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Just a quick tidbit. You can now follow River Ave. Blues on Twitter. Just head to We’re not going to spam it with all of our posts, but we will have discussions and take questions. It’s actually a great way to get in your off-topic comments.

Update: You can also now get River Ave. Blues updates in your inbox. Mosey on over to this Feedburner link, drop your e-mail address into the appropriate spot, and sit back and wait for those e-mails. Neither us nor Feedburner will use your e-mail address for any other purpose. You can also just use the box at left to subscribe as well. Please note, this service will deliver just new posts to your inbox and not new comments.

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  • Jesse G.

    Hey guys, the link to twitter is wrong. It directs you to twitter/riveaveblues. Just lettin’ ya know.

    • Joseph P.

      Thanks, Jesse. It’s fixed. That’ll learn me to type fast.

  • Relaunch

    What kind of updates do we get? Do we get an email when there is a new diary or everytime someone comments?

    • Ben K.

      E-mail every time there’s a new post.

      • Relaunch

        Cool, I’ll sign up.

  • Manimal

    what exactly is twitter I never understood what it was.