Giese to the DL, but neither Phil nor Carl will start yet

The replay debate continues
The end of blackouts on the horizon

Mark Feinsand reports that Dan Giese is hitting the DL with rotator cuff tendinitis. As the Daily News scribe tells us, Giese will follow a similar rehab plan to that of Joba Chamberlain. More interest, however, is the news that neither Carl Pavano nor Phil Hughes — who Chad Moeller says looks great — will make Giese’s start on Tuesday. The Yanks want to see the two rehabbing hurlers hit 100 pitches in a Minor League game first.

The replay debate continues
The end of blackouts on the horizon
  • ChrisS

    I don’t like the “new pitch” chicanery. I’d rather hear the Hughes has absolute control over his fastball, curveball, and change.

    And he says the fastball is good, so happy day.

    • Steve

      Its not “chicanery”, he’s throwing from a 3/4 arm angle as opposed to the over the top delivery he had last year when he was primarily a fastball-curveball guy, which as we all know didn’t work.

      There’s too much to go into as to why he did it, but 3/4 is the way he threw when he came up and it means his curve will have less bite. So he had to come up with a new repertoire. I’m excited to see the new/original Phil Hughes.

  • Steve

    I don’t know why we wouldn’t want to get 90-100 pitches here instead of letting them be thrown in Scranton. He’s been dominating in AAA, I’d rather get 5 good MLB innings out of him than 6-7 innings in AAA. In case nobody’s noticed, were slipping out of the pennant race.

    • http://deleted Randy

      i agree 100%. i’m a little confused as to how they’re taking this “race.” some of the decisions they’re making are beginning to make me believe that they are conceding this year. at this point, a healthy hughes is a better option to me than a mediocre to bad rasner. why is it that with the deficit they have they want them to throw a 100 pitches in AAA. if the issue is effectiveness than i understand, but if it is a stamina thing i don’t get it.

      • steve (different one)

        we are talking about a difference of 5 innings.

        if you really think 5 innings is going to make a difference at this point, i don’t know what to tell you.

        there is no point in rushing him. if he can’t throw 100 pitches, he’s only going to go about 5 innings in the majors.

        why risk it?

        • Steve

          Risk what? He’s a pitcher, are we scared to let him throw pitches?

          And how is there any less “risk” throwing at AAA as opposed to Yankee stadium?

        • http://deleted Randy

          his job is to pitch and he’s a better option that rasner. you should be going with your best. regardless if its five innings or not. what are we risking by the way?

          • Joey H

            sya we rush him back, its exactly that, RUSHING! something you cant do with a kid who has no wins in a handful of starts this year

            • Steve

              He is DOMINATING AAA hitters. “Rushing” implies that he’s not ready yet. He has MLB experience. This is not an issue.

  • stuart

    that is very good news.. A cut fastball is still a fastball. he is not throwing a knuckleball, the guy is 22 let it rest.. Hughes is a student of pitching that is real good…

  • Ivan
    • Steve

      Say something funny Mike.

      • Jamal G.

        Heh, I LoL’ed at this.

        • Steve

          Thanks! Thats the first thing I think of when I think of MadDog.

          Sort of like when I think of George Carlin, the first thing I think of is him saying “Have you ever noticed that most of the women who are against abortion are women you wouldn’t have fucked in the first place?”

  • dkidd

    off topic, but what’s going on with cole and bleich? isn’t the deadline to sign them like…tomorrow?

    • Mike A.

      Yep, midnight tomorrow. They’ll both sign, don’t worry.

      • Steve

        And Yolander Alonso seems to be best buddies with A-Rod and might play a year in independent ball to set up a Yankee draft pick next year. Or so we can hope . . . .

        Actually, it makes some sense for him. If the Reds won’t go above 3 mil, the Yanks could give him 8 or more next year and a MLB deal. Thats worth the risk of playing another year.

        • Mike Pop

          maybe if he says out publicly i will only sign with the yankees.. thats the only way he lasts to us …..

          • steve (different one)

            hey, we might pick in the top 10 at this rate…

          • Steve

            Do you think another team will waste a draft pick on him after this debacle? Plus this story getting out?

            I don’t. I would imagine A-Rod has (off the record) talked to everyone involved, and Alonso has an idea of what the Yanks would offer him next year. If he’s willing to play a year in independent ball (in this area no less) I suspect he knows ehere he’s going. You don’t throw away 3 mil unless you have an idea whats waiting for you next year. Also, don’t forget the Yanks should have a TON of picks next year with all the free agents leaving.

            I could even see the Yanks passing on him in the 1st round, and grabbing him in the supplemental or 2nd round, knowing he’s not going anywhere else. Don’t forget in 2006 Betances made it clear he would only play for the Yanks, and was a 2nd round talent who dropped to the 8th round as a result.

            • steve (different one)

              Betances is a very bad example though.

              what would Alonso do if he were drafted again next year? play independent ball for ANOTHER season?

              Betances was 18 and very very raw. Alonso is a polished college bat.

              every year he sits out is costing him a lot of money as it pushes free agency back a year.

              i bet he signs.

              • Steve

                We’ll see.

                But don’t forget teams have an out now, they get the same pick again next year if the draft pick doesn’t sign. That gives the teams more leverage and makes small market teams less likely to pony up big bucks for draft picks. If he feels he’s not getting what he deserves, they won’t make a deal.

                Reports are they’re WAYYY apart at this late date. Cincy is not going above 3 mil and he wants double that.

                • steve (different one)

                  yeah, maybe you’re right.

                  he might not sign.

                  but i still say that if he is in the draft next year, there is no way he’d fall to the second round.

                  the Tigers would grab him and pay him.

  • Neil

    I posted this in another thread but i didn’t get enough responses,

    My 2009 Team, I’ll try me best to keep it realistic(sp):

    Wang (Arb elig: Give him another 1 yr deal say around 7 mil)
    C.C. (120 mil/6 yrs)
    Joba (<500K)
    Pettite(8 mil/ 1 yr)

    Total Rotation Cost: 36 mil

    Rivera (15 mil)
    Veras (< 500K)
    E-Ram (< 500K)
    Marte (6 mil)
    Robertson (< 500K)
    Orlando Hernandez? or vet. RHRP( 1 mil)
    Geise (< 500K)

    Total Bullpen Cost: 24 mil

    Total Pitching Staff Cost : 60 mil

    Kennedy and Melancon will likey be on the roster before the end of the season.

    LF Damon (13 mil)
    SS Jeter (20 mil)
    DH Matsui (13 mil)
    3B A-Rod (32 mil)
    2B Cano (6 mil; Predicting huge bounceback yr)
    RF Nady (arb ellig, 8 mil/1 yr)
    -C Posada (13 mil)
    1B Betiemit (arb ellig 2 mil/ 1 yr)
    CF Melky (arb ellig 1.5 mil/ 1yr)

    Lineup Cost: 108.5 mil

    C Molina(2 mil)
    SS Felipe Lopez (1 Mil)
    CF Gardner (<500K)
    1B Duncan (<500K)

    Bench Cost: 4 mil

    Total Positional Players Cost: 112.5 Mil

    Total Roster Cost: 172.5 mil

    -Gardner and Melky will both share time in CF until Jackson is ready.
    -Matsui learns to play a little 1B in Spring Training.
    -Betietmit plays against RH, and Duncan against LH.
    -Lopez and Molina can take time away from Betiemit/Duncan by having Molina at C and Posada at 1B/DH, or Lopez at SS and Jeter at DH
    -Melky/Gardner can take time away from Betiemit/Duncan by having Melky in RF, and Garner in CF.
    -Juan Miranda could get called up to play 1B/DH depending on the circumstances.

    What we haave here is a very flexible roster, with multiple players having the ability to play multiple positions.

    *If Furcal is willing to sign for 36 mil/ 3 yrs then sign him to play SS and leadoff, move Jeter to LF, and trade Damon.

    • Mike Pop

      are u high ? move jeter to left field ? lmao

      • dkidd

        won’t he have to move at some point? does anyone want to picture him playing ss at 38?

        • steve (different one)

          it’s a solid roster, but i think they’d need another bat and some sort of CFer.

          Pat the Bat in RF, Nady at 1B.

          mystery meat in CF.

          Kotsay? Jody Gerut?

          just someone who can catch the ball and sniff a .750 OPS.

          it’s not a lot to ask.

          • Mike Pop

            everyone needs to stop telling themselves Mark isnt a necessity.. Texiera is so important for us.. Giambi been great but who knows ya know.. Tex would give us one of the best IF in baseball.. Tex and CC they need to go all out and do whatever they can to try and have them.. Tex or Manny needs to be had

            • Ivan

              While he’s a better, Texiera reminds me of Beltran. You wanna Pay 140M+for a terrific but not a great player.

      • Steve

        Jeter’s numbers don’t work at any corner position. Not LF, not 1B. Not enough pop for a winning team.

        If he is to be moved, it will be to CF.

  • Scott

    Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has left WFAN, and has signed a long term deal with Sirius Radio.

    • Mark B

      Good riddance to one of the most obnoxious and annoying voices on the radio

      • Scott

        You have to respect what Mike and the Dog have done over the years. They were Pioneers in this industry, When they started in 1989, it was way before its time. I will remember this show as a major part of my youth, I can remember yelling at Mad Dog while listening and even had the opportunity to get into a heated Yankee argument with him.

        • Ivan

          He was a moron that was entertaining.

          • BklynJT

            Words cannot explain the joy in my heart.

            • steve (different one)

              They were Pioneers in this industry,

              right, but this isn’t a good thing.

              they paved the way for hundreds of idiots to spout uninformed nonsense on the radio!!

              but they were first.
              so that’s something….

          • Jamal G.

            I wish Chris Russo had his own show, at least he does not take himself too seriously, he has fun with being a dick. The fat prick on the other hand is a different story, I just get perturbed listening to him. At least with Russo he entertained me, Mike just aggravates me.

            • Ivan

              Like he will cut people off when people disagree with him. He thinks he knows everything and acts like dick too. I will say this, he is smarter than Russo.

              Mean Russo is a idiot who entertain you with his moronic thinking. You just watch the show so you hear what this moron is gonna say that gonna be dumb.By the end of the show you gonna say “you idiot” while laughing a whole bunch of times.

              • Jamal G.

                Exactly. There is no doubt that Chris Russo is moronic beyond belief, but he was still entertaining. Mike Francessa is just a fucking asshole, who is just as ignorant (I don’t think he knows more than Russo, I really don’t, I just think he tries to create this perception that he does), but also insanely arrogant. I’ve never met someone so stubborn, yet so ignorant. One of the most painful combination for a human personality.

                Do you know Francessa said just this week that Joba Chamberlain is still most valuable as a closer? Even Russo admitted he was wrong, he even assumed Mike would do the same when Russo said “we were wrong, we admit it…”. But no, Mike’s arrogance just rules over him.

                • Ivan

                  That’s Francessa. Yeah I heard him with the Joba stuff. Like he’ll make little slick comments like how come no body talking about the BP doing so well (when the BP was struggling) and now Joba’s hurt, if he was in the BP he wouldn’t be hurt and bp would be in good shape, some crap like that.

                  Numorous times when he could admit he’s wrong he doesn’t and let his arrogant behavior argue something that is clear he’s gonna lose and look like a dick. But that’s Francessa.

            • Steve

              I know what you’re saying, but when Mike does his solo shows they are much more laid back, he’s not as big an asshole and know it all. His solo shows almost have a WNYC or old Larry King radio show feel to them. Much more slow paced, much more conversational as opposed to confrontational.

              I have the feeling that Dog got on his nerves A LOT and he took it out on the callers.

              • Ivan

                The one thing though is that Francesa has alot of Power in WFAN. If you tick Mike off or he doesn’t like you, your screwed.

  • D.B.


  • TurnTwo

    breaking from Kepner: Cole going to UCLA, not signing.

    • Ivan


      • TurnTwo

        dont have the exact link, but its on his blog

        • Steve

          Here’s the story

          “When the Yankees drafted pitcher Gerrit Cole in the first round of the June draft, they believed that Cole would sign with them and forego a college scholarship. It turns out that Cole has changed his mind and will go to U.C.L.A. instead.

          According to a person involved in the negotiations, the Yankees have learned that Cole intends to go to college, no matter what they offer. The person was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly before Friday’s deadline for teams to sign drafted players.

          Cole is represented by the agent Scott Boras, who is known for asking for lucrative bonuses. But the Yankees have reached deals with first-round Boras clients the last two seasons, and the person said the failure to sign Cole had nothing to do with him.

          Instead, Cole and his father had a change of heart and decided to go to college rather than negotiate with the Yankees.

          “It was not a negotiating issue,” the person said. “It was not a number issue.”

          The Yankees will receive a compensatory pick in next year’s draft for failing to sign Cole, a right-hander from Orange Lutheran (Calif.) High School who throws 98 miles an hour with a hard slider and changeup.

          Cole grew up rooting for the Yankees, and even attended the 2001 World Series in Arizona, hanging out in the lobby of the Yankees’ hotel and gawking at the players. But with a chance to become a Yankee less than seven years later, Cole has chosen college instead.”

          • Jamal G.

            I agree with Lane Meyer. Wait until Saturday, August 16th, 12:00AM-EST to have any kind of reaction.

  • Jake H

    Ya there is a link at nomass for the blog.

  • Mike Pop

    god has it in for us

  • Mike Pop

    is it for real hes not signng hes going to ucla

  • D.B.
  • mustang

    I don’t see what the big deal is the Yankees don’t need a 5th starter to the 23rd. Leave Ranser in for one more start, he wasn’t that bad his last start, and they can pitch Hughes on the 23rd. Then they can replace Ranser with Pavano and have Ranser as the long man. By the 25th we could be looking at a 5 men rotation of:

    Not bad for what they had last road trip.
    Oh yeah then that guy Joba might be back I’m sure they can find him a spot somewhere.