team in the history of the game.

  • ceciguante

    i reserve the continued right to lambast boston fans with whatever chants i deem appropriate. i don’t do “jeering with respect.” well, maybe except for old people and stuff. but the boston fans amount to target practice as far as i’m concerned.

  • Mike D

    I’ve never booed any player, and certainly never a Yankee. Just don’t understand it. And I don’t think I’m in the minority. I think the fans who boo are the minority.

  • Newman


    • Doug


  • raymond samuels

    long live the yankees. beat those red sox