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Tim over at the indispensable MLBTR grabs all the deadline reactions from around the internets. Jayson Stark & Jon Heyman both have the Yanks listed as winners, and it’s hard to argue with that, Yankee fan or not. RAB homey Keith Law broke down all the deals over at the Worldwide Leader (he’s also going to chatting at 2pm EST today), while Baseball America did the same at their Trade Central. Did you know that Jason Bay is hitting .216-.333-.318 with RISP? Yikes.

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  1. Joey H says:

    So when ponson gets bombed tonight, we can expect to see IPK again in his spot right?

  2. Joltin' Joe says:

    You guys should do a podcast.

  3. UNION YES. says:

    Karstens is on the mound today for the bucs.

    • DP says:

      Also, Moss and LaRoche are starting, Hansen is in the bullpen. No doubt Ohlendorf and McCutchen will be on the team by the end of the year. They are pathetic.

  4. Jamal G. says:

    What do you guys think the new Red Sox lineup should be? I kept going back and forth over who should hit second (Drew or Youk). Finally came up with this:

    Varitek (LoL, he’s a starter!)

    • Mike A. says:

      They really don’t have a good candidate to bat second. Ideally it would be Pedroia, but Ellsbury needs to stop doing his best Melky impression for that to happen.

      Maybe Pedroia-Youk-Ortiz-Lowell-Bay-Drew-Lowrie-Varitek-Ellsbury? Keep the pressure off Bay early?

    • Jamal G. says:

      Or should Drew and Pedroia flip-flop in the order?

      • Bay HAS to hit cleanup. They don’t have another good OBP guy besides Youkillis and David Faustino to hit in front of Ortiz (to slide him back to 4th), and you have to break up the lefties so you can’t put Ortiz-Drew back-to-back.

        2B, Bud Bundy (R)
        1B, Bob Uecker (R)
        DH, Balco Papi (L)
        LF, JayRayBay (R)
        RF, David Jonathan Drew (how the #$@% is that J.D. and not D.J.?) (L)
        3B, Mikey One-Nut (R)
        SS, Peter Gammons’s Mostest Favoritest Prospect Like Ever, OMG! (S)
        C, The Human Event Horizon (S)
        CF, I wish my name was just Jake (L)

  5. Mike A. says:

    Jeff Karstens is shutting down the Cubs right now.

  6. xkevinx says:

    Here is a weird question: Is it possible that Manny won’t be a type a free agent after the season. I know it is based on the last 2 years, I believe equally weighted. Based on his bad last year, if he hits say 5 homers per month, he would have averaged 25 hr and less than 90 RBIs, and a sub 300 avg. Not bad, but not upper echelon either. Obviously OBP is good, but I don’t know if they include fielding stats for corner outfielders, but if they do, he takes a hit there too.

    I could be way off, but He seems like he may be right on the border if he continues to put up the kind of numbers he has been the last 2 months of the season.

    • Mike A. says:

      He’ll be a Type-A. He could hit like Miggy Cairo the rest of the year and he’ll still be a Type-A.

      Plus 25 HR and 90 RBI is upper echelon in my book. Not many players out up those kind of numbers each year.

  7. UNION YES. says:

    Karstens after 5 innings: 4 hits, O runs, 3BB, 1 K.

  8. From Jayson Stark:


    • Mariners

    If ever there was a team that should have used this deadline to clear out as much money, dead weight and extraneous parts as it could export, wasn’t Seattle it?

    So how could this deadline have come and gone with only Rhodes driving into the sunset? How could Ibanez still be there? How could Jarrod Washburn still be there? How could one-third of that roster not have been traded in the past couple of weeks?

    “I’m cutting them a little slack,” one rival GM said. “They’re leader-less right now.”

    True, they have an interim GM (the well-liked Lee Pelekoudas) and a confusing ownership arrangement and an uncertain chain of command. But they angered teams they spoke to with what were widely viewed as outrageous demands. And the bottom line is that this deadline represented a lost renovation opportunity in the middle of an already-lost season. And how many lost opportunities can clubs like this afford?

    “I really don’t know how to describe that club right now,” one AL executive said. “It just seems to be a train wreck out there.”


    I’m still betting Washburn ends up here for nothing of consequence…

  9. anthony says:

    newsday lists the yanks as a loser at the deadline and the pirates as a winner

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