CC under pressure?

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According to Anthony McCarran, CC Sabathia may be feeling the heat from the Players Association to accept the Yanks’ record-setting contract. While on the record, PA reps deny the charge, McCarran’s sources seem to suggest that the lefty’s contract should set the market for pitchers. I doubt the union would exert explicit pressure on CC, but I can see why the rest of the union would want him to sign the best deal out there.

Book Review: Remembering Yankee Stadium
Open Thread: Hot Stove news of the day
  • James

    No surprise here..

  • Chip

    If the Yankees really get him at this price, you essentially kept Hughes and Kennedy while signing CC at Santana’s price point

    • Joltin’ Joe

      Good call.

      • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

        It would be hard to argue that CC is a better pitcher or has a better body type moving forward than Santana. We should go after each and every big pitcher there is if we have a shot. Cashman muffed the Santana deal that one is obvious. Hopefully this one gets done.

        Since Boston’s young GM has taken office he has gotten every top pitcher they went after, I believe they did not have the $ to get Santana and were only trying to make sure we did not get the fellow.

  • JK

    The bid was Genius. They basically did what the Sox did to the Yankees with Santana by put in an aggressive bid that would kill anyone else to top. They also matched Santana’s deal which was set by the Mets, so now someone else has to come in and piss off the commissioners office and the other owners by raising the ceiling. The owners don’t want the salary ceiling raised and the players association wants CC to set the market by taking the highest bid.

  • Ivan

    Can we say it’s a matter of time before CC Sabathia signs with the yanks? Man the arrogant yankee fan side is coming out lol.

  • dan

    Nat Boyle at MLBTR pasted this quote from the article to the end of his post…

    “One source familiar with the union’s thinking disagreed, insisting that “players are the ones who make the final decisions where they want to play, for how long and for how much. Free agents have played long enough to earn the right to make the ultimate decision.’ Two player agents contacted Saturday agreed that players have earned the right to have choices once they are free agents. Pressure from the union, they say, usually comes when a young, arbitration-eligible star signs a contract that trades years of free agency for a measure of security.”

    If he’s already signing a record-setting deal, I doubt the union pressures him into anything. It’s not like he’s taking a discount to go somewhere (if he signs with the yanks)–that they would probably not be in favor of.

  • bill

    These reporters from the Daily News are so pro mets.

    An example was John Harper column the other day on Friday he was so happy when he thougt the Mets were going to go after CC he was writing how
    Minaya was going to outsmart the Yankees and sign CC with a discount.

    Harper the next day was so disappointed in his column when he realized they were no go to get in a bidding war with Yankees.

    • Ivan

      Who really believe the mets were going after CC? Talk about a huge smoke screen that didn’t work.

    • Ben K.

      I’m not quite sure how that’s pro-Mets. It was just sloppy reporting.

  • steve

    i know it’s far away, but i want to see some signings already.

    • Chip

      Second week of December they’ll start to really get going with the deadline to offer arbitration

  • Number 27

    one thing that bothers me is that as good as sabathia is, I’d prefer that he want to play for the Yankees. if he’s being ‘pressured’ into doing it even after that much cash is thrown at him, that kind of sucks.


    • Ben K.

      It’s all just speculation. No one really knows what Sabathia wants or even if this report is accurate. Don’t read too much into that angle.

      • christopher

        to my knowledge every report is from “friends” or “sources”. Sabathia has never once in his career had a disparaging remark to make about the yankees. just because they are not his ideal choice doesnt mean he will be strong-armed into coming here.

        if you cant pitch for the one you love love the one you pitch (for)

    • Steve S

      I have to say one thing all these pro west coast rumors seem somewhat odd to me. It would be one thing if it were a couple of isolated items but the constant reminder seems like another source. It could be that its CC looking for a competitive offer from a West Coast team but he seems to campaign for National League teams, which makes even less sense because the Dodgers never spend money and the Giants (contrary to Buster Olney) really cant sink money into him with the Zito contract on the books. If he were pushing the Angels it would make more sense but it really doesnt seem that way. It also doesnt make sense that his agent would really want this info out there, it really doesnt help him, unless you think the Yankees bid was inflated to help ease the transition.

      To me this kind of wreaks of the typical Scott Boras Machiavellian type negotiation where he leaks that stuff in order to scare the Yankees and get them in on Manny, Tex and Lowe where he desperately needs the Yankees to be involved, especially on the first two.

  • JK

    Sabathia said he would play anywhere! I have yet to hear him say I prefer the west coast or want to stay in the NL.

    Remember alot of this “friends of Sabathia say…” crap could be coming from 1. his agent to see how high the Yankees would jump 2. AL teams that don’t want to see him in pinstripes 3. other teams that are interested in signing him 4. Yankee haters in the media.

    If Sabathia does sign it will be pure comedy reading the same media that killed the Yankees for not trading and paying Santana bash the team for signing and paying Sabathia.

  • christopher

    how desperate were melvin’s comments that the yanks overbid – clearly he is setting the stage for a stance to the fans that there was nothing the poor brewers could dp when the big bad yankees made a ridiculous offer to CC wheen in fact the offer was not ridiculous as it is only slightly higher than what johan got. its the MLB way. comparable players will always get a higher offer than what had been given a year earlier. PATHETIC!

    on a side note, i can really see the yankees signing manny in january if and when he drops his demand to 3 or 4 years. I see the big signings for the yankees as Sabathia Lowe/burnett/sheets or a trade for peavy (which one depends on the market – will the Pads drop their asking price and Peavy agree to come to NYY, will sheets come at a bargain in late dec=early january) IMO the yanks prefer lowe although i want to see them get younger.

    I absolutly see manny coming based on steinbreners infatuation with him. boy oh boy would immediately make this offense great. when all is said and done, i see the yanks adding CC, burnett or peavy (depending on the asking price as i dont see cash giving up AJAX and/or hughes) and manny with Dunn as a fall back.

    Also, i see them dealing for cameron or signing edmonds, although i would love to see them sign baldelli and let him rotate in the DH/OF positions with Damon/Gardner/Manny or Dunn (who by the way makes so much sense for this team it is ridiculous)

    Cashman isnt going to put together such a great pitching staff and ignore what was an aweful offense. I have said it before and i will say it again. Aside from CC what player out there would excite fans more and put more fannis in the seats than Manny. A line-up with Manny and AROD would be devistating.

    If they get 2 top line starters would they be better served bringing back moose or pettite, or would they benefit more by adding offense? They can use Joba (innings count Hughes/Kennedy/Aceves – provided none is traded to fill in the 4-5 slots

    the yanks and fans have been anticipating this offseason for the past 3 years nd they wont let it pass the, by regardless of what cash said to the Post.

    watch come mid-january the yankees swoop in and offer Manny a 3 year 75 million contract

  • Simon B.

    So everybody talks about the “pressure” the players association is going to put on Sabathia, but what exactly would they do? The picture I have in my head is Don Fehr calling him up and saying, “Come on!”

  • Mike Pop

    This obviously isnt his first choice though becuz he does know that other teams wont come that close to wheatever we offer and maybe not even the 140 mill if that is truly on the table.. He would have signed by now if he didnt prefer to be elsewhere.. Im not saying he wont play for us im just saying its definitely not a top 3 choice I think becuz he might of signed that deal already.. But it is stll very early in the offseason and I know they have to wait it out and see what kind of offers are made

    • yankeestripes

      I agree i think the whole west coast thing is blown out of proportion.

      • mop

        Definitely blown out of proportion. Even if the yanks were his #1 choice, allowing the west coast speculation to build up only helps him to increase the contract he will eventually sign.

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  • MoBoy

    What team will give CC 20 million a year.The Mets aren’t have 2 20 million pitchers,the Angels need Mark Texeira then CC,and the Dodgers need Manny then CC.

    I can’t see any team that will give CC clost to 25 million then the Yankees.