I know what’s been missing: A Schilling quote

The end of an era
CC and the Pitch Counts of Doom

What did we do this season without a flurry of dumb Curt Schilling quotes? Maybe it’s the reason the Yankees suck. Ah, but that’s what he wants you to think. At least that’s how he comes across in this interview with WEEI radio, via The Big Lead:

People don’t like [New England/Boston] anymore. The euphoria in New York is palpable. The Yankees suck this year, and they’re bitter and mad and they’re making excuses over that. Now they got Tom going down, so New York is excited.

Oh, where do I begin? How about the connection with the “euphoria in New York” and the Yankees sucking. I dunno, Curt, but I have this hunch that the two might not be related. You see, the New York Football Giants faced the Patriots in the Super Bowl last year, and won. So, y’know, maybe it has something to do with that, and not with the Yankees.

As for the making excuses bit, well, I guess it depends on your definition of excuse. If you think we’re looking for reasons why the team failed, yeah, then I guess we’re doing that. In reality, there is no excuse. Unless you consider losing your top two starters an excuse. I suppose if Boston lost Matsuzaka and Lester, they might be singing a different tune up there. Yet it’s not an excuse, because the bulk of the blame lies with the bats.

More on this, of course, as the season winds down. In closing, though: Go to hell, Curt.

The end of an era
CC and the Pitch Counts of Doom
  • Adam

    i for one am euphoric that tom went down.

    • ceciguante

      yeah, everybody gets theirs.
      the jets went through this when testaverde ripped his achilles in game 1, circa 1999. i don’t recall much disappointment flowing from NE back then.

      fuck curt schilling, what a tool. he should spell it “shilling”.

    • E-ROC

      So you’re happy that a QB blew his knee out? Wow.

      • radnom

        I’m happy about what it does to the Jets chances, yes. Sorry I can’t conjure up a little sympathy for Brady who has to go back to his millions of dollars for the rest of the season.

        • Jamie

          I’m happy as well. Tom Brady is a cheater and cheaters get what’s coming to them. I love that there has been absolutely no mention on Tom Brady’s acceptance of Belicheat’s scheme during the whole thing.

          Look at the info flow… guy taping the defense signals…. knows the defensive actions…info flows to coaching staff… staff relays to Brady (control of offense).

          So yes, what goes around comes around. See Bonds, Barry

  • radnom

    Wow. I don’t usually wish poor health on people. But I hope Shilling works his ass off to come back midseason next year and then gets rocked and released into obscurity.

  • http://www.dearcurt.com Manny’s PS2

    Although I run a fake Curt website, the stuff that comes out of his mouth on a daily basis trumps the ridiculous stuff we write about.

    • http://www.dearcurt.com Manny’s PS2

      http://www.dearcurt.com – Sorry, should have included the goofy site!

      • Joey H

        it looks like you did a good job but you get NO comments. thats too bad.

  • Jack

    I never noticed the “Horrendously Retarded” tag before. That’s awesome.

    • ceciguante

      haha, that’s good

  • E-ROC

    Curt will soon fade to black in the off-season.

  • jsbrendog

    who cares, his arm is shot and his career’s over so now the only thing he has to run is his mouth.

    ps. i cheered when brady went down

    • jsbrendog

      mostly because he is not on my fantasy team lol

  • bebop

    Oh Curt I am a Yankee fan but not a fan of the Jersey Giants or Jets so I enjoyed watching Brady play and was not happy to see him tear up his knee.

  • Frank

    When did Cut Schilling all of a sudden become the voice of New England?

    This guy’s from Alaska! He played for Philly and won a championship in Arizona.

    That’s why Curt Schilling is so pathetic. He’s a player, makes millions of dollars, and is a hall of famer. But he gets so mad and wrapped up in the New York/Boston rivalry that he just can’t stand it. It makes him so mad… he has to have his opinion heard. And all of a sudden he’s the voice of Boston’s side of the rivalry and trying to put down New York. LOL!

    The definition of a loser.

    • JohnnyC

      Red Sox Nation has already moved on. Just like they moved on with Pedro and Damon and now Manny. Schilling’s pathetic cries for attention fall on deaf ears now. It’s too bad his career’s probably over because the spectacle of him campaigning to be traded back to Philly would have set new records in hypocrisy. Guess it was a donut too far for Curt.

      • Joey H

        younger, and whiter lol.

    • http://highandtight.blogspot.com Mr. Faded Glory

      He’s not a hall of famer.

  • Geno

    I’d love to run into Curt sometime. Literally, with my forearm.

    • Joey H

      i like the bottom of my boot better, but thats just me :)

  • Joey H

    Hey ben,mike,joe whoever. can we do an open thread about how we would like to see the 2009 NYY up and down the 25 man since we got a late start again?

  • http://robjules.wordpress.com Rob – CT

    It’s emotionally, mentally and physically impossible for me to hate another athelete as much as I can’t stand this blowhard asshole!
    Shut your mouth and recede into the nite f#cktard!

    • Joey H

      god bless ya rob. i cant come up with a better word to describe this cocksucker than blowhard.

      • Dave P.

        How about Ass-taco?

        • Joey H

          nah. blowhard is literal and not really an insult

  • Berto

    yankees era 4.41 for this season

  • Grgoyldef2

    Curt’s just bitter because he never got to be a Yankee.

  • pat

    I for one dont have a problem with brady. He’s sick nasty has 3 rings millions in the bank got a hot actress preggers and wantonly dumped her ass and is now banging one of the hottest models in the universe. All this and he doesnt really come off as or act like a douche. Now if it was papelbon or widdle dusty thats a different story they have a little bit of success and start shooting their mouths off like the little pricks they are. Brady and bellichek tempted fate by running up the score on people last year now they get their karmic payback. Shilling is just a joke plain and simple his inflated sense of self worth and importance is laughable. I honestly forgot he was even alive until today.

    • Joey H

      the perception of the “true fans” on the brady injury was ohh no! we want to see a real match up, best versus best. we all know thats a huge crock of shit. its two easy wins for you this year in all likelyhood what do you care. im not addressing you pat but im sure you get what i mean. hes a good player, not great. people who cheat, at life in love in play are NOT great.

    • jsbrendog

      I honestly forgot he was even alive until today.

      which is why he ran off at the mouth with his oral diarrhea

  • Joey

    Sorry Curt, no matter how badly Brady always messes with my Jets, I could never, ever, hate him as much as I do you and your loud mouth. Am I happy he’s out? Yeah, everyone else gets hit with the injury bug, it’s about damn time the Pats got it. But if I ever saw you two walking down the street I know which one I’ll try to be taking out (hint: it’s you Curt, it’s you)

    • Joey

      oh, and the fact Bill Simmons is miserable is just an added bonus

  • Steve S

    why would we even dignify “Red Light” with any kind of attention. Thats all this guy cares about. There should be a Schilling ban, only active players should be written about when they say retarded things. Not a Hall of Fame wannabe that is desperate for attention.

  • Bill N

    I don’t like seeing people get hurt, but what happened to Brady is a thing called karma. Don’t run up the score. As for Curt Schilling please go play in traffic.

    • jsbrendog

      don’t run up the score or cheat on purpose by doing anything other than steroids lol

    • Joey

      Well if thats the case Coach grungy mofo Belichick should come down with AIDs or the bubonic plague about now

  • A.D.

    Pretty much all football fans that aren’t NE fans were at least a little giddy over Brady’s injury, even those from Cali, has nothing to do with New York, the Yankees, or Curt Schilling

  • BigYank1

    Its a good thing Curt WAS a good pitcher because he is not much of a person.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I love that Schilling talks like he’s somehow responsible for where the Sox are this year.

  • george

    schilling is an ass hole what do you expect he’s a red sux. the idea we nyers wnated brady out is a joke . we beat them with him schilling is out of touch with reality perhaps its in the water from boston.