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Hughes busts out
Yanks targeting more of Sabathia's friends

Mike and I (and Ben, once he’s done with finals) are trying to make this podcast/radio thing a regular occurrence. To spice things up, we’re asking you guys to submit questions that we can discuss during the show. So shoot them in an email to Mike or me, or both. Our addresses are in the left sidebar. This thing should go live a little after two.

Hughes busts out
Yanks targeting more of Sabathia's friends
  • Phil

    Hey guys,

    I understand that Cashman and the Yanks need to “hide their cards” by not necessarily letting every MLB exec. and player/agent know their exact off season plans and I hope to god this is why they haven’t admitted to coveting Mark Texeria. I think he is clearly the second most important player that the Yanks need to acquire this off season. Assuming Pettite comes back, I would rather have CC and Tex than CC and Burnet and Lowe. Am I crazy? They need another bat!

  • Ton

    Can the yankees pull off a deal revolving around Cano and Xavier Nady that brings back Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp or is that wishfull thinking?

    • TurnTwo

      wishful thinking.

  • Tony

    What happens if the yankees sign Texeria, move Shwisher to right and then Aberu accepts arbitration? How could we trade Nady with no leverage and is his value still good? If we did trade him what kind of return could we expect?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      There’s like a 1.32% chance of that happening, so don’t waste a lot of time brainstorming up with Nady trade partners.

  • Lasoo

    What are the chances the yankees trade for DeJesus, and what kind of package would it take to get him? He may be below average in center, but if we can live with his play in center this year, he could move over to a courner next year and we won’t be forced to pay for a big courner free-agent next year (not that i am against it, just that we would have more options).

  • Chip

    Give me the 2010 Yankees opening day rotation

  • Tony

    What would the real harm be to Austin Jacksons development if we started him in CF next year?

  • Andy

    Take these two scenarios (since it was reported the Yanks would be interested in Tex only if they don’t get CC):

    (1) We get: CC, Burnett

    (2) We get: Peavy, Burnett, Tex

    Which one do you like better? Personally, I like scenario #2 much better.

    Also, speaking of Peavy, do you think he could be had for a package of IPK, Betances, Gardner, plus a reliever (Robertson, Cox) or second tier SP prosepct (Horne, Aceves) or someone like Cerivelli? What if we included Melancon?

  • Chip

    What could we expect to get if we were involved in a three-way deal that sent Peavy to the Cubs? I assume we could give a reliever up, take on a contract from the Cubs (who?) and another prospect (who?) so the Cubs can make payroll.

    From what I hear, they want out from under Marquis and really what’s the difference between 2 years of Marquis in his prime and 3 years of Lowe in major decline? It’d cost us one less year and about half per year plus maybe we could get a decent prospect back?

  • Tony

    I forgot to add early Ian Kenndy to the kemp and clayton kershaw trade. I guess i still wouldnt help but i meant to add him, i think we shoudl add more becasue it answers alot of questions. It upgrades rf or cf and it gives a good piece to the rotation.