How would you rather see the Sox lose?

A matter of ratings
NLCS Game 1: Dodgers @ Phillies

We’re gearing up for Game 1 of the NLCS this evening, and a game thread is forthcoming. However, in the interim hours, I’d like to discuss an issue I’ve come across a few times today. A number of my friends said they’d like to see the Sox beat the Rays, but get beat by the Sox- and Yanks-alum-filled Dodgers in the World Series. I expressed that I’d rather see the upstart Rays take care of business now, rather than banking on an NL team to beat a powerhouse AL team.

So what’s more important to everyone? That the Sox lose in general, or that they lose to the Dodgers in the World Series?

A matter of ratings
NLCS Game 1: Dodgers @ Phillies
  • Number 27

    the sox need to loose as soon as possible. i couldn’t handle them being AL champs or having a shot at the title.

    • Ken

      I 2nd this!!!

      • Yankees=warriors

        Yeah, and why not root for the Rays? We don’t have anything against them!

      • AlexCT

        to me, the sox not winning the world series is most important, i don’t care how, i don’t care when. second, i hate manny enough to outweigh my support for joe torre. i don’t want the dodgers to win. third, i hate to see any AL East team other than the yanks win the WS, even the deserving rays. Plus my brother in law who i am very close to, is a lifelong philly sports fan, and even at 31, is convinced he will die without seeing any philly championship, so its up to the phillies, but honestly, as long as its not the Red Sox or Dodgers, i don’t really care.

  • Shdwrptr

    I want them to lose to the Rays. Not only do I think the Rays deserve it way more than the Red Sox do, but I also don’t need any, “well at least the Sox actually made it to the World Series” crap from my friends.

  • Bryan

    I dont care who they lose to as long as they lose!

  • Joey

    Sox lose in general, no question, and the sooner the better

  • Yankee1010

    Lose now. Does anyone really feel confident that an NL team would beat an AL team?

  • Manimal

    Off a walk off Carlos Pena Home run. Just to rub it in their face even more. Oh and on the same day that Manny hits a walk off hr to lead the dodgers to the Series.

    • Yankees=warriors

      LOL, that’d be sweeeeeeet for sure~

  • Bill

    Much rather have the Rays beat them. In fact I don’t even want the Dodgers in the series. I’m pulling for the Phillies. With the 15th best record in baseball this season the Dodgers would be almost as bad as the Cardinals winning it in 2006.

    Also if Torre wins another WS the year after he leaves the Yankees the media will never let it die and that would not mean good things for Girardi.

    I wish Torre well, but I’m rooting against him here.

  • Nady Nation

    I want the Sawx to lose, period – I don’t care where or when. It would be great if the Rays take them out, no question – but if somehow I was able to sign for Manny spanking a Papelbon pitch over the Mawnstah in the top of the 9th of Game 7 to win the Dodgers the World Series, I’d take that in a millisecond.

    • AlexCT

      whats with the new obsession with saying sawx? its anyoing and stupid, and just because the PTI guys do it doesn’t mean its cool.

      also, why would you root for manny? he is a disgrace to the game with such wasted talent. i wouldn’t wish him on anybody, even the red sox.

      • Nady Nation

        Yup, you hit the nail on the head. My sole goal in saying Sawx was to emulate the PTI guys and be “cool.” Nothing at all to do with the fact that people from Boston with thick accents actually SOUND like that when they say Sox (my college roomate was from the heart of Boston so I have somewhat of a clue on what a Boston accent sounds like). And I’d root for Manny only to stick it to the Sawx, our biggest rivals, for getting rid of the best hitter of our generation. Is it that hard to understand? Take the stick out of your ass

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        also, why would you root for manny? he is a disgrace to the game with such wasted talent. i wouldn’t wish him on anybody, even the red sox.

        What the fuck are you talking about? Is this supposed to be English?

  • Ed

    Boston losing to the Dodgers is bad for two reasons:

    1) I’d like to see Tampa win. It’d shut up all the people who say small market teams can’t win.

    2) I don’t want to think about how bad the newspapers will be this offseason if Torre wins the World Series.

    • AlexCT

      i believe the marlins beat the yankees not long ago with a miniscule payroll and that didn’t shut anybody up. the hard fact here is, the rays players may deserve it, but the fans don’t and they will not change. there is a chance the two new stadiums down there will help, but i have my doubts. also, someone needs to ban the noise makers at the Trop, it makes watching their game on TV even unbearable. maybe it’ll boost attendance.

      you’re right about the media not letting down the torre deal. please god don’t let that happen.

      • Ed

        The Marlins payroll was 20th out of 30 teams in 2003 (source).

        The Marlins didn’t have a big payroll, but it wasn’t really cheap either.

    • whozat

      I can’t agree with 2 more strongly. Yes, yes, yes. There’s no Joe Torre magic. Weakest division in baseball, adding a hall-of-fame bat at the deadline…I’d have been shocked NOT to see them win. The Phils need to dispatch them.

      As for Boston, yeah I want them to lose to the rays. Just so I don’t have to hear about how Josh Beckett is an amazing big-game pitcher after he goes out there and throws 5 innings of three run baseball. And how Matsuaka is AMAZING despite never going more than five innings in a post-season game.

  • Brett

    Wow completely agree with ed

    i’d much rather see them lose to the rays, just b/c i wanna see the rays get the ws

    but at the same time despite what the newspaper headlines would be, i still love joe, and if he beats the sox that might just make it sweet

  • Jack

    I’d like to see them go up 3-0 on the Rays before Longoria jacks like 10 homers in the last 4 games to send them home crying.

    • longoria nation aka gg

      i dont think i’d be able to live through those first few games

  • UWS

    Lose to the Rays, no doubt.

  • Jeff K

    I’m pulling for the Sox all the way, hopefully to meet the Dodgers in the series.

    I’ve never really gotten into the “hate” part of rivalries. I’ll get rowdy rooting for the Yanks over the Sox every time, but after the Yanks have been eliminated, I like seeing our rivals do well. I’ll always be a Yankee fan first and foremost, but having lived in Boston for a bit, I’ve got to give the Sox some respect.

    • Nady Nation

      “but after the Yanks have been eliminated, I like seeing our rivals do well.”

      I’m sorry, I just don’t understand that statement.

    • aaron

      I also lived in boston for 5 years (i was there in 04 gulp…) but befor i came i had your attitude, i didnt give a crap about the sox, infact i even rooted for them when it didnt affect the yanks. but living there, i find it impossable not to hate them because all of those obnoxious sox fans are always in your face and viciously rooting for your team to loose, even if you are being civil. living in boston made me hate them with a passion, especially their fans!! i say loose immediately to the rays. i hope the rays sweep them.

      • A.D.

        massholes are the worst

        • Lanny

          How can anyone take seriously someone who says they are a Yankee fan and says this:

          “I’ve never really gotten into the “hate” part of rivalries. I’ll get rowdy rooting for the Yanks over the Sox every time, but after the Yanks have been eliminated, I like seeing our rivals do well. I’ll always be a Yankee fan first and foremost, but having lived in Boston for a bit, I’ve got to give the Sox some respect.”

          Do you even know what it means to be a Yankee fan and part of the rivalry? Its a rivalry for a reason.

          You’re not a Yankee fan if you wish the Sox well and root for them.

          • Rich

            I see you’re the arbiter of what’s allowed to be written here.

      • Cam

        aaron, same thing for me. I went to school there and ended living in Worcester for 5 years, and at first, I didn’t give a shit. By the time I left, just seeing the letter ‘B’ somewhere gets my blood boiling. Those people are awful.

  • Joseph M

    I could care less whether the Red Sox win or loss. The Red Sox even if they win have had 2004, 2007, 2008. Now compare that to the Yankees and their legacy, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 90’s. That’s pretty impressive.

    I hate the Dodgers and Blame Joe Torre for bungling 2003 and 2004. I hope the Phils kick their ass, if they get further I hope the Rays or (gasp) the Red Sox kick their ass.

  • longoria nation aka gg

    can we get a thread on the beltran cano rumor?

    • Joseph P.

      No, because it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Cano (and his salary?????), Veras or Bruney, Kennedy, AND a prospect for a guy we could have had CHEAPER a few years ago (when he was younger? Sorry, I don’t think the Yanks front office is smoking crack.

      • Manimal

        Well said.

        • Manimal

          A Reyes – Cano double play tandem would be pretty sick though.

      • longoria nation aka gg

        i feel you on that….we should have taken him when he wanted to be a yankee though…ive said it before and i’ll say it again melky is not good, lets hope brett is

        • Lanny

          You said Melky wasn’t good???

          Truly in a class by yourself. Maybe we should rethink this Beltran for 5 A level prospects BS rumor thing now.

          • KW

            No need to flame the guy dude, we’re all fans here :)

  • Lanny

    If the Sox get past the Rays these NL teams dont stand a chance. They got a killer instinct akin to what we had in the late 90’s.

    • A.D.

      i dunno if they gotta face manny, he might just carry the dodgers

      • Lanny

        Like they wouldn’t know how to pitch him after 7 years together and Beckett wouldn’t put 3 in his ear for good measure??

        That team won’t let him beat them.

        • longoria nation aka gg

          i sure hope the sawx dont make it to the WS b/c they will win it if they do….and manny will get a fastball in his ear bet on that

  • Lanny

    Manny facing Boston would be great theatre and God knows the TV people are rooting for it but there’s no way that team loses to an inferior team and especially to Manny.

  • pat

    rays sweep please

    • longoria nation aka gg

      thats what i’m rooting for….with an injury that sidelines jon lester for the entire ’09 season

  • Steve H

    I want to see a Game 7 walkoff, off the catwalk. The Boston fans would go absolutely ballistic!!

  • Jon

    This has actually been quite a decision for me as I actually live in Tampa and therefore is sick and tired of the rays coverage with those damn rayhawks and cowbells. But i can’t fathom actually wanting the sox to win a game nonetheless the series, just because i don’t trust an NL team to beat them. On the other hand to see the Red Sox burnt by the Manny trade would be very satisfying. Maybe I’ll just avoid the rest of the playoffs and wait for next year.

  • shades

    lose in general; and i would prefer a sweep by the rays. i would rather see the sox get embarrassed like that than see a “heart wrenching” loss in a game 7

  • Bill N

    I want Boston to loose and fast. I can’t stand another winter and spring with the constent suck fest that would be given to them.
    And considering I’m rooting for the Phillies, I think Rays/ Phils would be a good WS.

  • Joey H.

    I hope they beat the rays. then let manny,nomar, and joe toree whip their asses in the WS. that would be sweet.

  • Mike Pop

    How bout being up 3 0 on the Rays and than lose 4 straight.. I havent read comments above so if some1 already said this sorry.. But i do not want to see the Sox in the series

  • Andy

    u aren’t a Yankee fan if u root for the sox. U cannot attempt to even explain it if u do so

  • Brian

    4-0 out to the Rays. A single RS win is a bad time.

    I want them to lose each game 19-8 also.

  • BklynJt

    Even in the preseason, I cringe when the Red Sox win.

  • Steve

    I have no one to root for.

    Red Sox-Please

    Rays-I still haven’t forgiven them for that bullshit Cervelli play in Spring Training. Other than that, a young, exciting team. Girardi seems to like them more than the roster he currently has, he really perks up when talking about them.

    Philly-I’ve been to a few Philly sporting events. Those people live up to their horrid reputation. I’m a civilized human being, I cant root for any team that Philly fans do.

    LA Dodgers-I still have a bitter taste from the overly sensitive, dramatic way Torre chose to leave the team that gave him everything he could dream of (and more) for 12 years. And then he lied about them ‘adding incentives’ that were always there. He was happy to take pay increases when his performance was good, but got insulted when he was asked to take less when his performance declined. Torre has spared no opportunity to take shots at the Yanks, and it makes him look like an ungrateful, whiny bitch who to have expected a job for life.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      “Torre has spared no opportunity to take shots at the Yanks, and it makes him look like an ungrateful, whiny bitch who to have expected a job for life.”

      I’m not a Torre apologist (I felt it was time for a change and was happy to see the Yanks part ways with him and move on), but the statement quoted above is plainly inaccurate. If I’m wrong cite some sources and correct me, but I don’t recall Torre ever taking shots at the Yankees. In fact, the media has repeatedly asked him about helming LA into the postseason as the Yanks missed the playoffs, and he’s never once answered those questions in anything but a classy, appropriate manner.

      • Steve

        Without digging up links, he
        -Held a press conference after leaving the Yanks, and said he wasn’t interested in coming back to the stadium for any special events (Old Timers, etc)
        -Said just last week “It was no longer any fun working for the Yanks the last few years” and how he was “glad he left”
        -Had Mattingly do his dirty work, saying the Yanks “Didn’t appreciate him” among other shots. Don may be loyal to Torre (which is fine) but the Yanks did retire his number, and you’d think they’d get a little loyalty in return. You’d think the Yanks deserve a “No comment” in return for their bestowing such an honor on him. Apparently not, in his view.

        To be fair, some of the times he was being questioned were in response to some of the idiotic shots the Hank took at him. But when he responds, he doesn’t make himself look good, no matter how justified.

  • robert skollar

    Lose as fast as humanly possible!

    I have this awful feeling that they can run the table…
    I couldn’t live with that.

    GO RAYS!

  • JeffG

    Easy – Swept by the Rays and if they lost by ten runs each game all the better. Why in hell would any Yankee fan want to see them make it to the World Series? I hope they are watching from the couch as Torrie and Mr. Saggy pants run the gamit.

  • Pinstripe fan trapped in Halo land

    I would prefer to see the Sox lose in the ALCS. BUCK FOSTON is what the shirt says.

    As for LA, I am really torn. I grew up in Southern California (with NY parents) and loathe the Angels, but like the Dodgers…but I am a Yankee fan and now live in NY. I want to see Joe Torre win, because I hate that he’s not in the Bronx…but I HATE Manny…ah eff it…I’d rather just see the Phillies win it…a. because then maybe those lil Philly bitches will shut up and focus on their crap NBA, NFL and NHL teams…and because it would make NY Mess fans cringe…Rays vs. Phillies…Phillies sweep (if only to get the season the feck over with)

  • Barman

    Sox lose the series in game 4 at Fenway

  • Relaunch

    I went to school in Philly so I’m rooting for the Phillies and the Rays. I want the Sox out of it as quick as possible. I could care less about rooting for the Dodgers because Torre is the manager. I never rooted for the teams a former Yankee player goes to so I won’t do it here either.

  • Stu H

    My preference is that they lose 162 games in the regular season. Failing that, losing as early and as often as possible now.