Giambi would come back to the Bronx

Palmer: Moose might retire
Brackman to start tomorrow

The Yanks hold a $20 million option or a $5 million buy-out on Jason Giambi‘s contract. While the team will, in all likelihood, not exercise that option, Giambi says he would like to return to the Yanks. I’m on the fence here. The Yanks need the 134 OPS+ Giambi brings to the table, and he’s certainly a much better option than Hideki Matsui at this point. But they need a better first baseman, and the team really needs to get younger. For the right price, I’d bring him back but not at the expense of any other potential moves to improve the team.

Palmer: Moose might retire
Brackman to start tomorrow
  • Paul T

    No way. Nice guy but we need to be done with bad fielding base cloggers


      “base cloggers”

      that means hes always on base….
      I never understood that insane thought

      • Mike A.

        that means hes always on base…

        No, it doesn’t. What the phrase actually means is that he’s slow as shit, it has nothing to do with his OBP skills. Lots of people (coughFJMcough) are taking it too literally.

        • Jay

          Okay he’s slow, but that doesn’t affect the runners on base behind him, as “clogging up the basepaths” implies. You can say some is slow as shit, as many people have about Giambi, which is entirely different.

          Tell me one time that Giambi’s (or anyone in the MLB’s) lack of speed prevented the runner behind him from advancing another base. It doesn’t happen, and that’s why it’s a stupid term.

          • SAMIAMSPORTS

            Thank you Jay, Well said.

            • steve (different one)

              also, Giambi is not THAT slow.

              he’s slow. but he’s not as slow as Posada, for example.

              you know who else was REALLY slow? Tino Martinez.

              yet i never heard that expression used in reference to Tino.

              but yeah, i think the Yankees need to move on. Giambi’s a good guy, and he really rebounded to make somewhat good on his contract, but i’d let him walk.

  • radnom

    For those that don’t read the article and are thinking they want Giambi back, he is looking for a multi-year deal to play into his 40’s.

    No thanks.

  • Jrsrock

    I’d take the Giambino back for one more season, but nothing more than that. You have to imagine Posada will have to start playing some first next season and his time at the position will only increase over time. Same goes for Matsui and even eventually Jeter (I know I know sacrelige). So no matter who they sign at 1B, it’s only a stop-gap solution.

  • steve (different one)

    i think it’s time to part ways.

    his contract worked out WAY better than anyone would have guessed about 3 years ago, but i think it’s time to move on.

    the only way i would see him back would be if they traded Matsui, sign Teixeira, and sign another OFer like Burrell. that way, he’d be the DH only.

    you could have worse guys DHing.

    but Matsui is already there and already under contract.


      where do i sign?
      Ill take that any day

  • kenthadley

    do we offer arbitration for the picks….or do we risk him taking it….and do we get one or two picks if he goes?

    • Slugger27

      no chance they offer… its a 5M buyout, plus u can only go down 20% of your previous year salary in arbitration, so they would likely have to pay at least 18M to him in arbitration…. that with the 5M buyout would be 23M, thus netting them a loss

      steve different one suggested him maybe agreeing to decline arbitration, if thats the case, thats the only way the yanks would do it

      • cult of basebaal

        uh, no. 20% pay cut in arbitration *only* applies to players who are not eligible for free agency (less than 6 years of service time). yankees could offer anything they want and if the arbiter decided that was a fair value for giambi’s services, that’s what the salary would be (the arbiter could also decide in favor of a large salary for giambi, so the process is not without inherent risk).

  • Pete

    As much as I don’t want to open the mint for Texeira, I’d love to not have to worry about that position anymore.

    • TheLastClown

      If they’re gonna open the mint for a couple of players this offseason *and you know they will*, why not Tex?

      I’d love to have him.

  • ortforshort

    Teixeira is a must sign. The Yankees must spend whatever it takes to get him. If Teixeira does not become a Yankee, then Giambi is as good an option as they’ve got (which is why Teixeira is a must sign).

    • Mike Pop

      agreed completely

  • Slugger27

    i think giambis gotta go. weve waited 5 of the last 7 years for this contract to end, lets not get into another one. at this point in his career, giambi is a full time DH. i realize we dont exactly have an everyday 1b to plug in right now, that being said, giambi is just so bad over there that i cant imagine him being put there anyway…. even with the production dropoff, id rather have betemit or ransom over there, both being a small fraction of the cost

    yes, he gets on base 37% of the time, yes he has 30 homers and will come close to 100 rbi, but i just think his being on the team will only create problems. the DH spot will have to give at bats to matsui, damon, posada, and random everyday players throughout the season. he can still contribute, but to me, this team just have too many similar players looking for the same DH spot. let him leave

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    “Giambi would come back to the Bronx”

    … to taste one of those delicious Premio Italian Sausages for the least time, before signing a 2 year, 18M deal with the Giants.

    • Pete

      I’m all over Russo’s new show on XM/Sirius if that turns out to be true.

  • Bill

    Go after Teixeira first and use Giambi as a potential fall back plan. Teixeira is the whole package at 1B- average, OBP, SLG, OPS, defense, and he is still young. Giambi is a nice stop-gap, but not much more. If Teixiera re-signs with the Angels or somewhere else I’d offer Giambi a 1 year 12M deal, so with the buyout that would be 17M on the year. He’d likely get more elsewhere though, so I can’t see it happening. But really Giambi shouldn’t enter the picture as a real option until Teixiera goes elsewhere. Guys like Sabathia and Teixeira are cornerstone pieces for a team. We should go after both of them with all of our might ($).

  • nick blasioli

    i say sign giambi to be the exclusive dh…like ortiz…giambi has better numbers…and the other walking wounded players need to play their position or sit on the bench…i hate it when outfielders and cathers think they can play first base..just sign tex…c.c. and burnett and lets get the 09 season underway….