More Yankee Stadium coverage than anyone could handle


There sure is a lot of coverage about Yankee Stadium today. Much of The Times Sports Section is devoted to the stadium. The Daily News is running a whole slew of articles. Buster Olney spoke with a good number of current players to collect their memories. Barry M. Bloom of has an FAQ about the stadiums. And, of course, Tom Verducci penned a farewell to the Stadium. That ought to keep every Yankee fan busy until ESPN’s wall-to-wall coverage starts in an hour.

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  1. Sam P. says:

    Ben, question for those who might have an idea:

    What do those of us who aren’t in the NYC area do in order to see the pre-game ceremonies? I don’t know if ESPN will be carrying that. I really want to see Bernie and O’Neill come back. Maybe will have the ceremony available later in the week … ?

    • Ben K. says:

      I don’t know actually. I know YES is carrying the ceremony but that doesn’t help folks outside the area. ESPN probably will on one of their channels and I think will have it somewhere too. That’s not too helpful though…

      • Sam P. says:

        No worries Ben, thanks … hopefully something will be available. Wish I was back in NY where every cable provider has YES.

        Though I can do without Michael Kay. Haha.

  2. pat says:

    haha the cuddyer quote from olney’s article was my favorite..

    Michael Cuddyer, Twins: “In my first game at Yankee Stadium, I played right field. When I took my position for the first time, the right-field Bleacher Creatures were all waving at me. I fell into the trap. I waved back at them, thinking, “This isn’t so bad.” As I did so, about 20,000 middle fingers shot back at me. Only in Yankee Stadium.”


  3. seth says:

    check out this BO interview –

    good isht.

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