The ‘stache up for Goulet Award

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Open Thread: Manny or Tex?

While most people know Robert Goulet as a successful Broadway star, most youngsters know him from a rather hilarious Super Bowl commercial. Now, Goulet, posthumously, has lent his name to an American Mustache Institute award, and, well, Jason Giambi‘s ‘stache is one of the finalists for Mustache of the Year. The competition is fierce; Goose Gossage, Don LaFontaine and Keith Hernandez are among the nominees. But head on over to AMI’s site and vote for Giambi. After all, no one else’s ‘stache had a 130 OPS+.

Union to play a role in Sabathia decision?
Open Thread: Manny or Tex?
  • Bill R

    Do you have a link to their site? or is it just

    • Ben K.

      The link’s in the post as “one of the finalists,” but you can access it right here as well.

  • Joltin’ Joe

    He was in at least one of those Leslie Nielsen “WD-40” movies as a bad guy and was pretty funny.

  • Nady Nation


  • Joey

    Big G ftw

  • Joey H.

    All the other dudes have had staches when they were popular, 70’s,80’s. Giambi re surged a slumping team with a little lip hair in a totally random fashion in a different generation. He is the blow out winner of this bogus contest.

  • Abraham Froman

    Joey my friend I take issue with your “bogus contest” comment. As someone of Mustached American descent, I have faced mustache discrimination all of my life. Now, as an officer of the American Mustache Institute, we have developed this contest to celebrate the best of our people. People from around the U.S. nominated more than 60 people for the award. Our staff at AMI narrowed it to 16 finalists. Now the public votes. Nothing bogus about it. Is is a bit silly? Right on. But we’ll be flying the winner to St. Louis for ‘Stache Bash 2008 on Oct. 25 and celebrating like O.J. on parole. Carry on my friend.

  • Cam