Holliday’s dad wants to see son in Pinstripes


I’ll start by noting that this means little, if anything, to the Yankees Hot Stove pursuits. It’s just an interesting article by RAB-fave Tyler Kepner about Matt Holliday’s father Tom, pitching coach at North Carolina State University. When he heard his son would likely be traded this off-season, he hoped it would be to an eastern team. Specifically, the New York Yankees.

“If someone would have called me today and said Matt had gotten traded to the Yankees, I’d have been hunting for a place to celebrate.”

Since it’s unlikely the A’s will sign Holliday once he reaches free agency after the 2009 season, there’s a chance Tom could realize his dream. It’s not that great a chance, though. Matt will be 30 for the 2010 season and employs Scott Boras as an agent. This does not bode well for his prospects. Boras will fill a binder full of stretched truths and try to eke out every last penny for his client.

The Yanks will be losing two outfielders/DHs next winter in Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui. Will they spend a portion of that money, $26 million combined, on Holliday? It’s a possibility, certainly, especially with Xavier Nady hitting free agency for the first time. The Yanks could therefore be in the market for a corner outfielder. Will they pony up the dough and the years to land Holliday? I suppose we’ll find out in a year.

On an interesting note, Tom Holliday was pitching coach at the University of Texas in 2004 when they were the College World Series runners up. He coached Huston Street that year, who is said to be headed to Colorado in the deal.

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  1. Matt M. says:

    “Tom, pitching coach at North Carolina State University”

    another interesting dynamic: Tom Holliday was the pitching coach for one Andrew Brackman…

    i persume at least

  2. steve (different one) says:

    works for me. i too would like to see Holliday in pinstripes.

    • whozat says:

      On the kind of deal Boras will want for a 30 year old OFer, though?

      I’m not excited by signing a 30+ corner guy to a 7 year deal. More than I would be by signing a 30 year old CFer to a 7 year deal, I guess.

      Honestly, you know what the Yanks need to do? Get enough quality young pitching depth to the bigs so that they can afford to trade Wang for a high-end young position player in a year or two.

  3. Mike A. says:

    I’m pretty sure my dad would celebrate if I became a member of the Yankees too.

  4. Jay Walker says:

    My dad would love to see Gisele Bundchen In pinstripes.

  5. radnom says:


  6. E-ROC says:

    My dad would’ve……………..ah, nevermind. Never met the guy.

  7. Axl says:

    What gets this deal done?

    They were bringing up Hughes when talking about getting Holliday from the Rockies…he has a better upside than Street and Smith do…I don’t really know Gonzalez too well. I’m guess we probably could have put something together that’s close without Hughes though, no?

    • Yank Crank 20 says:

      It doesn’t matter. Even if the Yankees acquired him from Oakland for Hughes and others, Holliday won’t sign an extension. He’d be a free agent after ’09 and we’d have to compete with others on the open market for his services again. Why give away Hughes when you can just bid for him next year and not lose players?

    • radnom says:

      Without Hughes?
      I don’t see it, they got back MLB ready talent across the board which we don’t really have to trade (more ready than Ajax). Meloncon would have been our answer to Street I guess, but he is also unproven.

      We could have trumped the package with Hughes I think, but who would want to do that.

      • radnom says:

        shit *melon-cone

      • Chris says:

        but crappy MLB ready talent is still crappy talent.

        Melancon is unproven, but also far cheaper than Street. Smith isn’t anything special – while he wasn’t terrible, his peripherals were not good.

        As far as I can tell, this deal completely hinges on what you think of Gonzalez. If you see his tools and think you can straighten him out, then he’s got value. If you look at his performance so far, then you just traded Holliday for Melancon, IPK and Melky.

        • radnom says:

          That comparison is not correct at all.

          Sure Street is more expensive, but if youre trading for a closer I think you value the fact that you know the guy not only has the ability to pitch in the Majors but can do so at a high level. As much as we like to put Melancon in the bag already, it is not a sure thing that he can do either of these.

          Smith is a lefty and has spent time in the major leagues with some success. So his peripherals weren’t good…how were IPK’s?
          (Side note, I do not see him fairing well in Col.)

          Gonzalez and Melky? Ok enough. I’m ending this here.

          • Chris says:

            Just saw this analysis from KLaw:

            a capable middle reliever with closer experience and a recent history of elbow trouble (Street); a fifth starter with good deception, control issues and possibly the best pickoff move in the majors, and who is coming off minor elbow surgery of his own (Greg Smith); and a 23-year-old outfielder with big tools but very poor pitch recognition and some questions about his work ethic (Carlos Gonzalez).

            As for IPK, look at his AAA numbers this year. He was rushed to the majors and struggled in his short time there this year.

        • steve (different one) says:

          If you look at his performance so far, then you just traded Holliday for Melancon, IPK and Melky.

          nah, you are way off base here.

          Gonzalez probably has more value than AJax. Smith has more value than IPK.

          i have no idea where you pulled Melky from.

          • Chris says:

            Gonzalez = Melky if you only consider performance. Gonzalez is the wild card here. He has the potential to be a star, but he hasn’t show it at any level yet, so this trade basically comes down to the hope that you can turn him around so he can meet his potential.

            IPK > Smith He’s younger, and has better peripherals. If you’re only looking at his short stint in the majors last year, then IPK is a bust, but he did have an ERA < 3 and struck out more than a batter an inning (things Smith hasn’t done since high-A ball)

            Melancon = Street Especially since you consider you’re only getting Street for 2 years, he’s much more expensive, and he had a significant drop in stuff the second half of the year (with potential elbow issues).

            • steve (different one) says:

              Gonzalez = Melky if you only consider performance.

              ok, but this is completely irrelevant.

              Gonzalez >>>> Melky in terms of TRADE VALUE.

              that is the ONLY relevant metric here. trade value.

              teams value Gonzalez’s tools much more than Melky’s performance. and that is all that matters.

        • but crappy MLB ready talent is still crappy talent.

          You’re exactly right. And you’d have a point, if in fact Gonzalez, Smith, and Street were crappy MLB ready talent. They’re not. They’re all good MLB ready talent.

  8. Yank Crank 20 says:

    I believe Matt Holliday was already in pinstripes…those extremely appealing and utterly masculine purple pinstripes that the Rockies wear.

    • Axl says:

      Why wouldn’t he sign a Santana-like extension if he gets traded elsewhere? Is it a fact that he is going to refuse?

      Either way, I don’t care if we get him anyway. I’d like to see how he plays elsewhere before I commit.

      After next year I’m assuming there will be a bevy of outfielders to choose from…and Austin Jackson (assuming he’s not another dud)…could be on the ups…

      When do you think they ask Jeter to possibly move to the outfield and get another SS in there (or move Arod to SS and put somebody else at 3B until he ultimately need to move as well)?

      • Nady Nation says:

        With the laundry list of other “duds” including…

        • Axl says:

          Eric Byrnes, Ryan Church, David DeJesus, Michael Cuddyer, Jose Guillen, Brad Hawpe, Alex Rios…

          At least I think they all are…

          • Axl says:

            oops that’s the following year I think haha. sorry.

            Jason Bay, Carl Crawford (option will be picked up though), Matt Holliday, Rick Ankiel, Jermaine Dye, Vlad Guerrero, Magglio Ordonez…

            • Axl says:

              There’s also Chone Figgins, Ty Wigginton, Mark Derosa, and perhaps a few others you could throw out there or that have been thrown out there in the past…

              • Nady Nation says:

                My bad – I thought you were referring to the Yanks farm system when you used “duds”, since it was used in the A-Jax part of the statement.

      • Yank Crank 20 says:

        He won’t sign a Santana-like extension because his agent’s name is Scott Boras. All Boras does is get his clients to free agency so they can make a ridiculous amount of money. Just look at A-Rod last year and Manny this year. If you want to sign extensions you can have any other agent but if you want to cash in on free agency you employ Boras to represent you.

        That is a fact, so yes I know for a fact Holliday would not sign an extension.

  9. Axl says:

    And what about Milton Bradley as a one year option? I know he’s been vocal about wanting a long term contract “so he can provide for his family” (unlike the majority of the rest of the world making significantly less)…but if he can’t find anything better…could he accept a one year contract with an option that gets picked up if he plays in so many games?

    • radnom says:

      1. I doubt it. Someone will give him a riskier contract I bet.

      2. We would have to clear out Matsui.

      I would rather have Bradley than Matsui at DH next year but they are equal injury risks at this point so if it means having multiple guaranteed years of Bradley or having to eat all of Matsui’s contract that i’ll pass.
      It wouldn’t be a big enough upgrade.

      • Agreed. I start thinking about Milton Bradley only if he’s still unsigned come January 15th and starts getting desparate for a one-year deal.

      • Axl says:

        How about Casey Blake for one year? He’s older than Abreu but he’s much cheaper and won’t need the extra years…and Torre also praised his “clubhouse presence” when everybody seemed to be pointing towards Ramirez as the turn around for the Dodgers…

        We need more positive guys like that…and while I like Cano…we need less of the attitudes like his…

        • whozat says:

          Casey blake neither gets on base nor hits for power, and isn’t a defensive force anywhere on the diamond. Why would you advocate signing such a player?

          • steve (different one) says:

            2 words.



          • Axl says:

            The beard would have to be gone unfortunately…but he could keep the mustache…

            And Blake saw over 4 pitches per at bat which isn’t as good as Abreu or Giambi but is still higher than most on the current Yankees…

  10. Mulls says:

    can anybody speculate on wangs value around the league? can he get you a package like the dan haren one, i would trade wang to the marlins for volstad/logan morrison, is that asking to much?i guess the marlins wouldnt want wang.

    • radnom says:

      Why are we going to trade a number one reliable 200 innings guy when that is exactly what we need.

    • E-ROC says:

      What, no Josh Johnson?!

    • A.D. says:

      Why would the fish trade cheap controlled pitching for a guy who is making a decent amount in arb and will need a contract soon, thats pretty much the opposite of their philosophy.

      Right now Wang’s value would be at his lowest, seeing that he hasn’t pitched coming off the foot surgery. While I’m sure he has value, and will come back strong off the injury, why would we trade him… we need young, solid pitching, aka Wang.

      Unless the yanks blow in ’09 and can get some redic deal at the break this makes no sense.

  11. Kay Sturns says:

    wierd. My dad wants Holliday in Pinstripes, too.

  12. Z1m says:

    You don’t trade Wang for unproven players if you are the NEW YORK YANKEES. The Yankees have the money so that’s not an issue. Ususally you look for these types of deals when your looking to rebuild or have issues with money which the Yankees certainly don’t. The yankees are looking into getting younger but they aren’t starting all over. They have some good parts in place. If they do a better job drafting that won’t be a problem. Most high ceiling postion players aren’t around when the yankees pick. Understand that when you win that will happens. There are still potentially great players to find they just need to do a better find at it.
    As much as I hate to say if boston has become the model for how to put together a consistent team in a big market. The Yankees have made bad decisons over the last handful of years and they’re paying for it now. But Trading Wang isn’t going to solve that. One solution this year will be not to sign Abreu. Sign Tex if your looking for a position player. We have tons of Out fielders but not a single first basemen. Wang was on track to give them around 20 wins last year.
    Maybe after next year Boston will look to deal Lester for 3 “prospects”

    Give me a break.

    • whozat says:

      “You don’t trade Wang for unproven players if you are the NEW YORK YANKEES.”

      Given that you can’t buy high-end young talent, no matter how much money you spend, your point makes no sense.

      You don’t trade Wang in a couple years because you can’t afford him, you trade him because teams that can’t afford to make big FA splashes will probably give up quality young players to get their hands on him.

      Given the nature of the draft, the Yankees will be able to produce pitching more easily and quickly than position players. Thus, they should leverage that to address an organizational weakness.

      If Wang has a good, healthy, year…they should sign him to a new contract and listen to offers on him next winter.

      • radnom says:

        Um, lets wait until some of that pitching we are developing actually… know…..develops…….and stays injury free……before we start talking about trading away the one sure thing in our rotation right now, ok?

        • whozat says:

          “If Wang has a good, healthy, year…they should sign him to a new contract and listen to offers on him next winter.”

          “trading away the one sure thing in our rotation right now, ok?”

          “Next winter” != “right now”

  13. FL Yank says:

    Lincecum wins NL Cy Young

  14. Matt B says:

    I would love to see Matt Holliday in pinstripes. I went to the All-Star game and got to sit right next to Tom and the Holliday family. It was an amazing experience and got to have a great conversation with Tom Holliday. He seemed to love the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium. Tom is an all around great guy that is very supportive of his kids as well as the kids he coaches. Absolute love the guy. I got a picture of his son at bat and showed him and he told me to send it to him and Matt would sign it for me. Just a great guy, and would love to meet him again!

  15. Matt B says:

    no I sent it out a few weeks after the All-Star game and haven’t gotten it back yet. But im excited to get it.

  16. Hey, if you’re the Mets, don’t you look into Trevor Hoffman? He’d probably be cheaper/shorter contract than KRod and Fuentes, for roughly the same production.

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  18. Chris says:

    Another Yankee, Dave Winfield signed an 8-year deal w/the yanks

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