BA’s Sally League Top 20 Prospects

Fixing a 90-win team
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Baseball America’s look into each league’s top 20 prospects hit the South Atlantic League today, and disappointingly (is that a word?) only two Yanks’ prospects made the list: Jesus Montero & Austin Romine at numbers 7 and 8, respectively. No Betances is surprising, but what can you do. The Florida State and Eastern Leagues will be posted next Monday and Tuesday,

Fixing a 90-win team
links for 2008-09-24
  • jim

    these ratings are a joke. Montero should be rated way higher and betances should be on this list.

  • Ivan

    To be fair, Betances while he did came on the second half, you have to take in account that he was hurt this year and struggled with his control (more so in the first half and improve in the second half) Plus, looking at that list, Considering the the huge depth of position players and pitchers like Bumgarner and Chacin, Betances chances making the list were minimal. Plus, who would you take off that list and replace it with Betances?

  • Ivan

    Now again as I said before, while the list was difficult to rank, I thought overall it was somewhat shaky. Villalona ranked over Montero was one of them, I thought Mike Stanton was ranked too high considering I thought he wasn’t the best prospect on his own team. I was a tad surprise that Romine was higher than he was considering he was ranked higher than Freeman. Overall the SAL League might have the best collection of young talent this year.

    • Eric

      Did you see the numbers Stanton put up this season? 39 homers and a .993 OPS for an 18 year-old in full season ball is just plain ridiculous. I think one could argue that he should be ranked higher.

      • Pablo Zevallos

        I don’t think that the average will hold up with so many strike outs. I think he’s ranked just fine.

  • Reggie C.

    Romine’s placement was a bit generous i thought too. The write-up was interesting as it seems as if managers think there’s a mine of untapped defensive potential + gap power to make him a real gem of a catcher. If he can his throwing runners % up to 40% and slug .450 — that’d be a real quality catcher.

    • Ivan

      I ain’t taking anything away from Romine, he has some very good tools especially his arm(I think he had like the second best arm at the C position in HS) can play some good D and has power. He can certainly be a legit top prospect and he was a 2nd round pick last year, so it’s not like he came outta no where.

  • jim

    montero should at least be in front of dominguez

  • Frank

    Not to bring up sour grapes… but what are any of the Red Sox prospects doing on there? Kalish and Lin can take walks… Lin steals bases. That’s about it.

    I mean, can a guy batting .240 really be the 12th best prospect in the league?

    • AndrewYF

      The Red Sox think highly of both of them, so clearly they must be good.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    My top 10 list:

    1. Heyward
    2. Bumgarner
    3. Chacin
    4. Montero
    5. Dominguez
    6. Burgess
    7. Villanona
    8. Romine
    9. Betances
    10. Freeman

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Surprising from Callis’s chat today:

    mike (nj): Jon Niese or Carlos Carrasco?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Niese.

  • Mulls

    not having stanton in the top 10 renders that list totally void