Horne has torn rotator cuff

Buster Olney thinks patience is a good fit for young pitchers
Game 136: A four-day Halladay

Via NYYFans, Alan Horne’s father provides the dirt: “Alan met with Dr. James Andrews yesterday and after a complete hands-on exam and review of MRI/X-Ray pictures, he did a successful scope on Alan’s shoulder. He said there was a partial tear of the rotator cuff that he cleaned up along with some fray but was very specific that it was not considered a typical repair where you actually have to tie anything down. Also there was some fray along the labrum which he cleaned up saying that because nothing was considered a complete repair that Alan’s recovery should go well. Dr. Andrews went on to say that the issues going on with Alan’s shoulder this year would surely prohibit his arm from working the way it can and should, but that this will put him back on track.” That explains a whole lot. (h/t Steve, thanks for the email)

Buster Olney thinks patience is a good fit for young pitchers
Game 136: A four-day Halladay
  • A.D.

    Well here’s to a healthy Horne in ’09 and a return to his ’07 form. But we do have to wonder about his ability to stay healthy

  • E-ROC

    Does Horne’s inability to stay healthy has something to do with his mechanics? Or does Horne have the most god-awful bad luck?

  • bill

    Sad. He had a lot of potential. You never come back with the same stuff after a torn rotator cuff

    • whozat

      That’s a pretty broad statement. And not necessarily true. This wasn’t the kind of thing that Pedro or Schilling has had. It sounds much, much more minor.

      “Torn rotator cuff” covers a wide range of injuries, given that any kind of strain, no matter how minor, can be referred to as a tear. And, there are several different muscles in there as well. So, severity and placement of the injury have a lot to do with the long-term effects. Given how minor this sounds, and that the doctor “was very specific that it was not considered a typical repair where you actually have to tie anything down” it sounds to me like you’re jumping to conclusions. But, then, you always do that.

      I was on the spot-starter-now-turning-into-a-power-reliever-later band-wagon with Horne, so I still think he could fill that role. Or, perhaps, improve his stock enough that he could be valuable trade bait. It still sucks that he’s had another injury-riddled year. Doesn’t bode well for his long-term longevity. But, we’ll see.

      • Steve

        You’re right, but consider Horne’s injury history. He took TWO years to recover fully from TJ surgery. He was drafted in 2005 and has one healthy season under his belt.

        I generally think that pitchers who you draft hurt tend to stay hurt, and guys like Horne and Christian Garcia prove my case. For every John Smoltz I’ll give you 5-10 of these guys, so its a pretty safe bet on my part.

        • Steve

          BTW-I know that pitchers can recover fully from TJ surgery, it was named after a famous Yankee who I grew up watching that joined the Yanks after he had the procedure and won 20 games for them.

          I just don’t like drafting pitcher that are hurt, for whatever reason. How many times do you see guys with lights out stuff who just cant stay healthy. They’re worthless to you as an organization if they can’t stay on the field.

          • bill

            Lets hope its not Pedro rotator cuff

  • r.w.g.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t end up like Scott Rolen.

  • Steve

    Time to make Alan a reliever? Its been discussed before, this just might settle it. He certainly hasn’t held up as a starter.

  • Baseballnation

    Yes! And with 3 plus pitches he’ll become the best reliever in the whole system aside from a guy name Melancon.

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  • Hitman

    Tough luck for Horne. I knew Cashman should have traded him after he had that career year but again he likes to hord even the most borderline prospects sometimes and then when he does trade them he trades them for shit most of the time. Unbelievable.

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