Stadium items fail to sell at auction

Bad inning does Hughes in
Going to the best when it counts

The Yanks have learned that a bad economy is no time to auction off baseball memorabilia. As the AP reported, yesterday’s stadium memorabilia auction was not very successful.

The last ball hit out of Yankee Stadium didn’t leave the auction block Saturday in a memorabilia auction celebrating Bronx Bombers history…It was expected to fetch up to $400,000, but was pulled after offers fell short of the suggested opening bid of $100,000…

A collection of 15 World Series and American League championship rings that once belonged to former Yankees owner Del Webb was also pulled by the Guernsey’s auction house after the high bid of $325,000 fell short of expectations…

About 100 people came to the Garden and bid several hundreds of dollars for baseball card vending machines, pictures of Yankee Stadium under construction and posters signed by Mantle and Joe DiMaggio.

This is hardly a surprising result. People aren’t too keen on spending their disposable incomes on baseball merchandise right now. I’m sure they’ll try again in a few months.

Bad inning does Hughes in
Going to the best when it counts
  • cult of basebaal

    they’d be better off trying again in a couple of years …

  • Chris C.

    Just shows you how clueless the Yankee front office is to the world outside their walls.

    • Ben K.

      To be fair, this is Guernsey’s fault. The Yanks’ front office had little to do with this decision to have the auction now.