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Earlier today, Damaso Marte threw yet another scoreless inning for the Yankees, and his mid-August troubles are seemingly long gone. In his last 14 appearances, stretching back to August 16, Marte has thrown 11 innings, allowing one run on three hits and four walks. He’s struck out 13 in that span and is pitching about as well as any reliever could. As he’s now shown why he was a hot commodity at the trade deadline, I believe the Yanks will pick up his option this fall, solidifying the late-inning need for a lefty next year.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Marte on a one year deal, albeit at $6MM is great, so long as he avoids throwing 45 pitches in one night. If Phil Coke doesn’t lose his carbonation (I apologize) next year, the Yankees could have two solid lefties in the pen.

    I’m not one to believe left-handed relievers are necessary, but if they get guys out like Coke and marte have been doing the past couple weeks, that’s good news for the Yanks.

  2. Baseballnation says:

    Not a neccessity, but a pretty damn nice luxury when you consider he’s one of the best leftie relievers in baseball. 6 million dollars for a Marte is right about market value for a guy of his talent so from the financial standpoint its a plus. Rivera, Marte, Melancon, Sanchez is some filthy stuff to have on the back end with guys like Edwar, Bruney, Veras, Alby, Britton as even better commodities to have for the mop up work.

  3. J.R. says:

    I totally agree. That 41 pitch outing killed him. And 6 million for one year is a pretty good deal considering what Fuentes will want (3 years at 7-9mill, just a guess). ) Pick up the option and if it doesnt wark hawkins him.

    • Mike A. says:

      Exactly. It’s easier to get rid of a guy like this at midseason than it is to acquire one. I also like that Marte (and Coke) can get righties out too, rather than being helpless against them like most LHRP.

  4. Mike Pop says:

    If he leaves next year cuz of FA do we still get picks ?

  5. Hitman says:

    A lefty specialist for 6 million a year? Let him walk. He’s a type A FA. The yankees have Coke.

    • Steve says:

      Phil Coke. The guy who the Pirates turned down because he failed his physical.

      Lets bank on him for next season after pitching well for 3 weeks in the bigs.

      • UWS says:

        The guy who the Pirates turned down because he failed his physical.

        I’m pretty sure that rumor was completely bunk and has been identified as such.

      • Hitman says:

        There’s obviously nothing wrong with him. Looks more like the pirates needed an excuse to change their mind nothing more. Did Kontos fail his physical too?

  6. Ivan says:

    Marte has pitch tremendous for about a month now. Persoanlly I think the yanks should pick up the option. I mean guys like Marte are a rare commonodity and he’s relatively cheap at only 6M for one year. Pair him up with Coke if he can maintain that success then you have the best lefty combo perharps in baseball.

    • Steve says:

      6 mil is a bit pricey for a lefty specialist, I would investigate 2-10 or 3-13 with him. But pitchers are so injury prone, I can understand them just picking up the option as well.

    • 27 this year says:

      Simple, sign him for 1 year at 6 mil. If Coke pitches well and the bullpen seems well off with extra arms, deal him at the deadline to acquire someone who you might need. Marte is valuable because he will be a Type A so we could get somethuing good.

  7. Steve says:

    Some people have been suggesting we let Marte go for the draft picks, which absolutely dumbfounds me. Do you folks have any idea how long has it been since we’ve had a reliable Lefty coming out of the bullpen?

    That would be Mike Stanton in 2002.

    Since then, we’ve tried Randy Choate, Gabe White, Felix Horrendous, Jesse Orosco, Chris Hammond, Donovan Osborne, CJ Nitkowski, Sean Henn, Buddy Groom, Alan Embree, Ron Villone, Mike Myers, and the immortal Matt Smith.

    We just traded for the guy, and now he has a bad few weeks and some want the two draft picks (who most likely wont be ready for 3-4 years, if ever) rather than bringing him back, which I think is crazy. The Yanks will be trying to win it all next year, handing the job to Phil Coke would make as much sense as making Hughes/IPK our #4 and #5 starters was this year. And if you’re trying to win, the draft picks are not enough to let a solid veteran go. The Yanks don’t operate that way the A’s do, and shouldn’t.

    We all love what Coke has done, but we should also remember its his first time around the league and its also September. Lots of teams are playing their kids and the regulars are playing like they’re double parked. Having a proven, veteran lefty to go along with Coke isn’t just the smart thing to do, its insane to do anything else given how much trouble we’ve had finding left handers in recent years.

  8. Mike Pop says:

    Why let him go now … just get the draft picks after next year cuz most likely he is going to maintain that status.. itd be dumb to let him walk now and decline that option.. you cant rely on coke who i love but its been waht 12 innings cmon now.. Marte is nice 6 mill is worth it since we gave up tabata for him

  9. Mike Pop says:

    Only way i let him walk is if we traded damon for mike gonzalez … damn hes nasty

    • Steve says:

      The same Mike Gonzalez who’s been hurt for the past 2 years?

      • Ivan says:

        Also the same guy who the yanks could of had if they traded Melky.

        Yea Mike has had some injury problems but he’s damn good.

        • Mike Pop says:

          it was jus melky for him ?

          • Steve says:

            I believe the deal was Melky, Hughes, the pick we used to get Joba with and a night of passion with Jennifer Stienbrenner.

            Jennifer nixed the deal when it got too kinky.

          • Ivan says:

            Yea, it was after the 06 season when Melky’s peak was at it’s highest, there were serious talks about Melky for Mike Gonzalez cuz Pittsburgh wanted a young cost-controlled Ouftielder.

            • Mike Pop says:

              man we fucked up

            • AndrewYF says:

              The same Mike Gonzalez who while not only is he not healthy, he also has a 4.55 ERA in the National League this year? Gonzalez would have hurt the Yankees this year, not only from his terrible performance but from making them think they had a reliable relief arm. He’d have been one of the last arms out of the Yankee bullpen, but not before blowing his share of games.

  10. Mike Pop says:

    I Hope mets miss playoffs

  11. E-ROC says:

    Next year’s bullpen will be utterly dominate, at least that is the expectation that I think they’ll meet and exceed. There will be a lot of relievers competing for spots in the bullpen. Should be fun to watch.

  12. Ivan says:

    I don’t know about you guys but the yankee pitching has a chance to be the best all-around next season since the championship years. I don’t think it’s really crazy to say it. Yes there are if’s and what not but the potential is quite big.

    You look at the BP, you got Mo, you got Damaso if his option is picked up, you got coke if he can maintain that success, you got Melancon if he can make that transition at the MLB level which I think he will. You got other young arms as well.

    Then You look at the staff, if you add a CC, Sheets, Im not a fan of his Burnett, with Wang, Joba, Hughes if he touches some of that potential and sign one of Pettitte/Moose. That overall potential staff can be devastating. Now that is some dreaming but it could be reality.

    • E-ROC says:

      Yup, yup! The Yanks could use their plethora of bullpen arms to help fill holes in centerfield and at first.

    • Steve says:

      If were going to be a championship team, it will have to be. Much has been made of the Yanks not scoring runs this year, but the high powered lineups of recent vintage have only masked the fact we haven’t had a good pitching staff in years.

      Last time we were in the top 3 in ERA? 2003, not coincidentally the last time we were in the WS.

      • Ivan says:

        Yea the pitching hasn’t been great since 03.

        That 03 team had Moose with great stuff, Pettitte who won 20 games that year in his hey day, David Wells who was still a very good pitcher and clemens was still good. Outside of Mo, their BP sucked in 03 though.

        I think in 09, yankee pitching has the potential to be very very good next season.

  13. Manimal says:

    Phil Coke> Marte

  14. Mike Pop says:

    yes ivan that could happen

  15. Mike Pop says:

    you dont know if coke is better than marte yet cmon now

  16. Steve S says:

    Can Marte really maintain Type A (if that is what he is, if its only a B then its non issue)? I thought he would get it because if his saves which he wont have any of next year. If they can use Bruney Veras or Ramirez to get some positional prospects in the offseason then I say definitely keep him and bite the bullet on the draft pick (assuming he maintains Type B). Also I think they should evaluate based on next year’s draft class which I have no idea about.

  17. Mike Pop says:

    Tim Dierkes prediction for Beckett when traded ,.,,

    Personally, I think the Josh Beckett trade is decent for the Red Sox. Beckett will probably never be a workhorse, but maybe a change of scenery will help. He should bring the team a couple of extra wins over David Wells in 2006. Anibal Sanchez will be very good in a few years, but Hanley Ramirez didn’t exactly master Double A in 2005. I’m skeptical that he’ll even become an average shortstop in the Majors. Anyway, I’ve done some extensive projections over at RotoAuthority for Josh Beckett’s 2006 season as a member of the Red Sox. The main purpose is.. Continue Reading

  18. Old Ranger says:

    Next year is filled with a lot of IFs. CF, RF, 1st base and even catcher…that’s four of 8 positions. As it stands right now (not counting FA or trades this off season)…and trading Johnny and Wilson..
    1st Base-Miranda/Jorge
    2nd base-Cano
    3rd base-A-Rod
    Marte can be a big key in the BP along with the plethora of stellar arms we have seen this year.
    Is this considered off topic? If so, sorry.

  19. steve says:


  20. BigBlueAL says:

    I cant stand the people who want to let Marte go just cause the Yankees could get draft picks for him. Honestly what is it with you guys and freaking draft picks. This isnt the NBA or NFL for God’s sake. The draft picks will never be Top 10 or anything close to that so please stop using that as a reason to not keep Marte for a whopping 6 million bucks for 1 year. Of course you pick up his option!!!! This shouldnt even be a debate….

    • Hitman says:

      Without draft picks the yankees wouldn’t have players like Mariano, Jeter, Pettitte, Posada, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Melancon, McAllister, Betances, Coke, Austin Romine, Brackman, Cervelli, etc. Having a good farm system is essential to a successful ballclub whether you end up using them or trading them away for something better. You would give up two picks in the first round just to have Marte for one extra year? Yeah who needs to draft right? Let’s consider on doing business as usual just like we have been for the last several years.

      • Steve says:

        First off, half the guys you listed haven’t done anything in the major leagues yet. How that supports your case is beyond me. And Mariano was signed as an undrafted free agent.

        Second, if the Yanks want to try to win next year they will need a good lefty reliever or two. Drafting someone who MIGHT be ready in 2-3 years will do us no good in 09. Do you want to go back to trying to get David Ortiz out with Righty relievers? How’d that work out for the past 5 years?

        Third, for every Joba or Hughes you give me I’ll give you 3 other Yankee 1st/supplemental picks who never became anything.

        I’m not opposed to having a strong farm system, far from it. But letting a guy with Marte’s resume go for draft picks when you’re trying to is putting potential above reality, which is foolish.

      • radnom says:

        Proven talent >>> draft picks.
        What is the percentage that the picks gained from getting rid of Marte will be greater value than having marte next year? (> 50)
        Stop being dumb.

        • Hitman says:

          Which is why you give yourself as many chances to make a good pick as much as possible. The yankees at this point have to improve their farm system from years of neglect not continue to sign aging FAs. I guess it’s a difference of philosophy. I want to go back to the teams of the 90s and you want the team from this current era.

    • Steve says:

      LOL! Al, you’re the best. We have to go have a beer together one of these days.

  21. Bonos says:

    Just to temper draft enthusiasm, the Yankees lose the offense of Abreu and Giambi this year (and their crappy defense) and then Damon and Matsui next year. Draft picks take 3 to 4 years to develop. Other than maybe Jackson there is nothing on the farm till low A in position players. The Yankees don’t have the luxury of waiting 3 years, witness the howls this year on a team that will be close to 88 wins with all the injuries and the twin C’s bombing.

  22. Bonos says:

    To repeat from a previous post;
    40 DBs
    100 RBI
    20 HRs
    20 SBs
    Discounting the defense and age 35

    That’s a hell of an asset that the team controls. Let him go and maybe get 2 draft picks or sign him to 2 years, eat half his salary, add a Mcallister and a Veras and get a stud 1B or an OF.

    • Steve says:

      While most feel he’s going to go, he #s are not going to be easy to replace. He was very productive for the Yanks this year and they will miss him in the lineup. In the field, not so much.

      One good thing is that Nady will be replacing him, who has already shown he can play here and perform well. So the fans and media wont be jumping all over Bobby’s replacement.

      • 27 this year says:

        I disagree. Nady has been playing fine but his numbers with teh Yanks are his career averages but with more power. He has a .280 BA with 11 HR and like 35 RBIs. Abreu is a better hitter than Nady and strikes out far less. Also, Nady’s OBP with teh Yanks has dropped a lot. Abreu has a .370 OBP vs. Nady’s .330. That is a big difference.

        • Steve says:

          I’d suggest you look up Abreu’s actual stats. He has never had a season where he’s struck out less than 113 times, wheras Nady’s has typically been below 100 SOs. Both players OBP is similar for the entire season, so there’s no big drop off there.

          • Ben K. says:

            Who cares how many times he strikes out if he’s getting on base much more frequently?

            Plus, I’d suggest you look up a stat that actually matters. Abreu strikes out once every 5.5 plate appearances. Nady strikes out every 5.4 plate appearances. The total number of strikes per season doesn’t matter if you’re not comparing players who get the same number of plate appearances.

            • Steve says:

              Because the above poster said this

              “Abreu is a better hitter than Nady and STRIKES OUT FAR LESS.”

              Which as you and I have both pointed out, isn’t true.

  23. cupz says:

    - Veras
    - Coke
    - Marte
    - Melancon
    - Albaladejo
    - Bruney
    - Rivera
    - Ramirez
    - Giese
    - Robertson

    You know, that’s a damn good crop of players, most of which have been home grown talent. It’s going to be tough to whittle those numbers down to the MLB level in 09′, especially when you may have people like Aceves competing for a spot too…

    • Steve says:

      Its actually so deep you could afford to include somebody in a trade or two.

      • AndrewYF says:

        Please. Giese? Albaladejo? Veras? These guys will more likely than not be terrible next year. Even Melancon is no guarantee to be effective. The only guys you should rely on in that group is Rivera, Marte, and Bruney. Ramirez, while a more than solid relief arm, is not reliable only because his stuff is too inconsistent.

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