NLCS Game 1: Dodgers @ Phillies


Both League Championship Series this year are a lesson in player development. The Dodgers flat-out dominated the Cubs using a lineup featuring four homegrown players and a pitching staff again centered around in-house arms. The Phils are built very much in the same way, with five homegrown position players starting for them, as well as staff co-aces Cole Hamels & Brett Myers.

Don’t even get me started with the Rays and Red Sox. Stay the course, built from within. Looks where it gets you.

Just a quick roster note, the Dodgers removed ex-closer Takashi Saito from the playoff roster and replaced him with lights out lefty reliever Hong-Chih Kuo. Saito’s status was questionable because of ongoing elbow troubles, and Kuo (who had a ridiculous season) gives them a third southpaw in the pen (Kershaw & Beimel are the others) to battle Chase Utley and Ryan Howard.

First pitch is scheduled for 8:22pm; Joe Buck & Tim McCarver have the call on FOX. Talk it up here.

Los Angeles
1. Rafael Furcal, SS
2. Andre Ethier, RF
3. Manny Ramirez, LF
4. Russ Martin, C
5. James Loney, 1B
6. Matt Kemp, CF
7. Casey Blake, 3B
8. Blake DeWitt, 2B
9. Derek Lowe, P (14-11, 3.24)

1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. Shane Victorino, CF
3. Chase Utley, 2B
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Pat Burrell, LF
6. Jayson Werth, RF
7. Pedro Feliz, 3B
8. Carlos Ruiz, C
9. Cole Hamels, P (14-10, 3.09)

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  1. Ivan says:

    Hopefully next season the yanks are in the same position with our players like Hughes, Joba, IPK, Melancon or Gardner or even maybe just maybe A-Jax.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

      I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I honestly don’t want to see Austin Jackson in the Bronx in 2009 (unless it’s just a short, late-season cameo to reward a job well done in the minors). He’s young and hasn’t been playing baseball full-time for too long, I want that guy in the minors, working on his game and just getting more experience and time to develop. (AJax wasn’t a big part of your comment, I just notice people talking about him a lot and I think if he’s not in the Bronx in 2009 some fans will be disappointed. Dude should be a senior in college right now, no reason to even think about him in the majors until 2010 or later (unless he turns into a young Ken Griffey Jr., which he won’t).

  2. Ivan says:

    Yo, I was reading your chat just now, and you answered one of the questions about who would ya take between Tex or CC, and you picked Tex.

    I thought about it, and I said to myself, that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea. The yanks despite the poor defense and injuries to the staff, was ranked in the middle in pitching which is quite solid/ok. The yanks didn’t make the postseason because of the offense and the lack of OBP guys.

    Maybe, just maybe Tex is the more smarter move. Plus, signing a pitcher like Lowe wouldn’t be a bad idea no.


    Good staff with improve d with Tex.

    The lineup looks much better.

    Maybe Tex is the right move.

    • A.D. says:

      Tex is also the safer move, in terms of health/production for full life of contract

    • Jamal G. says:

      Yeah, I came to that conclusion a couple weeks ago. I was in favor of that path because I felt bringing back Mike Mussina, Andy Pettitte and Carl Pavano were enough to give us a good, pretty deep, short-termed rotation. With Joba Chamberlain penciled in as a starter from April, he and Chien-Ming Wang would lead a somewhat deep rotation with Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Alfredo Aceves and Darrell Rasner as replacement-level starters.

      I really think this team needs an overhaul with the glove. The Yankees ranked 27th out of 30-Major League clubs in DIP%. That is absolutely horrific. The defense is really letting these pitchers down.

      If you want to use FIP, the Yankees ranked fourth in the Major Leagues in that stat (3.98, second in the A.L. to TOR’s 3.82). The pitching has not been an issue for the Yankees, it’s actually one of the top pitching staffs in all of baseball (independent of the defense, of course). It’s the defense, it’s fucking horrible.

      Hell, I could go on. The Yankees convert 68% of all balls put into play into actual outs. That rate ranks 25th in MLB. No matter how you look at it, this team is scary bad on defense.

  3. The Yanks trail the Red Sox by about three years.

    They can certainly make the playoffs next year, but the years to really look forward to, if everything works out, are 2011, 2012.

  4. Alex says:

    I would listen to John Madden and a shitfaced Pat Sumerall call this game over Buck and McCarver. In fact, I would prefer Frank Caliendo as both John Madden and Pat Summerall. I wish truly terrible, awful things on Joe Buck.

  5. Mike A. says:

    Don’t give him anything to hit. Take your chances with Martin.

  6. Ivan says:

    Wow Manny drove that ball.

  7. The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

    Manny es el senor.

  8. Ahahaha.

    The Spanish announcers: “We’re in Citizens Bank Park, one of the only banks that has not yet collapsed…”

    • Mike A. says:

      Seriously? That’s great.

      • What I heard was:

        Estamos en Citizens Bank Park, Citzens Bank, la unica que no he collapsada

        My Spanish is far from fluent, but it’s good enough to understand that. (I’m listening in Spanish because I need the practice, and there have got to be young Dominican players in need of translators, since the medieval history job market is kind of thin).

    • Steve says:

      The Dow has lost 40% since last year. Yikes.

      • It was doing relatively all right today and then lost about 500 points in one hour or so.

        My father tells me i should watch out for the jumpers, although I’m in the Bronx and far away from Wall Street.

      • Mike A. says:

        It went from ~11,000 to ~8,600 in like, 4 days. Scary stuff.

        • Ivan says:

          The Economy hasn’t been this bad in like 80 years. Were talking great depression bad Yikes.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

            It’s bad but let’s hold off on the “Great Depression” talk for a little while, we’re certainly not there yet.

            • Mike A. says:

              Word. We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.

            • Ivan’s right–it’s not been this bad since the Great Depression.

              The thing is, the stock/bank cycles haven’t bottomed out yet, and because so much depends on the banks, we can’t just weather this like we could the collapse of the tech stocks.

            • Ivan says:

              Well I didn’t mean it was the Great Depression but stats show that it’s worst than what happen in the late 80′s/early 90′s and worst in the 70′s when Carter was president.

            • Steve says:

              Yeah, that’s overdoing it. But you can expect the economy to suck for at least the next few years. Shit like this is years in the making, and it takes years to dig out of it.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

              The Great Depression was a global economic collapse that lasted for over a decade. People were wandering the country looking for jobs and food. All I’m saying is, it’s very easy for people to say “oh this is like the Great Depression” whenever there’s an economic downturn, but it’s really just not. This is very very bad, what’s going on now. I know first-hand, I work in an industry that is very directly affected/involved in this whole mess. But it’s not like the Great Depression yet.

              Annnnd sorry for that little depressing distraction there. Back to baseball, huh?

          • Steve says:

            Actually, the Dow lost 40% in the early 70′s and it didn’t lead to a depression. But as a kid who grew up back then I can confirm to you that the 70′s did suck for the country for the most part.

            But the Yanks won in 1977 and 78, so I was happy.

        • A.D. says:

          a lot of that is fueled by nonsense, stocks are dropping that really have nothing to do with either banking, or consumer spending

          • Steve says:

            If Banks cant lend, businesses cant grow and expend. The Stock market is the last place to figure out whats going on, the credit markets have been tightening for weeks now.

            BTW-Its not just here. Its happening in Germany, Japan, The UK, all over the place. That’s why this is so bad, there’s nowhere to turn.

            • Check out Iceland–the entire country is built on the banking industry there…

            • A.D. says:

              i understand that, which is why noted that business that aren’t effected by this, such as cash-rich, in-elastic demand groups, such as say Pharmacos, are still down, despite the fact that the credit markets should not effect them.

              They shouldnt be down, not to the point they are, but its a wild sell off in which some makes sense, and obv. there are some issues, but some is completely illogical

  9. Ivan says:

    Manny made Joe Torre a genius didn’t he?

  10. A.D. says:

    Love that Lowe was shaking off Martin when Martin wasnt even looking at him

  11. The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

    I feel like every scoreless inning Lowe throws brings him closer to being coveted/signed by the Yankees. Ugh. Feel like people are warming up to the idea of signing him, I still don’t want him.

    • pat says:

      id rather have pavano for 1 yr 13 mil than lowe at 3 or 4

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

        Not sure how I feel about Pavano for 13 mil, but Lowe scares me… And I agree, those last couple/few years of whatever contract he signs are a major risk.

      • A.D. says:

        yeah I’d be scared having Lowe in the AL east, theres a reason Boston didn’t resign him

    • Steve says:

      Me neither. Look up his last few years in the AL East. That would be another Kevin Brown situation, an over the hill pitcher who put up good numbers in the weakest division in baseball.

      To be fair, I think Lowe is about Plan F for the Yanks, after CC, Andy, Burnett, Mussina, and Peavey. In that order.

      • Mike A. says:

        What does his last 2 years with Boston have to do with anything? That was 4, soon to be 5 years ago.

        Should they sign Esteban Loiaza because he was awesome in 2003? That was in the AL.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

          Dude I hear you, but at the same time, that was when he was 4, 5 years younger. It cuts both ways. (And you know that Esteban Loiaza thing isn’t relevant lol,)

        • Steve says:

          Because he sucked the last time he was in the AL East, and he’s 4 years older now. He’s still the same pitcher from what I know, so I cant expect him to be any better at an advanced age.

          BTW-Maybe you misunderstood, I dont want him.

        • TheLastClown says:

          He meant that his last two years pitching in the relevant decision were not pretty, so now 4, soon to be 5, years later, he couldn’t be expected to put up even those lackluster lines

  12. Joey H. says:

    Yo Mike. Are your for or against the 5 game divisional series?

    • Mike A. says:

      It doesn’t really matter to me. I guess a 7 game series would be nice, gives us that much more baseball. Plus MLB would make a bunch more money.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

        I’d be all for a 7 game series, but they’d have to chop some regular season games from the schedule or else the World Series would be played under threat of snow (and we all know they’ll never cut regular season games).

        • Steve says:

          I like the idea of ADDING a wild card, and making the two of them play a Play-in game on the off day.

          That would be a huge incentive for WC teams to win their divisions, and would likely screw them up for the ALDS. 3 cities in 3 days, probably used their ace, etc.

          I’m so sick of the divisions and leagues meaning little to nothing in the current set up. Having the best record in your league should give you an advantage of some kind that doesn’t disappear after one loss at home.

          • Joey H. says:

            But the Wild Card team is sometimes the best team in the playoffs. Just look at it, Over the past few years i think the WC winner has gone to and even won the WS in some cases. so thats not fair.

            • Mike A. says:

              But the Wild Card team is sometimes the best team in the playoffs.

              You know I think that is? The WC is usually clinched real late in the season, the last series of the season usually. The team that wins the WC just keeps the momentum going, there’s no letdown period.

              Look at the Halos, they clinched the division with a month left in the season, then played nothing but meaningless games for weeks. It’s hard to muster that level of intensity that quick.

              • Joey H. says:

                Not the best team, AKA most deserving of the playoff spot, but the best team playing in the playoffs. But very fair points.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

              His point, which I agree with (but it’s subjective), is that there should be more emphasis placed on winning your division. Even if the WC team is the “best team”, he’s saying the division winners should be given more of an advantage as reward for winning their division, whether they’re the best team or not.

              And just because a team wins the WS does NOT make that team the “best team.” The Cardinals won 83 games the year they won the WS. That team had no business being in the playoffs. Playoff entrance and seeding should be based on regular season performance, not postseason potential.

  13. A.D. says:

    Casey Blake is a FA, who needs Tex when you can have the definition of grit

  14. Mike Pop says:

    Hamels is gonna dominate the rest of this game….until Manny comes up

  15. A.D. says:

    Why isn’t there more discussion of Dempster being a FA?

  16. Mike Pop says:

    Lowe as our 4th starter is fine.. Look at Moose las year he sucked, but this year he turned it around and dominated and turned into our 1.. Who knows if Lowe can do the same.. If he can put an era of 3.80 or lower as our 4th I could be happy with that.. Im all for the idea of signing 2 of those 3 of CC AJ and Lowe

    • whozat says:

      You want to spend 15MM per for a fourth starter? Carlos Silva sucks and he got 12 mil per. Lowe will get 15 easy. If it was a one-year deal, I’d do that. Since it’ll be 3 or 4, hells no.

  17. Mike Pop says:

    Speaking of sinker ballers remember las year they said it was good Wang was going on short rest so he could get more sink on his sinker lol.. He pitched well that game right ? ……………….

    • Steve says:

      I guess you mean the 2007 ALDS. Yeah he was bad, but he was bad all of September that year and Torre should have took that into account. Instead, he pitched him on the road (where he was bad all year) and at home on short rest (which Wang never did before). Between that and not pulling his team off the field during the midges, it wasn’t one of Joe’s better managerial jobs.

  18. Ivan says:

    You know we can talk about which pitcher the yanks need/or gonna get but to me the key for the yanks rotation, is Joba and Hughes. You need those arms to pitch well and I think they will.

    • Jamal G. says:

      I posted this up above, not realizing how far the conversation had moved along:


      As that said, I’m really not worried about the pitching staff, it’s the defense. I know Joba and Hughes are important for 2009, but I think the bigger factors are the return of Mike Mussina and a healthy Andy Pettitte. Approximately 400 of league-average or better innings are quite impossible to replace.

      • A.D. says:

        that and a full year from Wang

      • Ivan says:

        I agree that the D needs to step up. Maybe signing Tex wouldn’t be so bad. He’s arguebaly the best 1st baseman defensively and can save some E’s from infield and make much plays than Giambi.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Signing Tex would bring a smile to every Yankee fans face

        • Jamal G. says:

          It’s not even about the Errors, the Yankees are pretty sure-handed. It’s just that they don’t convert enough batted balls into outs. Melky Cabrera, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter rank second-to-worst or worst in Range Factor (in their respective positions). Jason Giambi is dead last in Zone Rating, Robinson Cano fell off a cliff, defensively, after the ASB, and Bobby Abreu was the worst defensive Right Fielder in the American League.

          • Ivan says:

            Wasn’t Melky third in the AL in defense in CF?

          • Mike Pop says:

            Agreed but it sounds worse than it really is.. If we put up the offensive numbers we were suppose to we would of been in the playoffs..I dont know if we would still be there tho

          • steve (different one) says:

            Jamal, Range Factor is worthless.

            Jeter, Melky and A-Rod were all fine this year on defense.

            • Jamal G. says:

              Worthless, in my opinion, is reserved for stats like Fielding Percentage and Errors. How many plays a fielder converts – per game – is not worthless.

              • steve (different one) says:

                Range Factor is Put outs plus assists divided by INNINGS.

                there is nothing that controls for chances.

                if a player doesn’t have a ball hit at him all game, his RF is zero.

                that’s worse than worthless.

                • Jamal G. says:

                  Yes, but you are taking it to an extreme level. Over the course of a 162-game season, the Total Chances even out. You know the difference between the Third Basemen who led the Major Leagues in TC’s and the Major League Third Basemen with the least amount of TC’s (with 1,100-innings played or more)? 91.

      • Ivan says:

        I think bringing one of those guys back is important, whether it’s moose or Pettitte.

      • Ivan says:

        Joe Sheenan even wrote about that in his article months back.

  19. Jamal G. says:

    You know how you know you’re a bad baseball analyst? When you are dumbfounded by the Robinson-Cano-Carlos-Beltran trade rumors, but from the Mets’ POV.

    Oh, Peter.

  20. The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

    Manny being defensive.

  21. A.D. says:

    filthy change

  22. A.D. says:

    Some of those LA injuries might not have been the worst…. I mean it was no guarentee Nomar or Jones put up amazing numbers

  23. Joey H. says:

    Lmao. Did anyone else notice that IPK’s agent is Boras?

  24. Better question: Is Boras now a metonym for greedy sports agents?

  25. It’s like a metaphor, but more…abstract, maybe?

    Wall Street is a metonym for the American Financial System

    Buckingham Palace ” ” for the Royal Family

    Bristol ” ” ESPN headquarters.

    I’m having a hard time thinking of non geographic ones, but they exist.


  26. A.D. says:

    Victorino trying to take out D-Lowe

  27. Mike Pop says:

    Lowe is real solid so far

  28. A.D. says:

    “Red Sox fans will remeber this hit”…. despite the game having nothing to do with the sox McCarver gets it in

  29. A.D. says:

    Haha victorino tripped, and the grabbed onto Lowe

  30. Mike Pop says:

    Nice play

  31. A.D. says:

    Does Kent retire after this season?

  32. dkidd says:

    just joined the thread. i have a sinking feeling we sign lowe and he posts a 5.83 era in 2009

  33. Joey H. says:

    Anyone else picking up on how the FOX commentators are extra sympathetic to the Dodgers for their injury issues but when there is a Yankee game they can give a rats ass?

  34. Joey H. says:

    I don’t think Furcal has seen anything but a change-up.

  35. Jamal G. says:

    I like how nobody mentions Jack McCormick, the famed traveling secretary, belittled Manny Ramirez in front of the entire Boston clubhouse beforehand.

    • Mike A. says:

      Well, that’s different than being physically assaulted.

    • A.D. says:

      thats not what the ‘nation wants to hear

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

      Dude defend Manny all you want, I think he’s an amazing baseball player too… But you can’t defend him for pushing that guy to the ground. That’s something he shouldn’t have done and it can’t be excused.

      • TheLastClown says:

        Dig that. Him & Pedro were much the same in my little black shitlist book. They were both amazing players, who killed the Yanks for the Sox, and were total assholes. While most of my hatred evaporates when they leave Boston, Pedro bouncing Don Zimmer & Manny pushing down an old man who, as Jamal says, belittled him, are both A #1 Not Cool

      • Jamal G. says:

        Oh, no, I’m not saying it justifies it (for the record, neither did Manny). I’m just using it to go against the notion that McCormick was some unassuming guy, and the shove by Manny had nothing to do with the actions of Mr. McCormick.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

          Eh, agree to disagree here. You’re taking one side of the story as fact and disregarding the other side. I actually never heard that McCormick was getting in Manny’s face in front of the team, I heard that Manny had made a completely unreasonable demand for a ton of tickets to a sold-out game and McCormick couldn’t fill the request and Manny freaked out on him. And honestly, even if McCormick said something inappropriate to him, Manny’s a professional athlete and a young man, he simply can’t act out physically against an old man. I don’t give a shit what McCormick said.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

          Actually, I’m just curious, can you provide a link to an article saying that McCormick acted inappropriately? Do you remember where you may have read that? I just never heard that before tonight, curious to read about it.

    • Joey H. says:

      Shawn Chacon, the guy who nobody ever said a bad thing about until the incident was viewed as Satan when he threw that guy on the floor. When Manny pulled this stunt I think it was covered for about 12 hours. Gotta love that ESPN bias.

      • TheLastClown says:

        Well, Chacon pushed down his BOSS, not a traveling secretary. I agree with you about the bias, but Chacon was infinitely more stupid because it was:

        A: His boss
        B: He’s not a Manny Ramirez caliber star

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

        First of all… Chacon attacked the team’s general manager. As I understand it, he tackled the guy like he was going to beat him up. Now, I think what Manny did was just as bad, but it’s a little more high-profile when you take a guy down like you’re going to beat him up (and he’s the GM). Also… I think ESPN covered the Manny thing a ton. Sometimes we see bias where it doesn’t exist, just because WE’re biased.

        • Joey H. says:

          I can care less who it is, You are a highly paid athlete, how much does it take out of you to keep your cool? I mean really. Does it matter whether it was a traveling secretary or a GM? just because his place on the totem pole doesn’t make a heated assault less or more wrong. The Chacon thing was covered for about 3 or so days. The Manny incident got maybe a day’s coverage. And isn’t that contradictory lastclown? Your second point that is.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

            I don’t think you actually know how much coverage the respective incidents got. Just a hunch.

            • Joey H. says:

              I’m positive how much coverage the incidents got. It was biased. Bottom line, You have every right to disagree, all I’m saying is that as a face of a franchise who assaulted a person in association with the team, he didn’t nearly get as much negative coverage as he deserved.

          • TheLastClown says:

            Im not sure what you’re saying is contradictory.

            I saw plenty of coverage, though I can’t say for how many days, on both stories. The bias I was referring to was the attitude that Manny will get something of a wash in the MSM, while Chacon may have to deal with the albatross of that experience for a while. This is just my conjecture, but I made it.

            BUT, the reason for this is Manny is a superstar. Whether in sports or otherwise, superstars get the VIP treatment, and their mistakes are brushed under the carpet on many occasions. I’m not making a point as to whether or not this is right or wrong, but it just is.

            That said, Chacon should have known he’d have no chance of getting away with that, I don’t know if Manny would have gotten away with tackling Theo Epstein either. But the traveling secretary can be transgressed with the offending party knowing full-well he’ll get away with it.

            Again, not right or wrong, just assessment of the situation.

            • Joey H. says:

              Your saying Chacon isn’t a Manny type superstar. That’s irrelevant to the situation. Chacon was BASHED by the media for that incident. Manny hardly took any lashes,due to the usual ESPN bias.

              • Mike A. says:

                Seriously. They wrote it off as Manny being Manny.

              • TheLastClown says:

                But that’s my point. It’s exactly relevant to the situation.

                Like I said first, I agree with you about the bias. But if I was Shawn Chacon, I would be aware of such a bias, and know that there’s no cushiony, cute little catchphrase to ease my troubles, ergo I would not attack the GM.

                Again, I’m not commenting on the fair or unfairness of this

                • Joey H. says:

                  Ok then if that’s the case, Whats the relevance of it being the secretary? Manny was being a straight up brat where Chacon was provoked by Wade.

    • dkidd says:

      i don’t know the details. what happened?

  36. Ivan says:

    Hamels is good.

  37. Ivan says:

    Hamels is a better hitter than Melky.

  38. Mike A. says:

    J-Roll = teh clutch.

  39. Jamal G. says:

    Heh, Derek Lowe did not say one single word, outside of “Yeah!”, that was not a curse.

  40. dkidd says:

    you think lowe’s this pumped because it’s the playoffs or because he knows he’s upping his FA value?

  41. Mike A. says:

    Lowe’s another example of why you shouldn’t give up and trade a young guy just because he struggles in his first go around in the bigs, like the Mariners’ did.

  42. dkidd says:

    those frutista ads are humiliating to bob melvin

  43. Joey H. says:

    Brad Lidge’s season has gone totally under the radar. He was spectacular this year. Some saves weren’t always easy but that’s expected. The guy, not for nothing was a real bargain who turned into a great comeback story.

  44. Mike A. says:

    Oh great, here comes the Victorino lovefest.

  45. A.D. says:

    tie game

  46. Mike Pop says:

    Utley earn that money baby !!!

  47. Hey! Someone told Philadelphia (finally) that they had a game!

    Chase Utley!

  48. Mike Pop says:

    Cano will do that next year

  49. dkidd says:

    my wife says utley has a “date-rape face”

  50. A.D. says:

    Lowe love fest can now simmer down

  51. Mike A. says:

    Damn D-Lowe. It all comes crashing down.

  52. Man. The Spanish announcers are so monotone you’d never know it was a home run if not for occasionally glancing up at the screen.

  53. Mike Pop says:

    D Lowe wont be a yankee now………..

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

      I don’t want Lowe, but I would hope the Yankees aren’t going to make personnel decisions based on one inning of work.

      • Steve says:

        Of course not. But I see a guy throwing 90 MPH 2-seamers and 83 MPH sliders, and if I want that I’ll just bring back Sir Sidney Ponson.

        • Reggie C. says:

          90 mph 2 seamers sounds ML average. Isn’t it the 4 seamer that you want in 92-93 range? After all, lets not forget Hughes throws a 88 (yes)-90 mph 2 seamer.

          • Steve says:

            Hughes’ out pitch is the curve and he has impeccable control.

            Hughes is a very different pitcher. One guy pitches to contact and the other gets swings and misses. Apples and Oranges.

            • Reggie C. says:

              I’m saying that 2 seamers are meant to have motion to them, so velocity isn’t a big issue unless we’re talking about someone who’s in that sub-88 mph territory. That’s why bringing up Lowe’s velocity doesn’t matter.

              Lowe gets a lot of ground ball outs and that’s his game plan. It worked out for 5 innings.

    • Reggie C. says:

      5 innings of impressive work. That’s what i’ll take from it. You’re not going to win every battle against Utley. The homer to Burrell is more of a negative in my book.

      Lowe shouldn’t be too down on himself. Dodgers can tie it up quick.

  54. Mike A. says:

    What a gritty play by Blake. No talent, all scrap right there.

  55. TheLastClown says:

    That was Brosius-esque, gritty Blake

  56. Mike Pop says:

    Thats why the Phillies are so dangerous

  57. dkidd says:

    is dewitt for real?

  58. Mike A. says:

    I love that Maddux is pitching out the pen. This is so cool.

  59. Reggie C. says:

    How many guys are the Yanks going to poach from the Dodgers? Manny, Casey, Ethier, Loney, and Kemp’s respective names have all been mentioned at some point.

    Dodgers got some core unit …

  60. dkidd says:

    anyone have a vote for best and worst national anthem/god bless america?

    best: smokey robinson in boston

    worst: liz phair in chicago

  61. So, should the score hold till the ninth, what’s the over/under on Lidge going back into Pujols-mode?

  62. Joey H. says:

    Wasn’t Park an almost Met? What happened with that?

  63. dkidd says:

    is the maddux the last player left to show the stirrups?

  64. Mike A. says:

    A Giambi-esque stretch by Loney.

  65. Joey H. says:

    Is it me or every ball that goes to Furcal does Joe say “..and Furcal, With the great arm”?

  66. Mike Pop says:

    Manuel fucked up there taking out Hamels in my opinion

  67. pat says:

    wowsers nice play 2b

  68. Mike A. says:

    Ooof. Looked like Jimmy was safe.

  69. dkidd says:

    easily safe, even to the naked eye

  70. UWS says:

    Ryan Madson vs. Manny, coming up. I have a bad feeling about this.

  71. So what do we know about the Phillies bullpen?

    And why is this commercial for the NYSE filling me with a sense of dread?

  72. Mike Pop says:

    Joe Torre, I might miss him a lil itty bit

  73. Mike Pop says:

    Madison has a better change than Hamels ?

  74. Ivan says:

    Manson has the best change up on the Phillies?

  75. Spanish Announcers:

    We love American football, but we have no football in Spanish for you.


  76. Jamal G. says:

    Well that was anti-climatic.

  77. Mike Pop says:

    Anyone think Lidge is gonna blow up here in the 9th ?

  78. dkidd says:

    was madson a starter earlier in his career?

  79. Mike Pop says:

    Phillies going to the W.S.

  80. Mike A. says:

    Are they serious? The groundball by Victorino that led to him being on second because of a throwing error is the game changing play? Not the homer but Utley? Or the one by Burrell? Oof.

  81. dkidd says:

    remember in little league when they told the first baseman to play the ball, not the bag? james loney doesn’t

  82. A.D. says:

    No reason to pinch hit for pure grit

  83. A.D. says:

    Could DeWitt end up being the next casey blake?

  84. Ivan says:

    Im really glad that Lidge is at the level he’s at now. Always been a big fan of his.

  85. Mike Pop says:

    Man Phils were lucky Manny wasnt up the way they been crushing these Lidge pitches

  86. UWS says:

    Brad Lidge sez to haters: Bite me.

  87. Hey! Phillies win! This makes me happy.

  88. dkidd says:

    this is gonna be a fun series

  89. Mike Pop says:

    Chase really looks like he is a good guy

  90. Joey H. says:


  91. Mike A. says:

    Pat Burrell makes Ken Rosenthal look like Vern Troyer.

  92. Mike Pop says:

    Pat the bat rakes

  93. UWS says:

    Is it just me or did Buck sound really depressed after Phils won?

  94. Apparently my friend lives walking distance from CitizensBank and says the noise from the park is so loud it’s scaring her cat.

  95. Manimal says:

    oh my god, I think I like hockey now. Im watching the sharks play right now.

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