Sunday night open thread: Filling the CF void


A year ago, we turned Melky Cabrera into the Yankee whipping boy. While many fans were high on the youngster with the good arm, we weren’t impressed with his hitting and didn’t feel he could be the Yanks’ center fielder of the present, let alone the future.

This time around, the Yanks don’t even have a center fielder upon whom we could dump. It seems that barring a trade, the Yanks will head into 2009 with some combination of Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera and Johnny Damon patrolling the home where Bernie Williams, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio once roamed.

To that end, some names keep popping up in low-level trade speculation. Some Yankee fans like Ichiro; rumors have linked the team to both Mike Cameron and Aaron Rowand. The Yanks, after all, could be the salary dump team of choice for NL teams looking to off-load their high-priced outfielders.

While the center field market is hardly robust, last week’s trade of Coco Crisp from the Red Sox to the Royals may open Kansas City up for a deal with the Yanks. The Royals now have too many outfielders and could look to trade David DeJesus. Enter John Perrotto. In this week’s Any Given Sunday column (subscription required), Perrotto drops in this piece of idle speculation:

The Royals would at least consider trading outfielder David DeJesus after acquiring center fielder Coco Crisp from the Red Sox in a trade, and there has been talk of a swap with the Yankees for second baseman Robinson Cano.

Robinson Cano, of course, remains the Yankee Major League most likely to be traded this off-season despite the team’s obvious commitment to straightening out his swing. They didn’t send Kevin Long down to the Caribbean for Winter League work with Cano just to fix the Royals’ future second baseman.

That said, DeJesus is an interesting candidate for CF. A soon-to-be 29-year-old Brooklyn native, DeJesus has had his ups and downs over the last few years. He’s a career .287/.360/.422, and while fast, he doesn’t seem to be a very effective base stealer. He’s just 40 for 71 in his career on the base paths.

I wouldn’t trade Cano for him, but I could see why the Yanks would think DeJesus to be a good fit for the Bronx. Can they pull the trigger on this one? Or will Brett and Melky and Johnny become the de facto center field trifecta next season?

As always, use this open thread for, well, an open thread. Feel free to comment on anything. The Jets beat the Titans. That was impressive. The Red Sox seem willing to wave good bye to the man with a giant red C on his chest, and the Lugo-for-Willis rumors persist.

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  1. SexyCorey says:

    i dont see why they dont just give the starting job to gardner he is fast and plays good defense and his offense will come along

    • J-Gao says:

      Not many are convinced that his offense is coming along at a level that merits a starting job for a (hopefully) World Series contender. The Yankees aren’t quite yet the offensive juggernaut they once were.

      Nady had a good year, but can he reproduce what he did in Pitt, or in NY? Is Posada going to stay healthy and produce? Same question for Matsui? Can Cano rebound? Or Swisher? Obviously, every team has questions – big or small, but these questions are legit ones that should be worrisome.

  2. I’d rather keep Cano than trade for DeJesus. CF isn’t a dire need, while if Cano is traded, 2B would be, and I am afraid of an Orlando Hudson contract (5/55). Besides, Cano is way overpaying for DeJesus

  3. Ivan says:

    I wouldn’t trade Cano for DeJesus. DeJesus is a good solid player which is nothing wrong with that but Cano is a AS secondbaseman who can explode in 09 coming off a subpar season in 08. That would be really selling low.

    Hey, I think the yanks have a good chance to start the season with Melky or Gardner at CF heck even Damon. Considering the options and what assests your gotta give up, the yanks are in a tough spot.

    I will say this, I do think Melky can bounce back in 09 if given the chance. Maybe that’s the bias yankee fan talking or me being stubborn or wishful thinking and etc, but Melky has some potential. Switch hitter with good D and has a terrfic am is quite hard to come by. I just feel that barring something, just give Gardner or Melky a chance to win the job and let em play CF and see whats up.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Im with ya on Melky and a “bounce back” but I would love to see Dejesus there instead of him.. Obviously not for Cano but I doubt Royals would actually demand him to be involved… andd Ivan lol @ your football team

      • Ivan says:

        Yea it’s been a tough couple of weeks for Eagles. I think the Eagles what they need to draft a Power back to complement Westbrook. I mean injuries are killing the guy and Eagles have been poor in short yardages/goaline offense for years. And they need to get younger on D especially get some better pass rushers.

        Oh Well.

        • Mike Pop says:

          They are gonna trade McNabb

          • Ivan says:

            I can see it, but IDK. Mainly cuz I luve McNabb, I don’t wanna see it happen. He was like the main reason I was Eagle Fan.

            • Mike Pop says:

              They shoulda gave him up to Chicago when they had the chance

            • Jay CT says:

              I think its more on Reid then anything else- He is terrible at in game management and is extremly predictable in his play calling. All short yardage situation is always the same call. Buckhalter was a great short yardage option, but the play calls are terrible. reid does everything well, cap, draft, etc… but playcall (timeouts espeially) are terrible

      • Jay CT says:

        There is no way in hell you can bring Melky back as a starting CF. He is a 4th outfielder, nothing more. He has shown that, and nothing in his career shows that he will do anything more then that. The only way Melky is ok in CF is if the rest of the offense is top notch, and with all the question marks, I don’t think its there right now

  4. Steve H says:

    The Royals would trade Dejesus for Cano? Of course they would. Cano hits for a higher average, slugs more, hits for more power (HR’s and 2B’s) and is 3 years younger. Please tell me this never, ever happens.

  5. J-Gao says:

    I think the Yankees just need a guy who can play above-average defense, and hit reasonably well. No need to acquire an All-Star.

    Dejesus sort of fits the description, but I don’t feel he’ll be worth the price.
    I mentioned Jody Gerut before, but was shot down pretty quickly. Honestly, though, I don’t think he’ll be too bad. He hit over .290, and OPS of .845 – Petco. Sure, he’s doesn’t have much of a track record, but it’s a low-risk, somewhat-high reward scenario. A mere mid-level prospect should do – high upside, unproven player, or low-upside guy who produces at lower levels. It’s not even a salary dump either, freeing up money for CC, Teixeira, Manny, AJ, Lowe, Sheets, Bedard, or whoever.

    Unrelated to CF – but other than Mo, who in the bullpen who you trust with a big game situation? Marte? Bruney?

    • Old Ranger says:

      Mark Melancon is the future closer, I would say as of right now.27/09.

    • Permínio says:

      I agree with you on Gerut being a “low-risk, somewhat-high reward” but I don’t think KT will sell him that low as I think they envision him as their starting CFer and like him as we both do. Unless they want to give Venable the job and hope he develops as well as they think he could.

  6. Mike Pop says:

    I don’t see how giving up Cano for Dejesus is a good idea

    • J-Gao says:

      I would be shocked if it happens, as well.

      But I can kind of understand where it’s coming from. Cano right now is a high-risk reward guy. However good his previous years were, last year has many people thinking. Do they take the risk and keep him, or trade for a more known commodity.

      I say no, but it’s not my decision to make.

      • Mike Pop says:

        But isnt Cano’s upside so much more than Dejesus.. Its just dumb to give up Cano for him… Id give up Cano in a deal for a guy who is much better than Dejesus but not Dejesus… I would give him up for a guy like Grady obviously or a Beltran.. I know thats not gonna happen Im just saying thats who I would trade him for but not for a guy like this..

        I would love to see Dejesus in CF but not at the expense of Cano or other top prospects.. Minus IPK I would give him up for David simply because David is more valuable to us than IPK is IMO

        • J-Gao says:

          I totally support keeping Cano.

          But what if, just what if, Cano doesn’t produce this year either? Would it be time to give up, sign a vet, or what?

          • Jay CT says:

            There is NO WAY IN HELL the Yankees would deal Cano unless the other team is paying for him like his name is Chase Utley (before the hip surgery). The Yankees don’t want to give up on someone with that talent on a down year; if hes dealt, its for his max value

  7. Jake K. says:

    I wouldn’t swing this deal unless there’s another significant piece coming back from KC. Butler?

  8. Jay CT says:

    I would be suprised to see Rowand come on board until after CC decides his future- They wouldn’t want to help the Giants unload payroll only to see the Giants take their jewel of the off season

    • Ivan says:

      Rowand Suck.

      • Steve H says:

        Rowand brings more to the table than Dejesus, and would cost less in a trade.

        • Thomas says:

          Rowand’s cost is his contract both in dollars and years. Rowand would be a poor player to trade for.

        • Ivan says:

          Rowand has a bad contract and his offense sucks. Heck even his D isn’t all that.

          • Steve H says:

            His offense is as good as Dejesus, but with more power. Dejesus had a .372 slugging percentage in 2007. That’s unbelievably bad.

            • Ivan says:

              Rowand OPS+ was 94 in 08, while DeJesus was 119.

              DeJesus is also a better at gettin on base considering his career OBP% is .360 compared to Rowand which is .342.

              • Ivan says:

                And DeJesus career OPS+ is higher than Rowand. Albeit by one pt. when DeJesus is 105+ and Rowand is 104+.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  And Dejesus’s money owed is so much better for us because of how much money we save..

                  According to Cot’s

                  09:$3.6M, 10:$4.7M, 11:$6M club option ($0.5M buyout)

              • Steve H says:

                You’re looking at 2008 though. Dejesus was terrible in 2007. His career high in HR’s is 12 done once, Rowand has hit at least 12 5 times. Dejesus doesn’t steal any bases, and isn’t great in center. Dejesus gets on base more, but Rowand slugs more, so they have almost identical career OPS+. I think the cost in prospects would be much different for these 2 similar players. In that case, I’m trading for the guy who costs less. If this thread had something to do with a Cano for Rowand trade, it would be a much bigger joke, but only because of the monetary commitment. If you want to say Dejesus > Rowand, I don’t agree, but even if he is, it’s not by much.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Ok I see your point Steve H.. Your right that Rowand is the better ballplayer.. We were interested in him last year and could of signed him if we did the Johan deal but ultimately we passed.. I like Rowand and all but I dont think the Giants would have him be a salary dump ya know.. They have alot of money and he is sad to say probably their best offensive piece right now.. Maybe Sandoval will be better but I cant count on that.. Posey will be I think hes a monster…I think the cost for Dejesus would be cheaper overall and he is owed alot less money and that could be a deciding factor in us getting a FA next year or years beyond that… Id take David, I think he fits in better… But I agree that Rowand is the better ballplayer… He put up some real good numbers in his contract year

                • Jay CT says:

                  You would really take David DeJesus over Rowand if the deal was like Cano for DeJesus or Rowand for an A ball prospect (a salary dump on the Yankees.) I am suprised. Basically, I was just commenting on the brief thought mention in the article and saying I wouldn’t even consider it till you see what CC does, because I wouldn’t want the Giants to free up money to go after him.

                  However, you are probably right on him being their best hitter sadly

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Well such a trade scenario would never exist

  9. jobatheheat says:

    Question? I read some where that while tex was still in school and getting drafted he had some kind of problem with the redsox. Due to money or draft rankings, etc. Does any one know the real story ? any info is appreciated. Not trying to start a false rumor just looking for facts about this story. Perhaps bad blood still exist between the two bos/texiera

    • Steve H says:

      They drafted him and he didn’t sign. Don’t think there was any bad blood though. High School players get drafted all the time and don’t sign, I don’t think it has any impact on the future relations of player and team.

    • Mike Pop says:

      They told him they were going to give him a certain amount but than they took it back… He said there is no bad blood simply because it is new management and has nothing to do with what happened back then.. He told them to go screw themselves and went to G Tech… Good for him because next time he was drafted he was taken 5th and got mad $$$$$$$…. Phillies wanted him with the 4th pick but they didnt want J.D. Drew to happen all over again

      • Ivan says:

        Who cares. If the Sox game him a 7-Year contract at 175M, Your gonna be hearing how Boston is the greatest town in the world and all that other bullshit.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Wait take that back they told other clubs that he wanted to go to college or something to that extent.. They told him they would take him in the first round but got him in the 9th.. So they screwed him over

    • Austrian Gay TV says:

      First, any grudge with the red sox like 10 years ago Im sure doesnt exist. There is no f-ing way in hell he doesnt go there if they offer the most money, because they slighted him 10 years ago.

      Second, whoever posted about trusting the bullpen are you serious? They were the best part of our team last year, and Marte should be better, Bruney was lights out last year, and Melancon may be ready after a couple months in AAA.

      Third, Cano for Dejesus… Im surprised everyone’s reacting like this is even a rumor. That’s one of the trade rumors you get on the ESPN board from some jackass. Cano could have fetched Kemp and Lowe at the end of last year, and now after he had better final months he’s down to Dejesus, who he alone is better then. That’s foolish and this rumor should be rejected out of hand and not even commented on.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Bullpens are so inconsistent year in and year out.. Im not saying we don’t have a good pen but your being ridiculous acting like it was the dumbest question…Look at the Sox pen in 07 it was great then in 08 with pretty much the same guys it was not very impressive.. Same can be said with the Indians

      • J-Gao says:

        I realize that the bullpen was a strength, but I am somewhat of a pessimist for this. Many of them had only one good year in the majors. It’d be unreasonable to expect them all to be the same or better. I do trust them, but I wonder if we should sign a veteran reliever given the abundance of them this year. Juan Cruz, Kerry Wood? Both dominated last year, and although it was the NL, they pitched in hitter’s parks.

    • J-Gao says:

      Here’s a link. They took back their offer of drafting him for $1.6 million and said take it or leave it, capping it. After being rejected, the Red Sox told other teams that he wouldn’t sign, destroying his draft status.

    • pat says:

      sox said they were gonna draft him first round which scared other teams off. They ended up taking him in the 8th or so and reneged on their promised 1 mil signing bonus he went to school but supposedly has no ill will towards current management because it was the old crew that screwed him. All numbers and facts are subject to being slightly incorrect.

  10. Shamus says:

    I won’t say Rowand sucks, that is foolish. I’m not crazy about him, but here’s the thing:

    I like Aaron Rowand much better than Mike Cameron, Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner. And, you won’t have to give up a huge package to get him, like the Royals will want for DeJesus.

    Rowand’s stats:

    Season 152 549 57 149 37 0 13 70 44 126 2 4 .271 .339 .410 .749
    Career 1001 3213 476 910 203 12 106 417 205 631 56 23 .283 .342 .453 .795

    He had a .991 field pct this year and .995 last year.

    He has this remaining on his deal:

    5 years/$60M (2008-12) (San Francisco)

    signed as a free agent 12/12/07
    $8M signing bonus ($4M each paid in 2008, 2009)
    08:$8M, 09:$8M, 10:$12M, 11:$12M, 12:$12M
    full no-trade clause in 2008, limited no-trade clause in 2009-12

    So, 4 years at $44M, for a 31-yr old CF. Worth it? Especially with guys like Matt Holliday, Carl Crawford, Jason Bay coming free next year? If they had Rowand and Matsui, Damon and Nady all leave after next year, try to sign Holliday and then wait for AJax to get ready?

    Imagine an OF of Holliday, AJax, Rowand? Seem decent?

    • Shamus says:

      Ill answer my own question… That OF would be crap.

      Now Crawford – AJax – Holliday is sick.

      But would only happen on my PS3.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Id rather see this.. Ajax/Dejesus/Swisher with Tex at 1st..

        We gotta get that payroll down baby we cant just sign the top guys every year.. Now I would bring in Vlad if he was an FA to be a DH

        • Reggie C. says:

          If Tex is at first , i’d rather see a 2010 OF of: Crawford / Ajax / Swisher

          I’m high on Swisher’s chances of rebounding next season. I think Swisher is a better player than Nady. I say let Swisher play Nady’s spot. Get Crawford b/c he’s the well-rounded athletic type the Yanks need in the OF , and he’s a superior hitter than Dejesus. Crawford will also be a hella of a cheaper than Holliday.

          • Mike Pop says:

            I dont think Carl makes it to FA.. Just my opinion though

            • Jamal G. says:

              I don’t think the Rays are going to pay him $8.75M in 2010. The main reason they probably picked up his 2009 option for $8.25 was because if you factor in the $2.5M buyout, his ’09 total comes down to $5.75M.

              • Mike Pop says:

                The reason I think is this.. He has a chance to go down as one of the best players in that franchise since he already is right ? He probably had more fun this year besides his own dissapointing stats and he would love to keep winning and having fun like that.. He knows the Rays have the best young guns coming up from the farm and he knows the future there is going to be great…He’s like the face of the franchise right ? Or is it now Longoria..

                • Jay CT says:

                  I agree he enjoys it there, but he enjoys lots of money more. No one grows up saying I want to play baseball to have fun; its I want to play baseball to get PAID

                • Ed says:

                  “No one grows up saying I want to play baseball to have fun; its I want to play baseball to get PAID”

                  Did you grow up in a really poor neighborhood or something?

                  When I was in the “when I grow up, I want to play for the Yankees” phase, it was because I loved to play baseball and thought it would be cool to be famous for doing it. Same with everyone else I knew. We didn’t start talking about the money until we were long past the point of even dreaming that we could play professionally.

                  The people I knew who tried out for professional teams really couldn’t care less about the money. They were people who played in any game they could, regardless of how crappy the team was or how hard it was for them to get there, they just wanted to play as much as they could.

      • Reggie C. says:

        No. Its possible. I think very possible in a future in which we fail to sign Teixeira, and therefore, enter the 2009 season with TWO corner OF spots unsecured beyond next season. The Yanks will go through many punch-less spells and they won’t be able to hang with the Rays or RS.

        In that scenario, you let Nady walk and upgrade his spot with Holliday. Damon gets replaced by Crawford. Jackson gets a chance to start with Gardner backing him up.

  11. Mike A. says:

    Thank goodness 24 is back.

    Oh, and no to Cano for DeJesus.

  12. RobC says:

    Since we discussed Moose as a HOF candidate in other threads I wanted to ask opinions on two others;
    Should Dr Frank Jobe and Dr James Andrews be in the Hall of Fame.
    My opinion is a definate YES

  13. Old Ranger says:

    Just checking some of the other blogs, WOW! How depressing to live and think like some of them do, they are not for real.
    Phil is nothing more then a AAA pitcher, if that! IPK will be our next Kei, a MiL pitcher for life or traded for a bag of balls. Joba should be in the BP, not a starter…because he can’t handle starting, yda, yhda, BS.
    Optimism is not a word most of them live with. Some of us on this blog get down on our players; like trading Phil+ for Peavey (dummmm), or saying Cano can’t get the job done anymore, Brett is nothing but a 5th OF at best. Now, we all know that some of this Could end up being true, but do we want to criticize a player because he had a bad year? You’re damn right we do, we do it all the time, but do we cut them down to dog meat? No, well, one or two are the exception. But, even they are still fans.
    Being an optimist of the first order, I am looking for a great resurgence (from injuries) CMW, Joba, Posada, Cano, Andy, Matsui, Johnny and improvement with Brett, Phil and Cervelli.

    • Ivan says:

      I think Phil is gonna prove the doubters wrong in 09 if he’s healthy and has regular turns in the rotation.

      • Mike Pop says:

        He better I was pitching with him today in the show in my season.. First start of the year guess what happens.. Arm tightness or some shit then he goes on the 15 day DL lol… Knock on Wood

        • Matt says:

          But he has to EARN the job flat out in Spring. He can’t be handed a spot in the 09 rotation like he was last season.

          I’d almost prefer keeping him in 3A till Sept call ups, and spot starts when needed, if he’s pitching well.

          I do realize that he has nothing left to prove in 3A, but he need’s to work on some things down there and get a healthy season in him, and remember he’s only what? 22???

        • Jay CT says:

          Lol, thats pretty funny

    • Peter Lacock says:

      Well said Old Ranger.

  14. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t even consider trading Cano for DeJesus, even as much as I like DeJesus and as down as I am on Robbie Cano.

    OK, DeJesus is out their, and it’s something that’s at least reasonable, unlike the Cano for Beltran rumor that always pops up out of thin air.

    What other reasonable trades are their to be had?

    Also, big win for the Jets, haha, love it.

  15. DonnieBaseballHallofFame says:

    I’m down for trading Cano but not for this fellow.

    • Matt says:

      Oh me to, 100%.

      What kind of player would you want in return for Cano?

      I mean, I’d obviously take Beltran in a heartbeat, but that’s not realistic.

      I also wouldn’t mind trading Cano, cause you could get Orlando Hudson for 3 or 4 years at 10mil per, and he’s solid.

      • Mike Pop says:

        So you really want to give O-Dog 40 million.. Thats not smart unless we get a top young proven pitcher for Cano like Cain, Billingsley,or a Kershaw type just cuz of his upside.. That ain’t happening so therefore bringing O-Dog isnt the greatest idea to me regardless of if he is better with the glove than Cano.. Cano will be much better with the bat and is a slick fielding 2b which is awesome to have

        • Steve H says:

          I’m not a huge proponent of O-Dog, and I always read here that he’s a good glove, but doesn’t hit much. Well over the last 3 years, his stick has been every bit as good as Dejesus’.

        • Matt says:

          I know, and I feel that way sometimes also, you;d hate to trade him and see Cano win a batting title in another team’s laundry…

          Also, I’d lean more towards a 3yr/30 mil deal for the O-Dawg (yes, I belive it’s Dawg not Dog, haha).

          I’d need a lot for Cano, so it’s not like I’d trade him for like the dude in CF that Francesa loves…

  16. Thomas says:

    Do you think the Lions will go 0-16? I’m saying yes.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Na man they gotta squeak out a win somehow.. I want them to start my boy Drew Stanton.. I loved that guy when he played for the Spartans

      • Thomas says:

        I’d normally think they’d squeak one out, but their schedule is pretty hard (Titans, Vikings, Colts, Saints, and Packers).

        As a UConn student I want to see Orlovsky, but he’s hurt and not that good.

        • Mike Pop says:

          They could beat the Vikings and Saints if things go their way… I didnt know their schedule was that tough… Im saying Vikings and Saints are incredibly inconsistent and have horrible games some weeks… I could see them taking down one of them… Not one of the other 3… MAtt Millen did a horrible job with that franchise… Just constantly taking WR’s and all lol…They have been bad since Sanders left

          • Jay CT says:

            I would agree with you about the Saint and Vikings being inconsistent, but the problem is the Lions are so bad on both sides of the ball they can’t outscore the Saints and (probably) cant out defense the Vikings… if that makes any sence

    • Old Ranger says:

      Back a few years (ok, many years) I played two pre-season games with them, but my arm injury (in collage) really limited me with the big boys. Besides Alex kept picking me up and throwing me down, so I did what any red blooded guy would do…I kicked him and bit his nose, dat one tough guy and funny.
      So NO, they will win two or three games.
      Mike…I think Drew has a good up side, if given the chance, but he is 4th on the charts. 27/09.

      • Mike Pop says:

        He gets a few snaps every game but they need to start him.. What good did bringing in Culpepper do.. Just sets them back more it was dumb

  17. RalphieD says:

    Cano for Dejesus= lunacy

  18. steve says:

    over at waswatching there is an article comparing Cano to Soriano.

    • Ivan says:

      There not as similar as you would think.

      Cano doesn’t K alot, where as Soriano does. Soriano has more power than Cano. Cano is a MUCH better defender than Soriano was at 2B. Cano also, might have been a better pure hitter than Soriano was, thus to me Cano might age better as a hitter.

      It’s easy to compare them but there not as similar as most people would think.

    • Mike A. says:

      Oh that’s a good comp, because they’re both RHB who steal a ton of bases, have a history of hitting in the .280′s with 30+ homers a year. Oh wait…

  19. Mike Pop says:

    How bout dem Cowboys !!!!

    T-O !! 213 yards 1 TD…. WE ARE BACK

  20. Joey H says:

    What will it take to get this done aside from Cano?

  21. Ivan says:

    Who will win the race of makin the playoffs?

    Pirates or Lions?

    Which Franchise you feel sorry more?

    • Mike Pop says:

      Gotta take the Lions right ? Easier to make it to the playoffs in the NFL than the MLB… But if the Pirates young guys turn out to be they could make a run in 2011 right ?

      • Ivan says:

        The Lions are the face of what a bad frnachise look like. Sure you got ya bad teams but the Lions are the Captain of bad teams. It’s truly sad and Pathetic. Even the fuckin Clippers changed a little.

  22. Mike Pop says:

    You get to have any defensive player in the NFL to build your defense around ? Age doesnt matter cause lets make believe its for one year.. Who is that player ? Ed Reed, Urlacher, Lewis, Ware, Willis ???

    I might have to take Ed Reed but I do love Ware

  23. Mike Pop says:

    Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco in 5 years ?

  24. Ivan says:

    I got one

    Brady Quinn or Aaron Rodgers.

  25. Ivan says:

    Verlander or E. Santana?

    I pick Verlander.

  26. Mike Pop says:

    Volquez or Hughes ? Cueto or Hughes ?

    • Steve H says:

      Volquez. Hughes.

    • Thomas says:

      Next year, Volquez. 5 years Hughes. Hughes always over Cueto.

      • Steve H says:

        Agreed now that I realize Hughes is 3 full years younger than Volquez. Apples to apples, do I think Hughes in 3 years could be as good as Volquez was this year, in the NL? I sure do.

        • Reggie C. says:

          No way. Volquez pitches against weaker hitters in general and his FB is a better pitch than anything Hughes could muster consistently right now. So you factor in competition and a reliable out pitch, and you can safely assume that Volquez will be better for a while.

      • Steve H says:

        It’s funny to bring up Volquez and Hughes. Volquez is a phenomenal example of why you don’t give up on talented young pitchers and label them as busts at 22. Thru Volquez’ age 22 season, he was 1-10 with 9.19 ERA.

        • Thomas says:

          Exactly. Same with Cueto, he was below average in the NL. People got really impressed with him after 2 good games. If he was on the Yankees in the AL East he would have ended up in the minors at the same time as Hughes.

  27. Manimal says:

    who has the better career peyton or eli.

  28. Steve says:

    Billingsley breaks his leg in accident at home. Shoveling snow, apparently.

    Does this affect the Dodgers plans? They’re losing Lowe, now this happens.

    Do they get more serious about CC?

    • Reggie C. says:

      He’s supposed to be ready for spring training. Its early in the off-season so this injury shouldn’t change the Dodgers’ priority.

      • Steve says:

        If Arron Boone doesn’t tear up his ACL playing pick up Basketball, A-Rod is never on the Yankees.

        For better or worse.

        • Reggie C. says:

          Okay. But Chad Billingsley had an overall great campaign (200 IP/200 Ks) so he’s no Aaron Boone. The Pads wanted Billingsley from the Dodgers in earlier Peavy talks.

        • Mike Pop says:

          If A-Rod goes to Boston for Manny and we didnt get involved, does Boston win in 2004 ? Lol

          • Steve says:

            Jody MacDonald used to tell a story about when his Dad was GM of the Mets in the mid 70s. The Yanks were looking for a veteran bat off the bench and so he had a trade worked out with the Yanks where they would get (player) Joe Torre in exchange for some kid named Ron Guidry, who had struggled the year before and even left his team at one point (Sound familiar Tabata fans?). But the Yanks backed out at the last minute.

            We could go all day with these.

            • Mike Pop says:

              Billingsley’s predicament is a perfect example why ballplayers should live in Zona, the hotter parts of Cali, and Florida.. Heh Gammons spins this into a reason why CC wont sign in New York..

              “CC doesnt want to sign in New York because he is afraid of slipping on a patch of ice and breaking his bones, but in other news he has shown interest in pitching for the Red Sox at a discount.”

            • Mike A. says:

              In 2003, Steve Phillips offered a High-A prospect for Shannon Stewart, but Ricciardi said no. The prospect’s name? David Wright.


              Way back in the day Gord Ash offered a package of three prospects to the Rox for Pedro Astacio, unquestionably the greatest pitcher in franchise history then, but whoever Colorado’s GM was at the time said no. The prospects? Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells, and Chris Carpenter.


  29. Matt says:

    Open Thread you say?

    Anyone watch the season finale of ‘Entourage’?

  30. jobatheheat says:

    would you trade cano and kenedy and jackson for peavy? i think thats why yanks interested in O-dawg. Plan B if wedont get cc

  31. Lanny says:

    This DeJesus for Cano thing is going to turn out like the Kennedy for Swisher thing everyone assumed was going to happen.

    Just because we and writers assume value doesn’t mean teams do.

  32. jobatheheat says:

    wouldn,t take cano why?

  33. Mike Pop says:

    The new nomaas pic/video is good

  34. A.D. says:

    As many has said Cano for DeJesus would be absurd.

    DeJesus makes sense if they can leverage some of the minor/major league relief pitching that they have. Just like the Swisher deal made sense because they leveraged some of the minor league pitching depth

  35. jobatheheat says:

    As yankee fans. you only get 1 .cc or tex i like tex then get burnet,sheets,perez,garland one of the above. resign petit

    • Mike Pop says:

      Im for Tex more but CC would be awesome for us.. Plus it’d be cool to see him pitch and having a guy go 9 once in a while.. For the good of the team though, you go with CC…

      • jobatheheat says:

        i respect that but i honestly dont think our pitching staff is that bad. Def resign petit . Kenedy trade ,minor league whatever. Just doesnt have good stuff. Sorry. But tex would be amazing fit as yankee. Short porch. Mattingly his hero. He understands yankee history and probaly wants to be part of it. plus wang is an ace pitcher. he stays healthy we make playoffs last year. half these haters wouldnt have nothing to say. also i think swisher a good trade.

  36. Kevin says:

    We most definitely should NOT trade Robby for DeJesus. All we need is a one year stopgap guy, we have Ajax coming up next year. Yes, we have Damon and Nady coming off the books then too, but via Cot’s some of these guys may be free agents (pending options and extensions) that the Yanks could get to fill in the other OF spots: Rick Ankiel, Jason Bay, Carl Crawford, Matt Holliday, Vlad Guerrerro, Jermaine Dye, Magglio Ordonez, Jayson Werth. O and we’ll have Swisher, who could get moved to the OF if we sign Tex(hopefully not), or if for 2010 for 1B we get Aubrey Huff or Adam LaRoche, either via trade in 09 or as free agents. It is hard to find a hitter as promising as Robby, and he should only be traded if the offer is really worth it and we can get a number 1 pitcher in return. If we are going to deal with the Royals we should look at Ryan Shealy. Kid’s got promise. He’s solid in OBP and SLG. Get him for 1B. Not sure what the Royals would ask for in return, but with their 1B/DH log jam, I’m sure he wouldn’t cost much. If we are going to trade for a CF the best options are Brian Giles and Ryan Spilborghs. Via Free agency the only real option is Mark Kotsay. We can use a CF, although it is not as pressing a need as starting pitching. But seriously, don’t give up someone as valuable as Robby.

  37. Mike A. says:

    I need a big play out of the Chargers’ D, I’m 2.32 points behind tommiesmithjohncarlos in fantasy. Jacobs not playing screwed me.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Ya well in my league I played Denver’s D instead of the JEts.. Jets got 8 points and Denvers got -1.. Im 4 points down with Colston going tomorrrow night.. Im so pist cuz I need this win for the playoffs.. Colston should get 40 yards though.. Im hoping for a 20 yard td reception

      • Mike A. says:

        I sat Houston’s D, they racked up 17 points against Cleveland.

        TSJC doesn’t have any players left, but I have Ryan Grant going tomorrow, so I only need a half-decent game out of him to win. I’m hoping SD pulls it out and I lock up the W tonight just so I can rub it in that fucker’s face that I beat him without any help from my two RBs.

  38. Kevin says:

    So I think the general consensus is no Robby for Dejesus. What about these? Not saying I like or dislike these ideas, or that either team would accept, just curious on opinions about em..

    Matt Kemp–> Robby Cano
    Aaron Cook, Ryan Spilborghs, Joe Koshansky–> Robby Cano
    Noah Lowry, Pablo Sandoval–> Robby Cano
    Alfonso Soriano–> Robby Cano (Cmon, who doesn’t miss fonzy?)
    Adam LaRoche–> Ian Kennedy
    Chris Davis, Josh Hamilton–> Phil Hughes, Edwar Ramirez, Kevin Whelan, Jose Veras, Brett Gardner( I know. Trading Hughes is a TERRIBLE idea. But Bill james says Davis is a 40 hr guy. And did you SEE Hamilton at the Derby? Kid is ridiculous. I don’t want to trade Hughes, but I’m being somewhat realistic)
    Ryan Shealy–> Edwar Ramirez
    Aubrey Huff–> Alfredo Aceves

    Again. Not saying these are good or bad ideas, or that either team would want to do these trades, just curious on your opinions of these players in comparison to the others in the trades.

  39. Ivan says:

    It would be pretty cool if they could do the VORP stat in Football.

  40. Jamal G. says:

    Adam Vinatieri is one stone-cold mofo.

  41. A.D. says:

    With KC you have to figure that they really cannot be done, they’ve managed to make a logjam with their offseason trades and have a situation where they have:


    for 5 spots, and that doesn’t count Ka’aihue who had a monster year

  42. jobatheheat says:

    the only possible trading solution is cano and package for peavy. cano is gona win batting titles gona be great. thats all i would do.

  43. Jamal G. says:

    Brett Fav-ruh leads the NFL in Completion Percentage with a 70.6 mark; WTF?

  44. Ivan says:

    Wow everybody thinks this is gonna be a NY Super Bowl.

  45. Jamal G. says:

    I hate Chris Berman.

  46. Ivan says:

    Hey would ya do a Maybin for Hughes Trade?

  47. Bryan says:

    I cant believe that the Yanks didn’t offer Junichi Tazawa a contract, now MLB rumors is speculating that he has already decided on the sox. It seems stupid that we should miss out on a 22 year old just because Cashman has some moral issue with the Japanese league! I tell you one thing, we better get Yu Darvish when posting time is up.

  48. nick blasioli says:

    zack greinke and dejesus for kennedy and cano and maybe a reliever..that helps out both teams

    • Phil says:

      There is absolutely no way whatsoever that the Royals would give us Greinke and Dejesus for Kennedy, Cano and a reliever. Greinke is one of the best and most underrated young arms in the game we would almost definitely have to substitute Hughes into that deal to make it happen. I would do Hughes and Cano for Dejesus and Greinke in a heartbeat. Greinke is only a few years older than Hughes and his stuff is lightyears better. He actually throws 95-96 unlike Hughes who was supposed to but only hits 93 on a good day. Just watch, this is the year that Greinke becomes a superstar.

  49. ortforshort says:

    Cano for DeJesus! It almost makes me glad that Cashman is GM.

  50. [...] response, a RAB commenter Bryan left this gem: I cant believe that the Yanks didn’t offer Junichi Tazawa a contract, now MLB rumors is [...]

  51. Mike says:

    What if we went after Andruw Jones?

    I heard he got a PT and chef this summer and was looking to redidicate himself. He only has 1 year left on that redicolus deal and maybe could be worth a flier, it would open the door for them to sign Manny and I don’t see it costing us about anything, they may even chip in some for the contract.


  52. godfather says:

    reading the cano stuff is sickening…get rid of kevin long and just tell robby to be judgemental in the strike zone…

  53. BUCK FOSTON says:

    Edited by Admin: Please let go of the caps lock key and review the RAB Commenting Guidelines.

  54. Bill M. says:

    Kennedy for DeJesus! Throw in a mid level reliever if they want, (we have enough of them). Kennedy is overrated, but still has some prospect value for a guy like DeJesus, and then we’ll have a three way battle for CF, with 1 guy winning, one becoming the 4th outfielder, and one going to AAA, w/ Nady and Damon for the other OF positions.

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