Carl Pavano is so tired

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Friday Hot Stove Open Thread

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days just because we’ve had better things to talk about. But since it’s Friday afternoon, and everyone enjoys humor on Friday afternoon, let’s make fun of Carl Pavano.

In an article about the mutual affection Carl Pavano and the Marlins seem to have for each other this winter, the long-time denizen of the DL issued a gem of a quote. “I look back at those four years with the Yankees, it was exhausting,” he said.

Exhausting. Someone get this man a dictionary.

Carl Pavano was so exhausted by his four years on the Yankees. He was exhausted by the 26 starts he made over four years, by the nine games he managed to win and by the 145.2 innings he pitched. Or perhaps he was just exhausted cashing his paycheck every other week while contributing little else to the Yanks.

RAB Live Chat
Friday Hot Stove Open Thread
  • Al

    Apparently Yanks make a CC offer

    • Ben K.

      Apparently, the sun rose in the East and set in the West today too. Stop the presses.

  • Stu H

    I could see dealing with the NY press being pretty exhausting, especially for Carl Pavano.

    • Ben K.

      We’re generally pretty skeptical of the NY press around, but we’re even more skeptical of Carl Pavano. He doesn’t get a pass for this one.

  • jsbrendog

    “But since it’s Friday afternoon, and everyone enjoys humor on Friday afternoon, let’s make fun of Carl Pavano.”

    yup, sounds anout right. just want to say that i have not read anything past this phrase yet because i laugh everytime i read it. so i am continuing to do so until that humor has been exhausted.

  • Jeremy

    Ease up on the guy. Not being able to sit because your ass is brusied must be very tiring.

    • jsbrendog

      hemrhoid donut bro

  • steve (different one)

    you know, if the yankees signed CC and Burnett, that would be all sorts of awesome.

    i know Burnett isn’t that popular here, but how would you like to go into a 7 game playoff series against Sabathia, Joba, Burnett, and Wang?

  • Thomas

    I can see how it was exhausting with his crashed car, he had to walk to the bank while injured.

  • Tripp

    Ben, please. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to do 12 oz curls on the beach in Tampa while you rehab or to shift gears in a Porsche?

    Give the guy a break.

  • Frank

    I’m exhausted from reading that.

  • Brandon

    “Carl Pavano doesn’t care about anything, he’s a nihlist….”

    “Oh, that must be exhausting”

    • jibs

      Thanks for that, made my day

  • E-ROC

    I’d be exhausted if I were dating Alyssa Milano too, though that was many moons ago. Or maybe Pavano was exhausted from when he crashed his porsche into a tractor trailer. Long live the American Idle!

  • iYankees

    Pavano is an idiot.

    I watched batting practice at Safeco when the Yankees were in town (here in Seattle) and I saw Pavano a few feet away, stretching on the ground. I couldn’t help but to yell, “Be careful!” at him, over and over again. Maybe when he says he’s exhausted, he’s referring to the constant berating that he faced on a regular basis (and deserved, by the way).

  • christopher

    i wanted to post this earlier but the posts moved too fast.

    I know that this will sound absolutly nuts, but I believe it to be possible. is it out of the realm of possibility that the yankees could add 4 top name free agents – 2 hitters and 2 pitchers? I am looking not only at the 2009 payroll flexibility, but the flexibility that will be gained next season as well.


    A. the other teams in MLB are insulting the cubs and the yanks could get Peavy without giving up hughes or Ajax. Peavy’s AAV is 16 million, but his salary next year is relatively low considering his potential.

    B. Next year they unload Damon and Matsui – nearly 30 million more dollars in salary

    C. they allow either hughes or Aceves to fight it out for the 5th slot.

    D. I do not believe that the team will stick to the 180 million dollar threshold, especially with such a talented free agent class this season and slim pickings in next years

    E: Manny takes a 3 year deal with an option

    F: Dunn gets stuck by the financial crush and takes below his market value. All of the speculation has Dunn getting a contract of about 15 million. That is a huge bargain when you consider what Howard would get on the open market. Are those players really that different?

    G. The yanks can trade Matsui

    H. Peavy accepts a deal that does

    Add: CC and Peavy. Peavy gives you a certain level of payroll flexibility over the next 2 years before the big dollars come into play and would be cheaper than any of the 2nd tier free agents out there.

    next years rotation: CC, Wang, Peavy, Joba, Hughes/Aceves

    Add Manny if he will take a 3 year deal with an option. I wuld even go to a 4th garunteed if that is what it would take.

    Add Dunn at 4 years 15 million

    Manny and Dunn split time between RF and DH. Add those two in addition to swisher would make this an awesome lineup. Assuming Ajax takes over a starting position next year – he saves a ton of money and Manny’s salry would equal that of Damon and Matsui’s combined. Dunn replaces the salary of Abreu.

    Damon CF (L) with gardner as a defensive caddy
    Jeter SS (R)
    Dunn DH/RF (L) He is not the horrible defensive player teams make him out to be and will be better than Abreu in right
    AROD 3B (R)
    Manny (RF/DH) (R)Better defender than Abreu without a doubt
    Posada C (S)
    Nady RF (R)
    Swisher 1B (S)
    Cano 2B (L)

    I know this is a pipe dream, but it should be doable for a team with the yankees payroll. While the putfield defense is far from ideal Manny is a defensive upgrade over bobby and for that matter so is Dunn. Getting Peavy allows for additional flexibility e3ven though his AAV is 16 million. Take into account his 2009 salary which, in my opinion makes him more attractive than the free agents and allows for this crazy idea. With Ajax coming up in 2010 and Jeter likely to be due for a major pay cut after 2010. Personally, i would rather overpay for Manny on a shorter contract than to give anyone else a 7-8 year deal. IMO, Dunn will be the bargain of this year’s class considering the economic climate and the statements of Ricchardi that he has no love for the game.

    With the above line-up, the yanks take a team with a payroll of 190 – 200 million which is not much above where they want to be. That line-up is lethal and balanced and could very well be the best in baseball next season.

    Manny is a short term fix, but Dunn and Peavy both work for the long term plans of the team. Finally, of all the free agents out there not named CC, who would make fans more excited than Manny Ramirez? I don’t think there is anyone.

  • Brett

    We just need to erase the name Pavano from our collective memories and never mention him again. Or just refer to him as the “$40 million dollar mistake”

  • Jesse

    If Carl Pavano had a hair on his rear he would beg the Yankees to let him play for a minimal salary (1-2 million) plus a bonus for starts and/or innings. If I recall from his orginal signing despite growing up in the Boston area his father is a die hard Yankee fan. After 4 years of showing up with a mask and a gun to pick up his paycheck a move like that would show that he is remorseful for the way the way he performed and that he’s dedicated to helping the team that he sucked the marrow from for four long years. He might even get invited to Christmas at the parents’ house again this year.

    Off point, but here’s an interesting thought: imagine how different the last few years would have been had Cory Lidle not died tragically. We’ve been looking for a solid back of the rotation guy ever since that fateful day.

  • Marcus

    Carl Pavano is easily understood when he states how exausted he was. He earned the paycheck and earned my respect.

    He always worked hard to get back to the playing field, but you can’t help what nature’s course is for your body.

    Just some bad situational injuries. Takes a lot of work to get back into playing shape and rehabbing off of injuries.

    More exhausting recovering from injuries than it is playing in games.

    Good luck Pavano, sorry for the misfortunes.

  • Josh

    As a fan, it was exhausting watching Pavano pitch.

    • Jesse

      Yeah, it was. Both times.

  • db

    Funny listening to Fans that do not have the slightest clue on what really happened with Pavano. Has anyone read the NY times article about Pavano that came out in August of this year? It basically says that the Yankees doctors knew about the surgery way back in 2005 and hid it from Cashman becasue Pavano just signed a large deal. Due to the doctors, Pavano lost 2 years of his career.