Bleich makes his pro debut

Sheppard on final game: 'If I can be there, I shall be there'
Game 140: Bobby out; Yanks face schedule woes

Yanks’ sandwich pick Jeremy Bleich – the highest drafted player they actually signed this year – made his professional debut with the Short Season Staten Island Yanks this afternoon. Held to a strict pitch count, the ex-Stanford southpaw tossed 3 innings, allowing 2 hits and 2 runs in the process. He struck out four, and posted a 1-4 GB/FB ratio

Bleich struck out the first batter he faced, then hit the second batter with a pitch before serving up a 2-run jack to the third. He gave up a double to the next batter, but then settled down and retired the next 7 batters 8 batters in order before exiting the game. The Baby Bombers rallied for three runs, so Bleich is off the hook for the loss. He’s obviously a bust, right?

Sheppard on final game: 'If I can be there, I shall be there'
Game 140: Bobby out; Yanks face schedule woes
  • Chris A

    Yup. He stinks.

  • radnom

    Maybe the Cardinals would take Bleich + Cano + IPK + Melky + Horne + Gardner + Shelly + Rasner for Pujols. Right guys!? Chashman…call him up!!

    • Joseph P.

      If he doesn’t get this done, he should be fired!

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Bleich + Cano + IPK + Melky + Horne + Gardner + Shelly + Rasner


      Joba + Hughes + AJax + Brackman + Humberto + CokeFiend + Bob Sheppard + ARod (if we eat his salary) + Derek Jeter’s Edge + Babe Ruth/David Wells’s hat + Carl Pavano’s option + Giambi’s ‘stache + Pudge & Andy’s “creatine” + Jorge’s urine + Edwar’s rec-specs + the rights to draft Gerrit Cole into perpetuity + a Bernie Williams smooth jazz-rock fusion CD + Steve Swindal + Big Stein’s calzone + the Bat + the cure to ALS + Brien Taylor + Kei Igawa + Bobby Meacham + Kimberly Jones + Xavier the VII + God Jr.

      for Pujols.

      • yankeemonkey

        You left out Michael Kay. He MUST be included or there’s no deal.

        • radnom

          As much as we would all like to get rid of him and his salary, nobody would ever be willing to take him on.

      • Will

        No way. I was on board until you put Igawa in the deal, but that’s just too much.

  • pat

    i think the homerun was against corban josephs brother. CoJoBro

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    I expect him to breeze through the minors next year, get called up just before the end of August, ignite the city with his blazing fastball and devastating slider, be the toast of baseball and play beer pong with a hulking first baseman.
    Anything else will be deemed a failure.

    • Chris

      but he would have to win the beer pong.

      • Joey

        duh, that was implied!

      • steve (different one)

        doesn’t everyone “win” in beer pong?

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Not Kei Igawa.

          • Pete

            Or Hideki Irabu, who plays “Beer Punch” instead.

  • Ed

    Minor nitpick, he retired 8 straight, not 7. Your summary only added up to 2 2/3 innings :)

    • Mike A.

      My mistake, fixed now. Thanks.

  • Rich

    Random sidenote on the Elias rankings:
    Mark Prior 1.870748299
    Andrew Brackman 1.779026217
    Humberto Sanchez 1.779026217

    tinyurl dot com slash 5evgl7

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Does that make Mark a Type Y free agent?

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        It makes him a Type DL free agent

    • radnom

      I know its based on the past two years, but wow Posada is ranked second among AL catchers still, after pretty much missing this whole season.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Proof positive that most catchers blow chunks – Posada is a dime in a bowl full of slugs.

        Like Captain Crunch.

      • TheLastClown

        Who’s first? Joe Mauer?

        • steve (different one)

          Sal Fasano, duh.

        • radnom

          Victor Martinez. Mauer is third and surprisingly Varitek is 5th out of 6 Type A (AL-he would be 11th overall) catchers.

      • Ed

        Before this season, Pavano was ranked somewhere around the 40th percentile for starting pitchers. They consider the past 2 seasons in the rankings, which means Pavano had a whopping 2 starts during that time period.

        As of 2 days ago he was a little lower, but there’s still about 25-30 guys below him.

  • Rafi

    Does anyone know the schedule for the SI Yanks playoffs? I wanna go to a game and can’t make the rest of the week.

    • RPimpsner

      As soon as we get the best record situtation we will get the official schedule

  • TheLastClown

    It says in the box for that game that Venditte saved it. I thought he was a starter, but admittedly I don’t follow the farm nearly as closely as some folks on here.

    Is he being groomed to be a reliever? Has anyone seen him pitch live? Is an ambidextrous pitcher not the excellent thing *albeit maybe a novelty thing* that you’ve ever seen?

    • steve (different one)

      i thought he has always been a reliever?

      the first RLOOGY in MLB history.

    • Manimal

      hes closing for SI

    • Joseph P.

      He has always been a reliever, to the extent of my knowledge.

    • RPimpsner

      Venditte only has a couple starts after High School. He is a reliever and will be one in his professional career.

      I got some quotes and photos of Bleich up in the game recap.

  • Ivan

    I don’t know if you heard about this but Austin Romine will play Winter Ball in Hawaii.

  • Hitman

    How hard was Bleich throwing?