Even from afar, Kyle is still killing the Yanks

Game 111: I hate Brett Favre
Mo day-to-day with back spasms

While the Yanks managed to win a game despite their pitchers’ best efforts, the Tigers weren’t so lucky, and the Yanks were the ones to pay the price. Heading into the eighth with a 3-1 lead, the Tigers called upon Kyle Farnsworth to shut down the Rays. Well, six batters later, the Rays had scored three runs on home runs by Eric Hinske and B.J. Upton, and two innings later, Tampa walked away a winner. So there you go; Krazy Kyle had that meltdown we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s impacting the Yanks’ playoff chances.

Game 111: I hate Brett Favre
Mo day-to-day with back spasms
  • dkidd

    any news on mariano?

  • stuart

    yeah rodney looked terrible.. detroit may be in meltdown mode.

    rodney had 3 BB’s and HBP in the 10th and gave up a infield single.

    Leyland probably is smoking his 3rd pack of the day…

    Nady looks good…..

  • Realist

    Farnsy was due for an implosion after his nice little run for NY! Thanks for waiting til you were dealt Farnsy :-)

  • mustang

    “While the Yanks managed to win a game despite their pitchers’ best efforts”
    And despite their 3rd baseman.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Did you know that it’s A-Rod’s fault every time the Yanks lose? That’s a fact of life.

      • Realist

        Well now that LaTroy and Farnsy are gone its gotta be someone’s fault ;-)

      • mustang

        No but it is when the best thing you can say about him is that he walked so someone who can actually hit with RSIP can come up.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          I can’t believe you’re even arguing this for real. The Yanks scored 14 runs; their pitchers blew a lead with two outs in the 8th; and you’re bitching about a bad day from the third baseman who’s hitting .324/.407/.605 with 24 HR and 67 RBI. Plus, he scored three runs today. You gotta score runs to win.

          But clearly, no matter what A-Rod does, he will never ever be good until he’s hitting 1.000/1.000/4.000 with RISP every year.

          • mustang

            No I’m bitching that on Friday he did nothing with RISP in Ponson pitched his ass off. I’m bitching that best thing that he did today was walk so Nady can do the work. He hit into a double play with bases loaded that got messed up by error. I’m bitching about
            RISP .253
            RISP w/2Outs .233
            Bases loaded .167
            No i don’t want “hitting 1.000/1.000/4.000 with RISP every year.” but he has to do better then above.

            • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

              How about the eight other players in the lineup who did nothing on Friday?

              • mustang

                True. But those eight other players don’t make what he does to do what he does. Money players should be that money. That’s what the best player ever should do isn’t it?

                • Chris

                  He’s current 1st in the AL in batting average, 3rd in OBP and 1st in slugging. If he hadn’t missed a couple weeks with the strained quad he’d probably be 1st in HR too. He’s earning his money this year.

                  Would you prefer he swing at bad pitches, just so he can say he tried? I’ll take a walk over an out any day.

            • Chris

              Here’s his OBP in those situations:
              RISP: .412
              RISP 2 Out: .450
              Bases loaded: .286 (in 7 plate appearances)

              what this tells me is that people aren’t pitching to him with runners in scoring position. And if you’re going to judge him by his 7PA with the bases loaded, well, then this is a hopeless discussion.

              • steve (different one)


              • mustang

                Did you watch this series? Was it me or did they pitch around Abreu to get to A-rod how did that turn out if you minus the error?

                Bottom line playoff game on the line and the Yankees need a hit to win Jeter Or A-Rod?

                JETER !!!!!!!!

                • Chris

                  So now you’re defining A-Rods value completely based on the last 4 games? His line for this series is .250/.333/.500. Compare that to Jeter who was .312/.353/.312.

                  And they may have been pitching around Abreu. He was at .400/.471/.867 in the 12 games coming into today. That’s just sick.

                • steve (different one)

                  Bottom line playoff game on the line and the Yankees need a hit to win Jeter Or A-Rod?

                  depends, does a double play score the run?

                • mustang


        • mustang

          With the money and the fame comes the responsibility of actually doing your job.

          • Alan

            You can say that about the entire Yankees lineup, but I digress.

            • mustang

              You’re right, but when you’re at the front of that line your going to take the most hits when you don’t deliver.

              • steve (different one)


                2 players:

                $27M – 168 OPS+
                $20M – 98 OPS+

                if the argument is about who is overpaid, you’re blaming the wrong guy.

                so A-Rod makes a ton of money and has been slightly less than incredible.

                Jeter makes a smaller ton of money and has been mediocre.

                the money argument is stupid.

                A-Rod has been one of the 2 best position players in the AL:


                • mustang

                  Ok I will take “mediocre” Jeter In the playoffs and you can have A-Rod “2 best position players in the AL”.
                  Thank you.
                  Seriously guys I don’t hate A-Rod at all it’s just hard to watch him sometimes. With his talent he should be at the point where managers are think about pitching around not to him.

                  Guess I just expect too much and maybe that’s my fault.

                • pete

                  jeter in the playoffs last year: .176/.176/.176 – worse than a-rod
                  i have a lot of faith in a-rod in the playoffs, but when the playoffs means 4 games after a week off against the best teams in baseball, it’s awfully tough to get into a groove. That’s why you need a dominant top 2 in the rotation, because usually your offense doesn’t really click until the third game or so after the break (although this can also have to do with the worse pitching you’re facing). Anyway, point is, we don’t lose because of a-rod, we lose because of pitching, and it looks like this year may be a good year if joba pettitte and moose can all stay strong into and through the postseason

  • Realist

    I agree with Mustang, I love ARod but he is definately a front runner…when the game is 5-0 in the Yanks favor he hits one out. When its time to do something in the clutch, he usually doesn’t get it done.

    His walk and single with risp were nice today, though he did hit into what should have been an inning ending double play and struck out with the other chance. A player of his magnitude needs to do more with those oppurtunities.

    I’ll say it aain, glad to have him as a Yank, just wish he better when it counted ;-)

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      The problem with this argument is that you think it counts only when the game is close and late. The runs they score early in the game count just as much as the runs they score late in the game. If he puts them up 1-0 early on and they never give up that lead, it’s just as important to the cause.

      But if you’re all content to make spurious arguments about how much he’s getting paid and all that jazz, go ahead. They’re pointless.

      • Realist

        I understand your point and it is well put but when the game is on the line the true greats step up their game….this is in all sports not just Baseball..

        I am glad he is a Yank but I would rather have Reggie Jackson or Thurman Munson at bat when it counted rather than ARod…but thats just me and my opinion, doesn’t mean its right or wrong, just my opinion :-)

        • mustang

          I so agree.

        • yankeemonkey

          Oh I don’t know. Reggie might have a hard time getting around on a 95mph heater at this point in his career. And Munson….[insert joke in poor taste here].

          • Realist

            Lol! About Reggie but gladly you side stepped Thurman…that would’ve been in poor taste ;-)

        • Chris

          You’d probably also prefer Eckstein’s ‘grit’ and ‘clutchiness’ to A-Rods lackadaisical strolls around the bases?

          • Realist

            WTF does Eckstein have to do with ARod’s lack of clutch? Did you actualy think before you wasted everyone’s time with your completely idiotic and off topic statement like that?

            I mean really, only a complete moron would think that and I certainly hope you aren’t trying to make me out as one?

            I WOULD prefer Reggie or Thurman in the clutch anyday over ARod…hell Tino, Oneil or Bernie as well…do you GET that?

            Fucking Eckstein compared to Reggie and Thurman what a fucking stupid statement…

            • Realist

              Sorry to the rest of you for the eruption…

            • Chris

              My point is talking about a ‘clutch performer’ is a load of garbage.

              Who has the best post season stats: A-Rod, Tino, O’Neill or Williams?

              It’s A-Rod.

              I get that you hate A-Rod because the Yankees haven’t won a world series since he joined the team, but IT’S NOT HIS FAULT! He’s having arguably the best season of anyone in the AL, and you’re complaining?

              • steve (different one)

                I WOULD prefer Reggie or Thurman in the clutch anyday over ARod…hell Tino, Oneil or Bernie as well…do you GET that?

                close and late:
                Reggie: .251/.352/.452
                Munson: 297/.358/.398
                Tino: .272/.359 /.465
                O’Neill: .261/.360/.414
                Bernie: .286/.382/.472
                A-Rod: .277/.375/.529

                also, it’s a little funny that Tino is remembered as some sort of clutch payer.

                these are Tino’s postseason numbers: .233/.321/.351

                they are terrible.

                he popped a few big HRs, but that is because he had 356 ABs. those teams always made the postseaon and always played deep into October. he literally had hundreds of opportunities.

                we are still killing A-Rod for about 45 postseason ABs. if he had another 300 ABs, you’d see many more HRs.

                O’Neill was a pimp, but from the 1998 World Series through the 2000 World Series he hit .273/.331/.339 with ZERO HRs.

                so, basically during the heart of the dynasty years, for about SEVEN postseason series in a row, he sucked. yet that doesn’t really jive with our memories, does it?

                when the TEAM is winning, everyone is remembered as clutch, even when they aren’t hitting.

                • mustang

                  “we are still killing A-Rod for about 45 postseason ABs. if he had another 300 ABs, you’d see many more HRs.”

                  We will see and I hope so either way he will get his chances.

                • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

                  Yes, but Paul O’Neill was much better postseason player than ARod was, because

                  A) he won titles, and ARod didn’t,
                  B) he was really good at breaking his bat and tossing a water cooler after making all four outs on an 0-4 day, which is way more important to a team’s success than ARod hitting .333 with a single and a walk in 4 PA’s and calmly walking back to the bench each time, breaking or shoving nothing,
                  C) he’s a gritty, gutty white guy and ARod is just a Mexican or something.

  • Greg G.

    Ah, yes, the debates that will not die:

    #1: “The clutchiness of A-Rod?”
    #2: “How hard does Phil Hughes REALLY throw?”

    At least we haven’t seen #3 in a while: “Should Joba be a starter or an 8th inning setup man?”

  • Dave P.

    Hey I’ve gotta question.
    Should Joba be a starter of an 8th inning setup man?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Hahahaha, good one.

    • Greg G.

      Well played, Dave! Well played indeed! :-)

    • Realist

      If not, possibly a closer of an 8th inning set up guy?

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