Marquez to the AzFL

Pavano wins last Yankee Stadium start too
George to miss Yankee Stadium finale

After pulling the Carl Pavano Special this year (pitching like crap when we wasn’t hurt), Jeff Marquez will be heading to the Arizona Fall League to make up for missed time. The Yanks still have one pitchers spot to fill, but it seems unlikely that Ian Kennedy or Chris Garcia will get the call. Maybe it’ll be JB Cox, assuming his knee’s okay? Otherwise I dunno who it could be.

Pavano wins last Yankee Stadium start too
George to miss Yankee Stadium finale
  • Pablo Zevallos

    I don’t get why they’ll send him–it’s not like he has any future on this team. Garcia and Kennedy project as second/third or fourth starters, respectively, so why would you give the spot to a guy who has a 6th/7th starter future on this team.

    • Steve

      My feelings exactly, but as Phil Coke has showed us this year I guess you never know. Maybe a good AFL raises his value enough to get throw into a deal.

    • Mike A.

      That’s not the way to think about it. You never know what can happen, just look at Coke like Steve said. Maybe he ups his value and they can trade him.

      You gotta have options, and the more the better. Just pushing guys to the side because they don’t have super-high ceilings is bad business.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Any chance that they just don’t want to expose Christian to any more scouting? I’m not sure when the Rule V draft is, but I’m sure his stuff is good enough that he could hide out on some scrub roster like Seattle, Washington, Cincinnati, etc., for a year.

        • Mike A.

          He’s already on the 40-man, so they don’t have to worry about losing him in the Rule V. If they DFA him he’d be eligible, but if they did that they’d be admitted there’s no place for him on the team anyway.

      • Pablo Zevallos

        but Joba and IPK are more meriting and are closer to contributing (in fact, they have contributed). i understand what you’re saying about pushing guys aside, and I agree, but I think that it’s better business to have Joba and IPK ready for 170 innings next year

  • Fuzzy

    Why isn’t Joba being considered for the AFL? NYY wanted him to pitch 140 innings this year. He’s at 97 innings pitched this year, and he could get that up to the 130-140 range if he were to start in the AFL. I just don’t get it.

  • Steve

    I’m not sure it will accomplish anything, but why not send Gardner to the AFL to work on his hitting? He clearly has all the other skills to be an outstanding CF, he just needs to work on his bat.

    • radnom

      “He clearly has all the other skills to be an outstanding CF, he just needs to work on his bat.”

      Heh, you could say the same about Melky. Gardner is never going to be a good overall centerfielder, I thought this board had gotten over that fact.

      • Steve

        I’m not expecting him to be Ichiro, but if he can just pull his weight with the bat he could be our starter, at least until A-Jax is ready. I’m talking .260/.333 OBP. That’s doable for him. He hit .296/.414/.422 with an .836OPS for Scranton this year. He could EASILY score 100 runs if he gets 500+ ABs and gets on base 1/3 of the time, even batting 9th.

        Maybe you haven’t noticed, but he’s done something every day to help us win a game. One day with the glove, one with his speed, and the occasional clutch hit here and there. His fielding is SO good he doesn’t need to hit much, since he suppresses runs with his glove. Taking a double away from the other team goes into the plus column for his overall production for this team.

  • Jake H

    Joba can’t go to the AFL. Mike A mentioned this earlier this week. You can’t go if your have been in the MLB for 1 year which Joba has now. Now they can send him to play in one of the dominican winter leagues which is probably what they will do.

    I don’t believe Gardner can go 2 years in a row. He was there last year to work on his hitting and hit .343.

    My guess is to have Marquez work on a specific pitch while there. They did that with George Kontos last year when he went to Hawaii.

    • UWS

      The rules have changed, you can now send players who have 2 years of service, so Joba is eligible.

    • Mike A.

      Players can go two years in a row, but that’s the max. You can only play in the AzFL twice.

    • AndrewYF

      Austin Jackson is going, and he went there last year.

  • Reggie C.

    Eric Duncan won AFL mvp or the something equivalent to that several years ago. If Gardner went over there and hit .350 with power it wouldn’t mean much.

  • dan

    Mike, if you could have only one, who would you rather have: Tyler Flowers or Jesus Montero?

    • Mike A.

      Now that is an excellent question. I would probably go Flowers. He’s almost 4 years older than Montero, but he’s outstanding defensively, and the bat is right on par with Montero.

      Flowers might be the least talked about great prospect in the game, which is especially odd since he’s a catcher. Those guys usually get over-hyped, not under.

  • Baseballnation

    Does this mean Hughes is going to Hawaii? Because they have to stretch this guys freaking arm out already. Kennedy you can use that last spot in the AZFL. Does Garcia have a chance to pitch in one of the many spanish leagues?

    • dan

      Hughes is going to Arizona as well.