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Sunday night open thread: Perrotto's predictions
Baseball and the economy

This week figures to start out slow. We got our fill of rumors from the GM meetings. Free agents hit the open market on Friday, so until then we play the waiting game.

Aw, the waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

There are a couple of things we can keep our eye on over the course of the week to pass the time. A few of them are even Yankee related.

Do the Yankees want Andy Pettitte back? He’s made it clear he wants to pitch, and will take a one-year deal. The Yankees, though, haven’t acted on it. It seems they’re not high the veteran lefty; John Perrotto even thinks Pettitte will pitch in Houston or retire. I still think they’ll come to an agreement, but the longer this lasts the less I’ll feel that way.

Jake Peavy could get dealt, though he probably won’t. Not that the Yankees are really in on this anyway. The Braves and the Cubs seem to be at the forefront.

The Matt Holliday rumors have cooled down, as he has one fewer suitor than he did yesterday. The Cardinals have called talks dead. A year away from free agency, he doesn’t make a ton of sense for the Yanks right now.

Mark Teixeira. Will the Angels make an offer while other teams cannot? Will it be a take it or leave it? That’s not as interesting, though, as the prospect of the Nationals offering him ten years at $200 million. Bold prediction: It would be A-Rod and Texas all over again. Which means we’ll have him in 2012.

Sunday night open thread: Perrotto's predictions
Baseball and the economy
  • greg

    I like the comparison, Joe, and that’s why I really don’t see the Nationals signing him for 10/200, that is just too much. Hopefully the Yanks can land him!

  • radnom

    Peavy probably won’t get dealt??
    Isn’t it a direct quote from Towers that “that train has left the station”. Peavy is gone almost certainly.

    No way that Tex accepts an offer before other teams have a chance to bid, absolutely no way with Boras as his agent. I’m sure the Angels know this.

    Do not want Holliday. Not if Hughes is involved, which he would have to be.

    • whozat

      I figured he mean Peavy won’t get dealt in the next week.

      • Joseph P.

        That’s what I meant.

        • radnom

          Oh, gotcha. Didn’t pick up on that.

  • Ricochet

    I like Matt Holliday but LF isn’t a need and there is no need to go out trade for him or any other LF. If the Yankees need to add offense next offseason when Damon and Matsui come off the books then that’s when they should take a look at him if he reaches FA.

    Pettitte will be back IMO.

    Teixeira isn’t going to be a Nat. I don’t care if he get’s 3 more years guaranteed there it’s not going to happen because as long as the effort is there with what we’ve got today from medicine, technology, diet etc. players can be great into there 40’s and it’s not the exception. A 7 year deal will take him to the age of 35 and if he’s still producing at a high rate he will get 3 to 5 year deal then. IMO it’s the Yankees or Angels and if the money is roughly the same I think he will be a Yankee.

    If the Yankees are able to sign CC Sabathia I would deal a Hughes and others to get Peavy. A rotation of CC, Wang, Peavy, Joba and Pettitte is too good to pass up and the Yankees could replace Pettitte in 2010 or 2011 in-house with McAllister, Heredia, Betances or maybe even a fully recovered Brackman.

  • aaron empty

    was that our commercial dad? i dont know….

  • JeffG

    1) Sabathia 7yrs@24
    2) Wang
    3) Pettit 1yr @12
    4) Pavano 2yrs @3.5
    5) Joba (Skip on off day and use Hughes when possible)

    1) Damond
    2) Jeter
    3) Holliday – Kennedy / Cabrerra / Cervelli / Acevez / Horne / Kontos
    4) ARod
    5) Texiera 6@21
    6) Matsui
    7) Posada
    8) Cano
    9) Nady

    B/C: Molina
    4/OF Gardner
    U/I Ransom
    U/I Betemit

    Guise (Long)

    *Will be hard to keep both CC and Tex away from the Angels but those offers realistically could do it
    *Tex has the type of defense that would add to a good pitching staff, thus worth the contract.
    *Pavano at a discount gives flexibility for bats & still might show up closer to the guy we originally signed (if not Hughes takes his spot if ready)
    *Marte too much money to spend when we have a pretty good pen
    *Still have Coke and Ramirez
    * Albaladejo and Bruney could be very good
    Total salaries should come in at just under 210 that’s a ton of money but first year in the new stadium should be kicked off with a world series that would surely earn a lot of the expense back.

    • andrew

      I like most of this, including pavano. however. i rather just resign abreu for two years rather than make that deal for holliday. also i think it may take more than 6/21 for tex
      otherwise, im glad somebody has finally made a realistic rotation… chances are we will not be signing 2 big names AND trading for peavy, wishful thinking though

    • jsbrendog

      Holliday – Kennedy / Cabrerra / Cervelli / Acevez / Horne / Kontos

      are you nuts?

      sorry, first impression, let me rephrase that. are you temporarily nuts?

    • Ed

      “3) Holliday – Kennedy / Cabrerra / Cervelli / Acevez / Horne / Kontos”

      No chance that happens. A year ago that offer would’ve been laughed at, and that was when Kennedy, Melky, Cervelli, and Horne all had much higher values. (First two – terrible year, 2nd two essentially two missed the year with injuries. Horne with a serious one)

      • JeffG

        Acevez is a guy that could go into the back of their rotation now and be sucessful.
        I believe I read that Kennedy was to be an interest of their club – I still think the guy is far better than what he showed last year. After his last post game comments, a lot of minds changed and perhaps that isn’t really too objective.
        Horne has plenty of upside potential. Remember he is not going to be a free agent next year so there is time for him to come back.
        Cervelli and Melky are both good defenders and cheap, not every team can afford a mega-star at every position. Exactly why Holliday is on the block in the first place.
        For one year of service with Boras as the guy’s agent I don’t know how much they expect to haul? Acevez and Kennedy et al seem a good fit.

        What would you suggest if you wanted to get it done without giving up Hughes? Not that I am tied to Hughes at all but for a year of a bat that is ridiculous to even suggest it. At least with Santana there was the chance to negotiate a contract. With Boras on board there is no chance in hell that will be the case.

        In any case, I’d like to hear some ideas, or remedies for temporary insanity.

        • jsbrendog

          they won’t trade him for anything less than hughes or ajax, which means thanks but no thanks.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

          What would you suggest if you wanted to get it done without giving up Hughes?

          Nothing, because Colorado wouldn’t deal him without getting back Hughes. The reason many of us are so anti-Holliday (and anti-trade in general) is because we can’t make any realistic deal for any quality talent (be it Holliday, Peavy, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Cain, etc.) without giving up Hughes, Cano, Austin Jackson, or Jesus Montero… and most of those deal would require more than one of those four.

          So no, I’m not going to make a counterproposal, because the trade is unworkable. I’m not going to give up quality young cost-controlled talent for a non-centerfielding outfielder entering his walk year who’s dramatically overvalued based on his obscene park effects when he’s just going to hit the market anyway.

          Forget it, move on.

          • JeffG

            And you seem so sure, positive almost, amazing.
            Anyways, very possible that you could be right. But I’d just like to see what Holliday goes for considering it is absolutely a one year rental. Will there be another team with an offer that includes their best prospect for a season MH?
            The players above I think are fair value, but we’ll see what he grabes when he is moved.

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

              Think about it this way: Would any of those players you listed go in the top 45 picks in the June draft? Maybe Kennedy, in a not-super-strong draft class, right?

              The Rockies won’t move Kennedy without getting back at least one stud prospect because if they keep him and he walks, they get two draft picks in the top 45, one or both of whom could be stud prospects. And, they get to keep Holliday and use his services for all of the 2009 pennant push.

              Unless they see two players who could conceivably be better than what they’d get in the draft, they stand pat.

    • Old Ranger

      1) Sabathia 7yrs@24
      2) Wang
      3) Pettit 1yr @10
      4) Phil/Pavano 4yrs @3.5 with incentives
      5) Joba (Skip on off day and use Giese when possible)

      1) Damond
      2) Jeter
      3) Texier 7@20
      4) ARod
      5) Matsui
      6) Posada
      7) Cano
      8) Nady
      9) Brett

      B/C: Molina
      4/OF Melky/Justin
      U/I Ransom
      U/I Betemit

      Giese (Long)

  • Steve

    “Do the Yankees want Andy Pettitte back? He’s made it clear he wants to pitch, and will take a one-year deal. The Yankees, though, haven’t acted on it. It seems they’re not high the veteran lefty; John Perrotto even thinks Pettitte will pitch in Houston or retire. I still think they’ll come to an agreement, but the longer this lasts the less I’ll feel that way.”

    Another thing that makes you wonder a bit is the timing of his filing for free agency. He filed on Friday, and he would have seen Cashman at the Joe Torre dinner on thursday. Did Cash give Andy the cold shoulder? Andy certainly looked unsure about his situation when he was interviewed at the dinner.

  • Steve

    I support Andy coming back, but let me play Cash for a minute. If he feels confident he’s going to land both CC and Burnett/Lowe/Sheets, do you really need Andy at that point? He’d be your 5th starter, and you have at least 3 guys (Hughes/Aceves/Giese) capable of filling that role within the organization, plus by mid-season you’d figure someone else will assert themselves in the minors like IPK or maybe even Z-Mac (or possibly Betances if you believe the scout who signed him).

    Cash has always made it clear the 5th starter isn’t one he expects much out of, like most organizations. Even with an injury or two, they still have sufficient depth w/o Andy.

    • TurnTwo

      i think the point is that Hughes is best served by getting innings at AAA to work on his accuracy, pitch selection, effectiveness and efficiency, etc, to continue his development.

      and let us not forget how many SP the Yankees have used over the course of the last 3 or 4 or however many seasons… there is never a bad problem related to having depth in SP at the major league level.

    • Reggie C.


      Cash may feel that Hughes hasn’t progressed to the point on that 3rd pitch or command where Hughes can avoid getting destroyed when he doesn’t have the zip on the FB or the movement/break on the curve. Its MORE than Hughes just getting hit hard occasionally. The fear is that Hughes get hit hard in ALL his starts , which would demand a demotion to AAA.

      how many more hits can Hughes’s confidence take?

  • waswhining

    Last year was the year of the big “assumption” Cash pencilling in Hughes and IPK trending upward from the year before. THIS year I think he signs 2 maybe 3 starters (CC, Burnett, Lowe) and, yes, you still need Andy at that point and hopefuly Moose. I also think Cash does not want to cut Pavano free because he KNOWS the guy will go somewhere else and win 18 games this year. I’ll make you a bet this is the Cashman’s nightmare. So look for Carl to stay on and have a good year. And yes, this is the 3rd year running I’ve predicted great things for Carl. I know no shame.

    So there it is, coming out of spring training, your 2009 starters

    Lowe (I hope this doesn’t happen; the guy was always a head case in Boston)

    Too many you say. Hey, how many starters did we have last year?

  • Rich I.

    My mind is now filled with lines of multi-colored hippos conga-dancing and singing, “Hungry hungry hippos! Hungry hungry hippos!”
    tinyurl (dot) com (slash) 5vdqye

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      Rich, I challenge you to a game of Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos.

  • C.Panella

    cmon if you really think cash gives two shits about pavano leaving you need to be checked out… This guy had 0 heart and no desire to play he will not be back for any amount of money let him walk and never think of him again finally

  • leo

    I’m not enthused about the idea of Burnett on the Yankees, as it would probably be something like a five year deal. You can’t rely on Burnett to pitch 180-200 innings (though he is no Pavano) and I don’t think that is going to change going forward. Yes he did it this year but in 8 years of being in MLB fulltime he’s only topped 180 thrice.

    That said, not signing Pettitte would be a mistake. I think a rotation of Sabathia-Wang-Lowe-Joba-Pettitte is what they should shoot for. That’s a ton of innings you can count on from quality pitchers. It gives Hughes/whoever the chance to really get things worked out in AAA and gives them good depth when you factor in Aceves and company.

    • Reggie C.

      I think Lowe is a better bet than Burnett to toss 180-200 innings next season and likely beyond. Lowe just stays healthy in a time when many guys simply can’t. Burnett would likely put up better numbers over 30 starts, but Lowe will give you 30 starts.

      Leo, that’s a very good rotation and one that would let us improve the OF via trade. If there’s any truth to the Dodgers trading one of their young OFs, its something Cash should look into.

      • radnom

        Lowe will give you 30 starts.

        But they will suck.

        No to Lowe.

      • radnom

        And in case someone sees this as support to Burnett, no to him as well.

        Sign Sabbathia and thats it.

        Maybe Sheets if he can be had for =< 3 years.

        If Sheets isn’t happening, bring back Pettite a year.

        Don’t even consider Lowe/Burnett.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

          1.) Agreed.

          2.) Agreed.

          3.) Agreed.

          4.) Agreed.

          5.) Agreed.

    • Old Ranger

      radnom has it about right as far as I am concerned.

      I still like the idea of Pavano (with incentives) the guy can pitch very well…when healthy. As for Burnett, only if we miss on CC…as I posted a few times before, his injuries were self induced (to much energy per pitch) last year he was much better. CC, CMW, Andy, Joba, Phil/Pavano with Giese to back-up Joba.
      Signing 2 or 3 pitchers is redundant, we already have a plethora of strong young arms. 27/09.

  • C.Panella

    I’d definatly rather Burnett then lowe but I’d also rather take the lower money risk of sheets over both of them if u ask me cc/wang/joba/sheets/pettite nice rotation

  • Joey H

    how about signing randy johnson? haha

    • Erik

      Joey, don’t ever come back to this website again!

  • SDYankee

    Several months back on they indicated the Yanks would try to keep the payroll at $180M and already have $144M committed (w/o $6M for Damaso Marte).

    Additionally, Ca$hman inidcated the Yanks will not be one and done and he wants a “real” first baseman.

    How do you see the Yanks rounding out the roster with those constraints???
    CC is approx $23M per year
    AJ is rumored at $16M to $18M
    Lowe is rumored at $16M to $18M
    Tex is rumored at $18M to $20M