An uneasy marriage

The case for A.J. Burnett
Torre heads back to October

In a typical fact-less anti-A-Rod column, Fox Sports’ Ian O’Connor writes about the uneasy marriage between the Yankees and their expensive third baseman. O’Connor doesn’t think that A-Rod will make it through his contract as a Yankee and anticipates the team’s trading him within five years. My only questions are thus: Why would the Yankees ever trade A-Rod to a team that would be in a position to compete against them? How would the Yanks replace A-Rod’s bat? A-Rod might not be the most beloved Yankee ever, but the two of them can’t really exist without each other anymore.

The case for A.J. Burnett
Torre heads back to October
  • Mike A.

    This is getting ridiculous. He and Pujols are far and away the two best players in baseball right now. Don’t hate the man because he had the common sense to sign two $200M+ contracts that were offered to him.

    If he maintains this level of production for another 5 years then starts on a normal decline, he’ll end up the as the greatest player to ever play the game. The Yanks would not be better of without him, and there’s no convincing me otherwise.

    • jsbrendog

      trade arod for pujols?

      • Jamal G.

        Albert Pujols is easily the better hitter, but A-Rod’s Major-League-average defense at Third Base and annual 20+ stolen bases are worth more in conjunction with the offense.

        • Mike A.

          Albert Pujols is easily the better hitter

          No he’s not. He may be better, bit not easily better.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Albert Pujols’s OPS+, 2001-2008 (age 21-28 seasons)
            157, 151, 187, 172, 168, 178, 157, 186

            Alex Rodriguez OPS+, 1997-2004 (age 21-28 seasons)
            120, 136, 134, 162, 160, 158, 147, 131

            Albert Pujols, career tripleslash:

            ARod career tripleslash:

            Albert Pujols, career K/BB ratio:

            ARod, career K/BB ratio:

            I could go on, I got pages of these…

            No he’s not. He may be better, bit not easily better.

            Wrong. Poo-Holes is a much better hitter than ARod. Much. Easily.

      • eVizions

        It’s a lot harder to find a franchise cornerstone at 3B than it is at 1B, so I’ll take ARod.

  • Reggie C.

    I’d do this trade: A-rod (and his whole salary) for Evan Longoria + David Price.

    Yay! O’Connor showed the way!!

    Not. Happening.

  • steve (different one)

    so you guys have a moratorium on tabloids, but will link to Ian O’Connor?

    dude is dumber than a rock.

    • Joseph P.

      But, but, but he PREDICTED ALL THOSE THINGS! He’s a modern day Nostradamus!

  • Jeremy

    This imbecile even contradicts his own thesis (ARod carries too much baggage to be valuable in the clutch) by pointing out that ARod was rock solid in the 2004 playoffs. And he pretends 2007, in which ARod was a monster in late-and-close situations, never happened.

    His evidence is a few tabloid distractions and the fact that most fans prefer Jeter to ARod. The whole slant is that ARod is upset because he didn’t supplant Jeter as everyone’s favorite Yankee.

    Throw in the offhand reference to ARod being selfish and there you go. An especially hackish version of an article we’ve already seen 1000 times.

  • Reggie C.

    Mike…. i’m in love with my trade proposal. do you think this trade flies? Argh. I’d even pick up 5 ML per year. Have you seen Longoria’s contract ?!

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Added bonus: There’s lots of average looking, elderly, retiree widows in Tampa for Alex to hook up with.

      We know how he likes ’em… with a little gray hair down there.

  • Jamal G.

    Ian O’Connor: Epic Douche.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      New York Mets: Epic Fail.

      At least we didn’t make the playoffs because we’re in a division with three other really good teams, and we couldn’t make up enough ground in enough time.

      The Mets are about to piss away the playoffs, in back to back years, choking all the way in September at home to the scrubs and the dregs of the weaker league.

      They can’t blow up Shea fast enough… it’s a graveyard.

      • eVizions

        And yet you can’t convince some people that David Wright isn’t superior to ARod…

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          I’m just glad the “Jose Reyes is better than Derek Jeter” lunacy seems to have stopped…

          • eVizions

            I guess it’s a compliment when someone has to constantly compare their players to yours. At least we can give give them Beltran over Melky…

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos

              … for now…

  • Inconnu

    “A-Rod might not be the most beloved Yankee ever, but the two of them can’t really exist without each other anymore.”

    WTF are you talking about????

    With the new stadium they could easily live without Choke-Rod’s drawing power, his bat isn’t so hot (although it’s better in odd years) and his defense is average. He is a “me” first player, and isn’t good with the media, so what do the Yankees need him for?

    The sooner they jettison this anchor, the better.

    • Jeremy

      His bat isn’t so hot? He is one of the best hitters in the league in a down year. In an up year he is the MVP.

      He is a “me” first player? What does that even mean? He won’t share his salary with his teammates? He wouldn’t take a bullet for Jeter?

      He isn’t good with the media – what is he, the manager? Who gives a crap, even if this were true?

      His job is to hit and field. He does the former extremely well and the latter adequately. And he is an “anchor” how, again?

    • Jamal G.

      What are you talking about? His bat isn’t so hot? He’s second in the A.L. in

      VORP (Grady Sizemore)
      EqA (Milton Bradley)
      RC/27 (Milton Bradley)
      OPS (Milton Bradley)
      HR (Carlos Quentin and Miguel Cabrera)

      Jeez, that Milton Bradley is having one helluva year, no?

      • jsbrendog

        yeah if bradley can get his albert belle-ian attitude and temper in check and keep healthy he could be great. in my humble opinion.

        • jsbrendog

          one mroe thing, being a dumbass and saying if you dont get a multi year contract you’ll retire…ugh come on dude

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        “Jeez, that Milton Bradley is having one helluva year, no?”

        Sample size and park effects say hello.

        • Jamal G.

          Speaking of park effects, Bradley’s OPS is 24% less than the average Texas Ranger playing away from Arlington. Yeesh.

  • Jamal G.

    You know what’s even dumber than the article? 38,443 people choosing “No” on the poll question:

    Will Alex Rodriguez be a Yankee in five years?

    • Jeremy

      Or 30% of those polled in the Post’s survey saying that the Yankees should get rid of ARod.

      Why does our team have so many idiot fans?

      • jsbrendog

        because thats what happens whe your team wins all the time, idiots who know nothing about nothing think they know something and all of a sudden become baseball fans but three weeks ago were like oh theyre not winning, go giants and if the yankees start to lose continually will be waiting for football all summer instead of rooting for the team they “like”

        ive said it for years, i am down for a few years of missing the playoffs to get rid of these idiot fans that make me want to stab them.

        Only problem is once they start winning again they just come right back lol

        its good to have a place like this where the quota on “idiot fans” is low. :-)

        i love this place. this palce has taught me so much on the yankees farm system and ive just sucked it up l;ike a sponge

        not everyoen can be like me and wait for baseball season all football and hockey season

        • Jeremy

          Well said.

          The more I think about that Post number, the sadder I get. It shows that at least 30% of Yankee fans don’t know the first thing about baseball.

        • eVizions

          I visited LoHud the other day for the first time to check it out. I couldn’t stand it for more than 15 minutes. I felt dumber after each post I read. Hopefully, the level of intelligence here stays where it is, cause I couldn’t fathom having to sift through the crap that they have over there.

          • Jeremy

            LoHud has some brilliant commentary but you have to sift through a tremendous quantity of drek to find it.

            • jsbrendog

              i really like the articles pete abe writes, i think he has a good perspective, i just dont even bother going into the comments there cause its just a whole buncha urine spilling over the side of the clogged toilet

            • eVizions

              Which pretty much makes it not worth it for me. I may not agree with everyone’s stance here, but at least you can have an intelligent conversation without having to deal with “that guy” and his ramblings hijacking a conversation. Often, I’ll change my point of view – or at least reconsider – after listening to someone’s reasoning here and others seem to do the same. LoHud may have more members, but collectively I think the IQ is a good 40 points higher here.

              • jsbrendog


      • usty

        I was in shock as the man leading our team in all offensive categories was booed during that ceremony last sunday. They should’ve all been given their Brosius jerseys and shown the door.

  • jsbrendog

    there was a list in the paper today of the girls derek jeter has dated.

    arods list is a stripper and madonna….maybe his marriage failed because he’s jealous of jeter lol

    even in real life this guy can’t carry jeter’s jock (other than the fact that arod is going to statistically be the greatest hitter ever. Note, EVER.)

    • Jamal G.

      A-Rod also hooked up with a Red Sox fan, in Boston, that he met during a game at Fenway Park. She was quoted in a Post article after news of A-Rod’s divorce was rampant, she said she was jeering him and he walked over and started talking to her. That’s just all sorts of awesome, he hooked up with a chic who was giving him shit during the game at the venue of his most hated rival.

      • jsbrendog

        haha i rememebr readint that

      • RCK

        That’s a good point.

        Also, whenever I see people comparing A-Rod and Jeter in the girlfriends department and giving Jeter the edge I just have to laugh. Does anyone actually think Alex Rodriguez has difficulty getting laid? Really? Men with half his money, a teeny fraction of his looks, and none of his fame regularly date super models. I feel certain that this is one area where the two of them are equals.

  • Clay Bellinger

    “…his bat isn’t so hot…” Check out the numbers. He’s got a fairly solid bat I think.

    What makes him a “me” player, other than your own random perception.

    “[He] isn’t good with the media…” What does this have to do with playing baseball? Who the heck cares how a guy is with the media as long as he can play.

    I will give you some credit though. Choke-Rod. Good one. Here’s a few more suggestions that I think you might like: How about “Un-Clutch-Rod.” Or “Doesn’t-Perform-Rod.” Or maybe “Hits-Badly-in-Clutch-Situations-Rod.”

    • Jamal G.

      LoL @ the Mets’ fans chanting “D-Rod” after David Wright’s strikeout last night in the ninth inning.

    • jsbrendog

      viagra-rod? enzyte-rod?

    • RCK

      The Dugout’s “e5-Rod” is at least clever.

  • dkidd

    i’m not an a-rod hater, but…

    “the two of them can’t really exist without each other anymore”


  • stuart

    NO TEAM in baseball would ever take him off the Yankees hand.. He is untradeable.

    Arod is a loser hell with reality continue with your fantasy and rottisiere nonsese.. If the Yanks did not eat part of his salary Arod would NEVER be traded even if it was for nothing.

    Yanks during the Arod era, 0 titles…

    • eVizions

      But if we ever did trade him (which I don’t think we will), we would definitely eat a large part of his salary. Knock $8M a year off the contract and you have a pretty good deal. That obviously wouldn’t look too good for us now, but in 4 years if we are desperate to trade him, we could easily pony up $30M to do that.

    • Jeremy

      Leaving aside the idiocy, ARod was supposedly untradeable after he signed his $252 million contract with Texas.

    • Mr. Faded Glory

      Yanks during the Wang era: 0 titles.
      Yanks during the Joba era: 0 titles.
      Yanks during the Mussina era: 0 titles.
      Yanks during the Phil Coke era: 0 titles.

      What a bunch of bums! Get rid of all of them!!!

  • eVizions

    Has anyone read Hank’s articles in the Sporting News? He’s got a regular column there, but he doesn’t even write the damn articles! It says at the bottom “as told to Chris Bahr”. Sounds like Hank just goes of on a rant and poor Chris tapes it and writes the article.

  • RCK

    Okay, I just read the whole piece, and it is moronic. A-Rod hate is to sports columnists what opening with a dictionary definition is to middle school essayists.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Analogies are to blog posters as crack is to crackheads.

  • Phil McCracken

    Ian O’Connor is a hack. I don’t know why he deserves any attention.

    Nobody cared what he had to say in USA Today, and that paper is made for people with a 4th grade education.

  • mustang

    His contract makes him un-tradable their only hope is for him to figure things out.

    • mustang

      Or hire a hit man.

    • usty

      Figure things out?!?! .300-35-101 with a .966 OPS after missing 22 games in a “down” year. Alex Rodriguez is not the reason the yankees are not playing october baseball.
      Blackholes at 8-9 in the lineup all year.
      Cano and his .700 OPS.
      Relying on 2 rookies to start the year in the rotation.

      There’s a vast list of reasons. Alex Rodriguez and his fluky RISP stat are not too high on that list.

  • Hitman

    I don’t see how Arod is tradeable with his contract. At 38 years old I don’t predict very pretty stats and for 27 million a year for 4 more years a team would need to be crazy to make that trade unless they’re looking to get rid of their own bloated contract.

    • steve (different one)

      not saying i disagree with you overall point, but A-Rod’s contract is front loaded.

      he’ll “only” be making about $20M in the last years of that contract.

  • gg

    am i the only one who thinks ardo si going to win a title with the yankees? in fact, multiple titles, they have things to get in order CF the rotation, they will be fine though