Game 133: Making some changes


Jason Giambi sits today. It’s a lefty. We’re used to this. Thing is, this time it’s a deserved benching. He’s hitting .208/.306/.458 in August. Basically, his greatest trait, the ability to not make an out, isn’t working right now. He’s got some pop, but that’s just not enough.

Chad Jennings gives us a juicy scoop: Al Aceves has been called up. No word yet on the move to get him on the 40-man. I’m guessing they’ll option Robertson. The presumption is that he’ll take Rasner’s start on Saturday. Ras would then move to the bullpen. Hopefully, this is a precursor to Hughes taking Ponson’s start on Monday in Detroit.

The Yanks have placed Carl Pavano on waivers. No doubt he’ll clear. That would give Cash and Co. just a few days to find a trading partner. They’ll get nothing for him at the end of the year, so you might as well get something, anything for him while you can.

The lineup, trying to avoid a sweep:

1. Johnny Damon, CF
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Bobby Abreu, RF
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Xavier Nady, LF
6. Robinson Cano, 2B
7. Hideki Matsui, DH
8. Cody Ransom, 1B
9. Jose Molina, C

And on the mound, number thirty-five, Mike Mussina.

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  1. Josh K says:

    Dear God, Please help the Yankees win….please!

  2. pat says:

    my prediction is that cody ransom continues his shelly duncan/kevin mass-ian production.

  3. bill says:

    Too little too late with getting Giambi out of there. My heart sank after I saw the lineup and realized a lefty’s on the mound. He’s probably gonna put Giambi back in the 5 spot versus a righty

    • Patrick T says:

      I think your heart sinking over a batting order is a wee bit overdramatic, no?

      • steve (different one) says:

        please, go to LoHud every single day when the lineup is posted.

        people honestly believe that flipping Giambi and Nady is a 10 win improvement.

        • Patrick T says:

          PA has good info, but he’s a blowhard and I only had to read the comments once to never check them again. I forever (foolishly) hope for more reason here.

        • bill says:

          I definately do not think its a 10 win improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. Its hard to win games with your 4 and 5 hitters batting .248 and .209 respectively with RISP.

          • steve (different one) says:

            no one disagrees that it’s hard to win game when those guys aren’t hitting.

            what i fail to see is what Girardi can do about that.

            what are you going to do, bat A-Rod 8th? oh wait.

            the only thing he can do is drop Giambi to 6th, and i am saying it’s barely going to make a difference.

            he was playing best 9 hitters on the team. i really don’t care what order you put them in.

            • bill says:

              You cant have the meat of the order hitting like that. Youre not moving A-Rod out of the 4 hole, it would have him pressing all year to prove Girardi wrong. Weve already waited the whole season for Giambi to hit in the clutch, and he doesnt do it, he’s the only one of the two black holes you can move.

      • bill says:

        Yeah but its insane to do the same stupid thing and expect good/different results. I doubt Girardi is insane, but it would be something if the Yankees overcame this defacit with an insane manager at the helm.

        • steve (different one) says:

          right, except it’s not necessarily “stupid” just because you say so.

          there is some logic behind not putting 3 LHers in a row after Nady.

          • bill says:

            Part of that is frustration. You cant have your 5 hitter batting .209 with RISP. I dont care if he’s lefty or righty. The 4 and 5 hitters have been black holes, killing rallys all year. When you can predict that youre team wont score with the bases loaded, no outs, and your 4 and 5 hitters coming up, there is a BIG problem.

            • steve (different one) says:

              again, i agree it’s a problem.

              but the only solution i see is for A-Rod and Giambi to HIT BETTER.

              nothing Girardi can do can make that happen.

              • Ivan says:

                The only solution is to put Matsui in the 5 hole. I don’t really like Nady at all as the #5 hitter. That said, the best solution is for Giambi to hit better.

                Nevertheless you can’t have a #5 hitter hitting less than .210 in RISP.

                • steve (different one) says:

                  sure, i could get on board with this.

                  but Matsui has only been back for about a week and no one knew how he’d do out of the gate.

                  before Matsui came back, there weren’t really any changes to make except hope for these guys who have hit for the last 10 years with RISP to start hitting.

                • Ivan says:

                  I agreed what ya saying. I like Matsui as the #5 hitter cuz he’s more consistent than Giambi who’s streaky.

                  That said, Matsui just came back and it would be unfair to start hitting right away.

                  Like ya said, guys like Giambi need to step they game up.

              • bill says:

                They have to hit better, but if they dont, you have to make some changes

  4. E-ROC says:

    Mussina throws a gem.

    Yanks will score a ton of runs and win.

    Cashman will pull a coup with the trade of Pavano.

  5. bill says:

    That stat is a disgrace. 18-18 at the Stadium versus the Sox since they broke the curse. No championship pedigree, this group

    • steve (different one) says:

      .500 ball against the other “powerhouse” is pretty good.

      going .500 against very good teams and beating up the weaker teams is how you get to 95-100 wins.

      • daneptizl says:

        Except you don’t go .500 at home.

        • steve (different one) says:

          and what is their record at Fenway over the same stretch?


          there is nothing “disgraceful” about any of this.

          it’s just 2 strong teams playing each other head to head and coming out almost evenly.

          Yankees played better in Fenway for some reason, who knows, it’s a small sample.

          • Damn you with all your stupid rationality and historical perspective!

            A POX ON YOU!

            I DEMAND 36-0!!!

            • bill says:

              Damn you. We’re getting owned by the Sox and you dont seem to care. 18-18 is not acceptable, but I never demanded 36-0. And youre saying my rationality is stupid, at least I’m rationalizing. All you offer to this site are stupid comments and corny jokes

              • Actually, bill, I was “damning” steve for his rationality (and my tongue was quite firmly in my cheek).

                It would have been impossible to damn you for your rationality, as it’s nonexistent on this matter. You’re frustrated with the lack of dominance; we all are. Steve and I are just saying it’s harsh to call it “disgraceful” to break even with what is clearly one of the best teams in baseball.

                Passion and rationality don’t often go hand in hand. That’s why they’re antonyms.

      • bill says:

        Not at your home park against a team the Yankees have traditionally owned. The Sox have always put good teams on the field, and you notice coming into the series the Yankees were 200 games over .500 against the Sox at Yankee Stadium. I’ll tell you, the championship teams wouldnt be 18-18 against the Sox on their home field. That’s why its a disgrace. There used to be constants in life: People die, and the Yankees beat the Red Sox. People still die, but the Yankees dont beat the Red Sox. Not like they used to, before the curse was broken. Disgraceful stuff

        • pat says:

          dude probably 150 of those wins came from 1900- 2002

          • jsbrendog says:


          • bill says:

            Yeah, and those were the glory days. Championship teams that beat up on the Sox. Thats what a Yankee team should be. I hope the Yanks are ashamed theyre letting the Sox turn the tables. It makes my blood boil watching those douchebags celebrating on our field

            • Nady Nation says:

              “Thats what a Yankee team should be.”

              These are human beings, they can’t be programmed to beat up on the Red Sox every year just for your enjoyment. This isn’t a video game, you have to actually go out there and play the games against the opposition, who happens to be one of the best teams in baseball over the past 5 years.

              • up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-start, baby.


              • bill says:

                I know but its frustrating to not win in 7 years, have the curse broken in an unbelievable choke, and have a midget put the nail in your coffin. Everything has taken a turn for the worse. I’m venting right now

                • JohnnyC says:

                  Buck up, it won’t last. The Red Sox will discover that it ain’t that easy to produce a dynasty, even a mini one like ours from 1996-2000. We’ve got a truckload of young talent on the way (even if it seems like they’re all catchers and right-handed pitchers), we’ve got the most financial resources on the planet, and John Henry’s hedge fund is bleeding hundreds of millions as we speak. Also, when Pedroia starts getting some respect from opposing pitchers, he’ll come down to earth.

        • steve (different one) says:

          oh yes, i forgot about the curse.

          carry on.

          • bill says:

            It was a proud part of our franchise and their fans. All you had to say was “1918″ and the Sux fans would shut up. It was a strectch of dominance by us and bad luck for the Red sox

            • steve (different one) says:

              i understand.

              but the economics of the game have changed to the point where it was going to be IMPOSSIBLE for that dominance to continue.

              the Yankees have the most money. but the Sox have the second most.

              eventually they were going to win. they have the money to get good players.

              the Yankees can’t stop that from happening.

  6. steve (different one) says:

    optioning Robertson doesn’t clear a spot on the 40 man, right?

    the logical move is just putting Posada on the 60 day DL, i think.

    this is good news though.

    it seems like they are going to use the rest of the season to evaluate players. why not?

    Ponson will probably be released.

  7. Ivan says:

    Look, All I want for the yanks to do is finish on high note.

    Whether they make the postseason or not, just finish the season strong with some optimism. I just want them finish well at the end of the season and who knows, they might get in.

  8. TurnTwo says:

    well thats kind of cool, if Aceves gets the start Saturday. ive got tickets, and i wasnt all to keen about having to watch Rasner pitch.

    • bill says:

      He’s available in the bullpen, which means he probably wouldnt start on Saturday if he pitches today. I want to see him replace Rasner. Get that bum outta here

      • pat says:

        lets hope moose goes 7 strong and aceves he doesnt get a chance to come in.

        • bill says:

          They did the right thing by bringing him up, but theyre using him wrong. Let Coke or Melancon pitch in the bullpen

          • cult of basebaal says:

            christ, they haven’t even used him yet. it’s clear they’re going to start him by the end of the year, it isn’t the end of the world to give him an appearance or two out of the bully to get his feet wet … further, how soon he starts may just be a matter of getting rid of hot carl pavano

    • Aaron says:

      You have tickets to the game. Therefore, you don’t have the right to complain about who’s pitching.

      Most of us won’t get to Yankee Stadium before the season ends. I haven’t been able to be there all year.

  9. Ivan says:

    David Robertosn was option to AAA.

    • pat says:

      i hope he comes back strong next year.. i like robertson

      • Ivan says:

        yea me too. I really like what I saw.

        • JohnnyC says:

          Ditto. But, Robertson’s curveball flattened out too many times and his fastball command was spotty. Don’t know if it was nerves or the scouting report catching up to him but, yeah, he looks like he’s the goods. Probably the first time in his brief pro career where he couldn’t throw strikes consistently.

    • Joe says:

      I may have missed it, but how does Aceves, get on the 40 man roster? Who’s moving off?

  10. Nady Nation says:

    steve (different one): I notice most of your posts and views I agree with, so I wanted to get your opinion…what moves would you make next year? Who would you let walk and who would you try to sign, etc.

    • steve (different one) says:

      Sabathia (obviously)

      i would look into bringing back one of Pettitte or Moose, not both.

      i would let Abreu and Giambi go. possibly look to trade Damon.

      sign Burrell or Dunn. make Matsui the fulltime DH.

      sign some sort of stopgap CFer or try to make a trade for a veteran CFer. i wish i knew who will be available in CF, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who is an upgrade on Melky.

      i’d love to have Teixeira, but i don’t think they’d sign both Sabathia and Teixiera.

      i would be very happy with Sabathia, Wang, Moose/Pettitte, Joba, Hughes

      Damon, Jeter, A-Rod, Burrell/Dunn, Matsui, Nady, Posada, Cano, CFer

      so that’s my “plan”: 1 starter, 1 “bat”, and a CFer.

      • Ivan says:

        I too would let Abreu and Giambi go. I like Abreu alot offensively but I think it’s time to cut the ties.

        I wouldn’t trade Damon unless it’s very good. I like Damon alot and I think next season he can still be huge.

        I don’t like dunn, so I wouldn’t sign him at all. Burrell is interesting though.

        I would really like to have CC because then adding him then puts less pressure on Joba, Hughes and Ian. Wouldn’t be surprise if you see a rotation of CC, Wang, Joba, hughes and IPK.

        • How do you like Burrell but not Dunn? Dunn is younger, a lefty, and a much better hitter.

          After Texy, Dunn should be target #2.

          • JohnnyC says:

            Agreed on Dunn. He could really blossom with the Yankees. I’m not that concerned with the K’s. He’s a younger Giambi with perhaps even more power.

          • Ivan says:

            Burrell might be more cheaper.

            Plus, Dunn is a very streaky hitter and would be a hefty price tag and wouldn’t age well. Never was a Dunn Fan. Plus, isn’t he like a career .230 n RISP.

            • Neither one of them will be cheap. If we’re talking about the difference between, say, 17M per and 19M per, why not get the better and younger player?

              And Dunn’s lefty bat will be more valuable than Burrell’s righty one. Remember, Cano and Gardner are the only lefties who figure to be here beyond 2009.

              Dunn’s RISP tripleslash: .227/.416/.482 – solid, not amazing, but remember he’s never had any good hitters behind him. He’s still a three true outcomes guy.

              Burrell: .265/.388/.470
              Texy: 325/.445/.625

              • Ivan says:

                Well Burrell might be cheaper cuz of years though. Dunn is probably looking for a 7 year deal or at least 6. Burrell is probably 4.

                I know Tex is the best hitter in the market but boy the yanks are gonna spend big money on Tex and CC? I just don’t see it. Between the two, I will pick CC. Lefthanded with not lost in stuff and young. Tex just reminds me of Beltran. A terrific player but not great, getting superstar money.

                • Agreed on CC over Tex. But I’d still like to go hard for both. Tex is much better than the other two.

                  And I just can’t see Burrell only asking for 4 years. If he does, sign me up, but I’m not holding my breath for that. Aaron Rowand asked for more than 4…

        • steve (different one) says:

          i don’t think they’ll start the season with IPK in the rotation. he’ll be penciled in as the 6th starter. first option when someone gets hurt.

          if Moose and Pettitte both leave, maybe they spend that cash on AJ Burnett.

  11. Ivan says:

    Has anybody saw what NoMass did to diss Pete Abe. Pretty hilarious.

  12. pat says:

    i posted this a few games ago in the game thread but it got lost in the shuffle so im droppin it again before the game. These are fake instructional videos a la tom emmansky that feature real MLBers. They’re hilarious.

  13. bill says:

    03 and 04 between the Yanks and Sox were the best years of any sports rivalry. Both teams experienced the best highs and the worst lows. Great games, blowouts, curses, and broken curses.

  14. Alright, boys. Like Hank, Joe, and Barack said, it’s time for change. Change we can believe in. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for, WE are the change we seek!


  15. A.D. says:

    I like X in the 5 hole protecting A-Rod. Depending what happens this offseason, I’d like to see A-Rod in the 3 spot next season, with perhaps Tex in the 4, and else Matsui or X

    • Ivan says:

      I don’t like X as a 5 hitter. To much of a free swinger and if he comes back to earth he’s a really a good 6 hitter.

  16. pat says:

    anybody know if u can listen to the game on the internet?

  17. E-ROC says:

    If Hughes, IPK, and Aceves start in the rotation in Sep., would u want Molina or Rodriguez catching them? Or does it even matter?

  18. giselle says:

    too bad this game isn’t on espn… i heard jon lester had cancer and i wanted to know more details from that story all throughout the game.

  19. pat says:

    dammit i found the game online but its waaay delayed
    because everybody cares abt my search

  20. Patrick says:

    I know we’ve been talking about this for a while, but what do we do with Bobby Abreu in 2009?

    • pat says:

      offer arbitration hope he doesnt take it but if he does worse things could happen

    • JohnnyC says:

      Offer him arbitration, hope he declines, and get draft picks.

      • JohnnyC says:

        He won’t accept because I am sure the Mets for one would offer him a multi-year deal.

        • pat says:

          Thats what we hope but just to prepare for worst case scenario it wouldnt be bad to have him 1 yr deal. (because this year has pretty much been worst case scenario)

    • zzzzz says:

      the dude is sick with RISP, try to re-sign him for 2 years.

      • JohnnyC says:

        RISP varies randomly from season to season. It’s not a repeatable skill. On the other hand, Abreu is currently the worst fielding rightfielder in baseball…and that’s even counting the assists he can get with his plus arm. He has the range of a postage stamp.

        • zzzzz says:

          yeah, very true about the defensive stuff. not to mention his allergy to walls. i still feel like he still slots in very nicely as a #3 hitter though. its up to cashman. should be an interesting off-season to say the least.

  21. zzzzz says:

    watch a-rod, hes changed his batting stance a bit. he is waggling the bat faster.

  22. Josh K says:

    Sweet….a-rod picked up where he left off…

  23. Pops says:

    Trade Arod to Cincy for Bruce Volquez Encarnacion and Cueto

  24. Pops says:

    i got here late but umm i think we should get burnett if we can.. sign 2 of those 3 big pitchers and wed have the best in baseball.. u put burnett on yanks his era is under 4 becuz he “loves to pitch where its baseball 24/7″ not in hockey filled toronto.. Imagine Burnett and CC we would strikeout more than anybody with Joba too… With CC Wang Joba Burnett Hughes/Pettite/Moose/ thats like 75 80 wins from the SPs alone hopefully.. and if we sign TEx thats such a boost compared to Giambi.. Idc what you say Tex is a huge upgrade over Giambino

    • Patrick T says:

      So he’s going to lose a run off his ERA “becuz he “loves to pitch where its baseball 24/7??”

      That makes the comment about resigning Abreu because of his batting average with runners in scoring position look like groundbreaking analysis.

      The most likely thing to happen if the Yanks were to sign Burnett is he’d win the Carl Pavano award for worst IP to salary ratio.

      • No, he was saying that his ERA will be lower because of the exchange rate.

        His Blue Jays ERA is calculated in Canadian dollars.

      • Pops says:

        Burnett would be a great signing.. The due has better stuff than anybody we got besides Joba.. He would help our rotation so nicely… Burnett can be like our Beckett

      • Pops says:

        but anyway patrick ? do you think if a player enjoys where he is playing makes him try harder ??? He knows Jays arent gonna be in the mix every year but will pitching for the yanks rejuvenate him to wkr harder and all that ?? I beleive if an athlte enjoys his enviroment more he will play better in his sport.. Look at Arod when he was in Texas great years every year becuz there was no pressure cuz they were 10 games out of first all the time.. What about Randy coming to new york and he struggled?? Im just saying I think if a player enjoys his enviroment more and is in the heat of a playoff race it can go either way.. He could struggle or he could do great things for his team

        • Patrick T says:

          If that gigantic paycheck can’t get him to try then coming to NY where the first time he gets smoked the media all compares him to Ed Whitson is going to motivate him. I think he’s already trying as hard as he can and at his age, he is the pitcher he is.

          • Pops says:

            I will defend to the death your right to say what you said but i will have to disagree with you.. Burnett is a better pitcher than his numbers indicate

  25. Ivan says:

    I will say this about this team, you don’t have to make drastic changes to this team. This team with a healthy Posada, comeback years of Cano and Jeter, with Damon and A-Rod, with Nady, the O just need to add a good bat. Doesn’t have to be Texiera.

    As for the pitching, you got Wang and Joba and Hughes healthy. You add another pitcher like CC, your rotation is in good shape.

    Just a couple tweaks that’s all.

    • pat says:

      Definately, people are talking about how bad we’re going to be next year too. But then again they’re mostly assholes

      • Ivan says:

        Plus, with the draft picks the yanks will recieve, the yanks are in good shape.

        • pat says:

          i agree man, we have a bunch of chicken littles everywhere. Ill take the 3 picks for pudge and bobby and we only have to give up our first rounder if we sign tex then a 2nd round for cc and so on.

  26. I’m so disappointed that Handsome Cody Ransom got plunked. Now, he can only go 4 for 4 with 4 HR’s. That beaning cost him the ML single-game record.

  27. Pops says:

    or deal Arod for lincecum and buster posey lol

  28. Pops says:

    does anyone remember when beckett was almost dealt for blalock ??? who nixed that deal the rangers or the marlins ?

  29. btw, “watching” the game on ESPN GameCast… this Kevin Youkillis bearded headshot looks like a white Dmitri Young.

  30. Axl says:

    Rangers didn’t want Lowell I think it was…didn’t want his money.

  31. pat says:

    mooose cruisin baby

  32. Pops says:

    Trade him

  33. cult of basebaal says:

    hmmm … 2 at bats for nady in the 4 spot … 0-1 w/RiSP

    obviously, it’s not the player … somehow our cleanup “spot” became cursed …

  34. Axl says:

    Why is rod making 30 million a year again?

    And why did WE sign him?!?

    We have the worst luck with signing people…worst luck ever

    Doesn’t make sense how EVERYONE we sign can under perform and never meet expectations

  35. Axl says:

    Nady isn’t in the 4 spot is he? All the gamedays and online things says he’s 5

  36. Pops says:

    Yanks lose more games in the stupidest way.. Rip to the season… say hello to the offseason.. Break the Bank !

    • cult of basebaal says:

      what happened there? somebody screw the pooch on the pivot? gameday offers no answers, only questions …

      • Clayton says:

        The ball was just a bit too slow. Cano ran in and got it at the edge of the infield grass and flipped to Jeter. Got to first a second too slow.

  37. Ivan says:

    It’s pretty quiet here.

  38. Pops says:

    he was out i agree

  39. Axl says:

    Cano made another costly play to cost us the game huh? Why can’t we ever catch a break with anything?!? Our young stars are all busts…our players we buy all stink. its aggrivating. Meanwhile everything works out for the Red Sox

  40. Fuck.

    Ellsbury’s gamerness + Varitek’s grit + Alex Cora knowing how to win games = no way can crawl out of this 2-0 hole.

  41. Axl says:

    This team is absolute trash. Are you watching this?!? It’s almost embarrassing and comical. They should be ashamed of themselves

    • Patrick T says:

      They’re down to 2-0 to a good lefty in a pitcher’s duel. I’d hardly call that embarrassing.

    • Nady Nation says:

      I’m sorry, but you sound like a complete idiot. If you’re so embarrassed, go root for another team. Poor baby might not get to see his team in the playoffs ONE year. Take your whiny, spoiled attitude elsewhere.

      • bklynJT says:

        Hey that’s what fans do. It’s a very emotional with all the ups and downs of this long season. You can’t fault a fan for being upset with the players performance.

        Chill out, there is no need to call someone spoiled just because they thinks their team is playing like shit…which they are if you haven’t been paying attention.

        There is no right or wrong way to be a fan. People invest alot of time and money and they should be able to root how they choose.

  42. IvanS says:

    We had Lester against the ropes in the first inning. He was throwing meatballs and Jeter and Abreu got on base for the 4 and 5 hitters. What more can you ask for? When they didn’t come through I knew this game was over right then and there. That was the last oppourtunity they were going to have.

    • Axl says:

      The Yankees are TRASH that’s why. They are overpaid fossils now who don’t care about anything but money. If I were getting 30 million a year, I would have a smile on my face when I lost too I guess.

      • pat says:

        then fucking leave man why sit here and talk on a message board about a team thats trash turn off the tv and go outside

  43. Yankee1010 says:

    I guess they should have sacrificed the live chicken. Either that or hats for bats.

  44. Pops says:

    Cano is a success man

  45. Pops says:

    That explain yanks season right there

  46. Bill N says:

    How the fuck do the umps not get together and make that call. That is horrible. Fuck you blue fuck you

  47. Pops says:

    If we got Johan would things be that much diffferent?

  48. NYFan50 says:

    This team needs to score some #$(&% runs for Moose and get him to 20 wins.

  49. Ben C says:

    1st and 2nd no out 3 4 5 hitters up

  50. Dimaggio5 says:

    Um, just curious how many “Save the Big 3″ t-shirts are selling these days? Can you change the t-shirt slogan to “Take IPK, please!” This season is a disaster and these guys have NO heart. It turns my stomach seeing Red Sox fans gloat.

    • If Joe Dimaggio were alive, he’d be pissed at you for dishonoring his name by associating it with such reactionary, shortsighted hatred towards a Yankee player.

      • Dimaggio5 says:

        IPK can’t cut it.

        • IPK doesn’t turn 24 until the end of the year.

          In Joe Dimaggio’s first 6 seasons, his Yankees won 5 world titles. The ace of those title teams was Red Ruffing.

          Ruffing was a righty who was of average size and didn’t have overpowering stuff, relying on control and deception. He started with the Red Sox before being traded to the Yankees for Cedric Durst. Since the Sox sucked pretty hardcore during the second half of the 1920′s, they brought Ruffing up as a 19 year old kid and let him take his lumps at the ML level.

          Red Ruffing’s ML stats in the six years up to his 24th birthday:
          0-0, 6.65 ERA, 1.652 WHIP
          9-18, 5.01 ERA, 1.509 WHIP
          6-15, 4.39 ERA, 1.428 WHIP
          5-13, 4.66 ERA, 1.560 WHIP
          10-25, 3.89 ERA, 1.370 WHIP
          9-22, 4.86 ERA, 1.629 WHIP

          That man, Joe DiMaggio’s teammate, went on to 6 All Star games, 6 World Series Rings, 273 major league victories and a plaque in Cooperstown.

          “IPK can’t cut it.”… we have no way in hell of knowing that yet.

  51. IvanS says:

    If the sox are smart, they’ll walk abreu to get to rodriguez…

  52. Okay, here comes a redeeming ARod lead-changing HR.


  53. Bill N says:

    Is it me or does Damon look like he is the only one that gives a crap ?

  54. JohnnyC says:

    Great arm on Chief Noodlebat.

  55. I mean what the fuck is going on??

  56. Yankee1010 says:

    Care to save the season, A-Rod?

  57. JohnnyC says:

    NO WE CAN’T!

  58. pat says:

    hahaha arod please one day make us look good for defending you

  59. Stephen says:

    At least it wasn’t a double play.

  60. IvanS says:

    That was absolutely scripted to perfection…

  61. JohnnyC says:

    He would have driven those runners in…if it were 2009.

  62. CJ says:

    So freaking pathetic it’s unreal.

  63. JohnnyC says:

    September 1st can’t come soon enough. I’d rather watch suspects from the minors lose than this.

  64. Bill N says:

    Holy hell. It is laughable.
    Nice Arod that was the lamest “flip out” ever, what a priss.

  65. Patrick says:


    And the quote from Papel-Nuts just pours salt in the wounds…

    “That’s the nail in the coffin.” — 08.27.08, Jonathan Papelbon, after Dustin Pedroia’s seventh-inning grand slam

  66. Yankee1010 says:

    Man, they sure do look pretty in big spots.

  67. Axl says:

    Hahahahaha! These guys AREN’T trash?!? Look at them!! They sent 3 batters up with 2 men on and NO OUITS and got NOTHING!!! They are a DISGRACE!!! They should all be FIRED!!! EVERYONE!!!

  68. Jamal G. says:

    This comment from SoSH is priceless:

    Maybe Lester could put the secrets to his intestinal fortitude in a file on his laptop and, you know, just sort of leave it out in the open in the Portland clubhouse.

  69. Ivan says:

    If the yanks don’t make the playoffs, it’s going to be because of this inconsistent offense and the poor hitting in RISP.

    RISP yes is a stat that yes relies on some luck, but still don’t dismiss it as with pitchers with the win-lost stat. I love A-Rod but that’s pretty inexcusable that he hits less that .250 in that department.

    I will say this, just watch the yanks in 09 hit like .300 in RISP and A-Rod’s hitting like .340. I garantee it.

    • Jamal G. says:

      And the Twins wont even rank in the top five in the stat after be #1 this year. The stat is so unpredictable and fluky it its ludicrous to think that fans actually base a player’s worth on it.

      • Axl says:

        So under .230 with RISP but over .300 with out is just coincidence?!?!?

        So we’re cursed then is what you’re saying?

        • Jamal G. says:

          No, what I’m saying is that we are having an unlucky year w/RISP. There is no real explanation on why a guy can hit over .310 with no RISP, but hit under .250 w/RISP. Just like how the Twins don’t have the talented offense the Yankees do, but somehow they lead the league in BA w/RISP.

      • Ivan says:

        A-Rod this year is 1 for 10 in bases loaded situations. Yes it’s fair to blame A-rod for that lack of production cuz he’s too good for that., at the same time, what are the chances that A-Rod goes 1 for 10 in those situations? It’s very very small and unlikely, so yes luck does play a factor.

      • Yankee1010 says:

        I agree that it’s somewhat fluky, but nobody can watch A-Rod and not think that he’s pressing with runners on.

  70. Reggie C. says:

    A-Bombination needs to be sent to LA for Billingsley and Andre Ethier. Sign Tex and trade for Garrett Atkins.

  71. JohnnyC says:

    Jason Kidd at the stadium.

  72. Greg C says:

    Moose going out here and throwing 113 pitches and not really making any mistakes and no one bothering to hit again really pisses me off.

  73. JohnnyC says:

    You’re pissed? What about Moose?

    • Greg C says:

      Well by 2000 he got used to it with the Orioles and 2001 I’m sure he realized the Yankees were no cure for the disorder.

  74. JohnnyC says:

    Cano doesn’t even take a pitch well. Just stands there with his bat on his shoulder instead of getting into his stance in order to set a strike zone for the umpire.

  75. Hybrid Moments says:

    Fire Cashman.

  76. Axl says:

    If I were the Moose I would NOT sign another contract with the Yankees…they’re cursed and it’s a waste of time apparently

  77. JohnnyC says:

    Hire who?

    • Hybrid Moments says:

      I am pretty sure there is someone out there that is qualified for the GM position. The change this team needs extends from the field. It goes to the front office.

      • JohnnyC says:

        A name, any name.

      • pat says:

        If you think cashman is to blame then frankly youre an asshole and dont know anything about baseball.

        • Hybrid Moments says:

          Yeah I am an asshole for thinking a guy who put all his eggs in the prospect basket with only shit for back up plans should be fired. Nevermind that Cashman has never shown the ability to put together a competent pitching staff and that he passed on Santana so he could hope that Sabathia decides to sign here.

          • pat says:

            he passed on santana because they were asking for a rediculous package of prospects, overplayed their hand, and had to settle for a lesser one from the mets. And just wait until that contract is looked at as one of the worst in baseball in a few yrs.

          • Ivan says:

            Dude this team is not winning cuz of the offense.

            Just watch, Hughes will breakout in 09.

        • bklynJT says:

          The best thing a GM can do is put the best team out there on paper. Albeit there were alot of question marks going into the season, but the reason the team is so bad is because the player who EVERYONE thought would be producing, aren’t. Not Cashman’s fault.

          Maybe for just giving starting spots to Hughes and Kennedy, but we aren’t out of it because of our bad pitching, but our worse hitting.

  78. Smitt Dog says:

    Amidst all the negativity, its always exciting to hear the good Dr. Ronan Tynan’s rendition of God Bless America, while trying to disregard the fact that he played the part of Sloth in the Goonies

  79. Axl says:


    • Nady Nation says:

      And we all hate you. YOU are the reason why all Yankee fans get a bad name.

      • bklynJT says:

        I support fans right to voice their opinion… but NN has a point.

        It was ok in the beginning, but now its just getting tiresome and repetitive. Someone replace the broken record.

  80. Ivan says:

    Not to take any credit from the sox pitching but yankee offense has been just below average right now and to be honest it’s really more yankee Offense than sox pitching.

  81. Bill N says:

    The look on their faces say it all……. way to battle fellas way to show some heart.

  82. Pops says:

    would u rather have just CC or would yoiu rather have Tex/Burnett or Tex/Ben

    • Yankee1010 says:

      I’d take CC, just because Burneet and Sheets will be hurt a lot. Tex would be nice, but having a lot of money tied up in Sheets or Burnett would not be prudent.

      • Pops says:

        we need a 1b so bad thoo.. it has to be stressed so bad.. if you think hank is gonna go into 09 with a platoon of miranda and giambi i dont think you will be right .. and tex would be a hell of alot more than nice look what he has done for the angels

  83. Bo says:

    This team has no startin pitching besides Moose. And who thought Moose would have an ERa under 4?

    They quit the day Joba left the mound in texas.

  84. Pops says:

    Rejuvenate the season lol !!!!!

  85. Greg C says:

    OK , 1 more run idiots.

  86. Bill N says:

    I have put mt foot in my mouth thank you Big G, jack daniels all around…..

  87. Pops says:

    i feel like the superfan from major league …. Dont worry they’ll blow it in the 9th

  88. Pops says:

    Ill still take Mark over Gman

    • Yankee1010 says:

      I think anybody whose last name isn’t Giambi would agree with you.

      • Pops says:

        not jamal

        • Jamal G. says:

          Just because I wasn’t declaring a guy with a career 146-OPS+ and .200-IsoP dead at the start of the year does not mean I would advocate having him over Mark Teixiera. I don’t want Tex because of the contract he will demand.

          • Ivan says:

            Agreed. Would you pay big money to a player who at his position, there are 4 or 5 players having better years.

          • But Jamal, think about this: What if we let all the expiring money (except Marte) walk? I mean Moose, Pettitte, Pavano, Pudge, Giambi, Abreu. That’s, what, 85M, give or take? (80M minus Giambi’s buyout)?

            Even if Tex and CC get, say, 22M and 25M per, that’s still a net savings of 33M in payroll to swap the declining production of those 6 for the stable, younger, healthier production of those two, and we don’t really have that many holes to fill.

            8-????? (Gardner, Melky, or some other upgrade)

            CC, Wang, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy

            • Pops says:

              Tex is worth a 7 or 8 yr deal if he has 5 or 6 prime years ahead of him… Gimme a break who cares bout the extra 2 years we did it with giambi and he worked out okay for us but he was 30 when we signed him right ??? ill give tex a 7 or 8 yr deal

          • Hybrid Moments says:

            Tex is an young, an elite defender, and can switch hit. Giambi’s contract worked out good for the Yankees (in my opinion) and Tex is a way better athlete then Giambi ever was.

  89. These are the moments Marte gets $6M for.

  90. Ivan says:

    Cano showing he’s better than Pedrioa. Or at least more talented. The guy has a SS arm.

  91. Jamal G. says:

    Why the fuck is Tito sticking with Okajima?

  92. Ivan says:

    Ellsbury range is pretty overrated.

  93. Ivan says:

    Im calling it. A-Rod GW Homerun.

  94. Bill N says:

    Does that flammer really have to dive or slide for everyball ?

  95. Yankee1010 says:

    It would be great if A-Rod could come up big here. Who knows, maybe it could start a miraculous run.

  96. JohnnyC says:

    ARod gets another chance here.

  97. Ben C says:

    WOW .206 in 7th or later since june 6th…. wow

  98. Pops says:

    god he looks bad

  99. Yankee1010 says:

    That seemed about right.

  100. Bill N says:

    Shocking……. No defending that.


  101. JohnnyC says:

    What was the name of that sports psychologist the Mets used and can someone give his number to Girardi now?

  102. Ivan says:

    Rough day for A-Rod.

  103. Yankee1010 says:

    In the biggest series of the year, A-Rod is 2-13, 1 RBI, 0 BB, 5 K, 2 GIDP, 1 error. Fun.

    • CJ says:

      And expected.

      • Yankee1010 says:

        I’m not an A-Rod hater, but I do think he presses way too much in big spots.

        When A-Rod said that the Yanks had to treat the last month and half like the playoffs, I didn’t know he meant it this literally. The man needs to settle down and let the game come to him.

      • usty says:

        Expected my balls. Without him carrying the team they don’t even sniff the playoffs last year…but as usual with him it’s what have you done for me lately with Yankee fans who for some reason don’t want him to succeed.

        • CJ says:

          You’re absolutely right that w/o him they wouldn’t have come close to the playoffs last year. And he’s still a fabulous, fabulous player who can do things no one’s ever seen before in terms of all skills put together.

          But it was still expected. Look at the numbers over the last week and this entire year. He doesn’t produce late in the game with runners on. He has int he past–and he should get mad props for it. But numbers are numbers, and those numbers made that result expected. Combine that w/ how hard he’s pressing and how much he’s struck out over the last couple of weeks, and there’s no denying it.

  104. MikeKU says:

    Just shut him down. Cali it a horrific season.

  105. pat says:

    slowly turning into a lohud msg board…..

  106. CJ says:

    Giambi so graceful.

  107. Ben C says:

    draw a walk and PR gardner cmoooooooooon

  108. Things Alex Rodriguez needs, like right now:
    -A psychologist
    -A slumpbuster
    -A new nickname
    -A publicist
    -Some of Wade Boggs’ good luck chicken, beer, or sex (preferably not from Wade)
    -For it to be 2009 already
    -For it to be 2007 again
    -For the early 2000 Rangers to have been an actual title contender so he could have stayed put and won rings and cashed fat checks in relative anonymity
    -Lineup protection
    -Doug Mientkiewicz
    -Johnnie Cochran
    -A time machine
    -Self assurance
    -Some sort of catastrophe or natural disaster to take off some of this heat
    -Some lucky breaks
    -Grittiness, guttiness (see also, Pedroia, D.)
    -A wife
    -A prayer
    -A fucking big hit
    -A ring

  109. pat says:

    bring in bgardner baby

  110. Hybrid Moments says:

    Bring in Gardner so he can be stranded.

  111. Ben C says:

    it is joe girardi’s fault and joe girardi’s fault alone that gardner is not on second right now

  112. CJ says:

    Cano’s lack of fundamentals baffles me.

  113. IvanS says:

    This is awful. Why is cano faking bunting, gardner not running, and putting yourselves in an 0-2 hole?

    • Stephen says:

      he smoked that ball though

      • CJ says:

        He did, but it’s still less than a 1 in 3 chance he’ll get a hit. A sac bunt, though, is nearly a sure thing if you’re fundamentally sound.

        • Chris says:

          1 in 3 chance of 1st and 3rd none out, or 100% chance of runner on second one out… I’ll take the chance of the hit.

          • CJ says:

            That’s fair, although I mistakenly put 1 in 3, when w/ Cano this year, it’s almost 1 in 4.

            You’re right, though; the swinging away is just fine by me. What really bothers me is that he *can’t* bunt, skill-wise. It’s unacceptable.

    • Yankee1010 says:

      They haven’t played good baseball all year. I’m not expecting them to kick into high gear on August 28th. But you never know. If they win this one, it could be the kickstart they need. And yes, I recognize that it’s highly unlikely.

      • CJ says:

        It’s crazy, isn’t it? We’re all still hoping. The chances are seriously less than 1 in 20 that they come back and get in the playoffs, but our love and hope won’t die. Kinda sad, kinda beautiful.

  114. Stephen says:

    They tied it? I’m shocked I tell you, I’m shocked!

  115. Jamal G. says:

    Alex Rodriguez had a OPS of over 1.000 in the months of May, June, and July. But forget that shit, he is bad in one situational stat that focuses solely on the dumb Batting Average stat so he sucks this year. Boo this man!

    Nine more years of the guy who has at least 35-HR and 120-RBI in the past three seasons?!?!?! Noooooo!1111!!1!

    • Pops says:

      i know jamal 9 more years of no rings… fuck that guy a rod

    • Jamal, I’m still trying to figure out if you’re actually trying to convince us or yourself that RISP production really doesn’t matter.

    • Stephen says:

      he’s not slugging well in those situations though. .413 with RISP, .474 with men on, .375 with a man on 2nd, .444 with a man on 3rd, .286 with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Yea, he’s getting on base, but he’s pretty much only walking in those situations.

    • bklynJT says:

      Dude, you can’t deny that this guy sells out in pressure situations. You can throw all the stats you want, but he doesn’t get the job done in the big spots, small sample size or not.

      According to fangraphs, ARODs clutch stat is -2.32 this year.
      Unfortunately I have no idea how that stat is calculated or what the league average is. =)

    • usty says:

      HAHA. Exactly. What frightens me is that it still seems like there is this contingent of Yankee “fans” who seemingly take pleasure in the smallest of A-rod’s failures. I don’t understand the constant need of some people to throw him under the bus all the time. I, for one, will love watching the best player in baseball play 3b for us for the next 9 years. It just drives me crazy that some people don’t.

  116. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    My comment got eaten, so I’ll say it again:

    Is this the 100th time this season that Cano has smoked a ball right at a fielder? It sure feels that way.

    If that ball is hit maybe four feet to the right, left, or up, Gardner’s probably on third with no outs.

    • Jamal G. says:

      His BABIP is .050 points off his career mark. He is having a horribly unlucky season. But people are dumb so they’ll blame it on the lack of Larry Bowa’s presence and Cano being “too cool”.

      • Stephen says:

        he was just so bad in april it’s screwed up his stats. he’s been fine since then.

      • The Fallen Phoenix says:

        I mean, his LD% and K% are both at or around where it’s been the last two years; it’s simply unbelievable how unlucky Cano’s been this year.

        Not increasing that BB% does concern me; I’m not sure Cano will ever learn plate discipline. And despite all his talent, Cano hasn’t ever really shown the home run power that Vlad has, so a little more plate discipline from Cano would go a long way to making him a more complete offensive player.

        • Stephen says:

          can plate discipline be taught though? Vlad never has learned it. it’s a skill, either you have it or you don’t.

          • bklynJT says:

            Some stats for Cano (from fangraphs)

            2008 3.39 pitches/pa
            2007 4.41 pitches/pa

            2008 29% of pitches swung at were out of the zone
            2007 34% of pitches swung at were out of the zone

            This just means he is making better contact, or good enough contact to put the balls weakly in play. But the stats says he isnt swing at as many pitches out of the zone.

            Unfortunately, the ones he does swing at he pops up or grounds weakly to 2nd.

      • bklynJT says:

        His LD% is up almost 3% too.

        At the beginning of the year it seemed as if he was popping up quite a bit, but now it just seems as if he has been lining out quite a bit.

  117. Ben C says:

    not gonna lie, i know its risky, but i wouldnt mind a double steal right here

  118. This is why bringing in Garnder was a bad move. Nady isn’t bad on the bases, and they should have waited for Matsui, due up 3rd, to bring Gardner in.

  119. Ivan says:

    Is there a play more overrated than the bunt?

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      The intentional walk probably comes closest.

      • Jamal G. says:

        How is taking the bat out of a player’s hand overrated? What Joe Maddon did was genius. Down by four runs, bottom of the ninth, two outs, Josh Hamilton at the plate, and Marlon Byrd protecting him. Why in God’s name would you let Hamilton swing the bat there?

        I can see how the IBB can be overrated in a specific situation, but as a whole? No way.

        • Ivan says:

          word. the old story in sports don’t let the best player beat you.

          The GIAMBINO.

        • The Fallen Phoenix says:

          Most managers don’t really use the IBB that way, though.

          I can see using it to set up a double-play situation, for example, or using it when the drop-off between players in a batting lineup is huge.

          But in most cases, it doesn’t seriously increase your chance of winning the game when using it, and like the bunt, can sometimes decrease your chance of winning the game.

          When you consider the best players still manage to get themselves out ~60% of the time, I just think that – in general – it makes a lot more sense to just pitch around them than just to give them the free pass. Again, it definitely depends on the situation, but we were speaking generally.

          • The Fallen Phoenix says:

            Let me re-state my first sentence: most managers use the IBB, like the bunt, in a wider frequency of situations than they should.

          • Ivan says:

            the bunt is still worst. you barely gain an advantage and outs are very precious and you said it yourself, a good hitter, 7 out of 10 times he’s out. Why give one up then.

        • Chris says:

          Except the chances of Byrd hitting a 3 run double and tying the game after the walk are quite a bit greater than the chances of Hamilton hitting a home run and tying the game.

      • Ivan says:

        yea but the bunt is so dumb. Unless it’s obvious, the bunt make little sense.

  120. Pops says:

    does hilligross project to ever be a yankee like to help us

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      No, he projects to be a Yankee like to not help us.

      …in all seriousness, he doesn’t seem like a very high-upside player to me. So I think his ceiling is as a utility bat/glove.

  121. I’m trying to avoid visualizing the impending I-Rod GIDP here…

  122. Yankee1010 says:

    Bases loaded with one out. Not winning this would just be cruel.

  123. Pops says:

    uhoh g bomb from gman.. jamal wishes arod was up right now

  124. IvanS says:

    i am shocked that pudge didn’t swing at that pitch a foot outside…

  125. CJ says:

    Just want to state, for the record, my distaste for Papelbon. That is all.

  126. Jamal G. says:

    Tommie, I’m not saying it doesn’t matter. I’m saying is fucking ridiculous that people would actually rate a player based on a singular situational stat. It’s fucking stupid beyond epic proportions.

    • Agreed. It is fuckingly stupid beyond epic proportions.

      And yet, to simply dismiss it as a stat that is “fluky” or “unpredictable”, and therefore, somehow off-limits as a valid criticism of a player if he performs differently in those critical situations is also stupid.

      All I’m asking for, Jamal, is a middle ground. I agree with you that tools who think we should cut/trade/never have signed ARod because of him having a bad year in RISP are, by and large, knee-jerking morons. But saying that you’re not at all concerned by his repeated struggles in RISP by claiming that there are no trends that can possibly be evaluated from the stat, or that the knee-jerkers don’t have a point at ALL about his RISP stuggles is just as naive and disingenuous.

      • Chris says:

        The problem for me is that whenever people talk about RISP, they only look at batting average. I thought we realized that batting average is a horrible stat back in the 80s.

        A-rod currently has a (slightly) higher OBP with RISP than he does in all situations, but everyone focuses on his BA.

        • Jamal G. says:

          I hate the stat in-general, but what tips me over the edge is the focus on Batting Average solely.

          • Chris says:

            I go back and forth on the value of situational hitting. When you look back on the season, I think it’s important to understand how players and teams did in specific situations. For the MVP for example, I don’t think it’s wrong to consider hitting with RISP and other such stats. Of course they’re largely based on luck, but doesn’t luck play a part in the game? Why should we completely discount something just because luck was involved?

            On the flip side, if I’m a GM planning for the future, I throw those stats out completely because they fluctuate from year to year and over a career will generally equal out to a players career numbers.

          • I’m 100% with you there.

            That’s why when I complain, I give you the tripleslash. I’m less concerned with BA and more concerned with his inability to slug over .500.

            e.g., both ARod and Adam Dunn have cruddy RISP BA’s, but Dunn’s still mashing. He either draws a walk or turns on a pitch for a 2B/HR. ARod either walks or pops out.

            Dunn, 2008 RISP: .260/.418/.596

      • Jamal G. says:

        My point is, what can you draw from a player who hits w/RISP? The stat for these players fluctuates so much year-to-year that it makes zero sense to me that people come to any conclusions based on it. I do not see how this stat can be used for any type of evaluation at all, I really don’t.

        David Eckstein has a .306-BAw/RISP. What does that mean? Would you rather have him on your team than Jericho Scott?

      • Ivan says:

        Jamal, he makes a good point.

  127. IvanS says:

    great bunt situation….

  128. Bill N says:

    Please G, comeon and win this

  129. If this drags out it’ll remind me of the 2004 5-4 win (Halsey v. Pedro, anyone?)


  131. Jamal G. says:

    Eat it, Papelblown.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      You know, the Yankees have gotten to Papelbon so (relatively) often these last three years; I never feel uncomfortable when he comes into the game for Boston.

      He still has incredible talent, don’t get me wrong, but he’s nowhere near as automatic as Mariano Rivera is.

      • pat says:

        I completly agree

      • andy says:

        I also agree, but most Red Sox fans I know feel the same way about Rivera- automatic for others, but not too threatening against the Red Sox. It’s totally anecdotal of course, and I’m too apathetic to look up the stats, but that’s what I’ve been told- though I’ve got all the confidence in the world.

        • Whitey14 says:

          Provided Papelbon remains a Red Sox for most of his career he’ll have the same problem against the Yankees that Rivera has had against Boston (and I think Baltimore too), it’s called familiarity. It’s why pitchers like Pedro and Wakefield struggled against the Yankees too. Once you’ve seen a pitcher 20+ times you better have a clue how to hit him at least decently.

  132. Pops says:

    comeback kids

  133. Yankee1010 says:

    Mortimer, we’re back ….

  134. CJ says:

    Wow, Giambi. I didn’t see that coming. Love it. Won this game almost single-handedly.

  135. Stephen says:

    i’m shocked. they’re still done for this season, i think.

  136. Jamal G. says:

    Alex Cora is such a moron. You see him trying to tell Jacoby Ellsbury to throw the ball in? It was tied moron.

  137. Bill N says:

    Pssssst Alex take notes.. That’s how you hit in the clutch.

    • Chris says:

      You do realize that for his career, Alex has been just as clutch as Jeter? They’ve both done just as well with RISP and other situational hitting as they do in every single at bat.

      • bklynJT says:

        What about career as a yankee ???

      • bklynJT says:

        I checked fangraphs and it says

        Arod career clutch stats -8.41
        Jeter career clutch stats 2.48

        Thats a difference of 10!! I’m not sure how these values are calculated or what the median is, but thats definitely not “just as clutch”

        • Chris says:

          I looked at their career splits on baseball reference. They both have basically the same OPS in their career as they do with RISP.

          • bklynJT says:

            Oh i see, but clutch stats also take into account late game scenarios. Not completely sure what accounts for a clutch ab, but i think it has to do with 7th inning or later being down by runs, etc.

  138. Smitt Dog says:

    Walk off win for the Yanks in their last home game aginst the Sox. We can at least be proud of that.

  139. pat says:

    if anything was to give us momentum it has to be that. Unfortunately this season after big wins we seem to come out and play like shit again for a few games. Lets hope this gets their heads out of their collective asses

  140. Ivan says:

    Great win.

  141. Jamal G. says:

    I know it wont be at The House That Ruth Built, but I really want that final series at Fenway to decide one of these club’s October fate.

  142. Pops says:

    we go in the final series 1 game back of boston that would be great

    • Jamal G. says:

      If a team is tied with another team for a playoff spot in both their overall records and head-to-head records, what does MLB go to next? A one game playoff or do they look at the respective divisional records of the two teams?

      • Chris says:

        If it decides who is in the playoffs, and the records are tied, they play a one game playoff. Head to head records and other tie breakers only matter if oth teams are already assured of playoff spots.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona Beach says:

        If its for a playoff berth, it always goes to a one game playoff.

  143. Andy In Sunny Daytona Beach says:

    Sooo….Anything exciting happen today?

  144. JC says:

    Only seems right that Mo gets the win the last time we meet the Sox at the stadium… great stuff, may not be enough but great stuff all the same

  145. Pops says:


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