O say, can you see around that pole over there?


Back in the day, prior to the mid-1970s renovation of Yankee Stadium, support poles dotted the stadium, and it was possible to find a seat with a view of a pole and not the field. Today, the worst sight lines in the Stadium are found in the Upper Deck down the lines where the Tier juts out too far and blocks the view of the left- or right-field corners. That’s small beans compared with the problems in Fenway. In an amusing piece, Home Run Derby takes a look at some of the worst seats in the house. It sure must be nice to sit right behind the foul pole in Shea Stadium. Literally. (Hat tip to YFSF)

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  • Jim

    There’s a Brett Marshall Interview over at Pending Pinstripes. Brett seems like a cool kid. Can’t wait to see him pitch in the minors.

  • Rich M

    i believe I read somewhere that the new stadium has a major design flaw in that the restuarant in center field juts out and blocks the view from the bleachers. I heard that they are going to put Tv screens in so that fans with obstructed views can watch.