Moose doesn’t win, but Yanks do

Scranton walks-off with a playoff spot
'Save the Stadium' movements coming a bit too late

By the time the Yanks’ bats came alive last night, Mike Mussina had hit the showers. He missed out on his first crack at 17 wins, and as his quest for that elusive 20-win season continues, he’ll have one more shot next week against the Red Sox in New York. Meanwhile, the Yanks won to keep pace with the victorious Red Sox and Rays.

Tonght’s game started out on a strong note. Three batters into the game, Radhames Liz had yet to retire a batter, and the Yanks had runners on 1st and 2nd and one run in. But A-Rod hit into a double play, and Jason Giambi struck out. While the Yanks were, at that point, 2 for 4 with runners in scoring position, it was an unsatisfying way to start the game.

When the Orioles came up in the first, it was clear that Mike Mussina didn’t have his best stuff and wasn’t getting close calls behind the plate. He allowed runs in the first, third and fourth before settling down, but he stood to be the losing pitcher after allowing a run in the sixth — his final inning of work. On the night, Moose gutted it out through six innings and allowed four earned runs on nine hits. He walked none and struck out three. In other words, he was good but not good enough to earn himself that win.

After Moose hit the showers, though, the Yankee bats took over. They scored two in the eighth and four in the ninth behind five Bobby Abreu hits, a Cody Ransom three-run home run and a Xavier Nady blast. Twice tonight the Yanks went back-to-back with home runs. Robbie Cano and Jose Molina accomplished the feat earlier in the game, pushing Liz out.

Once Mariano Rivera nailed down the final out of the 9th for a four-out save — thank you, Damaso Marte — the Yankees walked away with a comfortable 9-4 win over the last-place Orioles. They’ve maintained a six-game gap between them and the Red Sox in the Wild Card race and stand to return home with at least a .500 record on their AL East road trip.

More importantly, they won a game in which Mussina didn’t have his best start and prior to the first effort by Carl Pavano since April of 2007. Who knows what they’ll get from Carl later today, but the pressure is off, albeit slightly, as the bats delivered a much-needed victory on a Friday in Baltimore.

Scranton walks-off with a playoff spot
'Save the Stadium' movements coming a bit too late
  • Manimal

    Yankees need to get a streak going. 6-0 would be nice. It seems just when they seem like they are emerging they collapse the next game. Pavano Prediction= 5.0 ip 7 H 2 BB 4 ER 3 K’s. That is if he isn’t struck by lightning or he doesn’t stub his toe and end up having to get it amputated.

  • Findley

    Pavano: 6.1IP, 8H, 3R, 2ER, 3BB, 4K.

    • Manimal

      Thats one of Ponson’s lines. 8 hits and 3 walks but only 2 (earned) runs.

  • Old Ranger

    34 to go, we definitely need a winning streak…28 of 34 say! The way Tampa and Rsox are playing, it may take that to make the play-offs. As far as Pavano goes, who knows, he could light it up or be lit up. Go Yanks, nice streak started last night, one of???? 27/08??

  • Old Ranger

    I was wondering, where are all the people that wanted Marte and were willing to trade (almost) anyone to get him? I don’t think I would call it a bust, yet…let’s see if he can adapt to the AL east…then we hang him. We all know of pitchers that have good records elsewhere, come to the AL east and fall flat. Will he adapt, who knows…? 27/08??

    • Babe’s Ghost

      Glad to see you’ve gone back to 08

      • Old Ranger

        Yup, TommiesmithJohnCarlos made me do it. He said it ain’t over yet, so there you are. 27/08??

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Chill, Nasty Nate… I’m somebody’s bitch!

    • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

      Listen, I know Marte has been a disappointment but I think Nady is a real keeper. Out of the rubble that is 2008 a building block for 2009 has come.

      • Old Ranger

        I agree with your assessment…

        X-man is a keeper, so is Marte. No one can predict the future, but Marte has to get use to the AL East. One can’t make the mistakes in the AL he (may have) made in the NL, and get away with them. He has talent, now the question is…is it enough for the AL East? I sure hope so, we have needed a lefty out of the pen.
        X-Man has done a good job for us, seems as if we got ourselves a solid player, not a star…just a good solid player. 27/08??

  • Yanksfan39

    pavano line = 3.2 ip, 7h, 5 er, 4 bb, 2k

    • Lanny

      Way to be optimistic.

  • Joltin’ Joe

    Pavano line: DNP

    • Geno

      That’s where the smart money is.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos


  • BigBlueAL

    The Yankees in 1995 finished the season 27-7 to win the Wild Card by a game. Could history by some miracle of God repeat itself this season????

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      By the grace of Mo.

  • JG

    Baseball can be a shocking game but then again a predictable game. We run up against pitching and more than not we know what to expect. Then in a season where the Bombers don’t bomb Mussina drops our jaw. Rambling for sure but with three fifth starters and good opposition we can predict October without us and for some fucking reason I just don’t want to believe that is this possible.
    There are enough games head to head against B-town, and the Manny-less have to face the Rays which you thought were good but would have never bet on. But now I’m betting they’d help us by hurting them. Possible for sure.
    I guess I’m just caught between a battle of logic and hope -as screwed up as a gambler. I understand what we have shown so far. Lack of ability to do anything against anyone who is not leaving the ball straight. Lack of ability to take good pitching out.
    But then again I know how good this team is.
    One month with A-Rod, Jeter, Abreau, Matsui ON and ON – like they can and should be. This team could beat anyone and often.
    Sometimes I wish they would just be Yankees – a group of the best.
    Damond – slashing hits over third base.
    Jeter – in side outing all day
    Abreau – seeing the tenth pitch and ripping a double
    A-Rod – laying the fuck off the breaking pitch – smashing his
    Giambi – flat away, pulling in
    Matsui – same old smart baseball
    Nady – keep mashing
    Cano – multi hit their face off
    Molina – just call it right for a rotation of: Pettit, Joba, Mussina, Hughes, Pavano – as good as they can be.
    Baseball can be shocking – and hopefully unpredictable – but nothing less than what we expect. If these guys can’t do it – that is what really leaves my head spinning.
    Shit – it’s 5am and I’m wasted.

    • Old Ranger

      Not bad, if you were right, in your optimistic supposition…we win wild card!?
      Good thing I don’t drink, but I don’t sleep much, so maybe your writing will look different in the later AM. As of now it looks fine.
      I only wish I was as good as you and a few others on this blog. I give people to much credit on their baseball intellect…so my son tells me. Or, like now, I just ramble on…good day people. 27/08??

  • Viasistina

    I think Cody now has more hits and home runs in one week then Jason has all month.

  • Andy wondering what the big yellow orb in the sky in Daytona

    Cody has a 5.000 OPS? What else does he have to do? Time for a 4yr/$56 million contract.

    • Steve H

      With an opt-out clause after 2 years, so then we can resign him for 5 yrs/80mil

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Two words: Minority Owner.

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFameDotCom

    I was at the game last night. Let me say this. Still a lot of the same BS. Not moving runnings, no productive outs, etc. Damon is god awful in CF and Girardi is doing a disservice to this team by running Johnny out there in CF as much as he is and at least put in somebody for defensive replacement in later innings when we are winning by a few runs. Also why no Pudge late in the game once we take the lead and there is a chance to tac on a run or two?

    Great another game where we end up bombing horrible pitching.

    On another note 2500th hit for Jeter was cool. The Cano homer was a SHOT. I got on TV for the highlites in baltimore because I was in the standing room area right around Boogs when he hit it.

    Like somebody else on here said we need a 6 or 7 game winning streak.

    • Old Ranger

      If you use Pudge and he gets hurt, then what?
      I agree with taking Johnny out of CF, replacing him with Brett. Replace Jason with Cody (until they get a book on him) or X-Man and move Johnny to LF.
      Moose did more then ok, he didn’t have his good stuff…still only gave up 3 runs. I’d take that from any pitcher any-day, and more then not, we would win…what do you know we did!
      Your last line is stupendous, I posted earlier; we need 28 of 34, impossible right? Only the Big Guy knows for sure.

      • DonnieBaseballHallofFameDotCom

        “If you use Pudge and he gets hurt, then what?” The same thing you would do if Molina got hurt and then Pudge got hurt. I know it is a risk, but it is a small risk. Girardi was suppose to be a manager with balls and he has shown very little of that this year with this team.

        “I agree with taking Johnny out of CF, replacing him with Brett. Replace Jason with Cody (until they get a book on him) ”

        With you 100 percent there.

        “I posted earlier; we need 28 of 34, impossible right? Only the Big Guy knows for sure.”

        I would like to see that but I somehow do not see this team of DH’es and horrible bench doing something like that especially when our pitching staff is not exactly the tops in the league.

  • Andy wondering what the big yellow orb in the sky in Daytona

    News Anchor on NBC was interviewing Bryan Cay (the decathalete) and she asked what its like to be compared to “Jim Thrope”. Chicks.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Was it Phil Mickelson’s wife? GOD, is she hot.

  • Viasistina

    Actually its just time to realize the Giambi is on a massive down slide- some of it due to age and some to “medication”. Pay him the $5M walk and get younger, agile and more defensive at 1B. Do we like Giambi’s bombs? Of course we do; did I like Giambi popping out with runners on 2’nd and 3rd with no one out? Of course I didnt. It’s time folks…

  • nick blasioli

    giambi goes..i agree and take hughes with him…hughes has not shown me anything..all last winter, i kept saying that..with santana, the yanks are in the playoffs….no question….oh well…heres hoping…

    • Old Ranger

      Jason goes I agree, Phil stays.
      Phil doesn’t have to show anyone but the powers that be. He has shown me that he’ll do whatever it takes to get ready for next start. He has had people playing with his motion and learning (control/command) the change. All the while, recovering from a broken rib…I say, he has shown us all his work ethic.
      By the by, Santana can only pitch, he sure can’t hit for these guys. Having Santana and his contract would be a millstone around Yankees neck, not to mention the players they wanted for him (that we know of). His pitching line in the little league (NL) is a disaster. Just think how it would be in the super league (AL East)! . 28/08??

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Yeah, Phil sucks, get rid of him.


  • mustang

    Good news Fox sports reports Beckett out and Wakefield in for Tuesday’s game. Although if the wind blows right Wakefield can have a big game, but i will take my chances with him over Beckett any day.

  • mustang

    I know even talking about moving A-Rod from the 4th spot will bring the wrath of RAB on me, but could they at least take out Giambi from the 5th spot and put in Nady. That 4th and 5th spot with RISP is killing the Yankees.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      1-Damon L
      2-Jeter R
      3-Abreu L
      4-ARod R
      5-Matsui L
      6-Nady R
      7-Giambi L
      8-Pudge R
      9-Cano L

      • mustang

        Yes, Thank you.

  • Viasistina

    Don’t get me started on the “best player in baseball”. This guy has the body language of a clam and the heart of hippo. Wouldnt you just love to put Jeter’s DNA into that body with that ability?