Heyman: Yanks want answers on Cash’s future

Yanks' October dreams die, but 20 for Moose still in sight
Fixing a 90-win team

With the ball firmly in his court, Brian Cashman has a decision to make. Will he stay or will he go? No matter the outcome, though, the Yankees want this resolved soon. Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman reported last night that the Steinbrenner want a firm answer from Cashman by next week. I don’t blame the team owners for toeing the line here. The Yanks face a busy off-season, and they need to have a leadership structure in place well before the free agent filing period begins. My money’s still on Cashman’s coming back, but we’ll know for sure next week.

Yanks' October dreams die, but 20 for Moose still in sight
Fixing a 90-win team
  • Yank Crank 20

    Yeah, those front office deadlines with the Santana negotiations and the A-Rod opt-out were really enforced. If i’m Cash, i’m taking the time I need

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      This is more than a little bit different. I’d be willing to put money on “next week” being a firm and true deadline.

      • Yank Crank 20

        Agreed. Cashman also isn’t an asshole so I imagine he’ll respect the Steinbrenner’s request.

  • jsbrendog

    here’s to the only two things left to hope for this season. 20 wins for moose and a return of the cashman

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      90 wins would be nice, too.

      • jsbrendog


  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Matt Millan is available.

    • Joey

      lets at least stick within the same sport, I hear Steve Phillips is getting bored of ESPN and wants back into the action

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Well, Millan obviously knows nothing about football, maybe baseball is his thing?

        • Joey

          True, true

          • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Kevin McHale.

  • Cam

    Did anyone see Buster Olney’s report about the Yanks and what they need to do last night on Sportscenter? Very, very critical. Obviously the report was made because of the fact that we missed the post season, but it really stung none-the-less. He brought up a couple of good points about the lack of player development, saying something like the Yanks have only had homegrown pitchers throw 9,000 innings since ’01, as opposed to someone like the Jays who have had 28,000 innings or something like that (I can’t remember the specifics). Stuff we already know but put into different terms. Also, I’m beginning to feel like Kruk has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Jeremy

      “Also, I’m beginning to feel like Kruk has no idea what he’s talking about.”


      • Cam

        Well, beginning isn’t really the right word. It’s more like every time I try to sit down and watch baseball tonight it just keeps getting worse. It’s hard to watch that show anymore save for a few people.

    • cult of basebaal

      you mean buster “my pre-season MLB team win predictions are so bad they’re worse than simply stating that each team will win the same number of games as last year” olney???

  • Harry G

    Cam: Olney’s article was discussed and dissected 2 posts ago…

    • Cam

      My bad. Must’ve missed it.

  • Reggie C.

    BA just put up the Top 20 Sally League prospects list (subscription-req’d). Montero and Romine were listed back-to-back at the 7 & 8. However, Betances didn’t make the list. Seriously. Betances was left out. Maybe the writers couldn’t get over the high BB count , but its still a major omission and one I hope is brought up at the Sally League chat later this afternoon.

    • http://www.mvn.com/milb-yankees Ashish Skaria
      • Reggie C.

        he’s ahead of montero, so that makes stanton top 6. i think the non-subscription portion of the list (non-scouting reports) is up finally. check it out. but having villanova ahead of montero is ridiculous and indefensible. montero flat-out played better and is only months older.

      • Ivan

        No way, he ain’t better than Bumgarner or Heyward, hell he’s not even better than Montero and maybe Domingez.

    • Ivan

      That list looks shaky.

      Now the SAL League has a ton of terrific prospects especially position prospects so this was not easy.

      I understand Bumgarner and Heyward are 1 and 2. Persoanlly I think Stanton was ranked a tad high. Other than the power he showed he wasn’t all that impressive and is a corner OF and Dominguez might be better than him. Montero ranked #7 is kinda low. Im kinda surprise Romine was ranked that high especially ranked ahead of Freeman and Noonan. They must love the glove and his bat that much.

      Also how the hell Villalona (again) ranked higher than Montero? Other than age, Montero beats him in stats this season and Villalona was already moved from 3b while Montero has a chance to stick at catcher. I didn’t like that one.

      Overall a very good and interesting list.

      • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

        I wholeheartedly disagree with Angel Villalona ranking above Jesus Montero, but I do not agree that it is egregious. Villalona is 8.5 months younger than Montero and had 46 XBH’s to Montero’s 52. Taking into account that Villalona had 21 XBH in the final two months (Montero had 24, which includes a triple), I can see why BA did not want to fully admit defeat by finally ranking Montero ahead of Villalona.

        Again, I disagree with it, but when you consider the age difference and BA’s opinion that Montero is an out-of-position First Basemen, you can at least see where they’re coming from.

        • Ivan

          Understanable. I do feel that they don’t wanna ranked Montero that high cuz the questions sticking at catcher and considering the fact he’s a yankee would cause a huge uproar with bloggers/geeks like us lol.

          I will say this, Dominguez is a better prospect than Stanton in my opinion cuz Dominguez plays a preminum position and plays it very well (GG potential) and had a great year despite playing only 88 games.

  • David Brown

    This column is another hatchet job from a Yankee Hater. The clown who wrote a book called “The Last Night Of The Yankee Dynasty”
    Lets get into this column, and see why it is nothing but trash. Lets start with his “EXAMPLES” of the Yankees signing people instead of drafting.
    2006: Signed free-agent center fielder Johnny Damon; the Red Sox drafted pitchers Daniel Bard (28th pick) and Kristofer Johnson (40th pick/supplemental).
    and this one from 2004: Signed free-agent reliever Tom Gordon; the White Sox drafted pitchers Gio Gonzalez (38th pick/supplemental) and Ray Liotta (69th pick). I did not realize that Bard, Johnson, Gonzalez and Liotta were all stars?
    Of course, he OVERLOOKED the fact, they let Tom Gordon go and got Joba and IPK as supplemental picks. I wonder if Boston would trade Bard and Johnson for Joba and IPK? It could not possibly get worse for Olney’s argument could it? Try this one: 2001 DRAFT
    • Signed free-agent pitcher Mike Mussina; the Orioles drafted second baseman Mike Fontenot (19th pick) and shortstop Bryan Bass (31st pick/supplemental
    Are you kidding me, that garbage for Mike Mussina?
    `Baseball America (NOT exactly Yankees.com), ranked their 2006 & 2007 drafts NUMBER ONE. In addition to Joba, Kennedy and Robertson have played in the Bronx. These names were also in that draft. McAllister, Betances, and Melancon . Since he likes to bring up “Pedigree” and David Parrish, lets mention ANOTHER CATCHER and “” pedigree” AUSTIN ROMINE from the 2007 draft. Even the weak 2008 draft, it brought Garrison Lassiter and Brett Marshall.
    There is nothing ESPN like better than to trash the Yankees. Every serious TV critic knows they are nothing except promoting themselves and pushing their agenda (Which is why they push sports like WNBA and MLS that have lower fan interest than bowling) . That is also why Gammons, Phillips, Kruk and Olney are there to promote the Anti- New York agenda. They are so bad, they make Joe Morgan look like Phil Ruzzuto.

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Well, Ray Liotta was pretty good in “Operation Dumbo Drop”.

  • ko

    This Yankee team is a mess. Its old. Poorly constructed with too many lefty DH’s and too little everything else. The prospects are continually overrated. The Baseball America ratings of the NY-Penn League and SALLY League prospects just further reinforces that. Of course, Hughes and Kennedy being totally overrated killed this season before it started. And with no fallback if they failed (unless Rasner and Ponson are considered a fallback). The thing I don’t understand is that Cashman doesn’t seem to get any of the blame for all of this. He gets a pass on everything. It’s always someone else in the organization, apparently. Cashman’s been the big guy since 2005. The team has declined each year until now they’re this aged basket case of a team and out of the playoffs with very few legitimate minor league prospects (see Baseball America if you don’t believe me). There must be some competent GM out there that the Yankees can steal to turn this thing around

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

      “The thing I don’t understand is that Cashman doesn’t seem to get any of the blame for all of this. ”

      That’s because your standards are crazy out of whack. There isn’t any other GM who’s going to do any better, because fans of NY seem to want EVERY deal to be a steal where we fleece the other team, EVERY prospect to be a stud that never has a year of struggles and is instantly dominant, EVERY free agent signing to be an MVP or CY Young Award winner, EVERY acquisition to never get hurt and never miss a game, EVERY game to be a win and EVERY year to end in a title.

      It’s unrealistic. Cashman’s had some things work out and had some things not work out. On the whole, the needle tips towards the positive; we’ve perenially been in contention and this team remains set up well for the future, both immediate and distant.

      And for a GM of a team with a fanbase and a media with expectations that border on the irrational and an ownership group full of disorganization, subterfuge, and too many cooks in the pot, he’s probably done just as good if not better than any of his peers.

  • ortforshort

    I don’t find the expectations unrealistic given the resources that the Yankees have. The idea is to use them aggressively. The Yankees make a fortune because they put a quality product on the field year in and year out. The way they’ve done that is to overspend. You make money by spending money – and vice versa. Since Cashman has emerged as the organization’s top gun, the Yankees have gone gun shy and not spent on the Beltran’s or the Guerroro’s or the Dice-K’s and have been outmanuevered not only for Dice-K, but for others such as Inoa. People are telling me that others in the organization are responsible for not getting these players. Its always someone else’s fault within the organization – never Cashman’s. Now I’m being told that its unrealistic to expect Cashman to produce a winner. If that’s the case, let Cashman go to Kansas City and you can go root for them. Meanwhile, let’s get somebody in here willing to use the resources available to keep the Yankees at the top.

  • Deezer

    cashman is the most overrated gm in the history of sports. from b olney:

    From 1997 to 2005, the Yankees drafted and developed just 10 position players. In the table below, players are sorted by major league at-bats (through Sept. 9).
    Andy Phillips 1998 3 544
    Shelley Duncan 2001 2 131
    Brett Gardner 2005 3 77
    Kevin Thompson 1999 31 65
    John-Ford Griffin 2001 1 23
    Mike Vento 1997 40 20
    Andy Cannizaro 2001 7 9
    Drew Henson 1998 3 9
    Bronson Sardinha 2001 1 9
    Omir Santos 2001 21 1