Willie and the bench

An MiLB auction for a good cause
Sunday night open thread: Perrotto's predictions

The Brewers have tabbed Willie Randolph to be Ken Macha’s bench coach. This isn’t a bad gig for Randolph, who hoped to land a managerial spot somewhere this winter. One day, hopefully, Willie can come back to the Yanks. I know he didn’t leave the Mets with the kindest of reviews, but I think he’d make a good manager in the Bronx.

An MiLB auction for a good cause
Sunday night open thread: Perrotto's predictions
  • Patrick

    Plus, Willie will be a nice option if Macha manages to tank it early and get fired.

  • Mike Pop

    I believe he has an option in his contract where he could leave for a managerial gig but I am not positive on that.. Maybe he will leave if Seattle offered him their job if he has that option

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      I think in the NFL all coaches have a chance to to take a higher postion for another team without restrictions. ie: position coach Can leave for a coordinator job, coordinater can leave for a head coaching job. Baseball should do the same.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Teams aren’t allowed to block an upward move I believe. So a bench coach can leave to become a manager somewhere else, or an assistant GM can leave to become GM elsewhere.

      Lateral moves can be blocked though, so a scouting director can’t leave to become a scouting director elsewhere without team approval. It’s a courtesy thing, not preventing someone from bigger and better things.

      • Steve

        In any case, once he signs with another team the old contract is done, so the Mets just saved themselves 2.25 mil. Also, I haven’t seen what Willie’s making, but in all likelihood he’s taking a huge pay cut.

  • Manimal

    watch the brewers win every game against the mets this year.

    • ceciguante

      hahaaaa, i hope so. that would be so mets.

      i’m happy for willie, he deserves another senior coaching spot. he really didn’t do well with the mets, but MLB manager seems like a position where guys need a fall once or twice before they get the hang of it.

  • dan l

    You want Willie to come to the Yankees WHY? I hope he never comes back to the Yankees beyond spring training.

  • Relaunch

    Loved Willie as a player and as coach for the Yanks. But after seeing many of the things he did over in Shea, I have no desire to see him ever manage the Yanks. Nor do I think he would be very good at it if given the opportunity.

    Then again, maybe he learned from his mistakes in Shea.

  • Bruno

    “I think he’d make a good manager in the Bronx.”

    But Joe G. is the greatest thing since sliced-bread!