• http://madein1903.com Felix the cat

    The season is now over.

  • doty


  • DanElmaleh

    I can have a nice, relaxing world series.

  • dan

    Incredible game. I miss feeling this intensity with the Yankees. I felt much more comfortable thinking the Rays would win than I would the Yankees in that spot. And I consider myself an extremely optimistic fan.

  • doty

    now we can look into the offseason plans for the yanks

  • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

    Seriously, I don’t have a rooting interest in the World Series. I’d like to see the Rays win, but I am just going to enjoy a nice series (that hopefully last seven games).

    • Ivan

      Word. Cuz either way it’s gonna be sweet somewhat. Phils win, it’s just another dagger to the Mets, and if the Rays win, well it would be a story book ending to a great season.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I want to see the Rays win. They’re so fun to watch, how can you not love them?

      • mustang

        I can nice use of someone else’s money.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        You could rename this site “Tropicana Drive Blues”.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          We may for the World Series ;)

    • mustang

      I’m the same, but I’m pulling for the Phillies to piss off the Mets fans and I don’t want anyone else in the Yankees division winning the World Series.
      Spiteful bitch I know.

  • mustang

    As a Yankees fan things work out ok.
    1- The Red Sox are out in a painful way.
    2- Phillies are in pissing off Mets fans everywhere.
    3- Rays Vs. Phillies congrats Bud Selig you got competitive balance now enjoy the ratings.

    Hey the Yanks are not in it all I got left is to be a spiteful bitch.

    • Ivan

      And Torre’s gone right?

      • mustang

        Thank you sir I missed that one.

    • chritospher

      and you forgot that we dont have to listedn to the announcers lips smacking up against JOE “nl west” TORRE. thisnk i would have killed myself if it was a boston/LA series

      speaking of Price — wont it be fun watching Price, Joba, and Beckett going at it and if the yanks get their wish and build this super rotation we hear of the AL EAST will be a monster for the next 10 years with no more garunteees for any of the three teams

    • Joop

      Are you saying competitive balance is a bad thing?

      • chritospher

        just the opposite —did you read the first line ,”it will be fun watching”

      • mustang

        Rays vs. Phillies what do you think.
        The Yankees practically funded this shit.

      • chritospher

        the yanks should get rings too. maybe just pinkie rings, but after all they did pay for the team

        • mustang

          Oh, Yes the luxury tax nothing more fun then to watch a team win the pennant with your own money.
          But I’m not bitter at all.

  • Will

    I want to be spiteful because the Rays still ousted the Yanks, but down here at school (U of Delaware), everyone roots for the Phillies. Let me tell you something about Philadelphia sports fans; they’re all douchebags.

    So now I’m undecided, leaning Rays.

  • chritospher

    i can second that Will — i went to collecge in south jersey – 29 minutes from phillie and those fans are real a–holes. just recently moved to tampa and for the most part they are really nice people even when they know you are a yankee fan

  • A.D.

    2009 Rays look pretty good being able to slide Price into that rotation makes a real strong top 4… if they go out and sure up the pen a bit, going to be real tough. Maybe Niemann as a closer, or look to package him for Houston Street.

    • chritospher

      why waste prospects on street who is going to demand a king’s ransom. they may decide to let price pitch our of the pen as the yankees did joba. closer in 2009 – starter in 2010.

      then again, i dont know much about their pitching down on the farm, nor do i know if he is ready to throw 200 iniingings (i.e. has he come close to it before) and are they going to baby him. they will need an innings eater besides garza because for as good as he is kazmir is really only a 5 inning pitcher becauase he strikes so many people out

  • cream

    I am hoping for a 4 game sweep so the Yanks can get to work.

  • chritospher

    right on —lets just hope that brian doesnt wear the scarlet lettter “P”. This is the offseason to spend because the rotation they put together this offseason should, by design” be the rotation for the next 5-7 years.

    if they are willing to take on khalil greene (who the padres want to get rid of) – they may be able to put a package together to get peavy with a proposal leading off with hughes ancd Cano and containing a 2 or 3 other prospects depending on their qualityt.

    a rotation of sabathia, peavy, wang, joba and mussina/pettite could help make for a rays/yankees ALCS next year

    • Bonos

      Okay, good pitchings staff, who’s going to hit and where’s the farm?

      • chritospher

        dunn will probably be the bargain of the offseason and next year we lose damon and matsui’s contracts.

        look tp keep up with the rays and sox now is not the time to cut payroll. New revenuefrom the stadium and no revenue sharing

        i believe crawford is a FA after next year and ajax will be ready by 2010.

        start withj pitching follow up with offense next year even if it means missing the playoffs again.

        i feel as though cash wants a lower payroll aout of a sense of pride which is wrong —- we have an advantage and need to use it beccause thr rays and sox will be good for a long time. we have money and would still have a decent farm system providided we hold onto sanchech, brackman and go hard after the interntional FA.

        keep the payroll at or about 200 million and this team will have a legit shot at the WS next year, but more immportantly there are a lott of great pitchers out there who are young. this offseason, provided there is no self impossed, is a chance to put together a young great rotati0n for the future.

        CC, Peavy, Wang, Joba, Mussina with
        brackman waiting innnnnnnnnn

  • Steve

    As a student at Vandy, I couldnt be happier to see an alumn dominate the sox.

  • Adam

    who here thinks that price has shown that he is far to valuable in the bullpen to ever be moved back into the rotation?


  • ko

    Games 5 and 7 show why guys like Price and Chamberlain should be considered first to be closers rather than starters even tho’ they also have starter stuff. Without Price closing out game 7, Tampa doesn’t win. You can’t trust the critical last couple of innings in games to schlocks.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Yeah, except you ignore every other aspect of the game in making that statement.

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Lisa, I want to buy your rock.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      You can’t be serious. The ball never gets to Price without Matt Garza shoving for the first 7+ innings. Starters > relievers by a mile.

  • ko

    Rivera has spoiled all of you. Wait until he’s gone and wins aren’t done deals anymore in the eigth and ninth innings. A starter goes 200 innings, but most of them don’t have a game hanging on the line. A closer goes 70 innings, all of them critical. Price showed me a lot last night. Its a lot harder to find an ace with a closer’s mentality than it is to find a starter. Chamberlain has a closer’s mentality and it looks like Price does too.

  • chritospher

    dont forget all the draft picks the team will get ovwer the next 2 yyears courtttessy all the poor FA signings and draft pickz (other than brackman) that the team will gwt,

    with all the promising young guyys in the lower levels, some top notch college guys could go a longway toward rebuilding the system fast

    dont forget all the draft picks the team will get ovwer the next 2 yyears courtttessy all the poor FA signings and draft pickz (other than brackman) that the team will gwt,

    with all the promising young guyys in the lower levels, some top notch college guys could go a longway toward rebuilding the system fast