Shea seats selling fast

Not the best day at the office for A-Rod, Pettitte
What price seats at New York's new stadiums?

The Mets on Monday put the current Shea Stadium seats on sale via their Website, and they’ve been selling like hotcakes. According to a report in amNew York on Tuesday, the team has sold over 6000 seats at $869 a pair. David Freedlander writes that the Yanks will soon start putting parts of the old stadium on sale, but final details have yet to be worked out. You can bet that the cost for parts will be much higher than Shea, an ugly and relatively unpopular stadium with far less historical significance than Yankee Stadium.

Not the best day at the office for A-Rod, Pettitte
What price seats at New York's new stadiums?
  • Hitman

    It’s simply gotten to the point where it’s just not worth to watch a baseball game live anymore and the Mets aren’t charging nearly as much as the Yankees!

    • pat

      What the hell are you talking about? This post is about buying old stadium seats.

    • Ben K.

      That’s the noon post, Hitman. You’re jumping the gun there.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Meh, I think I’ll wait for the last 17 games of the season… the prices should start collapsing then, just like the 2007 Mets.


  • bill

    Ben K.: Do you know anything about Nik Turley, like what kind of stuff he has? He has good numbers in in the GCL and I noticed he is a 6-7 lefty. He could wind up being a prospect

    • pat

      ben HAAAATES off topic posts

      • Ben K.

        Considering that this is bill’s second off-topic post in the thread, yes. The other one was disappeared already.

        • pat

          ha i was wondering why the actual number of posts didnt match with how many the site said there were.

    • radnom

      I don’t think this “bill” character has ever posted an on topic post.

      Does anyone think that these seats could be a good investment? Not the Shea ones necessarily…but 1,500 for a Yankee Stadium seat you have to figure you will be able to sell it for a lot more in 20 years no?

  • Aaron

    When you guys hear details on purchasing items from Yankee Stadium (specifically when and how much) would you please be sure to share as quickly as possible. I’ve been saying for months that I hope to get something and my girlfriend thinks I’m crazy considering how much I’d be willing to spend. I know I’m not alone in that situation though.

  • Marshal Brett Marshall