MLBTR previews the Yanks’ off-season

Mussina, Pettitte headline AL Type A free agents
ALCS Game 3: Rays @ BoSox

As part of his ongoing offseason preview series, Tim Dierkes as MLB Trade Rumors profiled the Yankees earlier today. His bottom line — “It looks like most of the money will be spent on starting pitching, but Teixeira would sure look nice in pinstripes” — is right in line with what we’ve been saying for the last few weeks, and Dierkes’ omission of Manny Ramirez in the Yanks’ offseason plans is, despite the allure of the bat, probably more reflective of reality.

Mussina, Pettitte headline AL Type A free agents
ALCS Game 3: Rays @ BoSox
  • radnom

    I saw this earlier, its a nice summary but not much there for anyone on this site really who follows the team.

    There was a hat tip to Joseph though.

    • JD

      Peavy would look nice in pinstripes as well! So the questions is who would you rather have…Peavy or CC? First lets leave out the fact that one has to be acquired via trade while the other a FA? Lets then add that back into the equasion?

      • Steve

        Peavey has to interest anyone with a team, he’s one of the top 5 pitchers in Baseball. But when you look at what it will take to get him and you estimate what you can expect from him in pinstripes, I suspect the Yanks will pass.

        Peavey’s road ERA goes up a full point for his career outside of pitcher friendly Petco park.

        This year, it went up . . . . .drumroll please . . . . . . 2 and a half points. 1.74 ERA at Petco and 4.28 ERA away. Yikes.

        Even if he reverts to his career average ERA of 3.80 away from Petco, you need to add at least half a run for switching to the AL. That puts him around 4.30 ERA as a reasonable expectation for 2009 in the AL.

        You know what, I think I can keep Hughes and get an ERA in the low 4s without giving up the farm. I pass, although I bid on him like a motherfucker to drive up the price. I suspect Beckett is more hurt than the Sox are telling everyone and they will be the one who land Peavey.

  • Mike Pop

    He says we have 150 commited after arb raises…I thought we had alot more coming off the books ? Im not saying hes wrong but I thought we had more than 60 mill coming off the books

    • SWB

      I think 80 mil comes off the books but with salaries totalling 209 last year and raises in most players contratcts the amount committed is still around 150

  • Bo

    The Dierkes off season outlooks are devoid of anything in depth.

    He’d be better off letting a blogger from each team do it.

    • 27 this year

      Well it lets us see all the contracts and how stuff is shaping up. Did you see what our rotation would be without signing anyone? Holy crap it would be Wang coming back from an injury and four starters who have never started full time for more than half a season.

    • Joseph P.

      Have you ever said one positive thing in your entire life?

  • Jamal G.

    Not for nothing, but RAB’s readers are why this site is the shit. If you look at what some of the Yankee fans in that thread are saying, you’d throw up.

    Seriously, I’m talking LoHud type idiocy.

    • Joseph P.

      Cano, Kennedy, Sanchez for Peavy. ‘Nuff said.

      • Jamal G.

        Dude, that was the exact comment I had in my head when I wrote this post.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I hear ya, Jahmel. It’s really difficult to find any sort of forum in which you can intelligently communicate with other fans. I don’t seem to be able to last on any of these forums.

      I’ve got an open mind towards the off-season. I think the team needs to take major steps this offseason, but that 2009 could still be as much of a work in progress as 2008 was. We need to continue to plan for an existence which doesn’t involve any of our post-35 outfielders.

      I do think you make the all-out push for CC and look to bring in a second veteran if Moose doesn’t return. I’m not as afraid of A.J. Burnett because the guy’s got more guts in his pinky than Carl Pavano has in his body. I think you leave that #5 spot open for Hughes and Aceves to fight it out.

      I don’t know what to think of first base. It’d sure would be nice to have Juan Miranda grab it and not let go, though.

      CF? Stand put until A-Jax is ready and look to get some better corner outfielders into the organization. Mike Cameron? no, thank you.

  • Ivan

    Speaking of pitching, Hughes is pitching right now.

    • Jamal G.

      Every out thus far has been via the K or GO.

      • Joseph P.

        And he’s facing Max Scherzer. Damn, I wish we got this streaming on the Net.

        • Jamal G.

          Seriously, isn’t this one of the main reasons why MiLB.TV was created for? How can they really not extend coverage into the Fall & Winter Leagues?

          • Ivan

            Word. It’s such a fuckin tease looking at the game on Gameday especially when the MILB Gameday don’t show the speeds and movement on the pitches.

          • Reggie C.

            Very good question.

  • JeffG

    Go Tex – Forget Manny. Even though I don’t like the authror I think this article makes a good argument.

    For other reasons, I know Manny is a great hitter, but I’m more inclined to see our defense improve. Old superstars are not the way forward.

  • Ivan

    Hey Carlos Triunfel Hit a Homer off Scherzer.

    • Reggie C.

      Scherzer got 5 Ks through 3 innings. Ks have never been a problem for him. But he’s not the most economical of guys. Good to see Arizona convert him to a starter.

      • Joseph P.

        Convert? He’s always been a starter. They might have used him out of the bullpen, but his history, like Joba’s, is in the rotation.

  • Reggie C.

    The possibility of a Jake Peavy trade is picking up traction on MLBtraderumours. If we must pick up 2 arms , i’d rather have them be CC & Lowe. Trading for peavy would cost alot. HOWEVER, trading for Adrian Gonzalez makes sense if Cash doesn’t want to commit more than $50 Million to 3 players. Imo, Gonzalez would put up better numbers than Tex.

    • steve (different one)

      Gonzalez is going to cost just as much as Peavy in a trade, possibly more, based on his salary.

      he’s exactly the type of guy no team would trade unless you blew them away.

  • dan

    Someone suggested the yanks go crazy, and do whatever they have to do (trade whatever) to get this rotation:

    Peavy (probably trade Hughes, etc. for him)

    It’s a ridiculous idea, and would cost a shit load. But can anyone see them not winning the WS with that rotation? Actually if they do nothing else besides getting those guys, I’m not sure their payroll would be higher than it was this year, in fact it might be lower. Of course, this would NEVER happen, so please don’t call me an idiot for repeating this here.

  • SWB

    I don’t see them getting Peavy but if Hughes continues to throw well in the AFL it lessens the overall impact of the trade on our whole system. I look at Peavy and wonder if Hughes won’t be as good in a year or two. I can’t see Cashman trading him this offseason, maybe next if the chips don’t fall but then they will be dealing him at a discount.

  • Old Ranger

    May I reiterate; trading a #2-3 (or #3-4) type starter for a #2-3 starter is not the best way to build a staff. Why would we trade Phil+ for Peavy? Phil could (will) end up being a mainstay of our staff for a few years…as a #3-4 behind CMW, Joba and (CC/FA). Phil is not to be traded at all, he is going to show how good he really is, by making the team out of ST. Not that I wouldn’t like to have Peavy on the staff…but, let’s find a better trade then Phil+.
    Other then his injury, one must remember, he and IPK had never faced hitters that made them work hard at their trade…live, and learn kids! Therefore, I firmly believe he will come out strong come ST. 27/09.

  • RobC

    Why trade Hughes+ for Peavy? Because Peavy is a proven top line starter. Hughes is unproven and often hurt.
    Trade the unknown for the known.
    It would just be a question of how much the + is in Hughes +

    CC and Peavy might be better bats of the bench than some of the ones they already have

  • http://kwhitey kevin white

    If you didnt trade Hughes for Santana, how can you trade him for anyone? Stay the course with the kids and add Lowe and Burnett or Perez. Sign Tex!!! CC scares me, he is 330lbs with major innings on that arm.